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Hi guyz I am always a silent reader but this forum encouraged me to share my views too. So I have written an OS. Please forgive errors because its mine first os and being engineer I am good to tackle machine not creativity. The story starts after bihaan knew kosi truth and vaani forced him to marry sankar.
Marriage is completed now you are husband wife. May u have a blissful married life
Whole pandey family including Bihaan was in shock because he cannot digest that his own real mother betrayed him and he is married to sankar too. He realizes that he is such a big loser that he has not only lost his love but also his unborn child.
Thapki: now mr b for bihaan pandey. You realize the pain of rejection, the pain of losing something, the pain of being proven wrong. It was not me but your mother was the real culprit. She was the master mind of all planning of destroying you. I was crying but nobody believed me. You guys had thrown me out of your house as if I am no one to you.

Bihaan: hold on Thapki. Thapki turned and saw bihaan on his knees, with head down and folding both his hands. Tears rolled down his cheeks seeking forgiveness from her. I know I have done a huge mistake and I am really ashamed of it but beside this I have done good deeds too and in seeking revenge you have forgotten my love, my sincerity, my support, my sacrifices. Till date I haven’t killed a small bird then how can you expect that I can kill my own child. How can you be so stone hearted? Can’t you see my true emotions?

Thapki: stop talking bullshit bihaan. I am not interested in this emotional talk. You are such a big loser. You neither deserve forgiveness nor love. A person who can’t take care of his child has no right to live. I am really satisfied now my revenge is complete look at this thick headed, shattered, broken, completely destroyed bihaan pandey. Feeling pity for you.
Bihaan was toltally heart broken by listening thapki’s harsh word. Suddenly bihaan wiped his tears and stood straight. He turned towards sankar.
Bihaan : Sankar I am really sorry but I can’t treat you as wife because I only love thapki and can’t stop loving her. Love is an inner feeling and it can’t be imposed on someone. My own life is a complete mess how can I make you happy. Sorry again.
By saying this bihaan left and went to his room. (In his room)bihaan was sitting on floor .thapki’s words were echoing in his mind …. shattered, broken, completely destroyed ….you are a loser… you neither deserve forgiveness nor love…
Then he remembers how vasu gave more preference to dhruv. How thapki called him cheater and showed love towards dhruv. How kosi maa preferred john over him. How dhruv tried to kill him to get thapki. How thapki supported family over bihaan. How thapki planned to destroy him to take the revenge of their unborn child death.

Bihaan (to himself): she is right I am good for nothing. Always having burden on others.. Always cheated….Betrayed by my mom and so called family. Always involved in making others happy, called myself a moti buddhi to prove others a highly intellectual ones but why I am always the second option. Why I am always meant to be used not to be loved. Why always my actions are misjudged. Why everyone hates me. Why I am that much unimportant to others.
Bihaan feels a sharp pain in his head like something is bursting in his head. He holds his head loses his balance and faints.
(Down stairs)Sankar moved to thapki
Sankar: you know thapki still I am really jealous of you. I don’t know thapki why are you so special for bihaan. You have ruined his whole life and still he loves you. He rejected me for you. But to some extent I am satisfied too because me and you are on same stage now. In our fight and ego we both have lost a sincere partner. You were saying him a loser but actually you are a loser. You are so blind that you can’t even see the truth in his eyes. He was telling the truth, he didn’t know anything about the letter. Firstly kosi maa and then me had stolen that letter and portrayed in front of you that he knew it. He is totally unaware and innocent. He hasn’t done anything.
Thapki collapsed on hearing this. Her world turns upside down. The memories of past few days flashes in her mind when bihaan was saying that I am innocent please forgive me…please give me one chance.
She (shouts) bihaaaan……and ran towards his room. She opened the door and saw bihaan lying on floor and called the whole family. They took bihaan to hospital.
All family members were praying for betterment of bihaan. Doctor came out. Thapki rushed towards him
Thapki: doctor how is he now? He is fine na?? nothing much serious na??
Doctor: you are (pointing towards thapki)??
Thapki: his wife, Mrs thapki bihaan pandey.
Doctor: We have shifted him in ICU. We have done his CT Scan too. We can’t say anything until we have the reports.

All family members gathered around bihaan. Thapki was caressing his hairs and saying bihaan I am sorry please forgive me. Please give me one chance.Then she saw bihaan’s hands were showing some moment suddenly he opened his eyes and start shouting
Bihaan: don’t kill me ….don’t kill me.. just go away. You are bad people. I haven’t done anything. I haven’t killed someone. He threw pillow on her and covered his face with his hands. Whole family started pacifying him but he gone more and more wild. Then dadi placed a hand on his head and asked everyone to move at some distance
Dadi: no one will come near to you. I am here with you. She placed a soft kiss on his forehead. Bihaan hugs dadi and stopped shouting.
Doctor came and gave injection to bihaan and bihaan went in deep sleep.
thapki : what happened to him doctor ? why he is behaving like this?
Doctor: (Pause)I am sorry mrs pandey. Actually mr bihaan is suffering from hypertension from long time and I think in past few days he took more tension which has aggravated his diseases and now he has some sort of mental imbalance. I mean he is not a normal person now we have to send him to mental asylum. But trust after treatment he will fine. One thing more during this period you all have to stay away from him because that may worsen his condition

Whole pandey family was in state of shock. Thapki was crying badly
Dadi came forward and gave a tight slap on thapki’s face. Now you are happy na. you are such a selfish and self centered girl. now your ego is satisfied. Your revenge is complete na. so celebrate this. You are too happy na by seeing my son in this state. You wanted to destroy him so see he is destroyed. completely finished. You all are responsible for this. Vasu choose dhruv over bihaan. Balu choose thapki over bihaan. Kosi choose john over bihaan. Thapki choose family over bihaan. All time my child suffered. All the time this innocent soul is punished for what he hasn’t done. All the time he took others blames. All the time (dadi broke down)………….. now leave him. You all have no right on him. He is my son I will take care of him.
Bihaan was shifted to mental asylum and pandeys were strictly banned to meet him.

