Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 13th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Veena Devi invites Thapki and her family for Navratri celebrations

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 13th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tai ji looking at Purab making cake. She says you are making cake again in one week and asks if he had fight with his mom. He says Mom searched is completed, so thought to celebrate. Tai ji says your friend’s dream is broken. Purab says Hansika is talented and will get a chance. She says it is good that you are obeying your mother and asks him to compromise for the peace of house.

Veena Devi makes the food ready for Purab. Dadi says Shahrukh khan said right, if someone wants to do something with full determination then succeed. Purab calls Veena Devi. Dadi says your son is calling you. Dadi gets happy and says mom made kachori and chole for son and son made cupcakes for her. She calls Vinod, Sargam etc. Tai ji makes him have kachori and chole. He says you made it, and says you had brought it when I was in hostel. Veena Devi tells that she has chosen the singer and also her bahu. She congrats Purab and asks him to taste the sweets. He stops her.

Thapki comes home and tells her mother that she brought surprise gift for her, as some mad arrogant guy bought all her bags today. She shows the gift. Her mother shows her doll. Thapki says you are trying to emotional blackmail me. Thapki’s mother stops her and says signs this is you. She signs and Thapki interprets her, says people gave me bad words when she was born, and Mami cursed her. She says now you will become someone’s bahu from illegitimate daughter. She looks at her mother’s bridal dress, and says you couldn’t wear it and become the bride, but had kept it safely until now. Her mother covers the dupatta on her head and looks at her smilingly. She signs her. Thapki says your happiness lies if I agree. Sudha and Preeti them.

Purab says in which century we are living, and says you have fixed my marriage without asking me. Veena says I am your mother and has right on you. He says you have right, but in limits. He says you can’t take decisions of my life. Veena Devi says you are of marriageable age now. Purab says I know better about my life. Veena Devi asks him to talk with manners and says I am not your enemy, girl is good, meet her once. He says when I have to reject her, then why to meet her. He says company’s face and my marriage is different. Veena Devi says she will keep you happy. Purab says I have plan in my life. Veena Devi asks him what is his favorite color? Veena Devi is speechless. He says your favorite color is red. My favorite book and song. He tells her favorite book and song. He says it is strange that you don’t know about your son’s favorite memories. She says I know when you went to Disneyland. He says my favorite moment was when you used to hug me for 3 second in a year. I used to wait for that moment all year. He says you couldn’t give me my mother, and that’s why I will search my wife myself. Veena Devi is shocked and says I did a mistake, if I am trying to set your life then what is wrong. She says the girl is good. Purab says she is like a trophy which you have won, like Veena Devi, another Veena Devi. He refuses for the alliance. Thapki agrees for the alliance for her mother’s happiness. Mama ji smiles, while Sudha and Preeti get shocked and upset.

Tai ji smiles and looks at Veena Devi. Mama ji tells Thapki that she made him happy and asks her not to back off from her decision. He gets a call and goes. Preeti pinches Sudha and says Thapki will rule and asks if we will become her people. Sudha says see my wonder now. She appreciates Thapki and says you are ready to leave everything for your mother and was afraid of your mother, but now your fear is gone. Thapki says I will take care of my mother all life. Sudha asks if you want to take your mother to your sasural. Thapki says I will marry on a condition, and they have to accept my condition, else can search other girl for their son. Mama ji comes there and says he got call from Veena Devi’s house, and they called us for Navratri Puja. He asks her not to do anything wrong. Thapki says I will talk to Veena Devi directly.

Veena Devi makes arrangements of the Navratri function. She asks Tai ji if she has invited all relatives. Tai ji says she has invited some guests, but haven’t called some far relatives. Veena Devi says you should have called all relatives. Thapki comes there with her family. Veena looks at her and asks Thapki to get inside. Veena Devi tells Dadi that she is here. Thapki enters and looks at the house. She slips and falls down, the money from her hand falls on the floor. Thapki picks them. Veena Devi and her family looks on. Dadi tells Veena that she has searched Lakshmi for the house and Mata Rani has blessed her too. Vinod asks Veena, you said that only family members are invited. Veena Devi welcomes Thapki’s family. Thapki touches Dadi’s feet and then Veena Devi’s feet. Veena Devi says you will touch my feet daily, will stay here soon. She says I will show my house to you and asks others to come too. She asks Thapki, if she liked her sasural. Thapki nods her head. Veena Devi asks Vinod to meet their Samdhi and Samdhan and also their bahu. Vinod says suddenly. Veena Devi says it is a surprise for our son, I will announce infront of media and relatives that Purab and Thapki will marry, and till then don’t tell anyone. Thapki thinks to keep her condition before Veena Devi.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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