Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 20th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Purab confronts Thapki again

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 20th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Purab telling Thapki that there is something common between husband and wife before the pregnancy, and asks her to tell what she is hiding? Just then Thapki sees Ashok, Jaya and Anchul and gets happy. She goes to hug them. Jaya asks Thapki to be careful while walking. Dadi says would be Nani came to know about the good news. Jaya asks Thapki where did she go yesterday in this condition. Dadi says she had gone to doctor. Anchul congratulates Thapki for making him Mama. Sagar calls Preeti, but she rejects his call. He calls her again. Preeti picks the call and asks him to trouble his wife, whom he had taken to watch movie. She says she can’t meet him secretly. She thinks she will see what precious gift he will bring. Sagar thinks he won’t let the girl go easily from his trap. Jaya tells that just as Dadi gave her good news, she had gone to Kul devi’s temple and brought prasad. She asks Thapki to have it for Mata Rani’s blessings. Sargam keeps her hand on her tummy and thinks I can’t get you the prayers and blessings which you deserve.

Thapki looks at Sargam. Dadi tells Jaya that you have bear so much, it was your past and asks her to forget everything. Thapki thinks she has to lie big with everyone, especially Maa and apologizes to Mata Rani. Dadi says we shall eat something. Jaya says we had come for aarti. Dadi says you know that we can’t let you go without having food. Jaya asks Dadi about Veena. Dadi says she had gone to do riyaaz. Jaya says I will take her 2 mins and goes to meet her. She gives her puja flowers and congrats her. Veena keeps it near the mata Rani’s feet. Jaya asks if you will not say anything. Veena says I don’t want to say anything before my riyaaz. Veena apologizes and goes.

Preeti is going somewhere. Some goons stop her and come in her way. They tease her. Preeti slaps the goon and runs away. The goon holds her. Preeti says I will tie you rakhi on raksha bandhan. The goon says they want to become her saiyyan. Sagar comes there sitting on the vegetable cart and throws veggies on the goon, and they run away. Preeti hugs him and thanks him. He asks do you think that I am a coward. She says you are the guy every girl needs. He asks her to give him some time, so that he can sort out all the problems and says there are dramas at home due to Thapki and Purab. She thinks her hero.

Purab confronts Thapki and asks how did the baby come, when they didn’t….He says what is going on? He says if baby is transferred due to wi fi connetion. He says don’t give me silly reasons. Thapki asks what do you want to say that this baby is not….He says I can’t think like this about you. Thapki asks him to tell if he has commitment phobia and asks him not to question her again and again. She thinks she has to fulfill the responsibility made to Sargam. Purab says even I had right to tell you. He says I had went to drop you on pagphera day, but everything changed after that. He says I never thought you as burden even for a moment, you have done so much for the family. He says I had promised your mother, but whatever I am doing is with my wish. She says what about the question which I asked you, and you didn’t answer me? She says what is our relation? He says we have relation and it will be there always. He says you will get the answer when the right time comes, and says I need some time. He asks her to tell, what is pregnancy drama? Thapki says we shall talk later, my Maa has come, I shall go out. She goes out. Hansika hears them and thinks Thapki is not pregnant and hiding something. She thinks to expose her, so that Thapki can herself confess.

Sagar gives money to the goons and asks them not to show their faces to Preeti and him. Sargam is sad. Anchun comes there and keeps hand on her eyes. He calls her Bua ji and says he will be Mama ji. He says baby will have many chocolates and you will pamper him a lot. Sargam says yes, and tells that she has to talk to Mom. Jaya, Ashok and Anchul leaves. Dadi asks Thapki to go to her room, and says I will send chatpati chaat for you. Hansika pours oil on the stairs and says come and fall on this stair behenji, so that your check up is done and everyone will know that you are not pregnant. Thapki is going to her room and climbs on stairs. She steps on the oily stairs and falls. Purab shouts Thapki. Veena devi comes there and holds Thapki. She scolds Thapki for walking carelessly in this condition and asks her to take care. She then scolds Purab and says such mistake shall not happen again. Dadi says you didn’t care about this baby yesterday, but now you are worried. Veena says I need some time, and tells that I will protect the baby, although I dislike her. Hansika thinks Thapki haven’t fallen down and Veena Devi is in her favor now. She thinks when Thapki’s truth comes out, then it will be profitable for her.

Purab comes to Thapki and makes her sit on the bed. He says now it is enough, running to vomit, to make me feel guilty is enough. He says people are getting senti about the baby and says we can’t play with their emotions. He says tell the truth before it goes away from our hands, else we can’t handle it. Thapki recalls promising Sargam and asks him not to question her again and again. She says she got pregnant like everyone does. Purab thinks she is lying with both families and thinks he will find out the truth and she has to tell the truth.

Precap: Thapki tries to tell the truth to Purab. Just then Purab sees Rohit coming to their house. He beats up Rohit badly. Sargam and Thapki try to stop him. Rohit tells that Sargam and him were in a relationship. Purab beats him more. Thapki gets shocked seeing anger in his eyes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. Sargam is pregnant ok but I don’t get why thapki had to lie that she’s the one pregnant

  3. Akshara Birla

    I m much excited as when truth will come out everyone will like thapki for her sacrifice as same as she has done in shakti astitva ke ehsaas ki and then the love story of tharab will get much stronger

    1. No bro! Nothing such is going to happen as far as I know, when the truth comes out then everyone,may be including Purab, will blame Thapki for hiding such a big thing from them.

    2. Agree with Arushi

  4. Thank god finally truth is coming out. I hope makers won’t mess up the situation of Purab realising the truth. 😑 plz don’t drag.

    Well, what is this Preeti & Sagar doing dude! I’m fed up with their scenes.

    And this Hansika is toooo muchh!! Her arms are ok. Now get out of this family.

    Veena devi saved Thapki… Hmm not bad!!

    “Aur sahi waqt aane pe tumhe tumhara sawal ka jawab bhi mil jayega, bas mujhe thoda tym chaahiye” hayyyyeee Purab
    Whatever happens let Purab realise his love for Thapki.

  5. I agree w Adra – GET OUT HANSIKA!!! Enough of your sickening face, smile n smirks n esp OVERACTING!!%[email protected]_^$

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  6. The last week trp is 0.8

    1. Ya 😐 I think now confession track will improve the trp.

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  7. please no more misunderstanding🤕💚

  8. Truth should come out but mot in a way of misunderstanding this is worst part

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