Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 5th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Veena talks to Purab about Sargam’s marriage

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 5th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Purab calling Thapki and asks if she sent Mail to FM App CEO. Thapki says she was doing and asks him to tell the password. He jumps on the bed to type the password. Veena and Vinod come there. Veena says she wants to talk to him. Purab says there is just family members here and asks them to sit. Vinod talks about Sargam’s marriage. Veena says Sargam is doing intermittent fasting, she is burdening herself and says she will be happy if she gets a good lifepartner. Purab says he will search guy for Sargam. Veena Devi says she has started searching and tells that atleast she will get one child’s marriage as per her wish. Vinod realizes Thapki getting sad and tells that Thapki was your choice and she is good. Purab also says the same. Vinod shows the alliance and guy’s pic for Sargam. He asks if they spoke to Sargam. Veena asks him to talk to her. Purab talks to Sargam about her alliance with the guy. Sargam says she is just 22 and don’t want to marry now. Purab says even Thapki is of her age and married now. Thapki smiles. He convinces her to see the pic and meet the guy if she wants. Sargam says ok. Purab goes out and gets emotional. Thapki says you talked to Sargam nicely. Purab says he is happy that she will get married, but will leave from here. He says she is my sister, friend, partner in crime. He says she used to wait for me for hours. I used to make cup cakes for her to cheer her. He says when he was in hostel, he was longing to spend time with her. He says she is younger than me, but fulfilled Mom’s place in my life. Thapki says I can understand. Purab goes.

Sudha sees Preeti talking to a guy and fixing the meeting in the college, and later having icecream together. She comes there and the guy runs away. Sudha scolds Preeti. Preeti says she is my college friend Ramesh. Sudha says name is also poor. She takes her inside and applies wax gel to Preeti’s hand. Preeti shouts Mummy. Sudha asks her to roam with rich guys and not with poor guys. Preeti asks what are you saying? Sudha asks her to groom herself and learn something from Thapki to live a lavish life. She says I will groom you for guys. Preeti says one is enough for me. Sudha says if we search 5 then will get one.

Dadi asks Thapki to sit and have food. Thapki says it is fun to make the dear ones have food. She stammers while saying this. Veena Devi makes faces. Sargam thinks to convince Rohit to marry her. She messages him. Hansika comes there and sits beside Purab to have food. She tells that she is very hungry and asks what is in the breakfast. She takes Purab’s mobile. Purab asks why did you take my phone. Hansika says I know the password, and says we never hide things from each other. Priyanka tells Sapna that 1 point for Hansika. Purab asks Hansika what she is doing in his phone. Hansika says she has accepted invitation for college union and asks Thapki to cancel all his meetings. Veena Devi says you are not having any work, that doesn’t mean that others are free. Hansika says we can take sometime for our friends. Purab says I will manage and will come. Dadi asks Purab to take Thapki also and make her meet his friends. Thapki says I will be with you as your treatment will go on for one more week. Dadi asks her to go with Thapki. Hansika says Dadi is right, Thapki shall go. Veena says she shall not go there, there is no comparison of her with his friends. Dadi says Thapki will go surely. Hansika says I will be there for her company. Veena thinks she will humiliate Purab there.

A lady comes there. Sapna and Priyanka meet her. The lady tells that she has a good news. Sapna asks ifs he is getting divorced. The lady laughs and says that age is done, and says she is going to be grand mother and tells that if she gets grand son then her Dewrani’s face was low hearing this good news. She gives sweets to Sapna. Priyanka says she is on diet. The lady says she will come later with her grand son. Sapna asks Priyanka if she heard anything and asks her to think and get a child before Thapki. She says you are married for 4-5 years. Priyanka says how to do it alone. Sapna asks her to woo him. Priyanka tells that she will not let Thapki and Purab have children. Sapna says if you cut her line, your line will not increase.

Thapki comes to Sargam and says parcel came for you. Sargam says keep it Bhabhi. Thapki asks what is she hiding and sees cucumber ring framed. She asks about it. Sargam says it is my proposal ring, and tells that Rohit proposed her, and she loves him and want to marry him. Thapki asks who is Rohit? If he is your boyfriend. Sargam says he is so sweet, cute and super hot. She shows his pic. Thapki says I am not asking about his looks and asks how is he, and asks about his family. Sargam tells that Rohit has sent the dress for her, and wants her to meet him. She asks her to help her and don’t tell anyone.

Precap: In the pub, Hansika asks everyone to pick the chits and do whatever is written. Purab reads his chit, that he has to find his partner while blindfolded and kiss her/him. He finds Thapki and forwards his cheek for a kiss. Thapki kisses on his cheek.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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