Thapki Pyaar Ki 17th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Thapki Pyaar Ki 17th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a man coming there and tells that he is Kabir Katyal. He tells that someone collided with him and his watch fell down. He says I followed that person and came here. Preeti tells Suman that Vani got a good guy. He asks whose watch is this? Dhruv is about to take the watch, but it falls down. Dhruv bends down to pick the watch. Chacha ji shoots bullet and it hits Kabir. Inspector comes there and tells that Chachi is eloped from jail. Vasu sees Chacha ji hiding there. Inspector catches him. Chacha ji warns Dhruv that he will not leave him. Kosi thinks why did he take such a stupid step when I asked him not to do anything. Doctor checks and tells that bullet just touched his neck and left. Doctor tells him that he will be fine. Kabir says it is okay, I will leave. Bihaan asks Kabir not to go and says you have to marry. Kabir looks on surprised. Bihaan says you don’t need to go. Kabir asks what? Bihaan says because you are going to marry her. He asks Thapki to inform her to be husband. He asks if she will marry Kabir or accept that she is Vani and not Thapki. Kabir asks what is happening here.

Thapki goes to him and says you have to marry me…Kabir laughs and says your family is unique. He says I am sorry, I want to live and says he will leave. He says happy weddings guys and is about to leave. He feels weak and is about to fall. Suman’s husband and Dhruv asks him to take rest for sometime. Shraddha asks someone open my hand now, Dhruv is married now. Suman and Preeti come there and free her hands. They congratulates her for Dhruv’s marriage. Dhruv tells Thapki that you are Thapki and not Vani. He says you will not marry a stranger Kabir Katyal. He says your revenge is complete. Thapki says my revenge is not completed till Chacha accepts Kosi as his wife. She says I was dying thousand’s death when Bihaan was marrying Sankara. She says Bihaan will have the same pain which I have felt. Thapki asks Dhruv to go and give happiness to Aditi. She says she must be waiting for you. I will fight my own fight and asks him to leave her alone. Dhruv agrees and says whenever you needs me, I am with you.

Bihaan goes to room. Sankara gives him milk and says it is for you. Bihaan throws glass outside room. Sankara asks why you are doing this? Bihaan says our marriage is incomplete. He asks did I make you wear mangalsutra or fill your maang with sindoor…No. He says I haven’t accepted you as my wife. Sankara says but I have accepted you as my husband and have taken rounds with you witnessing the fire. Bihaan holds her hands and takes her downstairs. He says we have taken rounds witnessing this fire naa. He puts water in the havan kund to set off fire and says Swaha. He says our seven rounds is ended with this fire. He says this mangalsutra is of Thapki and not yours, because my wife is Thapki and she will be only my wife forever. Sankara asks then why did you make me sit in the mandap.

Bihaan says to make Thapki tell the truth. Sankara shouts that she is Vani. Bihaan says she is Thapki. Sankara asks what you will do if Thapki marries that guy Kabir. Bihaan says no, Thapki won’t do this. Sankara asks if Thapki marries that man then if you will marry me and complete our marriage, will you accept me as your wife. Bihaan agrees, but says Thapki will not do as such. He asks her not to embarrass him and goes. Sankara cries sitting near the mandap. Thapki comes there. Sankara picks the ghee bowl kept near the fire and sprinkle on her clothes. Thapki asks what you are doing? Sankara lights the match stick and asks her to move, says let me burn. Thapki snatches match stick and throws it. Sankara says I got married, but didn’t get the happiness of a married woman. Thapki promises her that she will help her get rights of Bihaan’s wife. Sankara looks on.

Precap: Sankara smirks and thinks Thapki have to sacrifice her life then only she will Bihaan. Later Bihaan comes to Thapki and asks her to wear it, and tries to make her wear it forcibly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Garima

    oh how you do this thapki stupid girl.

    1. Manish ki deewani

      Thapki is not stupid ye to bawaqoofo ki sardar hai

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY in advance Dear MANISH…..
    Oh…Thapki this is not acceptable it is better to kill him…you should find the truth first then you go to do anything for the fulfillment for your revenge.
    Shankar…i can’t tolerate your idiotic character you just annoying us…whatever…the track is going on a very complicated way.everyday we are forced to see only usual dramatic moments of Thapki,Shankar,shraddha…writers pls stop this misunderstanding track at least the Sankara track.precap isnt much attractive…

    1. i agree with u pooja, i think this serial could change the title!!

