thap (episode 5 )

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Sorry sorry sorry to each n every reader..actually I was busy with republic day events n then got busy with my exams..I used to come on site but did not got time to write..a big big apology..I’ll be regularly from now on n I’ll tell the day which I’ll be uploading the nxt part..n a tons of thank you
to all of the sweet person who commented..I would love to see their comments again..n hope the silent viewers to u all alot

So here we go
Thapki n bihaan goes to there room..they start
Searching for good clothes to wear tonight..bihaan keeps his hand on his sangeet suit. Thapki was still confused..bihaan starts pressing his suit..vasundra comes there n sees
Vasu:arre bihaan what r u doing
Bihaan : maa u come in..I’m ironing my suit to wear tonight..n look thapki dint even got a
suitable dress to wear..
Vasu:cheee bihaan..she takes bihaan’s suit in her hand..
Vasu:u will wear this today..bihaan gives her a confused look even thapki does..vasu drops the
suit on the floor
Bihaan : maa u what r u doing..the suit will get spoiled..he bends to pic it up..vasu stops her..
Vasu:no need to pic it..u r not going to wear this today..
Bihaan : but maa I don’t have anything better then this.
Vasu:so go n buy a new one..
Bihaan : maa there is no time to go select n it will come after stiching
Vasu:I know baba..ok I have a surprise for you
both..come with me..they goes with her..

In the hall
Everything was ready for the party..vasu call
someone n a group of 4 people comes in.2
gents n 2 ladies..holding makeup n hairstyling
boxes..n two servants comes pushing dress trolleys. .one had ladies dress n other one had
gents dresses..everyone open their mouth
seeing the pretty dresses..
Vasu:bihaan n thapki this is for u..u can choose any dress from this cellection for tonight..n if u
want u can buy more..n after that.she points
towards the people..
Vasu:they r makeup n hair stylist..they
will make u ready for tonight..they gets happy.
Vasu:now go n get ready..bihaan goes with the
men’s. .Preeti n Suman comes running to vasu n holds her arms..
Preeti:badi sasu maa we also don’t have
anything to wear..
Suman:yes sasu maa can we also take a dress
Vasu:u r idiot..I told na that this dresses r for thapki n bihaan. .then how can u take..they gets sad..
Thapki:but maa this is very special day for everyone should wear new dresses..
Vasu : but beta
Thapki : maa plzz I obeyed u na now if u all will not wear this clothes I’ll also not wear..vasu smiles..she goes to her n touches her cheek…
Vasu:my baccha..she hugs her..
Vasu : ok ok u can take any dress but after thapki selects one for her..or else u will select
the best one n thapki has to manage with what is left..
Preeti n Suman:ok badi sasu maa. .
Vasu : aditi beta u also select ur dress..she
nods..they goes to thapki’s room..
Thapki puts each dress on her n shows to
adhiti,Preeti n Suman..they were confused
Preeti:are thapki this dresses are very awesome that we r not able to select..
Thapki suddenly looks at the door n finds
bihaan peeping…thapki smiles ..she takes a dress n puts on her body..n gestures bihaan without anyone noticing her..bihaan makes a unsatisfied face n nods noo..thapki puts all the dresses n gets the same reaction..she puts the nxt dress n bihaan nods yes…thapki gets happy she dint even look at the dress..
Thapki:ok bhabi I’llwear this..everyone looks at

Preeti : thapki u r going to wear this one..adhiti nods
Thapki : yes bhabi y is it not good
Suman:no thapki this dress is good but won’t it be very short..thapki looks at the was a black shimmery body fit dress only till her knees…thapki gets shocked..she looks at
bihaan who was laughing holding his stomach..thapki gives him an angry look..
Thapki:no no bhabi.might actually put my hand on wrong dress..
Adhiti:dI it’s ok u can wear this dress..she goes to the door n holds bihaan’s hand n drags him in..
Adhiti : as it is my jiju’s wish..thapki looks at
her..everyone in the room giggles..thapki n bihaan gets shy..Bihaan was about to go..Preeti stop her
Preeti : arre are bihaan devarji where r u as u r here choose a dress for ur
wife..bihaan goes to the collection n picks up a was a dark blue indo-western was off shoulder n just like a ball gown
dress..she gives it to thapki n starts running
out..this time Suman stops him
Suman:are bihaan devarji itni bhi kya jaldi hai..waise ye bataiye app abhi tak kyu ready
nahi hue hai

