Thapki Pyaar Ki 19th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Thapki Pyaar Ki 19th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki falling unconscious after doing naagin dance. Bihaan and others try to make her come in her senses. Bihaan sprinkles water on her face. Thapki gains consciousness and asks why you people are here, what happened to me. She holds her head and looks at her clothes, asking them why she is wearing this dress and ghungroo. Vasu says you have….Thapki asks did I do anything wrong. Kabir is surprised too. Sankara and Neha smirks. Preeti says you was dancing on the song Main Teri Dushman. Suman says you have scratched Bihaan saying main tere dushman. Thapki looks at his scratches and says I don’t remember anything. Shraddha calls mental hospital and asks them to take mad Thapki from here. Bihaan gets up and says she is not mad? Vasu says she is not bad, but stressed out, says you are mad to marry Dhruv, the star. Bihaan says I don’t know what is right and wrong, but for humanity sake, I am telling you to take care of yourself. Kabir looks on. Shraddha asks are you mad to tell you this. Bihaan says I know what she has done with me along with her husband, but now I will get back this house. I have made arrangements for money. He shows the pamphlet and says he is taking part in this game show and will earn crores.

Preeti asks if you are selected. Bihaan says he got his name registered and will win too. Suman says your destiny will win. Bihaan says I have lost because of my destiny, now I will play depending on everyone’s destiny. He says someone told me that if I try to want something, then I will get it, that person seems to be liar. Thapki cries and says I loved you truly Bihaan, you will win the house and I will win you.

Thapki is in her room. Kabir comes to her and tries to take out her ghungroo. She asks him to leave her foot. Kabir says your legs might be paining, and says he will apply ointment. Thapki gets up and asks why he is acting. Kabir asks what about her daily acts to make Bihaan win. Thapki says I really don’t remember, and tells that Bihaan will win surely. She is about to go, and her dupatta gets stuck to the table. Thapki asks what is this misbehavior and asks him to leave her dupatta. Kabir frees her dupatta from the table and tells that he didn’t mean to hurt her and came here as he is concerned for her. He says the feelings which I have for you…Thapki says I have nothing to do with you or your feelings.

Later Sankara comes near the gold fish and says you are real magician. You made Thapki do naagin dance. She says I will put Thapki’s dupatta thread in water and see what happens. She says when that mad Neha can do magic, why not I? She is about to put cloth piece in the fish bowl, but just then Thapki comes and slaps her hard. Sankara asks how dare you to slap me. Neha comes and says I have fun to fool you. Sankara asks what? Neha says what do you think that you can control Thapki without me, and says no, only I can control her.. Sankara says she is infront of us, and can hear us. Neha tells that Thapki will not hear anything as she is in my control now. Thapki looks on as her mind is controlled by Neha.

She says I slapped you, but hands was of Thapki. Sankara apologizes to her and asks what you have done with Thapki. Neha says I have cut middle finger nail in the fish bowl, and her heart is connected now. She puts something in the water. Thapki comes to her senses and thinks how did I come here. She holds her head and thinks what is happening with me. Sankara says you are not mad as you seems to be, you are my Guru Maa. I will not do anything now and smiles. Neha smiles.

Later Thapki tells Bihaan that he said right that true heart’s wish is always fulfilled and says you will realize this when you will win. Bihaan says are you trying to betray me again, and says distance between us can never end. Thapki is teary eyes and think there is no distance between us, and Kabir is between us. She says once you win, you will get this house, and I will get you. Bihaan prays for Thapki’s health and happiness. Later he dreams about his romantic union with Thapki. Thapki tells Bihaan that they have together today. Bihaan says I have a life because of you, else I would have die. Thapki says we will be together and nobody can separate us. Just then the flower rope is broken and Thapki is about to fall from the swing. Thapki says I have to go, I love you so much. Bihaan says you will not go, I will go. Thapki says I am getting death infront of you and that is enough for me. She falls down. Dream end. Bihaan gets up shockingly and thinks my Thapki can’t leave me. He recalls their divorce and thinks my Thapki left me. He thinks why I am thinking that Thapki is right, and she has love for me in her eyes.

