Thankyou Zindagii (Ashlok Horror FF) -Episode 8 Finale(Part 1 -Voila! Susheel, the ultimate showdown)

Recap: Kapil went abroad to pursue his career. Bhabho and Bhabaasa adopted Sandhya as her daughter. They gave rescue to Yug, Iti and Devguru. Meanwhile Kapil waste all his money on gambling. When asked about selling the house, Arun and Bhabho refuses. Kapil and the family members indulged in a verbal fight. Kapil’s ego can’t accept that his parents and others are accusing him for being a drug addict. He killed Arun, Iti, Shivraj and Sandhya. How Ashlok found Yug is shown.

The eighth episode starts with,


Kapil brings a Tantrik to the house.

He was the same tantrik who was approached by Shlok and Astha before. Kapil – “Oh, my sissy, bro and my niece even my dad could not leave my mom after death. Thats why you are connected like a stem and root.” Sandhya – “You dare.” Kapil – ” Just shut up. I can’t even think that you would exist as ghost. Thanks to this sorcerer who revealed everything to me. Even his family is safe. You could not do anything.” Shivraj – “You are a fool and this tantrik is a fool. We don’t even know about his family. When Sandhya blackmailed him just for a sake, he believed and ran away and you brought this fool to control us.” The sorcerer laughs in a evil manner. I bought a way to control you. He throws a powder on the ghost. Kapil gets into the smoke and hits Shlok, Yug and Astha and they are unconscious.

10.50 PM;

They were locked and tied in a dark room. Yug is tied in seperate chair. Kapil spills some water on Shlok and Astha. Astha and Shlok could not see anything in darkness. To Astha’s shock, she finds a very dim flashlight there. Astha remembers that she came to drawing room to find why it was locked and due to weird sound, she thrown the flashlight. Astha – “Shlok, we are in that locked room.” A animal roars, but they could not find where it was coming. The room gets light. Kapil smirks at seeing the three. Astha looks at the direction where the flashlight reflects,

she sees the Maneater board.

Shlok sees an appearance which is laid on two iron charpai covered by a big carpet tied with big chains. Kapil – “Shlok, He is Susheel. Going to be the reason for your death.” Astha and Shlok are frightened. Astha – “Hello, Whats your problem? Please leave us and Yug.” Shlok – “What have you did for Sandhya, Shivraj, Arun uncle and Iti?” Kapil – “If I wish to leave you, then why should I tie you here with my boy Susheel? Fools!” Shlok finds the rope’s one part is torn and he remains silent. Shlok – “Who is this Susheel? Can’t you leave people in peace?” Kapil – “Susheel is a maneater.” Astha – “What are you saying? Are you in a illusion?” Kapil – “Oh Astha, you are asking too much. Its ok. I just wish to answer your questions.” Kapil takes the leather blanket from the charpai and throws. A man whose head’s size is twice the normal human. His teeth is large especially front canines. His body is covered by brown hairs and his body occupied the two full charpai. As per guess, he must be 7 feet by height and more than 100 kilos. He appears scary as his eyes are brownish red which is closed. Kapil – “No worries. He is not at his conscious.” Kapil takes a giant injection gun to shoots at Susheel alias maneater. Kapil – “Within twenty minutes, he would be awake and I too remove the chains within fifteen minutes and he would probably eat you after thirty minutes.”

Shlok feels weird seeing him – “Where did you get him?” Shlok manages to cut the rope without Kapil’s notice. Astha – “Can’t you be shut up? Why do we know about his lifehistory? Already this Doraemon’s pocket has so many secrets and this Susheel, my foot.”

Kapil – “Yeah, Astha. You could not even guess his existence in this house. Because he was unconscious for these three months.” Shlok – “How could you keep him with you?” Astha feels irritated as Shlok is asking many questions.

Kapil – “Good Question. I got him from the Anthropology department in Argentina. He was one of the rarest creatures. He is not a human nor animal, but a underdeveloped man who lacks intelligence. His species are extinct before 1.5 million years, but somehow he was found. He was 5 feet when the researchers found him. He was twice stronger than us and I illegally transported him to India and through bribes I got him here without even a single man’s knowledge. Do you know what is his prey? …. Mammals. He could eat ten – thirty humans once in three months then I would make him unconscious. By god’s grace, there  is a lemon basket in this room so the ghosts could not enter this room.” Kapil injects the injection to Susheel at 10.55PM.


The sorcerer again creates a havan and the fire develops. Sandhya and Shivraj could not help eachother. Iti could not bear the magical powders thrown on her.  Arun – “Sandhya, though he is powerful, he is a bad sorcerer who is supporting evil things. There must be some weakness for him. You should find him.” Sandhya – “Dad, he is a fool but he corrected his foolish behaviors. How could we find his weakness?”