Bihaan:bhabi wo I thought to wear a dress which matches thapki’s dress..thapki looks at him
Adhiti:jiju wah how much u love my di..she is very lucky .bihaan turns to thapki n thapki n
bihaan looks at each other lovingly..everyone notices that..adhiti comes between
them..bihaan looks at her..
Adhiti:jiju will u leave now or shall we leave if u guys have to do romance..bihaan holds her ear n twists it a bit
Bihaan:adhiti u r becoming naughty day by day..
Adhiti : ahhh di dekho na..thapki holds her other ear n twists it..
Thapki:he is correct..they look at each other n
laugh..adhiti hugs them..bihaan goes to his
room..everyone selects dress n gets ready..vasu comes to them..
Vasu : thapki u r not ready yet beta guest have
started coming..
Thapki:maa I’ll be ready..but u r not ready yet..
Vasu : I’m ready beta..she was in her old saree
Thapki:maa u r not ready..u will be ready if u
wear this saree..she gives her a red n golden
mix saree..
Vasu:but beta..
Thapki : maa plzz u gave me new dresses n I
wore it.n now u have to wear this saree..
Vasu :ok my stubborn baccha. .she starts going..
Thapki:maa u go n change in the washroom..I
want to see u first in this saree…she smiles n
goes to washroom..
Thapki gets ready..vasu comes out wearing the saree..thapki looks at her..vasu while arranging
her saree

Vasu:how am I looking..thapki opens her mouth..she goes to her..she takes kajal from her eyes n puts behind her ear..vasu smiles
Thapki:maa kahi app ko meri hi nazar na lag
jai..they smiles..
Vasu : ok I’m going down to look over the guest..I’m sure thus Suman n Preeti bahu r praising each other instead of looking the
guest..thapki smiles..vasu goes out..bihaan
sees her going n comes to the room..he sees her standing in front of the mirror n closes the door..thapki sees him n goes to him..
Thapki:bihaan what r u doing here..go someone will see us..n party had also started someone will come to call me..
Bihaan:shhhh..I came to meet u..n what will they do after all we r husband n wife n going to
become mamma papa..she smiles at his words..bihaan looks at her top to bottom..thapki had took the sleeves on the shoulder as the
dress was not comfortable to her.. bihaan holds her from shoulders n pulls her..he remove the the dress was looking off shoulder dress..
Thapki:bihaan what r u doing.
Bihaan:oh Mrs thapki bihaan pandey..this dress is worn like this..
Thapki:but it will not look good bihaan
Bihaan : ur looking fact u r prettier then this dress.thapki feels shy..bihaan comes close..thapki looks down..he pulls the hair stick on which her hairs were tied..n frees the hair..he puts two of her hair strands front..her hairs were curled properly..bihaan puts his hand in his pocket n takes out a simple diamond necklace not so heavy..he ties it around her neck..thapki smiles..he takes her to the mirror n she sees herself..she cannot imain that she can lok this pretty. She smiles st him.. bihaan sees her mangalsutra is not at its position..he puts it
Bihaan:now it’s perfect..thapki smiles..she turns n looks at him..he was wearing a brown color sherwani with a white colour balloon pant..she smiles as their clothes were just matching..she turns n takes out a box n gives it to him..he opens was a diamomd broch..he smiles..thapki takes it n puts the brooch on his right side of chest..they look in they
mirror..bihaan holds her belly..they smiles..
They goes down..
Everyone welcomes them..thapki n bihaan sits on the chairs n vasu blesses them..she ask
everyone to give their blessings..everyone comes n congratulate them..they smile..everyone asks them to dance..they says
yes hesitatetingly n goes on the stage..tum hi ho Song plays..thapki holds bihaan’s shoulder..bihaan smiles n holds her hands..they dance looking at each other lovingly..

