Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 14th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Thapki makes the food for Purab’s guests

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 14th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veena Devi giving Diwali Bonus to the Servants of the house and gives them off and asks them to enjoy. Priyanka asks why did you give them off. Veena Devi says they need a off after working tirelessly. Priyanka says every year after Diwali, international partners of Veena records come to our house for lunch. Veena Devi says I thought that day is tomorrow, I don’t remember whenever there is something wrong at house. She says what to do now? She says there are two bahus in the house, I have no hopes on Thapki and you…don’t want to make food. She says our guests like the home food, and says seems like I shall keep the prize for the food. Priyanka asks what? Veena Devi says whoever bahu makes the food for our investors will get this necklace. Priyanka says I will make food whatever you say, Chinese, Mexican etc. She says she is not greedy about the necklace, but will take it to make her feel good. Veena Devi says you will get it, after the guests have food and leave happily from here. Priyanka thinks she will not waste her money and got her manicure just yesterday. Veena Devi says now Priyanka will go to Thapki’s room and will trap her with her buttery talks. Priyanka goes to Thapki and tells her that Doctor asked her to rest and Veena’s guests are coming and she has to make food. Thapki asks her to rest and tells that she will make food and will not let Veena Devi’s respect ruined. Veena devi says now embroidery work will not be completed. Priyanka asks Thapki to make food fast and not to let Veena Chachi know that you made food, as she dislikes it. Thapki says food shall be liked by everyone, whoever gets the credit. Thapki sets the timer for 2 hours and thinks to make food fast and then finish her embroidery work. Priyanka sits in the hall and thinks to keep an eye on everyone from here, so that nobody goes to kitchen. Veena Devi asks Priyanka if she don’t have work. Priyanka says she is going to get ration. Veena Devi looks at Thapki in the kitchen and thinks she is working with speed, and might complete it fast. She then gives a new list to Priyanka and asks her to make it, as the guests called and wished. Priyanka comes to Thapki. Thapki says food is ready in 1 hour. Priyanka asks her to keep all the food in the fridge and asks her to make the food which is written in the list.

Thapki reads and thinks she never heard of it. Veena Devi thinks Thapki might have never heard about it, and will take a day to make it. She thinks to order the food from outside for the guests. Thapki checks on the net and thinks that the ingredients are not at home. She asks Priyanka to go out and buy the ingredients. Priyanka says she has just applied the nail paint and asks her to take out the money from the purse. Thapki goes out and brings the ingredients. She thinks 40 mins is just left. She starts making the food. Priyanka starts dreaming. Sapna comes and asks Priyanka to come and plan against Veena. Priyanka says no. Sapna says she will go to kitchen and get tea. Priyanka thinks she can’t see Thapki there and asks Sapna to order her and she will make tea. She sends her. Thapki gets a call. Her boss asks her about the work status. Thapki says I will complete all the work by morning and asks him to give her sometime. He says ok. Thapki thinks there is so much left, just few mins are left. She watches the video and makes food.

The guests come with Purab and tell that they need to go from here within an hour, as they have a meeting. Purab says surely. Priyanka thinks if Thapki made the food. Thapki tastes the food made by her and makes faces. She thinks it is less spicy, what to do. Purab asks Veena Devi to come. Veena Devi says she will come in 5 mins. She calls the hotel and asks when the food will be delivered. The guy says the delivery boy met with an accident and all the food is ruined. She asks when the food will be sent then. He says it will take 2 hours to make the food. Veena Devi says she wants it now itself. The guy says sorry. Thapki makes a video call to her mother and shows the food to her. She says it is less spicy. Her mother asks her to do something. Thapki adds curry leaves etc.

Purab comes to the room and finds Thapki’s work pending. He thinks where is she? Priyanka checks the dishes and gets shocked. Thapki says it was less spicy so she called her mom and got tip to make it spicy. Priyanka says the foreigners like less spicy food. Purab calls Veena Devi and asks her to leave. He says they have to leave in 45 mins. Veena Devi thinks now she has to make the guests have food made by Thapki. She calls Priyanka and asks her to serve the food. Priyanka thinks she will tell that Thapki made it and will be saved. She brings the food and keeps on the table. Veena Devi sees Curry leaves in Pasta and gets shocked. The clients look at the dishes. Purab hopes they like the food, else he will have major loss. They start eating the food. Thapki prays to God that everyone shall like the food.

Precap: Purab tells Thapki that she cooked Vidhesi food as Desi and the britishers enjoyed it, and asks what about your work? Thapki says you are very worried for my work. Purab says you want money for mom’s surgery. Thapki tells that she will be awake all night and complete her work. Priyanka comes there and adds sleeping pill in the tea. She asks her to drink tea. Thapki drinks Priyanka thinks Thapki will sleep and her work will be incomplete. Veena Devi looks at Thapki as she sleeps.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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