Shivraj – “There must be.” Iti – “Sandhya, Shiv uncle, I have an idea. But we need  atleast two minutes free from his control.” Iti narrates the plan. Though it is easy, it is hard for ghosts. Sandhya and Shivraj prays Lord Shiva. Shivraj blows heavy air so that the havan’s fire could not ignite further. As soon as the fire redicing gradually, Sandhya performs a Tandav reciting Aigiri Nandini’s mantra. As negative energy (Ghost) recites the name of god (Positive energy), the house feels a sudden thunders. Iti and Arun gets into kitchen and came back with oil. Arun pours the oil in the sorcerer’s mid head from his back. As soon as the oil touched his head, he starts to shout, his head becomes scorched and he was dead. Iti – “We heated this oil and we took his life from himself. We should save Astha aunty and Shlok uncle.”


Eight girls come to the house. Sandhya was shocked to see those girls. Sandhya and Iti becomes human approached them. They claimed that they were Kapil’s girlfriends. Sandhya thinks, “Something is wrong here.” Kapil came out from Drawing Room and looks at door seeing nine girls talking to Sandhya. He was shocked. Kapil – “Hey, girls. Your boy is here. Come on. Lets have some fun.”

Kapil gives them a look and those girls were flat. As soon as the girls saw Kapil, they runs to him without listening to Sandhya. Kapil takes those girls inside the drawing room. He requested the girls to close the eyes. He sprays something so they became unconscious. Astha – “Who are they? Why did you make them come here?” Kapil – “These are my ex-enemies turned friends. As they had enmity with me in the past, they become prey for my boy. As Kapil is a mastermind, none could ask for these girls nor you.”  Shlok releases from the captive by tearing the rope. In a nick of second, Shlok lifts the chair and hits Kapil’s head which breaks the wooden chair. Kapil could not sense what was happening. Shlok releases Astha from the captive. Sandhya enters the room and with the help of Sandhya, Astha take all the girls along with unconscious Yug outside the room. Shlok hits Kapil. Kapil manages to stands up. Kapil hits Shlok in the wall.

Meanwhile, the maneater starts to gain consciousness. Astha defines what had happened in this room. Bhabho was locked in her room which was unlocked by them. All are shell-shocked to hear there is a maneater in this house.

Shlok and Kapil came out of the room in a hurry. Shlok and Kapil locked the room. There is a heavy tapping sound of the door. Shivraj enters into Kapil so that he could be under his control. All of them including the nine girls ran into the storeroom where Astha found the diary and red blood pen of Veer and Krishna’s casette. Susheel came out from the door by breaking it. He jumps which creates heavy shake. He was shouting for food. He throws all the materials and within minutes the house becomes completely mess and two pillars of the house were broken.  Shlok – “Shivraj, Please come out of his body. Only Kapil knows  how to control the maneater.” Shivraj comes out of Kapil’s body and Kapil gains consciousness. Astha – “Kapil, now we should save our lives first. So, you better say how to control your susheel? Otherwise, we would murder you and throw your flesh to Maneater.” Kapil – “There is a vaccine in my car. And there is a gun in that drawing room. You must go and shoot at him and he would become unconscious.” Bhabho – “Hey coward! You are the one who bring this maneater and you are forcing us for it.” Kapil – “First, you mind your words mom. I could go but could not be back because my leg is affected now”. Sandhya – “I would do that.” Astha – “But do you know to shoot the vaccine at correct point? I must be the right one to do that.” Shlok – “Astha is right but it is too dangerous. I accompany you, Astha. It is not easy to go out and get inside.” Sandhya – “Shlok, you go and get the gun. I go to car get the vaccine. Astha, you shoot the medicine after we give.” Everyone nods and Shivraj gets into Kapil’s body.

Astha gets outside the room. The maneater was roaming in the garden.

Shlok comes outside and takes the vaccine from the car. Susheel smells a human flesh and it sees Shlok. After seeing Shlok, it starts to jump. Shlok runs but Susheel comes infront of him. Shlok throws the vaccine to Astha who was hiding in Kitchen. Shlok don’t know what to do further. Sandhya hits Susheel at back and lifts Shlok from there. Sandya give the gun and Astha inserted the vaccine. Astha shoots at right position. Gradually, Susheel lost his consciousness and falls down.

Sandhya, Astha and Shlok gave a sigh of relief.

The eight girls came there. One of the girls – “Sandhya mam, Thanks for saving us Kapil. We would feel grateful for you always. We are leaving now.” The girls gets into a car and goes. Sandhya smiles and spells a magic so that those girls forgot what happened for all 1 hour. Kapil and others come there.

Shivraj – “Actually for killing Bhabho, you both are appointed. The medicine you gave Bhabho are actually poisons which were replaced by us as sugar powder. The poison powder got deposited in the garden so that due to rain, the whole garden becomes spoiled.”

Sandhya – “Sorry, Astha for torturing you on that day. Its just a misunderstanding.” Astha – “Sandhya, its ok. But why did you kill the doctors?” Kapil – “Its my work.” Kapil smirks again. Sandhya slaps him hard but he smirks again. He takes a burning paper nearby.

I just wish to end my mom’s life as like the burning paper but you spoiled my plan. He beats at Shlok’s jaw. He keeps a knife at his neckpoint. Shivraj enters into Kapil’s body and he starts to control Kapil. Shlok gets released. Kapil was tied by a rope and his legs are hanging at ceiling. (His head faces down at floor).