After 2 weeks
In pandey niwas
Thapki was in bihaan room, looking at his picture, looking at his dimples.
Thapki: bihaan I am sorry. Please forgive me. I am the real culprit. I didn’t recognize your love.. your innocence..your feelings.. please come back to me.. give me one chance. I can’t tolerate it more I can’t live without you. I just wanted to see you that whether you are fine or nit.. do you need any thing.
thapki decided to go to mental asylum to meet bihaan.

Thapki: I want to meet a patient Mr bihaan pandey. I am his wife.
Doctor: he has family?? Actually we were told as he has no one in this world. That is why……………
Thapki: what do you mean by this? Is he fine? Anything happened to him??
Doctor : sorry to say mrs bihaan pandey.. actually last week patients had a little fight security guards separated them and during this bihaan snatched gun from security guard and accidently shot himself and he is no more.
Thapki: what are saying? How can you guys be so careless? You took the responsibility. I will file a case against you. You have killed my bihaan.He can’t shot him. I will call the police.
Doctor: stop it mrs panedy. You can’t do anything. Bihaan is a mental patient so no case can file against us. And if you were him with earlier then this will not happen.
Thapki (started crying): yes I am responsible. Punish me. Hit me. She started beating her.

Doctor pacifies her.
Thapki(crying): where is his dead body? Can I get that?
Doctor lowers his head and said No
Doctor: actually we thought that he had no family and don’t have your contact number too. That is why we burned his body and threw his ashes in ganga. So….I am sorry
Tears rolled down her cheeks. She was dumfounded. Her mind is unable to accept that her bihaan is dead. Doctor shook him and said mrs pandey are u ok??
Thapki: yes. thank you. She left mental asylum.
Thapki(to herself): dadi maa is right I am really selfish and self centered that is why god has taken bihaan back from me. I don’t deserve bihaan. I neither deserve forgiveness nor love. I deserve punishment and that is my punishment that is why neither I got my husband’s dead body nor his ashes. I can’t get a second chance. I can’t even ask forgiveness from him. This is my punishment to stay Incomplete without him, crying for him stay alone in darkness, pleading to him to please come back, burning in fire of my own revenge. This is my fate…………

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  1. Vinni7

    Nice one!! The idea of hypertension was good?!! But shouldn’t die….?

    1. Alm.Abi

      thnx alot.

  2. Vinni7


  3. First of all wow I like the story but it is have veryyyy sad ending why you make bihaan die ??? it is really sad but thapki deserve this ? Cool story keep writing.

    1. Alm.Abi

      thnx for liking it. but i just wanted to make everyone suffer especially thapki. she don’t deserve bihaan.

  4. oh this was very good….u cleaed all the bad things happen with bihan….poor bihan…he has to suffer all the time….i liked it….but the end is much more heartbreaking….bihan should not die….i want hapy end….thapki realy deserves a lot of slaps…..

    1. Alm.Abi

      happy ending can’t possible sweetheart.until that ugly vaani is around my bihaan….

  5. amazing too good ITS TOO GOOD sad ending thapki deserves this

  6. Jacqueline Nicole

    Im really happy to see u people with ths kind of talent. What an story… u nailed it dear. I also think the same will happn i mean abt the bihaan state in original track….hhehe. but seriously tpk gonna loss mny viewers for sure. Whatever… we will watch it only fr our manyasa. And thank u so much dear…. keep writing ….

    1. Alm.Abi

      big thankooo. but i can’t see this in original track because bihaan is the real star of tpk.. only reason of tolerating this stupid track…..

  7. No bihan never die

    1. Alm.Abi

      if vaani’s torture continues soon ths ll happen too..

  8. Heart touching os but at the end…its a tragic love story.

  9. Amazing dear u nailed it ,

  10. Nice story in which u show how much bihaa suffered in his whole life but ending is sooooooo sad bihaan died

  11. I love it but the ending so sad ????

  12. Oh wow you are brilliant writter very very poor bihaan oh you are really a awessome writter thanks.

  13. And it is righ if bihaan dont die becouse there is none in whole panday family who understand him thapki deserve it.

  14. Im gonna be an ass here lol, coz it seems everyone agree with you on how thapki deserve ultimate punishment for her action, but this problem wouldnt happen in the first place if bihan would just try to trust thapki.
    You said thapki choose family more over bihan, but thapki were the only one who trust bihan when everyone else accuse him, say on bauji case or the recently aditi case, thapki were the one who prove bihan innocence.
    I dislike how tpk people makes thapki hateful towards bihan, but since she still prove bihan innocent means she is not that bad.
    If theres anyone i really pissed of with is dadi, naman wasnt there anymore and vani rule the house so she shouldve said something by now. Ugh!
    Anyway it was well written story, even though i clearly dont like it lol, cheers ?

  15. I wish what doctor said is just pretent to heal Bihan of his hypertension and stay away from Thapki for a while. Make Bihan alive and give him happyness.

    This story can be changed like Thapki, we thought she died but she didn’t. You can make it happen, what ever you do with the story. To mKe Bihan alive, Bihan deserves to be happy, Thapki was not bad a person at all by seeing she still helped Bihan from untrusting family. and make them happy. PLEASE…….

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