Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 11th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Veena Devi proposes her son’s alliance with Thapki

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 11th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki recalling Purab’s words that he will get her banned from the veena records for forever. She holds empty vessel and burns her hands. She makes Purab’s angry sketch on the chopping board and says his face is like this, asks if I am fraud and cheater, did you see your face in the mirror. She says don’t know what he thinks of himself, questions me and then don’t let me answer. She says when he meets her next time, then she will talk to him and then will sing. Purab comes to Veena Devi and asks from where this bangle story came. Veena says new story added to it. She says she has searched her, and she is the one who can take my place. He asks seriously, did you find her? She says yes. Media comes there and asks Veena Devi what is the name of the girl, can you show her pic? Veena says when God was distributing patience, you all might be reporting. She says she will introduce her at the right time. Hansika hears her and cries. She goes from there. Purab looks on. Tai ji thinks to go behind Veena and find the girl, but her bahu stops her and threatens to take suicide. Tai ji says Veena’s car left, either sit in the car or go. Her bahu says I am coming. Tai ji asks her to go and change your shoes, as it is not matching with her dress. Bahu says I will change my shoes and come. Tai ji goes. Her bahu thinks she will find out what she is upto. Veena Devi is on the way.

Mama ji asks Thapki why did she leave? He was searching her madly. Thapki asks him to understand and says there was problem there. She comes to the hospital and hears Sudha scolding Anchun, asking where is bangle? She tells Thapki that she made Anchun like her and asks where is the bangle? Thapki says that bangle is not yours, then gets tensed and stammers. She says that bangle was of Veena Devi ji and you don’t have right it. Sudha asks even you don’t have the right to stay in my house, and then also you are staying. Doctor comes there and asks them to be quiet. He checks Thapki’s mother reports. Sudha asks her to come to her home with rent and ration, else leave from her house. Doctor says all vitals are fine, she will be discharged by evening. Thapki thanks her. She takes the newspaper and searches for the job. Anchun asks what is she doing? Thapki says she has to search the job, as she has no option, but will not leave singing.

Veena devi comes to Thapki’s house. Driver says the house is locked and the neighbors telling that no girl stays here with the name Thapki. Veena Devi says why she will write wrong address on the form.

Thapki comes to the office. The owner asks her to do marketing of the product and sell it. Thapki asks what will be the product, she stammers and that she has no problem in mind, just tongue. She will sell the product. He takes out his Wig and asks her to sell the shampoo. Thapki does the marketing of the shampoo and convinces the owner to buy. He asks her to sell the biodegradable bags. Mama ji tells Pandit ji that he had given his address on the form due to Sudha’s fear. Just then Pandit ji comes home, just as Veena Devi is about to leave. She asks driver to see. Driver goes to Pandit ji.

Thapki tries to sell the product and stammers. Purab is playing basketball. His friend comes there. Purab asks him to do yoga. His friend asks if it is in your limits, as you handles two women Hansika and your mother and also company. Purab says his target is just one, to get his victory. His friend asks if you will work with me all life and asks him to increase his family. He asks what type of girl you like? Purab says I want her to be intelligent, shall respect time, shall like talking so that I don’t chance to talk, and I like to hear her. Thapki says this packet is of 100 Rs and asks can I talk to your memsahib once. The Servant asks can I close door on your face and pushes her. Thapki falls down. Hansika’s father comes there and sees her on the floor. Thapki gets up. He says you was at Veena records. Thapki says she has taken up this job. He says even I had taken small jobs. He calls Servant Suman and asks her to say sorry. Suman says sorry. Thapki thanks him and says I will leave now. He asks will you go without taking the money. He gives the packets to Suman, and says you are like my daughter. He says I had to go to market to get these bags, you saved my struggles. He asks about the money. Thapki says one packet is 100 Rs. He pays her money. Thapki thanks him. Anchun calls him and says he is taking Bua home, she is discharged. Sudha and Preeti come home and think where to find Veena. Tai ji thinks how to search Veena.

They see Veena seated on the sofa. Mama ji asks if you are joking Veena ji? Veena says I really want to make your daughter as bahu of my house. Sudha and her daughter pinch each other. Preeti says I will die with Thapki. She says shall we tell her that Thapki’s neck scooter starts with kicks. Mama ji says we don’t want to hide anything about Thapki and says I am sure you will not see it as her weakness. Veena says I have seen her song, and any weakness is light infront of her. She says if you agree then I want to fix the marriage right itself. Anchun calls Thapki and asks her to come home, says surprise. Thapki says even I have surprise for you, I got first job of my life. She buys chocolate for him. Tai ji is driving the car fast and splashes dirty water on Thapki, and smiles. She says stupid people, stand on the road. Thapki again continues to walk. Mama ji says she will come in 5 mins. Veena says I am not in a hurry, I was searching for that voice and when I got it, I am peaceful and relieved. I am sure that she might be beautiful like her voice. Thapki comes there. Veena Devi looks at her and sees mud on her face. Sudha and Preeti smiles. Thapki gets shocked seeing Veena Devi at her house. Sudha thinks our work is done, Veena devi will reject her at first sight.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. What will happen when Veena devi will know Thapki stammers Now there are no Dhruv and Bihaan to swap the groom.

    1. i do not think because the storyline is different and i guess thapki and purab is the main couple.

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