Thapki Bihaan TS – I want to live (Part 2) (Final)

Hello everyone. I am soooooooo sorrrry for being super late. Kindly accept my apology. Guys actually I was busy wd my cousin in his wedding shopping and was having fever too that’s why can’t update. So sorry for the mistakes guys bcz I am still not well. My eyes and hands are paining alot nd my back bone can’t tell but I am still typing bcz of ur love nd support. Technically this is my 9th os(I hve divided into two to make a TS) . All this is possible only cz of ur love. Thanks a lot for enduring me.
Kudrat dear this OS is especially for you. You have asked for this long time back but really sorry bcz of my hectic schedule I am writing it now. Enjoy Reading.
Thapki looks at the wall “MORGUE” was written.
Thapki: what do you mean by we have to take bihaan. How we can take him from here. Why he is here Haa what happened to bihaan. Where is he. I know you are playing a prank and bihaan too is involved in this. Where is he? (she shouts)bihaan. Bi..Bihaan..
Dhruv holds thapki shoulder: thapki thapki.control yourself.. a truck hit bihaan. He was in a really bad condition. Doctor tried their level best to save him but failed. He..he is no more.
Thapki holds dhruv collar what are u saying no more. Bihaan can’t leave me. Bihaan can’t leave us. Are u sure that he is bihaan. Have u seen him. He can’t be bihaan.
Dhruv lowers his head and closes his eyes.
Thapki: look you are not sure. Then why are you saying that he is dead. He is not.. he is not.. Understand.
Dr: Mrs Pandey I know it is a really tough time for you. But please control. Come with me.
Thapki and dhruv follow the doctor. Walking into the mortuary, she felt sick
THapki(mindvoice): bhangwan g please ye bihaan na ho.. please.
Doctor removed the cloth from dead body. She felt dizzy. She holds the slab on which bihaan’s body was placed. she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. His face was smeared with his blood and dirt of road. His skin was sickly pale and almost white. It was terrifying. It scared her. A river of tears flow from her blood shot eyes. She screamed bihaan.
Thapki: bihaan please wake up.. please. Everyone is waiting for you. Maa, bauji, dadi maa everyone. I am sorry bihaan. I am sorry. Bihaan tmy mjy jagdra karna hai kar lo larna lar lo, mjy sazza dyna chahty ho de lo. mjy chu.. chuk gari bolna chahty ho bula lo but ase chup na raho. I promise Me ab kabi tum se jagdra nah karo ge, lights be on kar ke nah so ge, coil be nah jalo ge tmy.. tmy kan..kanssi ate hai. Please wapis a jaho bihaan. Please . She placed her head on his chest but her ears didn’t detect any heart beat.her head never moved up and down bcz of his inspiration and expiration. Bihaan is no more, his giggles are no more. His mischievous nature, his jokes , his Gajjab everything is finished.

Dhruv eyes was also filled with tears his handsome and mischevious brother was some how was unrecognizable. He tried to shut out the dreadful images, struggling to remember his brother’s energy and smile. Bihaan’s appearance takes all of his courage and will power to look at his face. Ward boy gave a packet to dhruv having bihaan’s belongings.dhruv kisses the packet. Dhruv wiped his tears.
Dhruv: thapki come. We have to take bihaan home.
Dhruv hold thapki from her shoulder and helpes her to stand. thapki followed dhruv command.she was behaving like a statue, a body without soul. Throughout the way from hospital to home she was busy in caressing bihaan’s hairs and looking at his face. She was holding his hand with a hope soon bihaan ll open his eyes and say CHUK CHUK GARI..
Ambulance reached PN. Dhruv opened the door. He took bihaan body out and thapki still holding bihaan’s hand without a single word accompanied him. All family members gathered in the hall bcz of ambulance siren. Everyone was shocked by seeing dhruv and thapki with bihaan body. Dhruv narrated the whole story. Bauji received the major shock of his life. He sat on floor like a lifeless statue. Whole family gathered around the body and started crying. But thapki was still holding his hand and staring him. SHe got irritated bcz of the noise. She shouted.
THapki: stop it everyone. Why all of you are crying. Bihaan is sleeping. Don’t disturb him.
DhruV shakes thapki and said thapki come in senses. Bihaan is dead. Listen to me bihaan is dead. He is no more. You have to understand and bear this. Tears rolled down their cheeks.
Shraddha(mind voice): thank u God. Bihaan is dead and now see thapki how I ll throw u out of this house.
Shraddha: what a great actor you are thapki. dhruv she is not innocent. She has done all this. She is a murder. She has killed our bihaan. She has snatched him from us.
Dhruv: shut up shradha. Stop talking non sense. It was an accident.
Shraadha: no dhruv. I ll not stop. Not today. Just ask her why in past days bihaan was angry from her. Why he was not talking to her. Ask her why she is staying in this house. Why she given a second chance to her marriage, why bihaan was out at this hour and what he was doing on road at this time….late night.

