Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 15th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Thapki loses intentionally in the kite flying competition

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 15th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Purab and Thapki doing aarti for the makar sankranti festival. Purab prays to God to help him bring smile on Thapki’s face. Dadi says lets start the kite flying competition. Purab says like every year, my kite will fly high. Hansika says that’s true, nobody can defeat you. Dadi says Thapki might cut his kite. Purab says it is not girl’s work to fly the kite. Sagar says yes, it is our work. Vinod says we will win. Sagar says it is impossible for girls. Priyanka says there is possible in the impossible. Priyanka and Sargam ask Thapki to join them and defeat the boys. Thapki says we will break their ego. Later Thapki is putting thread in the kite. Purab comes there and says she shall take expert’s opinion. Thapki says I will do, I am not dependent on you like you think. She injures her finger. Purab sucks her bleeding finger. Music plays….He then ties his handkerchief on her hand. He tells her that she might don’t need his help, but everyone needs help in life some day. He ties the thread in the kite and says done. He says shall I fly the kite and says you shall learn to fly it. Everyone flies the kite. Dadi asks Thapki to win. Thapki is flying her pink kite. Purab looks at her, as he flies yellow kite. Anchun and Preeti come there and wish happy makar sankranti to Dadi. Dadi asks where is everyone? Anchun says Doctor asked Bua to stay at home. He says we have come and will enjoy. Anchun goes to Sargam’s team. Purab asks him to come to his team. Preeti flies the kite and distracts Sagar. Sagar thinks I am badly trapped. Sargam goes to Purab and breaks the thread. Purab says it is unfair Sargam. Thapki goes to Purab and ties the thread.

Dadi says the wife helps her husband. Purab says only my wife Thapki understands me. Priyanka cuts Sagar’s kite. Purab asks Anchun not to give up. Hansika brings her kite and thinks to cut Thapki’s kite so that H loves P gets successful. Hansika joins Purab’s team. Priyanka says it is unfair. Hansika says she is always in Purab’s team. Purab says Hansika is always on winning team. Thapki and Purab’s kites gets mixed up in the sky. Hansika tries to cut Thapki’s kite, but her kite gets cut and falls down near Thapki. Thapki is about to pick it. The kite flies and goes near Veena. Veena is about to pick it. Dadi stops her and asks her to see Thapki and Purab’s kites. Hansika comes near Thapki to pick the kite. Thapki picks it and asks what is it, seeing H loves P written. Hansika picks the T alphabet and says she wanted Th loves P, but T fell down. She says she will stick it. Purab says Thapki and I can’t lose. He says our relation is also complicated. Anchun suggested that they shall do their rematched, so that they come to know about the winner. Everyone take their kites down, and even Thapki and Purab. Anchun and Sargam separate the kites and leave it in air. Purab and Thapki start flying the kites. Purab thinks why Thapki is tensed and thinks he shall help her, may be she is stressed about losing. Sagar asks Purab not to become joru ka ghulam. Priyanka says Purab supports Thapki and asks him to learn from her. Purab tells Thapki that he will not let her lose. Thapki says I don’t want your favour anymore and leaves the thread to lose. Purab is shocked. Sagar asks if Thapki has no talent. Sargam says Bhabhi wanted Bhai to win intentionally. Thapki goes from there. Purab goes behind her and thinks whatever Jaya Maa said, matter is more serious than that.

Later Purab goes to the room and sees Thapki crying. He says that’s enough and asks her to tell clearly what is the matter, and says I know you are not worried about Mukul uncle’s matter. He says I am your husband and have right on you. Thapki says what kind of right, in responsibility. She says you are sure about promise and acting to be unaware. She says I am happy that you have fulfilled the promise made to my mother.

Precap: Thapki leaves the house without telling anyone. Purab searches her, and thinks Thapki can’t leave me alone this way. He finds her dupatta piece on the bench. Thapki is walking on the road and might meet with an accident.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Something exciting will happen tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

    1. This story is similar to Thapki 1. Where Thapki leaves the house, the difference is that in Thapki 1, Thapki left the house because her husband kicked her out but in Thapki 2, Thapki left voluntarily. Will Thapki have an accident this season like in season 1? And will Thapki change her character like in season 1 after having an accident? can’t wait for the sequel.

    2. The thing is I haven’t watched season1so, it’s new to me. Although it doesn’t have a proper story I just watch it without analyzing it as I like the main leads😂
      Yeah, She might face an accident but if it happens it will be boring to almost all of the fans

    3. still except for me🤭

  2. Whatever will happen to Thapki – CAN WE KICK OUT HANSIKA FIRST???

    Why the supposed to b ed smart Purab n Thapki n esp Veena???

    1. Hansika is a good vamp so we don’t really need them to do that😂😅 You know, she keeps lightning up their relationship. Personally, I like it as long as H lives here. Don’t blame me now😵

  3. I don’t really like ITV serials. This is the second serial I’ve been watching until now

    1. Hansika is indispensable here because if there is no hansika, who is the bad Character? Hansika is similar in character to Shraddha in season 1, hates Thapki. Thapki’s decision was right to leave Singhania’s house, now it’s Purab’s turn to fight to get Thapki back.

    2. Yeah! Agree And, like I said before after Hansika they’ll bring another cruel character

  4. maybe thapki will lost her memory 🤣

    1. TBA😑😑

  5. Where is the update of today🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

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