Thapki Pyaar Ki 10th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 10th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

In the godown Bani was struggling against the goon protecting her. Samar hits his head from behind and comes to untie the ropes of her chair. He tells her that the whole family knows about the truth, Bani hugs Samar.
In the room, Aryan comes to Lovely. Lovely says she needs to speak to him, she had no answer to his feelings but today she wants to share her feelings with him. Aryan says she must say this with her eyes closed and hands in his hands. Lovely agrees, Aryan takes a rope and ties her hands together. Lovely asks what is he doing, Aryan forbids her as it is a surprise. She opens her eyes worried. Aryan says he must have done this much earlier. Aryan mocks about their marriage and says he doesn’t love her, nor would he marry her Miss Lovely. Lovely asks what rubbish this is. Aryan says she is Lovely, not Thapki. He listened to his heart and not her; his doubt turned to surety when she agreed to marry him. Lovely says she is Thapki, Aryan asks who is the one under the veil then? Lovely says if he is cunning, so is she; what about Bani who would die for sure now. Aryan tells her they have saved Bani already, now Lovely and her game have both ended.
Samar and Bani return home together. The whole family welcome them together. Vasundra runs to hug Bani the first. She meets everyone, Thapki hugs Bani who was concerned for her. Thapki says she had seen her in the video. They all turn to see Lovely come with Aryan. Bani says had he not been here… Aryan interrupts saying until he is here nothing can hurt them. He brings Lovely the hall and asks why she wanted a revenge from Thapki and why he kidnapped them. Thapki shows her the photo asking who the girl in the photo is. Lovely says this is her childhood photo with Thapki. Thapki wonders what… Lovely says she knows about it all. Lovely says she is her sister, Mohini! Thapki was shocked, so was everyone else. Lovely says she is the twin sister of Thapki, the family rejects the truth. Thapki asks why she wasn’t told about her ever. Lovely says may be they were afraid because of the accident, they had gone to Monali and playing. Thapki pushed her from the cliff; their parents removed the name of Mohini not to make Thapki live with the guilt as they considered she must be dead. She cries that she lived in the orphanage, Thapki robbed her of her family, parents and everything and turned to a dancer. But she will now revenge Thapki and rob her of her everything. Thapki may do whatever she wish for, now. Thapki removes the ropes from Lovely’s hands and says she came to know now that she is her sister. Lovely blames Thapki for all her deprivations. Lovely cries ad runs inside. Thapki follows. Aryan doesn’t let anyone follow them, they can solve this problem themselves.
In the room, Lovely was packing the bags. Thapki comes to apologize her and stop her from leaving. Thapki says she must have done that all out of her childishness. Thapki tries to hug Lovely. Lovely moves back and cries she is in such a condition only because of her own sister. Thapki says she is unlucky not being able to hug her sister after so many years. Lovely says Thapki is really lucky to have everything, and turns to leave. Thapki sings a lullaby their mother used to sing, Lovely stops by at once. Thapki says their mother always cried while she sung this, she now understands she used to miss her. She says whenever their Papa loved her, he called her Mohini sometimes as well; he missed her too. She kneels with her hands joint and asks Mohini to trust her, she was a child only and never did this all deliberately. Thapki asks her to look at her as a child whom she loved; she says if it was in her hands she must have jumped off the cliff and saved Mohini. She asks Mohini for a chance, she will remove all her deprivations from her life. Mohini was left speechless. She sits besides Thapki on floor, wipes her tears and holds her ears. Mohini accepts she did really badly to her. Both cry hugging each other.

PRECAP: Vasundra tells Thapki she hasn’t forgiven her yet, not for the wedding event.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  4. What rubbish!!!! If Mohini was old enough to remember everything then surely Thapki was as well. Also Mohini could have told the police and orphanage people who she was and who her parents were. Why come for revenge after Thapki is a mother of adult kids and Thapki and Mohinis age with all the leaps would be close to 50.


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  5. Gonna miss this show badly.hope that manish and jigyasa again come like other shows.


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  8. I have not been on here for a while,The Kosi Mam story sent me a bit
    Another ridiculous story line ?
    And lazy script writing.
    We all have twins that we forgot about ?
    And i am sure if you pushed someone off a mountain,You might remember ?
    Oh and especially if your Twin Sister has gone missing ?
    They even missed a trick here,They could have said that is how Thapki got her stammer the shock of her sister dying ?



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