Everyone looked towards thapki for answer. Thapki remained silent bcz she didn’t want to disclose real face of maa.
Dadi: thapki we all are waiting.
Shradha: I ll tell you all. Bihaan was angry bcz she ditched him. She never loved him. She gave second chance to her marriage not bcz of bihaan but for dhruv.(whole pandey family opened their mouths) she still want to be with dhruv that’s why she. (Thapki interrupts) shut up shraddha.
Shraddha: ohhh feeling bad. Am I not telling the truth?
Thapki moved her face on other side. Shradhha: look dadi maa her silence proves that she is a culprit.
Shraddha(shedding fake tears) bihaan loved her but she took advantage of his good nature in the worst possible way. His kindness and gold heart killed him. I think that’s why bihaan has committed suicide. Because he can’t tolerate this. but it’s not a suicide it’s a murder dadi maa. Thapki killed him dadi maa. Shraddha revelation and thapki’s silence pricked in dadi’s heart.
Dadi maa:my life has been turned upside down. My beautiful son is snatched away. I ll never get over it. (Looking at thapki) how could anyone be so cruel.
Thapki’s heart was torn in two.
Dadi maa: his days and nights were spent in caring and cheering others. He was a kind young man, a loved son, brother and friend. May God watch over him.

After a while all of heartbroken family members just knelt on the ground and sobbed. Not a word was spoken. There was no need for them. No word can explain their pain.
Shraddha (mindvoice): thapki finally I have won. Poor bihaan is now out of this world and thapki from this house.
Shradha: thapki what do you want? you want to kill all of us. You have snatched their son. You have killed their son. I have never seen such a women. Killed her own husband. Get lost from this house or we call the police to arrest you in murdering bihaan. Thapki tried to get closer to bihan but dadi pushed her away.
Dadi maa: you have no right on my son. You have snatched his happiness, the shine in his eyes, his comfort and even his life. You are responsible for this. You have destroyed us the whole PN. We Can’t tolerate you in this house. Just leave. Dadi joins her hands please leave us. I can’t face of the person who has killed my son.
Thapki picked the packet having bihaan belonging. She runs towards her room and locks the door behind her. She was so much hurt by shraddha and dadi’s words. But the most painful thing is that bihaan has left her all alone. He is not here to support her, to stand against shraddha, to cheer up her mood. She sitsS on the bed and starts removing the items from the packet. It contains his bracelet, his wrist band, valet and their engagement ring. Thapki picked the ring.
Thapki: bihaan you hate me that much that you have removed our engagement ring. Although we got engaged unknowingly and unwillingly but still this ring showed our relationship but you…she pressed her eyes more to control the tears.
Then she opened his valet and saw a group photo of bihaan, dhruv, maa and bauji. She caressed bihaan face and felt some unevenness. She removed the photo and to her ultimate shock she found her photo under group photo.
Thappki: why he kept my photo and that too in his family section. That means he considered me as a close member but I (tears flow from her eyes)..

She gathered all stuff and placed it back in the packet. She opened the cupboard to take her suitcase. As she pulled her suitcase a box fell in her feet from the cupboard. She picked the box and found it an antique one. She decided to put the box back in cupboard but her mind was not allowing her to do so. So she decided to open the box.
She opened box and found bihaan’s hand made sketches. She started caressing the sketch in which mother is feeding a boy and other sat far from them and carving for love. Thapki’s tears fall on the sketch, then a family sketch, father is hugging a child, birthday celebration sketch, father is teaching his son how to fight and many more sketch. With each and every sketch thapki missed bihaan more and praised his creativity. Finally the last sketch having a water, air, food and girl made thapki confused.
Thapki: what is this? What bihaan is trying to say in this sketch?
She observed more closely to interpret the meaning. She tried to connect the items.
Thapki: water…..air….. food. These are ummm…Oh all these things are necessary for living. But this girl??. She pondered more and get that this girls mean love or life partner. That means bihaan wanted to say for him love is as much important as food, water and air. That means he loved someone. Then she remembered sharddha words He loved her and she ditched him. No no bihaan didn’t love me. We are just friends. He had never this type of feelings for me.
She gathered all the sketch and put them back in the box. At the same time her hand touched another small box. She opened it and found a beautiful ring in it. She took out the ring a small note was attached with it. It was written:
I wanna spend my life with you. I wanna be with you till we grow old and grey. Be with me forever. I love you so much. I love you thapki.
It was upon reading this that she felt a tightening in her throat. She sat on her knees and wails escaped her mouth. Tears came flowing out of her eyes.
THapki: he loves me. The girl in sketch….I mean that girl was mine.
Thapki: why?why she asked from God. Why do I know about this now? Why not before. Why I was so dumb and stupid. Those words I love u. why didn’t I realize that his heart is always be my side protecting me. Why didn’t I realize that he loved me this much. Why I didn’t realize his care, honesty and selflessness . He was my side. he loved me until his last breath.
She step out of her room and came downstairs. She get just one final glance at bihaan before she step out of house.