Sandhya – “Astha, we didn’t kill Veer. We actually wanted him to stay away from this house. We don’t even how was he killed.” Kapil – “I killed Veer. He came to know about my mom’s half past by seeing Sandhya’s diary and also about my mom’s actions.” Astha – “Yes, He mentioned that Bhabho is behaving very strange and she was so dangerous.” Sandhya – “Astha, its one of our plans to kick Veer from the house.” Kapil – “Then he argued with me. I could not bear that. So, I leave him to susheel. He ate his leg bones and I stabbed him for sometimes and I created a big hole in his head by a nail. Then I tied him as scarecrow. Even his blood is ink in his pen.”  Kapil laughs. Astha – “What did Krishna do?”

Sandhya – “Even we are involved in Krishna’s death. Krishna was Veer’s lover. She plotted many times to kill Bhabho. Inspite of replacing the medicines, we thought to possess her. We enter into her body and made her to do weird activties. Even we exposed ourselves to Krishna but she belived that Bhabho killed her. So, we threw Krishna in well as a warning as we know someone could save her. It is becasue of us she spoke rude to the villagers and even we came to know,  she danced in midnight at park but we are not the reason. We didn’t see Krishna after that incident.”

Astha reminiscenes whatever it is in audio. Kapil laughs even more evil manner. Kapil – “Through my spy, I came to know about Krishna. I take Krishna to park and she danced infront of me but none could see me as I’m hiding at bush. I am already mesmerized with her beauty and I used her for my s*xual desire, she also revealed that she was Veer’s wife and Susheel ate her fully only the skull part is left. I paid the doctors who won’t reveal about Krishna.”

Shlok – “Astha, I remember onething, Veer was my friend. Krishna was my friend’s sister. The same Krishna she was. She was died very recently in Ooty.” He shows the photos of Veer and Krishna and that matches. Astha – “Why did Ishani reveal that Krishna and Veer are couples? It is shocking that Veer and Krishna are related to us, Shlok?” Kapil – “Ishanni…… She missed from being excecuted. Her good luck. Even I tried to murder this old lady but everytime she may escaped becasue of these ghosts.” Arun – “She might have hidden this news because you may say this to Kapil and he may get doubt on you, But everything turns like this.”

Astha – “Sandhya, you guys should not leave this Kapil to live. He is too dangerous than Susheel. ” Shlok –  “It is better to kill Susheel also.” Sandhya releases Kapil from the ceiling. Kapil falls down. Shlok and Astha dragged Susheel and buried him alive in the garden.  Iti uses her powers and made his body  invisible even in sand. Kapil begs for forgiveness. Bhabho – “You don’t deserve to live, Kapil. You killed a small girl who was begging for oxygen at last time. You even killed many families by giving prey to Susheel.” Shivraj blews air and Kapil was blown and he hits at pillar. Blood comes from his body. Sandhya and Iti creates a fire and Kapil gets into that. Kapil had a immense shout but Sandhya muted his voice. Slowly his lips stops moving and he was burnt in the fire.

Precap: Sandhya asks Astha the reason why she left her mother in orphanage house. Astha couldn’t answer and looks down in shame. Yug and Iti cried a lot as they could not even think of permanent seperation. Arun and Bhabho breaks down seeing that. Shivraj compells Iti to accept the fate. Will Astha and Shlok reunite with their parents or follow their self-respect? Don’t miss the PART-2.


  1. Jasminerahul

    shocking that kapil brought a man eater who was unconscious till they killed the tantrik was unique.I wish i could see sandhya’s tandav.why did kapil make those girls unconscious?is it to give them to the man eater?glad that they saved them.shocking that veer realized kapil’s intention n so he killed her.shocking that kapil has lustful eye om Krishna but she got eaten by the man eater.but I am confused about Krishna.she tried to kill bhabho?was she evil?she is alive.right?then why did she think that bhabho killed her?surprising that veer Krishna were related to shlok.but I didn’t understand why ishani his that they were a was interesting to see shivraj entering kapil’s body n controlling him.good that the spirits killed both kapil n the man eater.nice pics

  2. Shesha485

    Correction:Even we exposed ourselves to Krishna but she belived that Bhabho killed her *husband*
    Sorry for the error.

  3. Shesha485

    Thankyou. Krishna plotted to kill Bhabho but the spirits saved her and she thought Bhabho killed her husband. Sorry I forgot to mention that word so it become a big error and creating confusion in Ishani’s matter.
    Please assume that Ishani forget to tell about their marriage.
    Actually I thought of writing that in FF, but I wrote like this and to correct the error, I made another one.

  4. Adhu

    Intense episode. Kapil is so evil. He got a man eater and killed many. So cruel person. Spirits could get out that sorcerer’s control. It was nice how spirits helped Shlok and Astha from Kapil and Maneater. Finally Kapil is dead. Sadly, Spirits has to leave the place now.

    1. Shesha485

      Thankyou so much for commenting

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