Thankyou Zindagii (Ashlok Horror FF) -Episode 8 Finale (Part 2)

The final episode of ‘Thank you Zindagii’ starts,

The fire ceased as smoke. Santosh (Bhabho) kneels down and cries. Arun pats her but he too could not control his tears and breaks down seeing his son’s burnt corpse. Santosh – “I don’t know whether to feel happy that my daughter’s murderer is dead or to feel sad that my son is dead infront of me”. Arun – “Santosh, don’t cry dear. Even I didn’t even wish to see him in this condition.” Astha and Shlok consoles Santosh and Arun. Astha – “Aunty, you don’t worry. Hereafter our life is only full of joy and colors. We are there for you.” Shlok – “Yes, aunty. Astha is right. We would care as Sandhya and Kapil cared you in the past. In these days, I came to know how much these bonds are important from you.” Sandhya cries seeing them. Sandhya – “Mom and Dad, I am not your blood, but you gave me everything and I must be one of the luckiest girls in the universe. As an adopted child, I am privileged to get your love and nurture.”  Bhabho – “Adopted child? Shut up! You are my child and I’m your mother, no prefix or no labels to that name.” All smiles.

Sandhya – “Why have you left your parents in orphanage home?” Astha looks at her in shock. Sandhya – “Astha, I came to know that when your speaking this to mom.” Astha looks down with shame. Shlok – “Its all because of fate.” Sandhya – “Shlok, don’t criticize fate for your mistakes?”. Astha – “Sandhya, we are helpless at that time. We did love-marriage and I’m from a poor family. But love didn’t see status before blossoms. Shlok and I were married a month ago. Though Shlok’s family like the marriage barely, due to outsiders badmouthing, their salt-sweet relationship turns bitter.” Shlok – “We don’t want to keep our self-respect at stake and live there.” Astha – “My dad is a heart patient and my mom is partially blind. As my house is in rural area, there is barely an ambulance service and if something happens to my dad or mom, we could not know or even themselves could not help eachother. Shlok asked me to take my parents to my house, but already the family members considered me as trouble so I don’t want to trouble them more. And I leave them in orphanage house so that they would be cared by someone else if not me.” Shlok – “Astha didn’t send them intentionally. We didn’t want to risk their lives by leaving them alone.” Sandhya – “I don’t know whether it is wrong or right. But how could your parents feel there ? You got money from this job, you can treat them by yourself.” Shlok – “Astha, Sandhya is right. Yug is alright now. Its time to lookafter your parents.” Astha nods with hope.  Sandhya and Astha smiles.

Shivraj – “Sandhya, Arun and Iti, its time now. Our revenge is fulfilled. Bhabho gets a good son and daughter. We could not stay here for long.” Bhabho look at them with a deep sadness. Yug – “Iti, please don’t go from here. I want you as my friend.” Astha is sad – “Yug, don’t worry. Mom and Dad are there to care you.” Iti – “Yug, you got a good mom and dad. Don’t cry, Yug.” Iti’s voice breaks and she hugs Yug and cries.  All starts to cry without knowing themselves. Iti – “I should thank the god to give such a friend to me. I miss you, Yug.” Yug – “I must thank god to give such a friend, I don’t want you to leave, please stay with me.” Shivraj – “Its all our fate as said by Astha. Yug and Iti could not even reunite after everything is alright.” Sandhya, Arun and Santosh share an emotional hug. Sandhya – “Its my last hug, mom. I am happy that Astha and Shlok are there for you.” Astha kisses Iti. Shlok – “You’re more like our daughter and you are the reason why Yug is alright now.” Sandhya makes the house to the normal condition.

Arun, Sandhya and Shivraj moves and the heaven’s door open. They enter inside. Sandhya – “Please Iti, come inside.” Yug could not bear the seperation. Iti leaves his Yug and bids goodbye to all. All cries even a lot. Iti enters the door crying. Her innocent look breaks the heart of all. The door is to close. A voiceover is heard to all. “I am the lord of Heaven, It is destined that Iti’s friendship with Yug would remain incomplete in Iti’s this life. I give boon to Iti that she would take rebirth as Astha’s daughter and live peaceful life with Yug as his sister.” Iti smiles and Yug feels goosebumps. The Heaven door closes.

