Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 15th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Purab chooses Hansika as his life partner

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 15th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veena Devi telling the media and the relatives, that they have to wait for good things. She says since Guru ji chose me, since then I was searching for my heir. Then life made me a mother and since then I am waiting for my bahu. She says I am greedy from heart. Thapki is standing with veil on her head. Veena Devi says I always wanted that there shall be one, who takes me place in home and music. She says I found such girl, whose voice has the strength to forget all worries, and her sanskars are rich to unite the family. Purab asks what is the hurry and says if you want then I want to make her meet everyone. Thapki looks at her and thinks he is garam patila. He is Veena Devi’s son and my marriage is….says no. Purab walks to the stage. Preeti tells Sudha that he is so handsome. Sudha says yes. Tai ji thinks Purab slipped. Purab says the intro is about my would be wife, so I will introduce her to you all. He forwards his hand towards Thapki. Thapki is hesitant to give her hand in his hand, but she is about to give, when Hansika gives her hand to Purab. Purab is taking Hansika to stage, when thapki’s dupatta get stuck in his watch. He brushes off the dupatta and the bangle falls down on the ground from Thapki’s hand, and her dupatta also comes out from her head. Purab introduces Hansika as his would be wife and his mom’s bahu. Hansika gets happy and calls Veena Devi as Mummy ji. She is about to hug her. Veena Devi stops her and says bahus touch the feet and take the blessings, and don’t hug like daughters. Hansika touches her feet. Veena blesses her and goes off stage. Sapna Tai ji takes Veena Devi to stage and says attention please. She says Purab have given you a heart beating news and asks Thapki to come on the stage. Thapki goes on the stage. Tai ji says the bangle in Thapki’s hand is not ordinary, but the sign of the bahu which Veena gave to her.

Media asks what do you mean? Sapna says don’t worry, Purab is not marrying twice. This is my would my bahu. She covers dupatta on her shoulder, and tells that this girl’s alliance is fixed with my younger son Armaan.Tai ji’s bahu gets happy. Tai ji tells Thapki that Veena has chosen her for her son and asks her to wear the bangle from her real saas’s hand. Thapki thinks she doesn’t have to marry garam patila. Tai ji shows Armaan’s pic to Thapki and says he is your would be husband. Sudha says what is happening, she had told her bahu. Mama ji says she had told that her house bahu. Tai ji asks Priyanka to come and take the pic with everyone. Veena Devi is very upset. Tai ji asks Veena Devi to come and says this is your hardwork’s result that I got such a good bahu. She asks Veena Devi if she will not bless her. She says if you keep hand on her head, then she might become a good singer than you. She asks Thapki to touches Veena Devi’s feet and says she is your choti saas. Thapki touches her feet. Veena Devi stops her and says I am not your saas, but like a mother to you, and daughters don’t touch the feet, but hugs. Thapki gets emotional and hugs her. Veena Devi says one day all the world will be fan of your voice, and asks her to work hard. She signs her manager. Manager asks the guests to go to lawn for the snacks etc. Tai ji thinks everything will be fine and tells Thapki that he works in America. He shows the album. She says you would have thought that you will marry Purab. Thapki says actually and is about to stammer. Priyanka comes there and asks her to sing, says I will shoot you. Thapki coughs, stammers and tells that gulaal went in her throat. Tai ji asks her to bring ginger tea like Veena drinks.

Veena Devi comes to Purab and asks for what you are waiting? She asks him to give reason why is he doing this? He asks her to give her reason. Veena Devi says I am your mother and wants your betterment. Purab says you shall be happy that your son is getting married. Veena Devi says to lower your mother, you fixed your marriage with someone whom you doesn’t love. Purab says we are good friends. Veena tells that she had chosen perfect girl for him and tells that her experience says that no girl can be better than this girl, and asks him to think about that. Tai ji tells Thapki that she is very soft and Armaan will like you. Veena Devi hears them. Tai ji asks her to go to her Mama ji and Maa. She takes the tea cup from her hand. Veena Devi is about to go. Tai ji holds her hand and says humans get blinded in happiness. She tells that she had taken the decision as they would have asked who is she? She says that’s why she has done this. Veena Devi goes.

Thapki thanks Mata Rani, and says when she saw garam patila, she was shocked. She thanks her for making her Tai ji’s bahu and says if Armaan is an average guy, then also it will be good. Purab thinks of his mother’s words. Veena Devi says jiji has betrayed me, else Thapki would have become my bahu. Dadi says Sapna has taken advantage of the chance, as Purab chose Hansika. She says this is Mata Rani’s leela. Purab is coming to the temple. The Mata’s chunari falls on his head. He comes to Thapki while trying to take off the chunari. Thapki turns and aarti plate falls as his hand touches the plate, sindoor falls on Thapki’s forehead. Purab manages to take off the chunari and looks at Thapki. Thapki also looks at him shocked.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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