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Episode 15
All went in their respective rooms after the party. Kriya insist to sleep with ishaan so she slept in jay and Shanaya’s room only.
Twinj also entered their room
K- twinkle u go n change then i have to talk something imp. With u
T- ok
After sometime twinkle entered the room n found it empty
T- now where this kunj gone ?
Suddenly a voice comes from balcony
K-i m here twinki.

T- oh
She goes to balcony n saw kunj sitting with two coffee mugs. She goes n sit beside him.
T- so what u want to tell me.
K- ya actually tomorrow we have to go to court.
T- court (extremely shocked ) bbbuut forrrr whaaattt?
K- hey dont be so shocked i m not giving u divorce.
T- wwwhhhhat? Howww do… yyyouu knnnow?
K- twinki i m ur best friend from childhood so i know u more than u know ur self.
T- okay embraasingly

K- listen we have to go to court because i applied for kriya’s custody
He pauses to see twinkle’s reaction but she was calm as she somewhere knows this.
K- i applied it on the next day of our marriage but first we need to talk to kriya. I don’t maanvi to play any game i just want the custody in 1 or 2 hearings only. So i made Two sets of Paper in first set we will both be her parents if she agrees to accept u as ur mother n in second set i will only be his parent in case she son’t accepts u.
All this while twinkle was listening very carefully.

T- but kunj i also love her i also want her responsibility.
K- smiles, i know twinki but still if she n after the custody may be she accepts u. I will be only legally his parent but only u would be loving n caring for each n every need.
T- ok n give a big wali smile. Kunj smiles too

T- but kunj why didn’t u taken her from start.
K- i tried but judge says she is too small n secondly they tried to ask n she chooses maanvi over me. So i never try again in these two years. But now i can as i have u with me n most she is now more than 5 years. Court will easily give her custody to me if maanvi don’t poke her nose. N laughs slightly.
T- hmm acha chalo lets sleep tomorrow we have to ask kriya too n that too very carefully.
They went to their n soon drifted to sleep.

Next day
Twinj room

They both get up n get ready fastly.
Twinkle was coming from washroom when her leg slip n she closes her eyes too hit the floor but she never hit the floor. She open her eyes to see herself in kunj’s arms
Kunj make her stand
K- why r u taking tension everuthing is fine we have to go for hearing after lunch.
T- ohhkay but y didn’t u tell me in night only. I was getting so tensed.
K- Ohho jungli billi mode got opened again.
T- what u said?
K- nothing.

T- but i heard
K- what u heard?
Just then kriya enters the room rubbing her eyes.
Kr- papa
K- yes my doll
Kr- why u n aunty are fighting ?
Don’t u fighting is a bad manner.

T- yes baby see ur papa he is fighting with me n takes kriya in her arms.
K- no baby ur aunty was fighting
T- no kriya i am a Good girl he is only bad boy always fights with me n started crying fakely.
Kr- papa see u made aunty cry now say sorry to her.
Meanwhile twinkle was smirking.
K- okay fine sorry now Happy.
T- its ok
Kr- yes happy.
They both smiles n screen freezes.

Precap- kriya’s answer

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