Astha, Santosh, Yug and Shlok share a warm hug. Santosh – “Shlok, As a mother, I wish you to do onething for my sake.” Shlok – “What is this Bhabho? Order me, I’m your son.”  Santosh – “Reunite with your family.” Shlok is shocked. Shlok – “Mom, that’s impossible. They prefer social status to us.” Santosh – “Even you too prefer your ego to your family.” Astha – “I wish to reunite with the family. But will they accept us with Yug and you? That is important.” Santosh – “Angry issues are common in the family. As soon as it appears, it vanishes unlike your egos that creates a kingdom in your heart and starts to rule you.” Shlok could not reply. Santosh – “Two days ago, to our landline, your brother Varad has called. I attend the call. Varad asked about your well-being and he requested me to send you back to the Agnihotri mansion as everyone wanted you. They understand that relations are like air which is important to breathe.” Astha – “But ma..” Santosh – “I know what you are going to speak. They would accept Yug as he saved you indirectly. Coming to me, its not important for them to accept me, I could stay even at apartment. But you must take a step to unite.” Shlok and Astha nods.

The next day,

Shlok, Astha, Yug along with Bhabho boarded a flight to Udaipur. Then they booked an apartment very near Agnihotri Mansion and let Bhabho and Astha’s parents to stay. Astha, Yug and Shlok gets into Agnihotri Mansion. Dull and Gloomy face of the house members got lit. Anjali and Niranjan (Shlok’s parents) hugs Shlok and Astha. They Niranjan – “It is my mistake as I didn’t stop you. Please forgive me, Shlok.”  Shlok hugs Niranjan. Anjali – “We came to know that Astha didn’t leave her parents in old-age homes intentionally and also the reason. Please forgive us Astha and because of us, you both suffered a lot. Where is Santosh? She gave you rescue, nah?” Astha – “Mom, no worries. Everything is because of misunderstandings.” Bhabho and Astha’s parents come there. Niranjan-Anjali and they share a hug. Niranjan – “I know you are near our house. Whenever you feel free, you come here. We can spend a lot of time.” They shared a smile. Yug gets blessings from elders. Anjali – “From now onwards, he is Yug Agnihotri, my grandson” Sojal, Varad, Kavya and Jyoti are happy to see the family reunion.  Astha and Shlok – “Moms and Dads, We wish you to announce another thing. Astha is pregnant by this morning.” Everyone smiles and blesses the couple.

After nine months (August 15,2020),

Astha gives birth to a girl and named her as Iti Agnihotri and the Agnihotris bonded tightly with Santosh and Astha’s parents and lived happily.


Authors words of Gratitude: I feel so happy to write this fan-fiction in this genre with a completely mysterious storyline. Thanks to my readers Jasminerahul and Adhu who supported me for at least a month and the silent readers. I also wish to share my experience while writing this story. Usually I release all my story five times in a week. But for this one, I took almost one week to release a part. Sometimes the story made me a lot to think how to progress the storyline and how to conclude each part. Also, I took 1.5 hours to write my past articles with pics. But for this fan-fiction, I take almost 3.5 -4 hours to write. Please mention in comments how much time would you take to write an episode. Please mention which character and scenes impressed you in this fan-fiction. I am extremely sorry for not giving many scenes for Astha-Shlok and I thought I could give but supernatural suspenses and incidents grabbed the screen space. Always I would be grateful for your continuous support. 


  1. Jasminerahul

    bhabho’s condition is explained well.bcz though the murderer is dead he is her own son.sandhya bhabho conversation was emotional. the departure of the spirits was very painful.iti yug part was sad.but surprising that God gave a boon that iti will take rebirth as ashlok’s daughter n iti yug will live as siblings. glad that ashlok united with their families.emotional scene.happy that ashlok had a daughter n they named her iti. I missed pics in this part.when I read the name Varad I felt sad as the actor who played varad is no more

    1. Shesha485

      Thankyou so much for the comment. Sorry, Actually I forgot to add the pics in hurry though I selected some pics. Really sad that he is no more.

  2. Adhu

    It’s great end for this FF. I loved this FF from the beginning. Bhabho’s condition after Kapil’s death was emotional. Sandhya , Arun and Shivraj’s exit was sad part. It was nice that Iti is reborn as Astha and Shlok’s daughter . Finally Astha and Shlok United with their family.

    I liked Astha and Shlok’s character as they had flaws along with good character . It makes their characters relatable . My favorite part was Iti got chance to be reborn.

    It takes 1.5 – 2 hours to write an episode for me. When I have to add pictures, it takes 0.5 – 1 hour to take it .

    1. Shesha485

      Thank you so much for the comment and sharing your experience

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