Neha makes Thapki fly on the bed while sleeping, as she pours water in the fish bowl. Thapki wakes up and shouts being scared.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. today epi prove that our thahaan are going to separate? no hope left and l am sure this time thahaan get separate no one watch this show apart from thabir fans

  2. omg really thapki will die???? If she died then binkar kid news will turn true oh yar much confusion and plz cvs no binkar kid plz save thapki save thahan

  3. Fabulous episode…Thahaans love is really a admiring one.but at the same time I feel scaring because it will be a indication for the upcoming painful days of Thahaan…no there is nothing happen in Thahaans life.
    Anyway I think very soon Bihaan realize Thapkis pregnancy or the letter.its my wish.CVS pls stop this supernatural track otherwise the crack neha should use Thapki to harm Bihaan…Very happy to see Thahaan together.always be together.

  4. Jana na dil se door serial today’s episode please update it please update

  5. Vinolin.d

    its so rubbish.neha was too bad compared to Sankara. I hate both of them.kabir is useless.he is the main reason for all problems.this kabir devil taking revenge for bihaan.neha devil is taking revenge for thapki.devils only winning always. there is so many better serials are CVS please learn something from others.I think they are thinking to drag this revenging like chewing becareful my all friends…I gets very emotional in that bihaan dream.bihaan and thapki you both are looks so beautiful in dream scene.awesome.thahaan forever.
    but I agree.problems are usual in story.but there is limit now.first you showed kosi evil track.then you finished kosi track and Sankara evil starts problems for thapki.but still her truth is not exposed to everyone.but suddenly you are showing another evil against thapki.
    just finish one problem track an unite thahaan.then you can show another devil.but why CVS are showing unlimited problems against thapki. CVS have think about this.thapki is intelligent girl right???so you have to give some important role to her for controlling all evil problem.thapki is not brainless girl like Sankara and give importance for thapki more than Sankara an neha.
    actually its illogical story.because of every misunderstanding will gone when two peoples speaks at each other. but CVS is are writing rubbish also I have read about leap.I got tensed.but yesterday all tpk friends says that’s fake I hope them.CVS don’t add too much devils against thapki and bihaan.don’t think to make us fool.
    I am so sad about precap.I want to kill neha and Sankara.thapki is very pity.don’t give too much pain for her.its better to kill her.

    hai pooja, garima, anu,Jo,reshal,shruthi,fitri,arooj,Leena sulbi and all my tpk friends pls share your opinion.

    1. Hi Vino, you’re right.
      I’m giving up in TPK, it’s too illogical, senseless, unpredictable story… I’m quite commenting and predicting…
      But I’m still hoping for the best

    2. Sulbi

      You are absolutely right Vino… am fed up with this… am missing old thahaan…. even though they fight they will be in unite and they love each other… this Neha should use her brain… Whatever Sankara says she belives and she does hurting Thapki… and the supernatural concept is irritating… are we watching any cartoons?? They should try some logical way… Neha should think because of Thapki she got cured from her mental state… she should analyse.. without using her brain she is dancing in Sankara tune… bullshit… i hate this Sankara and Neha… atleast bihaan should realise the truth and steps according to it…

  6. While watching TPK I feel like… I’m watching Cartoon network channel….
    TPK = Full of stupidity..

  7. Die for manyasa

    Hey thahaanians me shruti whats this rubbish going on this serial binkar ka child how is that cvs are really mad i think storx should move on like this : neha thapki ko mad bana degi sankar will try to harm thapki bihaan will earn money by lotery but kabir will stole this pandey leave home kabir fall in love with thapki After 8 yrs thapki will trying to find bihaan pandey will again come to pandey nivas to buy house because they become very rich binkar ki daughter bilkul sankar ki tarah do choti wali but it was adopted child bihaan 10 yr prove karega that she is not her daughter and after that 10yr thapki prove karegi that she doesnt love kabir aaj se pehle i didnt see this much geometry in any serial why there everything to prove ?and what to say about dhruv he had two child adiruv and sharuv i am verx frustrated so i write this illogical story pooja manish ki divani rinka ritz garima anu vino santhosh bhai lucy shuva and all thahaanians plz comment and give reply of my comment and cvs will die thahaan rocks

