Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 14th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Purab tries to know the reason behind Thapki’s sadness

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 14th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Purab asking Thapki, what she talked to Jaya Maa? Thapki says why shall I tell you? Purab asks what do you mean? Thapki says I remember my duty hearing about your duty and goes. Purab thinks Thapki is hiding something from me. He asks Jaya what did they talk inside? Hansika looks at Thapki and thinks she shall know what is in this behenji’s heart. She says you wanted to confess to Purab, and asks why she got to make food. She asks when she will confess her feelings. Jaya tells Purab that Thapki is still worried about her father’s matter. Purab asks are you sure, there is nothing else? Jaya says yes. She thinks I can’t tell you the truth, and asks Mata Rani to save their relation. Thapki asks Hansika what is her aim exactly? Hansika thinks if Thapki came to know anything. Thapki asks why are you pushing me to talk to Purab, and asks what do you really want? Hansika asks what will I try to get? Thapki says you knew well that my mother had taken promise from Purab, that he shall not leave me. Hansika asks what are you saying, I don’t know. Thapki says I know Purab has taken promise from you, and that’s why you are acting to be not knowing. She asks if you want myself to make my joke infront of Purab. Hansika says much time has passed, and asks if she will confess her feelings or confront Purab.

Thapki says it is my decision and I will take it. She thanks her and goes. Hansika smiles and says you are on the way, I want you to be, and this way will take you out of the house slowly. Later Thapki is sitting on the floor and feels bad. She says she had no hopes from Purab before, but why she has hopes from him now. He knocks on the door asking her to open the door. He says I want to talk to you, and asks why she is not saying anything. Thapki asks herself not to cry, and says the relation which started with betrayal, shall not have any hopes with it. She opens the door. Purab says I had a talk with Jaya Maa, and she told me everything. He says I understand your Dad came suddenly in your life, it is really shocking for you and asks her to move on in life. He holds her hand and says your mood will be fine. He says your video is viral, and got so many comments and likes. He says I have decided, Veena records will promote you and you will be the star. He reads the comments and says people are asking for more videos. He asks why are you not happy? Thapki asks why are you doing this for me, what will you get by making my talent reach the world. Purab asks what do you mean, you are super talented and I want your talent to reach the world. She asks if you do this for everyone. He says no, only for talented people. He says it is my responsibility to support the good talent and says if I don’t do this for you, then for whom I will do. She leaves his hand and goes. Purab gets doubtful.

Next day, Thapki and Purab gets ready for the festival. Purab offers to tie the lace. He ties her lace and then makes her wear bangles and necklace. He then makes her wear the waist chain. He says now you are looking like my perfect wife. Thapki smiles shyly. He says one thing is missing and moves her hair back. Thapki recalls his promise to Jaya and gets upset again. He asks what happened? Thapki hears Sargam saying Dadi is calling and goes.

Dadi appreciates Thapki for the good arrangements. She asks Sagar where is Priyanka? Priyanka says I have come. Dadi asks about the decorations. Vinod says it is good. Dadi says it is done by Thapki. Priyanka says she will get many likes in this set up. Dadi gives responsibilities to everyone. She asks Thapki to make til ke laddoo and another sweet. Purab smiles. He comes to Thapki as she is kneading the floor to make the laddoos. He holds her hand and helps her. Thapki looks at him. He asks her to look at the laddoo batter. He says today is the makar sankranti, make laddoo fast. She recalls his promise again and moves away from him. She says time is wasting, makar sankranti is today.

Later Purab tells Thapki that the laddoo is tasty, and says it is tasty as he helped her in making. Thapki says yes, you said right, I have no quality, whatever quality is having, it is in you. She asks him to taste the laddoo and see.

Jaya prays to God. Ashok comes there and asks what are you asking from God? He says he has to invite the for makar sankranti. Jaya says it doesn’t look nice to go there. Preeti offers to go there with Jaya. Ashok agrees.

Hansika thinks why she didn’t leave home and went. Purab gives aarti plate to Thapki. They do aarti. He asks God to bless him so that he can bring the happiness on her face.

Precap: Purab asking Thapki to take expert help. Thapki says I am not dependent on you, like you are thinking and takes kite from his hand. Her finger gets injured and bleeds. Purab sucks her finger. Mahi bolna song plays….

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. I can tell the precap either😜😮
    The precap: Thapki denies to take the help of Purab. she gets hurt because of thread and he feels worried and sucks her finger

  2. When are you getting rid of Hansika pls????!!!

    Beginning to HATE seeing her face n listening to her voice:–(((((( Cn u give some love moments to Purab n Thapki pls???

    Where is Purab’s Mum – Jaya B???

    Why her acting is so little??

    1. Purab’s mom doesn’t do anything. She just watches the drama🤭

  3. Metin

    @Tara Ahluwalia
    Purab will tell first.
    Remember incidents happened.
    Emotional loops resolved many times by purab.
    Besides he expresses his feelings without hesitating

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