Time flies now thapki was 7 months preggy n still looking goerguos with her baby bump..thapki was in her room bihaan comes to her with a bowl of soup..he sits beside her..she sees the soup n gives a weird look..bihaan gives her a strict look n makes her drink..
Bihaan:thapki take care of these
months u were about to fall many time..if something happens to u or our baby then
Thapki:n every time you safed me from falling..n I know u will always safe me n my baby..she
holds his hand..they smile..he goes to the
wardrobe n takes out some covers..he opens them n shows her all the baby thing which he brought for his baby..thapki smiles..
Thapki:bihaan this is all for baby girl..but I want a baby boy..
Bihaan:no thapki first I want a baby girl just like princess.then a boy my prince..
Thapki:no first prince then princess..
Bihaan : no princess
Thapki:ok ok baby boy or girl it must be healthy..
Bihaan:yes ..they smile..
In the hall
Adhiti was sitting on the sofa..vasu was feeding her laddo forcefully..thapku n bihaan comes down..thapki sees that laddo n makes weird face..she did not want to eat it
Thapki:bihaan u go I’ll come now..I forgot something..he nods..
Adhiti sees her going up..
Adhiti:di come na where ur going..thapku stops n closes her eyes..adhiti new that she did not want to eat laddo n escaping from the situation..
Thapki:adhiti I have some work..
Adhiti:di first come n eat this laddo..maa it is very healthy na..thapki gives her an angry look.
Vasu:yes Thapki do that work latter come n eat laddo..thapki nods n goes down n sits..she takes laddo.she sees no one is watching her..she was about to throw the laddo under the sofa.bihaan holds her hand…everyone sees her..thapki also makes an innocent face..bihaan makes her eat it..
After a month
Adhiti deliversa cute n healthy baby was his naming ceremony..the baby was in his bed..adhiti ask thapki to give a name..thapki did not agree..but later as adhiti insisted she goes to the bed..bihaan takes the baby in hand..thapki calls “aryan pandey” in his ears..everyone smiles..

The nxt one will be updated by wednesday..n sorry for being late..

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  1. Juveria.ghalib

    Hay guys sorry sorry mistake in the name of my ff..ahhhhhhh….it’s thahaan-a new start (episode 5 )

  2. I was wondering which ff would this be…until I read the credit… Juve !!!
    Ok, you’re forgiven… 😉
    It’s awesome, especially the dressing part… love it… bihaan is so naughty 🙂
    Thapki is so nice, she makes everybody happy with new dresses.
    Hello aryan pandey…nice name
    Waiting for thapki’s baby…on Wednesday
    Thank you and tc

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Yup dear actually I wrote it in a hurry so dint saw the lines going wrong..sorry again n thank you for your valuable comment

  3. Hi dear…I was very confused that which ff is this until I read the credit
    ….. a fantastic episode loved it a lot thahaan scenes was just awesome and do update soon waiting for your next part

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      I’m soo sorry about it dear..n thanks for reading and appreciating

  4. I was also confused by the name but sooN i get to knw its my favr8 one loved it a lot but I want aryan name as thahaan baby but ok adiruv baby waiting for chotU thahaAn

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u soo much dear..u will get a better story dear just wait n watch.n do comment

  5. Nice part and waiting for next one

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank you soo much rifa

  6. Vinolin.d

    hai juvi, its OK dear…I was admiring every are fabulous writer darl..thanks a lot for wonderful ff.
    keep writing

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank you soo much vino..thank u for always being supportive dear..

  7. Vinni7

    Finally u updated!!? Loved it ? I liked when vasu spoiled his dress n bihaan n thapki looked confused ?
    Gud one dear ?
    Waiting for next ?
    Take care ❤

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank you soo much dear..nxt will be updated by wed

  8. nice….waiting for thahaan baby boy….

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thanks sadia..

  9. Sulbi

    I was so confused… i havent read this ff… till i glanced the author… then only i was cleared oh its juvi ff… awsme episode dear… loved it… tc 🙂

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Yes dear I’m sorry for that mistake n I will never repeat it.n thank u soo much

  10. First of all I am very sorry dear… I was too busy till Sunday and Monday morning as I said with my work… I didn’t get time to read any ff here… then I typed my own one, you know it is always long… so I just got the time to go through all other ffs today…so sorry
    okay coming to this, I am eagerly waiting for Thahaan baby….Aryan Pandey for dhruv’s child is a nice name, I had a friend named Aryan….okay but we want a very nice name for our Thahaan child:-) tc dear….love u

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      No its ok dear..n I have uploaded the next one too..n u will get to know our thahaan baby name there dear

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