    1. Manish ki deewani

      hello shruti ..
      hahaha geometry no dear there story is far worse than geometry …..yr tm nai toh misunderstanding clear kartay kartay thahaan ko or b burha bana dia ….bs proove kartay kartay in ki or hamari zindagi guzar jaye ghi i hpe k aglay janam mai zaroor mil jaye gay lol …yr tm nai 20 years toh proove karnay mai laga d…..hope in ki ending real tpk mai aisi bilkul na ho or thahaan ail ho jaye ……waisay tmhay geometry achi lagti hai mujhay toh bilkul nahi pasund
      dear papers kb hai

    2. Hi shruti how are you? After so many days…. Dear we our don’t know what I happened to the show… no geometrical shape is left in the show.. all have become circle going round and round.. I am myself confused what is going to happen.. all the best to all the thahaan fans.. #thahaan forever

    3. Hi there die for manyasa
      Well I don’t know what to say but my gut feeling tells me that the news could be just a rumor and fake. I guess we just have to wait and see if it’s really true.

    4. Vajra-SG29

      S yes S for SHRUTHI…
      Sab ka Sar ghoom raha hai na 360° angle par…???

  8. Behan’s is gettting closer to the truth

  9. If TPK still has long episode.,
    I wish after this horrible phase there are
    only love, faith & support for each other.. they will solve all their problems together in awesome ways like before.. no more hatred & betrayel.. just showing us true love of Thapki & Bihan.. ? ?
    Please make a valuable story.. that will remain for long time..

  10. Manish ki deewani

    oh my god bihaan dream scared me soooooooo much we want tahaan .i don’t want bihaan and sankar daughter sankri tu mar jaaaaaaaaa .tpk cvs always give headache .stupid cvs ….lack of ideas full of stupidity ….don’t know hw much u torture us….go to hell …..i wish tpk cvs replace with better one…. stop torturing us

    1. Vajra-SG29

      This show is no 1 bakwas show in compare to all. I think cvs negativity mein no 1banane ke liye try kar raha hai..?
      Very very good lead pair but very very very bad story line…
      Mera ichcha hai ki iss jaldi show katham hojaye aur MANYASA cute pair doosri show mein lead pair banjaaye…)

      1. Manish ki deewani

        bhai kabhi kabhi mai b ye jb fed up ho jati hoo toh wish krti better they do another serial margr doosray pal ye b sochti hoo k bihaan doosra hamay kaha sai milay gha ye different hai doosray ML sai

  11. Congrats to kabir fans and thabir fans.Trp is 1.4 (stable)
    Cvs dont butcher kabir’s character please please already turned neha into witch now don’t drop any bomb on us.See trp is stable so it it a clear indicatiion that people are very much appriciating Binkar and Thabir jodi.please move kabir love story with thapki.If leap news is true then show us thabir’s child as well as binkar’s child.
    Thank you for the small scenes of thabir.i loved the way of thapki’s duppata stucked on the table and kabir helped her

  12. I think tpk cv should be sent to mental hospital.(If the news is real then goood bye tpk Thahaan are the heart of tpk.)

  13. Vinolin.d

    yes sruthi dear.I am also praying that child should be adapted.but I don’t know what will happend.CVS thinking to do this serial like sasural simar ka,uttaran,and balika vadhu.but these serials are better than tpk.because of these serials are such a very long show.but I didn’t see too much pain in these shows like tpk.

