Thankyou Zindagii (Ashlok Horror FF) -Episode 7 (The day of brightness and darkness)

The seventh episode starts with,

Night 8.00 PM,

Kapil arrives the Coimbatore International airport. Two cars come and he gets into one car and his 8 girlfriends gets into another car. Both the cars start to ride to Ooty and stops at a five-star hotel. His eight girlfriends gets into the hotel. Kapil thinks, “Its too late now. I have to go home.”  Kapil drives his car to his house. Kapil rings his PA and says, “I have selected a wrong person to treat my mother. That useless creature Yug is with Astha-Shlok unfortunately. What if my mom remembers Yug and creates senseless dramas?” He hits the steering wheel in anger.

The scene shifts to the Ooty Bungalow.

Bhabho wakes up after sleeping for the past three hours. Devguru, Sandhya, Arun, Astha, Shlok, Iti and Yug are in the balcony with anxiousness. Astha and Shlok could not come from the shock how Yug is linked with the weird house and Iti. Bhabho comes to balcony. Arun and others see her with anxiety. Bhabho – “No need to hide from me anymore. I know Arun, my husband Sandhya, my daughter and bloodless relations Yug, Iti and Shivraj are dead two years ago.” Astha feared that Bhabho may fall down due to grief. Bhabho sensed the fear in Astha mind, “Astha, don’t worry. I’m balanced.” Shlok asks Bhabho to sit. She sits with Arun. Sandhya – “Mom, do you think Kapil desired to live as your son?” Bhabho wipes her tears – “No, he is not my son anymore.” Bhabho lies on Arun’s shoulder and weeps. Astha – “Sandhya di, what happened to you all ? How could you die? Why did you kill both the doctors? Would you leave us fine?” Yug – “Ma.. they won’t harm you.”

The scene shifts to Kapil, he is standing with frustration. His car was punctured. He was completely in dilemma whom to call to repair the puncture.

The scene then shifts to Bungalow,

Sandhya – “Astha and Shlok, you must know about this house as the parents of Yug.” Astha and Shlok looks at Sandhya. Sandhya- “Four years ago,….”

“Kapil was a college topper of the year. Though he is good-looking, his feelings are always under control. He is ethical and girls admire him for looks and boys admire him for his character. He always respected his parents. Bhabho and Bhabhasa(Arun) brought up him in a very nice manner.He completed his final year. Kapil decides to take loan and start a fabric business in abroad which was his all-time dream.”

“Bhabho was a diabetes patient and Bhabhasa too. Additionally, Bhabho is arthritis patient. Kapil asked Bhabho and Bhabhasa permission to leave abroad. They were convinced because he assured that he would take them too for abroad. But even after a year, he didn’t show up. He reduced the conversation with Bhabho and Bhabhasa gradually.  One night, Bhabhasa slept early after taking medicines. Bhabho was bathing at night. Due to tiles smoothness, Bhabho fell down due to her small carelessness. Bhabho could not stand up and due to effect of medicines, Bhabhasa could not wake up. Bhabho suffered a lot throughout the whole night. Only at morning, Bhabhasa saw Bhabho’s condition only in morning. Bhabhasa feared even more because there is no one to look after those old couples.”

Bhabho – “Then we got to a orphanage home and we adopted a 18 years old girl to look after me initially. We named her Sandhya as she is the twilight of our house. She cared us and cooked for us and bonded with us. We share a beautiful and a magical bond within six months of her return. She is also a trained Bharatanatyam dancer. She fulfilled all our expectations. After the lost linkage between us and Kapil, she didn’t make us remember of him. She keep us happy. From the day, we got a heavy lesson that even non-blood relations may not share the same blood but share the same heart. But also to feel, not all blood-relations share the same heart. Now-a-days, many youngsters are leaving parents all alone in a orphanage house or in streets but we got a ideal daughter like Sandhya.”

Astha looked down with shame. Sandhya notice that.

