Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 17th January 2022 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 17th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Purab feeling regret for leaving Thapki at home then he thinks to meet Thapki first. He receives call from the company manager. He asks them to cancel all the meetings then Manager says organizers liked Thapki’s video and they want to arrange a live concert for her. Purab feels happy and asks them to arrange a meeting another day and he excitingly leaves home thinking the world will witness Thapki’s talent.

Hansika thinks glad finally Thapki is leaving home then she sees Purab return to home then she takes Purab with her to the kitchen to stop him seeing Thapki and she asks him to taste the food prepared by her. Purab says it’s good. Hansika asks him to taste the second dish but he leaves to his room. Thapki recalls her moments in the house then she leaves the house without informing anyone. Hansika feels happy seeing her. Thapki sits on the bench in tears while recalling her moments with Purab.

Purab searches for Thapki in his room. Thapki in tears thinks you’re free from me Purab and now your time won’t get stopped because of me then she gets a notification that it’s time for Purab medicine. She recalls how she used to make Purab have his medicine then she thinks who will give medicine to Puran then she messages Hansika to help her to make Purab have his medicine. Hansila thinks glad you left leaving Purab to me and goes to his room.

Purab asks if she saw Thapki as she is nowhere. Hansika says previously she is at the hall and looks upset as she heard our conversation about promise, did you fought with each other. Purab says it’s between the couple. Hansika asks him to take the medicine. Purab asks if Thapki sent them. Hansika says I’m your friend so I know, she makes him have it then she messages Thapki. Thapki’s duppata piece struck on the bench and she leaves from there. Dadi asks Purab about Thapki and questions if they fought with each other. Purab notices Devi mas idol is missing then he reads the letter and goes downstairs. Hansika reads the letter and feels happy.

Dadi confronts Purab about Thapki. He stands silent. Dadi asks him to say then Hansika says it’s matter of them. Dadi says you know it so reveal what happened. Veena asks her to tell then she says Thapki left home as she fought with Purab. He scolds her for reading the letter and revealing it to everyone about his wife’s letter. Sapna and Priyanka says she is daughter in law of this house too and it’s not good way to leave the house as every couple had issues. Veena mocks Thapki then Purab says Thapki deserves everything she had in her life so stop pointing her as you guys don’t know what happened between us. Dadi agrees and asks him to bring Thapki as she may went to her Mom’s place. Priyanka thinks to spy on her husband.

Sagar gets to know Priyanka asked Preeti to spy them then he tells her he is going book film tickets to them. He books 2 tickets in empty hall and he goes aside leaving his mobile then Priyanka notices he booked tickets. Sagar sees her and gifts spa ticket to her then she plans to spy him. Purab comes to Jaya home and gets to know Thapki didn’t come to their place. Jaya asks him to say the truth. Purab says Thapki left from home and I need to search for her. Jaya asks him to search her. Purab promises her to find Thapki.

Precap: Thapki returns home and reveals she is pregnant. Everyone gets shocked.

  1. This precap is the funniest thing that ever happened in the show🤣🤣🤣 How did it happen?

    1. Is that true? They should get intimated. There wasn’t any kinda part like that. At least a sudden kiss

  2. About precap maybe something is related to sargam…..if not ek kiss se kaun pregnant hota hai 🙄

    1. Righttt! Sargam may be pregnant but Thapki is lying still she could tell something less serious.

    2. Yeah I think that might be the case, because it is too soon for thapki. I want purab and thapki to cofess their love andafter that all this to happen not this quick

    3. yes Sanam

    4. There seems to be another reason behind Thapki’s lies about her pregnancy. But what ? It can’t be sargam, because rohit just wants sargam money even rohit doesn’t love her ..

    5. yeah you’re also right

  3. Something similar it naagin where breda lie she is pregnant

  4. Really! Thapki is pregnant but when it happened 🤔 I guess she is lying but why? To expose Hansika? Don’t know but waiting for H reaction on this. 😅 Her happiness will change into sadness 😔
    Hansika reaction: 😊🙄😲
    My reaction : 🤨😏😂😂🤣🤣

    1. 😅🤣

  5. What is she saying to purab? Truth or lie? She can’t tell lie because purab know what happened between them.

    1. 😁he knows everything

  6. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣❤🙊

  7. Jo bhi ho sach ya jhut hame kya hame to bas enjoy karna hai.

    1. Right 😂

  8. Where’s today’s episode, man

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