  14. Manish ki deewani

    hello pooja garima anu vino santhosh bhai hw r u guys …bhai itnay dinho baad ap toh eid ka chand hi bn gay ho ….waisy is bar mai b kush hoooo k trp 0.1 gir ghai cvs deserve this hate them becoz they don’t care 4 fans who suppart them from india acha hua
    tpk only have talented actors but thier story uffff.

    1. reshal in this show, they are relying upon the lead actors only for trp so they are playing with the relationship of the main couple which thahaan fans are hating.. but in those shows that you mentioned, they did separate leads but their story revolved around other things also but logically and revealed things which isn’t happening here…so though they have talented actors, they are not utilising it…

    2. Vajra-SG29

      It’s not my fault aye toh sirf aur sirf CVS ka hai….muskil se dill aur dhimaak ko patthar lagake forum par aaya hoo..????? aise hi hua toh main February 29 hojaahoonga…????

  15. Hello sruti…how are you dear???I can see your frustration in your words,but we are helpless yaar…CVS focused to burning them…the only solution we have to stop watching,but the magic of Manish and Thahaan willnot ready to leave their dear.Be positive…be cool…keep smiling.
    Hi…reshal,garima,any,vino,santhosh Bhai…

  16. The TRP this week isn’t properly known…Somewhere it is 1.3 and somewhere it is 1.4.. So since after Kosi entry, many thahaan fans have left watching the show.. it used to be 1.7 to 2.0 before and during complete track of thahaan it reached 3.0 above, it used to compete with saathiya at 7 p.m. So many are yet not appreciating the negativity of the show till now so trp is still stuck the same otherwise it would have improved…And the supernatural track..let’s see how much people watch it….cvs are not revealing anything and they are heading towards leap… about the child, no confirmed news, whatever came was fake.. No need to panic thahaanians.. but even it happens, I am sure it won’t be binkar child but sankar will do something to call it her child…time will tell.. and though I completely loved manyasa and thahaan in the last scene today, how bihaan is changing, his anger decreased since few days, but the scene was predicting towards something big to happen…bihaan fears to lose thapki…and the way black magic is going on, I think something will happen to thapki due to this…so kabir instead of concentrating on bihaan and causing him pain, concentrate on your sister first.. I am sure she is the real culprit behind everything.. but as our dear cvs, they have revealed nothing till today.. all tracks are incomplete, I can count 6 to 7 important incomplete tracks easily.. now if they head towards leap without revealing sankar killing thapki’s child, who burnt neha’s house etc, viewers will definitely leave the show… #thahaan_forever

    1. Vajra-SG29

      Shuru se hi Aise bahuth saare incomplete track hai TPK mein….

      ➡thapki ek baar vasu ko bachane ke liye zeher piliya tha(bihaan bachaliya tha)
      ➡ abi tak shraddha ki poori sach gharwalo ke saame nahi aaya hai..
      ➡thahaan ke shaadi ka sach incomplete ( bihaan ko kaise emotional black mail kiya tha )
      ➡Babuji stabbing track (wo aadmi khoun hai)
      ➡ dhruv Villon Track bhi incomplete (.sapola ne kya kya kaand kiya wo bhi adura hua )

      Bathakar jaye toh aise bahuth saare incomplete track hai.. mujhe kuch kuch yaad tha huse bathadiya. Aur baaki hai toh tum complete karo RINKA..????

