Thapki Pyaar Ki 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 17th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with ladies standing in the queue to get municipal tap water. A lady tells that Maayi gets water first. The new lady says she will not follow this rule and will get water first. Kosi comes and throws her water bucket and looks at the lady. She scolds and insults her. Lady asks who are you? Kosi twists her hand and tells that she is Maayi. Lady apologizes to Kosi and says she didn’t know being new to this locality. Kosi insults and threatens her while chewing pan. She then fetches water while other ladies wait for their turn. Thapki comes to Tina while she is getting ready for her engagement. She says she is looking for a princess. Tina says even Papa used to call me princess. Thapki is hopeful that Bani will return.

Kosi keeps birthday cake for Bani and thinks she will be happy. Bani comes and throws the cake. She says when her mum disowned her, she will not celebrate her birthday. Kosi says I am your Dadi. Bani says you are not my Dadi, you have supported me when I was alone. She gets the paper and reads about Pandey Family celebrating Tina’s roka ceremony. She goes near the wall and removes the cloth, and keeps the newspaper advertisement pinned with others advertisements of Thapki. Tina tells Thapki that Bani must be grown up. Thapki says Bani will be cute like you. She says Bani is not with us, but she is with us and asks her not to cry. Tina asks her not to spoil her make up.

Kosi says if you don’t want to call me Dadi, then don’t call, but don’t cry for the people who don’t care about you. They have forgotten you. Bani says she is a selfish mum and says time has come to face her and tell her that B for Bani is alive and her hatred also. Kosi looks on happy and says well done. We both will take your revenge, and says Thapki will shed blood tears in return of your tears. Bani says I am coming to meet you Thapki. Kosi says my revenge will be fulfilled now, I have added poison in her heart.

Ladies from groom’s side comes to Pandey Nivas and dance on the dhol. Suman says why it was needed. A lady says she is groom’s mum and shall be good. Groom’s mum praises Tina. Thapki brings Tina. They get happy seeing her costly clothes and jewellery. Groom’s mum tells Thapki that she did right by fixing roka on her birthday. Tina calls her aunty ji. She asks her to call her mummy ji and gives just 10 Rs. To drummer. Groom’s mum friend that Tina don’t stammer like her mum. Tina tells that she stammers like her mum, and is not ashamed. Groom’s mum gets up and claps for her. She thinks I have fixed this marriage seeing your mum’s money and wealth. She says you are big news channel’s owner. Thapki tells that Vasu is the one who gave her good values. Vasu asks where is Samar? His mum Dolly tells that Thapki made him super star and that he will do the show and come. Suman lights the candle on the cake. Tina says I will not cut before Samar comes. Suman is about to blow off the candle. Vasu stops her. They think to wait for Samar.

Some goons come infront of Bani holding hockey stick. Bani drops her bag and looks on.

Thapki saves a woman and removes veil from her face. She is happy to see Bani, her lookalike and says Bani.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Sw is starting new revenge story again..
    ? ? ?
    Keep hoping & waiting for better story-line…
    Wondering about Manish’s new avatar..

    Have a nice day.., friends… ? ?

  2. Hellohellohellohello……Hello everyone..
    how r u..??
    I’m present nd what about you ???

    Manish gone at Jaipur…
    but don’t worry guys,
    Mani comeback..


    1. Manish has gone to Kashmir see his pics on insta.He is wearing same shirt which he was wearing when he was in flight

    2. hello temater .kesi ho .behna Mani kashmir mai hain jaipur nahi ghay .kl ghay thay srinagar .
      yar maine youtube pr bohat search ki vaad-vivaad mujhay nahi mila .tumharay pas koi link hai toh bata dena . mujhay nahi mill raha

    3. Ye Mani pagel kashmir kya karne gya…
      aae din wha kuch na kuch hota rhta h..
      moma-papa to h ni na paas m datne k lea to jo man m aae vo kar rha h…
      bagvaan ji humare Mani ki rakcha karna..
      bataeoo yaar gumne k lea jageh kum par gae thi, jo Ye mahasey kashmir chale gae….
      gumna hi tha to Delhi aa jata..

      mera chona babu aa gya…
      acha hoaa reshal tu aa ga…e tari bhot yaad aa rahi thi, kitne din ho gae the tuj s bat ki…e
      yaar show ka naam VAAD-SAMVAAD h…
      or show abi Utube p nahi aaya..
      sayed ek hafte baad aae..
      vese mene apni pic santhosh bhaiya ko bej di h..
      to tu onse l lio..
      or phchaneo apni Tamater ko…
      hint deti hoon-“M sunder nahi hoon”

      wese kasi h tu..??
      or paper kese ja rhe h..
      chal bye..!!
      apna dhyan rakeo..

    4. Holaaa ?

  3. oh my god! again revenge part. What is this non sense again. seriously the cvs is spoiling their character. idiotic story. some peoples are looking for story also. I think because of this story line tpk loses their viewers and as well as, that’s why they didn’t vote for thahaan for best jodi or anything. It’s just my opinion. Most of them looking for story line only in fans. Always they are showing evil only. it’s boring for me. Atleast they should give happiness. Cvs pls look at other serious in colors…They are making their story perfectly. Before that bani marriage track is looks like balika vadhu serial. now this track is looking like madhubala ek ishq ek junoon. Are you copying other serious? because of I am feeling like this only. I know this is interesting track. but Why always like this? If you want to drag the serious very long, pls think and make another track. But I am waiting for manish entry only. Please cvs use your brain.Even writers are updating very nice story. But Why you can’t able to do. I hope this track will finish soon. finish this damn revenge track and pls show manish and jigu’s story again.

    Hai my dear pooja, garima, reshal, anu, jo, naira, kudrat, sruthi, leena, sri, sandy, vinni, ritz, navami, juvi, simrank, rifa and all my tpk friends…how are you? pls do comments.

    1. hello di .calm down di .tpk cvs never change .i am not watching this crap . i will start watching if MANI enter in tpk .i have no words for these cvs .they r brainless .

    2. Whatever we saye the cvs never listen anyway if manish enter i will watch the show if he isn’t than goooooood tpk you was the worst tv show I ever watch
      Thahaan never been happy togther..(so for so sad )
      Kosi still taking reveng ..( hello be for boring )
      Sanker and kabir entry make make feel ??
      And finally this bani taking reveng of thapki oh God how great story he bring …(not interested in watching this show anymore) …?

  4. Bani s doing same mistake wt thapki did wn she lost d baby without knwing d truth…….jaise maa vaise beti

  5. Again new revenge track. But bani’ s entry is nice. Waiting for manish’ s entry.

  6. Is anybody ever happy in these soaps ?
    Kidnapping,Bribery,Drugging,Forced marriages,Stealing property,Oh and don’t people ever stay in jail ?
    And locking people up for murder without a body ?

  7. yes…I agree with you sultan. I am not happy in this soaps.

    hai kudrat, i am present today.

    1. Hello vino di,
      how r u nd ur study or project work..??
      di miss you..
      love u..
      take care..

  8. Thanku everyone who come hear..
    nd miss u all who not come here to meet me…
    love you all..
    sorry to all..
    rinku didi,
    anu, reshal,santhosh bhaiya, arbaz, nandy, NaiTan, garima di, dewi didi, rifa, leena, sulbi, surbhi, afshan,vinni di, vino di, sandy di,alm,suhana didi, sandy di, juvi di, mala di, navami di, sri, kiran, sruti, alia, noor…
    take care..

  9. We want Manish back!

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