Arun – “During that time, we came to know about Devguru, Iti and Yug’s situation. Though we are not believing those monks who claim that he was the avatar of god, we are spiritual. Devguru respects all religions with same mentality. He respects people’s feelings and thats why he got placed in millions of people’s heart. Even we have respect for them. After knowing that he was decieved by Bhavini and the kid’s parents are brutally murdered by her goons. We don’t want to spoil the children’s education and life because of elder’s misunderstandings. So, we gave rescue for them too. Its like something our house got a light becasue of Devguru’s entry.  I and Bhabho accepted Shivraj as our son and Iti and Yug as our grandchildren. We wished to see Kapil’s children playing with us but that is compensated by Yug and Iti.”

Arun becomes emotional and cries. Yug and Iti hugs them.

Shivraj – “Kapil came back after completion of three years. He wore tip-top dress and I was happy to see him in that modern attire with fluent English. Every father and mother wish to see their son in that status. Unlike our previous Kapil, he was not the one who devotes parents nor took blessings. We didn’t care that as he was adopted to Western style. We introduced Sandhya, Iti, Yug, Arun and Devguru to him. He was not that cheerful to greet us and it was not  a big problem for us as we could understand his point of view.”

Two years ago, Kapil at bungalow with his parents and the non-blood relations. They were having dinner.

Kapil: Dad, I wish to speak about an important matter

Arun: Yeah Kapil. But have your dinner first. Mom has cooked your favorite food. Have it, beta.

Sandhya and Bhabho serves him.

Kapil: I am suffering from business losses. If it continues, there is possibility to close my company. So, I need some money.

Arun: Kapil, no problem, there is 2.5 lakhs in my accoumt. You can withdraw money tomorrow.

Kapil: Dad, I come to the matter straight. I wish to sell this old-age bungalow to make money. Your 2.5 lakhs is already withdrawn.

Arun: We can take loan from bank dear. We should not sell this house. Its our cultural legacy of our ancestors.

Kapil becomes angry and throws the plate in anger leaving the whole family members shocked. He stands up. 

Kapil: None of the banks are ready to give loan for me to gamble. Yes, I accept. Its not business loss and its all about gambling. I lost all my money in that. Now I have nothing. I don’t have any choice other than selling this house. You can stay in orphanage home for some months. I’ll take you to abroad after some years.

Arun slaps him.

Arun: How could you be so mean to lose your money in gambling? Is that all you were doing in California? And you are asking us to stay in Orphanage homes? Then where could Sandhya, Devguru and these two young childrens go?

Kapil: So what? Afterall these guys are from orphanage homes.Leave these guys in streets. Someone would get these filthy guys?

Bhabho too slaps him.

Bhabho: Don’t utter a single word against your sister and brother. Iti and Yug are like your niece and nephew.

Kapil shouts at them both. He takes a chit and consumes a powder. That smells too weird and awkward.

Sandhya: Kapil, behave yourself. Is that what would you speak to your mother?

Kapil: Just shut up you idiot. You just did some drama and enter into my mom and dad’s heart. Just be happy that you are getting offers.