  3. Tapki Pyaar Ki…used to be magical..with humour..romance..used to be fun to watch..those little scenes with divine intervention which states Tapki & Bihaan belong together…marriage made in heaven…cute scenes..with Pandey family members…miss the silly things that both bahu do..which make us smile..with Ram Pyare and the cow..make a person feel nice to watch…used to…now what a let down..the story line is missing its magic…script being rehashed…same old story…even with twist…dont get me wrong…all the actors are very good..and i agree with others views…Bihaan’s character is very well played…very good acting…i feel the main plot has been hijacted with unnessasary sub plots and characters…remember..too many cooks spoil the broth..please don’t lose the magic…don’t lose the original Tapki Pyaar Ki

    1. Agree!!!!!

  4. This is getting stupid! End it!

  5. Manish ki deewani

    Now thapki and Sankara both are getting on my nerves .thapki u r really mad is bihaan a toy and I think writer 4 u marriage is joke I hate u thapki and idiot Sankara. CVS just go to hell

  6. These series of thapki pyaar ki are full of anger,so many bad character and they are as a winner.the good character always felt in pain.OMG,I hope in my country will stop to release it because there is nothing moral value we could find in this story…it makes the viewer sad,angry and disappointed when see TPK series…

  7. How can the writer use a marriage as a game…wheather it is done in front of God?pandey family always do a puja but they use marriage like a game.when bihaan marriage thapki for the first time,druv marriage shrada and then bihaan marriage sankara,if then vani marriage stranger it is complete…just change the tittle,it is not thapki pyaar ki but….marriaged by accident.and the moral value is rhampiari is better than human…hehe…I don’t know what does marriage means in that country…thanks God I live in my country which people use marriage in better perception,I can’t immagine if I live in thapki country….so scared as a woman…

    1. Fira u have a gud humour sense I can’t able to hold my laugh while reading your comment.your suggested title marriage by accident and moral linking raampyari is awesome

  8. All writers of TPKI need to go hell, cause the way show is going. If they drag it more it’s gonna lose viewers.

  9. Confused??? Who own house ? Vani belong house with odd family for revenge- should be kosi sankar uncle out this house. I don’t understand why vani want this house? I thought vani should have lots of money ?And new small house for own good life. Or want back with Bihaan??

  10. As all said pls go the hell u idiotic cvs…u guys jst thahaan ruined n aso make thapki’s character so idiotic…pls ??? kill tat sanskara

  11. this is not tpk…this is the love triangle drama….cvs just show rituals preparation of marriages and thn groom and bride swap….whts rubbish…how can a wife do marriage with other infront of her husband only to take a revenge for a nonsense reason….thank God i m not watching this serial just use to read updates bcoz i cant tolerate this stupidity….go to hell….even in all serials the main lead always stay together with some ups and downs….but whts that in this serial within more than one year they just show only some moments of thahaan..and a lot of separation..nonsense writter….

  12. Vinolin.d

    there is nothing interesting to comment here.I hate this story.

  13. This episode is getting worse could they ask a man to marry a woman who he never met before??? Its ridiculous storyline…hufff!!

  14. Fitrhoh

    Its just story…but why the writer always play with married track??????
    I think married is sacred thing
    Oh to the my to the God….OMG!!! Maybe the writer run out of idea

    Hello santosh,garima,vinolin,manish ki deewani, and all the readers

  15. Ya you are right oooja Manish ki divani fitrhoh thenkani divi fira vinolin d what we I do this serial is become worse day by day and I think thapki become bad so serial name can be changed to bihaan pyar ka.

  16. I really love thahaan, maybe more than u guys. I always invest my time for watching them EVERYDAY like crazy and repeat my fav episodes thousand times. i am truly deeply sorry to the writer, the story line became so weird. Sorry, i have to quit from this drama!!

  17. I think on the day of marriage of vani & kabir ,Bihaan will get to know the truth also thapki will know truth of sankar then Bihaan will try to stop the marriage

  18. Thapki record merriage award
    1 Diwakar
    2 Druv
    3 Bihan
    4 Bihan
    5 Kabir
    Who next???

    1. Kabir ka bhai

  19. Truti;even they would know the truth,but how can a marriage woman will marriage again?ha..ha…hello uthaya..are you agree with me?

  20. thapki chnge into a villan so garima u are right chnge the name to bihaan piyar k…..

  21. Thanks sadia.

  22. Look friends/d best way that we can understood tick &stupid writer/will be to stop watching/until the trp is keeping them on going even is dropped and low /they disrespect us by not listening.the same as stupid writer of kasam/

  23. I don’t understand nina.

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