      1. dadaji k ashes thapki ne mix nhi kiya tha ye sachchai hidden hai aaj tk, Dhruv two years pehle kaise thapki ko bachaya wo toh abroad me tha phir aaya kab,John ka kya huya avi v zinda hai kya,minister wala case incomplete, dhruv office thapki bihaan chalane wale thei, Kiran kaha hai aur thapki ki dono bhai kaha hai, etc.. aur kya bolu aur v hoga.. yaad nhi aa raha hai

      2. Manish ki deewani

        bhai 5 toh ap ko yd hai kuch mujay b yad hai
        6 bihaan or thapki divorce drama ….vasu nai kaha tha khoon k badlay or bihaan or
        family members ko vasu maa ki is harkat ka pata nahi
        7 Bihaan ka badshah wala trcak
        8 thahaan nai jb ghar chor dia na bihaan or na hi family ko sachai pata hai q chora tha thapki nai ghar
        9 thahaan second marriage incomplete pehray toh liay hi nahi thay mujay pata hai k
        wo pehlay sai married thay but marriage b incomplete thi[hospital marriage]
        10 thahaan jb druve k office mai kamrna tha
        11 thapki or vo mpa wali story
        12 kosi nai letter chupaya abhi tk us pata nahi
        ritz di or bhai pandeys ki toh family hi incomplete hai toh tracks ki toh kya hi baat.
        valentineday k baad kiran ko kabhi dikya hi nahi
        kisi ko b vasu shradha or druve k sahi kaand toh maloom hi nahi
        bulakar cvs

  17. The dream seen was amazing but when thapki fall down I was scared ❤?
    I think that thapki will fall down from mountain and lose memories and after 7 years bihaan will see her and will try to let her remember him ?I wish this to happen…
    And Sanker and neha to go to jail and kabir to leave the house….

  18. Today’s episode is an Ok episode..

    But scared of Bihaan’s dream..and the leap story makes confusing…

    Writers ! Why don’t you bring out the old Tpk’s charming scenes?..only pain is showing remains in the episode and evil things winning.

    Make some other problems instead of showing illogical things..Bring some happiness..

  19. Thahaan forever hope for the best….

  20. Thahaan forever hope 4 the bst…

  21. If all you’ve got to do is do leaps in the serial, isn’t it better to end it on a good note instead of showing these type of tracks which never end. So many people live in the house but no one sees anything. At least show one decent track not conspiring plots one after another.

  22. jitny romantic scene dekha raha he itni badi he shocking news sunaye ga cvs ko fans ko hurt krny me bht maza aata he ye thahaan ko reunit kr he naa dy mera tu daughter wali news suna he fever ho gaya he rotyroty

  23. Thapki in a few words; stupid to trust strangers, obsessed with Bihan, blind in Bihan’s love, cant see Bihan’s faults. She needs to go undergo a character transformation I dont know what any of the men find appealing in her.

  24. Thabir scene seems like its one to watch!

  25. OMG thank you cv’s finally a ThaBir scene, awww Kabir really has developed feelings for Thapki but quite obviously she’s too blind to look past the mannerless gunda. I hope we get more such scenes. Kabir was the only one who actually cared enough to help whereas everyone else just left. I hope they’re still together after the leap

  26. THABIR rocked today! I hope we get Thabir after the leap, maybe they’ll have a kid together too!

  27. Kabir tHAPKI SCENE WAS LOVELY! I feel sorry for Kabir, poor man on one hand his sister is unwell and on the other hand he’s stuck with with the crazy Pandey’s, their never ending drama and Thapki’s never ending mera Bihan is the best woh hi jeetaga jam. PLS CVS give us THABIR after the leap


  29. nunu nini neno

    What a rubbish show.
    Stop watching tpk

  30. Sanaya Kapoor

    Hi Friends,
    I Have heard about Bihaan’s and Sankara Daughter i don’t know it’s true or not but i can the main character for thapki pyaar ki is someone else not Thapki and Bihaan…

  31. cv’s make thahaan unite always .truth always win .end the Shankar, kabir,neha story .if cv’s unite binkar with binkar’s baby I’m sure tat will end of thahaan fans no one will dare to watch tpk and all thahaans fan will shower sliper on Shankar and Shankar mind it ur life will be on hell .god won’t spare u shankar and kabir .get lost ediot shankar

  32. Vinolin.d

    I agree with you are saying right.


  34. oh shit so now serial going to be magic shit and borring

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