The fight then continues for  three hours, Shivraj comes to Bhabho and Arun’s rescue whenever Kapil tries to misbehave. Argument becomes even big. Bhabho and Arun found that he was addicted to drugs. They didn’t expect that their moral son would turn into gambling and drug addict. After the argument is heated even more, the whole family members were shocked to hear that Kapil was married thrice and got divorced because of drug addiction and for drugs he starts to gamble. Due to the effect of drugs, Kapil falls unconscious. Sandhya and Shivraj lift Kapil to his room and make him sleep. Two days passed, none of them spoke to Kapil and the vice versa. Suddenly at third day, Kapil acts as he realized his mistake and seeks forgiveness to his parents and even his step-siblings. They believed Kapil that he is true. At night, Bhabho cooked for all the favorite foods to enjoy the occasion. As Bhabho has slight constipation problem on that particular day, she used restroom and lost the interest to eat. Kapil used this situation and mixed poison in each foods except his one. The family had dinner and went for sleep due to heavy and tasty dinner. Yug was also suffering from fever so he ate bit late and low amount he consumed. Due to drug’s effect, Kapil forget that Bhabho didn’t have dinner. Within few hours, Sandhya was dead in sleeping  followed by Iti, Shivraj and Arun. Bhabho looks at Arun that blood is coming from his mouth and his breathrate stops. Bhabho sensed that Kapil might have done this but controlled her feelings and looked at Sandhya, Devguru and they were dead. Iti and Yug were still breathing. Bhabho gets a hope and without Kapil’s  notice, she takes Iti and Yug to nearby government hospital. They were treated in seperate wards and Bhabho was crying. Yug was saved. Bhabho called a nurse Bhavya (Mansi Srivastav)  working in  same hospital who is a distant relative. As Bhabho requested, Mansi takes Yug to her house. Suddenly, Kapil gets into the hospital. He was shouting and sneaks into all wards to find Yug and Iti. He finds Iti who is being operated. But to this violence, he drags Iti from bed and takes Bhabho and her to house. Due to lack of oxygen supply, Iti died on the way. He burnt Sandya, Shivraj, Iti and Arun in their house without anyone’s knowledge. He was already in thought of killing Bhabho but leave her because everyone saw his weird incident in hospital. He erased all the evidences regarding Bhabho’s murder. He claimed that Arun, Sandhya, Shivraj and Iti boarded a flight to Australia.

“Then, how come Yug could escape from Bhavya?”- Shlok. Yug – “I don’t remember much but she told me about what happened to Shivraj uncle, Sandhya didi and grandpa but she told Iti was alive. Then I ran away from her house as I wish to find Iti. Then I landed in orphanage home. then I  didn’t remember anything as I must be mentally retarded.” Sandhya- “How you get Yug?”

Shlok tells their flashback (Episode 1). Astha – “We came to Ooty. And we could not find any job. So, we are walking at railway tracks as we thought that it was isolated. Suddenly Yug was running from a forest and some goons are coming behind him. We are confusion of what to do. We ran from the track and saved him and we three hide. While hiding we realized that, the track was not an isolated one as the train came without horn sound. Indirectly, Yug saved our life from the train accident. So, we thought of adopting him. We worked montonously for 10-15 days and Kapil offered a job as Bhabho’s assistant with huge sums of money. We accepted as we would treat Yug to cure his mental health. We didn’t have any idea why he was giving huge sums of money for this small job.”

“Because to murder that lady… I mean my mom”- A voice comes louder. Astha and Shlok gets shocked to see Kapil with a gun and a tantrik.

To be continued….

Extremely sorry for not adding pics as I am busy in school work. I would release the next episode within two-three days with pics. 


  1. Jasminerahul

    shocking that once kapil was an ideal son.sad that foreign life spoiled him n gambling n drugs destroyed him.surprising that sandhya was an adopted daughter.shocking that kapil killed them.very sad.luckily bhabho n yug got saved.who were following yug? kapil’s men?good that bhabho remembers the past now.finally kapil reached there n admitted that ashlok were paid to kill bhabho.but why does he want to kill his own parents?just for the bungalow?

    1. Shesha485

      Thankyou so much for the comment. Kapil’s men were following Yug. He wants to kill his parents not only for money but for his ego. He could not accept the fact that Bhabho and Bhabasa slapped him infront of strangers(in his point) Also. he thought that Bhabho was a trouble.

  2. Adhu

    Fantastic episode. Kapil was ideal son and turned to devil after he went abroad due to effects of drugs and gambling was really shocking. Poor Bhabho who is labeled as mental patient by evil Kapil. Sandhya was really kind hearted and loving daughter Bhabho and Bhabhasa. Past story was well written.

    1. Shesha485

      Thanks a lot Adhu

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