Thapki was walking on the road. She reached at accident place.She was lost in bihaan’s thought..
She closed her eyes to remember him and his smile, gentle laugh of his so soothing to hear. . Her foot stuck in something and she fell down. reality hit her mind that she has lost bihaan She realized that now bihaan is not here to catch her and to protect her from falling. She has lost him. She has lost an honest friend, a caring husband and a sincere lover. She touched the road. The road it had his stain on it .Her soul was burden with guiltiness and sadness of losing him.
Thapki: I am sorry bihaan. My one lie has shattered everything. dream of being together is shattered. To have kids, to build a house, to love each other everything… everything is shattered and destroyed. I am responsible for this. I am the culprit. I deserved punishment.
THapki: (to GOd) now you are happy. Why you have done this to him. Why you have snatched him from me. Why u have separated us. I was wrong. I have done wrong with him. I betrayed him, maa betrayed him . but you always did injustice with him.Why All the time the innocent soul is punished for what he hasn’t done.. You have to punish me. I deserve punishment. I (she stoped) (she placed her hand on her head)But this is my punishment. God has snatched bihaan from me. This is my punishment. That’s how he went..he went away from me. He went away without opening his eyes, to say one word. He left me without confessing his love. I have to live without him. This is my…my punishment. I have to…She started crying loudly.bihaan I am missing you so much. I am missing you bihaan. I can’t live without you. Your thapki is nothing without you. Thapki is nothing without bihaan. No one is here to give thapki to me. I need a piyar ke thapki. I need you. I love you bihaan. Thapki loves his bihaan sooo much. Please come back. I promise I ll never do it again. I ll never hurt you. Please forgive me.

She saw bihaan infront of her saying CHUK CHUK GARI. She tried to touch him but he disappeared. She again heard a voice GAJJAB. She tried to see him but he was not around. Then she heard I LOVE YOU THAPKI.thapki come. come with me. I am waiting. She ran towards him but he disappeared. She shouted Bihaan
Thapki: People say that only thing could separate is death. Some says it cannot be separated at all. Yes death cannot separate us. It will reunite us. She closed her eyes and imagined bihaan.
Thapki: have sweet dreams. I ll see you soon.
She noticed the car coming from opposite side. She wiped her tears.
Thapki: true love never dies. I am coming bihaan. I am coming. She closed her eyes and started running towards the track. She was repeadtly saying I love you bihaan. I love you.
The truck hit her. BOOOOMMMM.. she screamed Bihaannnn.
Thapki opened her eyes saying bihaann. She was heavily breathing. She cleaned the beats of sweat from her forehead. She found herself on her bed and realized it was a nightmare.
Thapki: thank God it was a dream.She drank water to calm down herself but bihaan was still not in the room and that thing bothered her a lot.
Thapki: Bhagwan g please don’t let anything happen to my bihaan. where are you bihaan. I am waiting. Your thapki is waiting. To confess her love (she covered her face with her palms), to build a new life. To.. bihaan enters in the room. Thapki rushed towards him
Thapki: bihaan r u ok. Where were you? I was worried
Bihaan: why u are worried for me? Oo bcz of that qasam. I don’t care about that. (He tried to leave)Or haan qasam kahny se insan to tab kuch hota hai jab un ke bech koi rishta ho, apna pan ho, baroosa ho. Par ab humry bech me asa kuch be nah hai. Is ly is joty rishty ke joti qasam se na tmy kuch ho ga na hmy. Or wase be agr hmy kuch ho jahy to tmy kia farak parhta hai. Tumhra to kaam he hai logo ko dhuk or takleef dyna.
He took his pillow and marched to his sofa leaving thapki flabbergasted. Tears rolled down her cheeks. She was having mixed emotions. Happy coz she has realized her love for bihaan and sad bcz of bihaan’s words ke hmry bechy koi rishta nah. She wiped her tears and went to bihaan. She removes blanket from his face.
Thapki: bihaan I need to talk (bihaan interruptes)
Bihaan: what is your problem? Why u are disturbing me?
Thapki: you.. you are my problem. (he tries to leave but she stops him). Tum me mjy kaha tha na ke mjy kia farak padhta hai. Han farak padhta hai mjy. Tmy koi takleef hote hai dard mjy be hota hai. Agr tmhri ankoo me ansoo aty hai to dil mera be rota hai. Agr tum khush hoty ho to mere chehry pe be muskan a jati hai. (She hugs him. He tries to separate but she tightens her grip) Tum mj se alag hoty ho mj se dor jaty ho farak padhta hai bht farak padhta hai.

Bihaan was hell shocked by her moves as well as words and unknowingly he utters ku farak padhta hai.
Thapki: bcz I love you bihaan. Me tum se bht piyaar karti hon. I love you. I can’t live without you. Tears rolls down her cheeks and she buries her head in his chest.
Bihaan’s cheeks were also wet bcz of tears. But this time of happiness. Finally he got his love, his thapki. The three magical words have changed his life, thapki’s life actually their life. The confession brings him in a new world, a small world of him and thapki, their small world full of love, happiness, trust and honesty. In which they have their own dreams, feelings, emotions and concerns. In this world he wants to live a life free from lies, betrayal and cheating. A life free from artificial expressions and superficial feelings. In which only two of them live peacefully not as thapki or bihaan but as thahaan two bodies one soul and on one can separate them. With the contentment on his face he takes a deep breath and hugs her back I LOVE YOU TOO THapki. I LOVE YOU TOO THapki. I am always with you.
With their confession both are satisfied that their couple is made in heaven. Destiny brought them together. the relationship started from cheating and hatred is now turned into true unconditional love. A love that ignores that thapki stammers and bihaan is an illiterate goon. A true love between CHUK CHUK GADI and MOTI BUDDHI that is beyond the worldly artificial standards and parameters.

I hope u guys like it.. if not then I am ready to accept chappals i know this is not gud.u ll know na ke I am an amateur writer. I don’t know the ABC of writing. After reading this os u all ll say kooda pahar nikla choha.. you guys ll think that how stupid I am showing everything n dream but in my opinion some times dreams are God signals that warns you from upcoming bad things and nature gives you chance to rectify ur bad deeds without committing further mistake. Ap sab ke zindgai me be asa howa ho ga ke kuch hony se phle ap wo sab dream me dekh lo. Frankly speaking mere sath asa ho chukka hai. In muslims we have the concept of “SADKA” that means giving money and other useful things to poor and needy people. So whenever I have a bad dream or see some of close one is hurt in my dream or facing problem so I gave money to poor and needy people to avoid bad things happens in my life and trusts me it works.
Enough of my bakwas I don’t know why I am writing all this I think fever has affected my brain.. haha.. bye bye… take care lovely people.

  1. Juveria.ghalib

    U know alm I was really shocked to read the first part.i literally got goosebumps in fear but then it was a dream “dream”….but I must say ur amazing I loved each part n specially the part where thapki tried to commit suicide for Bihaan as she realized her love for him n cannot stay away from her.n then the confession was similar to the original but really fall in those emotions ..n do try to come up with a new n get well soon

    1. Alm.Abi

      thnx alot Juvi dear for ur kind words. i am glad that u like it. still on medicines need ur prayers. love you take care.

  2. superb i thought
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  6. Really nice and amazing. Please continue writing and come with new fanfictions.

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      thnx alot rifa dear..

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    It was spectacular i mean u r such a btfl wrtr uk i litrly cried rdng it nd i was delighted when they both confessed their love nd when i got to knw that it was all a dream i was relaxed u wrote each and every part with perfection nd u brought put emotions so amazingly good job dear plz do write more ts os or ff ….? tc lu . Nd yes how r u ??? Btw hope u remember me simran? (sihaan)

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      yes dear how can i forget you, raj ke simran.. hope u wont mind this joke. i am a big fan of ur ff dear u r such an amzing writer… i am fine now still using medicines.. big thank u for reading, liking and commenting.. ur lovely words means alot. ll surly write whenever have time and nice idea…love u too.. take care..

  8. It is awesome and blossom gajab i didn’t find any word you are brilliant writer keep it up my good wishes is with you.

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  9. Can I say wow and gajaaaab episode there is a lot of words I want to say in every part when I start reading I was aww Bihaan? in the middle awww Thapki ? the end wow thahaan❤ …and the most loving thing I read until today is about sadka you are right but some Muslim people don’t know about it ?❤…overall my dear you bring an emotional episode thank you for this episode ???

  10. Alm.Abi

    big thank u nd huggggssssss sandy dear for ur kind words… ur love, support nd appreciation means alot… nd yes about sadka everyone has its own belief and perception..but thank u for keenly reading and praising every part… stay blessed dear.. love u.. one thing nore now mani z back so can i expect any ff from u?? i mean ll u write more on thahaan or manyasa,,,

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