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Hai my friends pls forgive me for this irregular updates..i have some time limitations pls understand my condition…but i cant stop myself from writting.. pls do support me..
So here we go……

Thapki comes in the house.. dhruv sees her and call her to come inside his room
Dhruv: thapki.. i want to say something to you.
Thapki: yes sir…
Dhruv: did ma told you anything?
Thapki: no
Dhruv: i dont know how to tell this thapki..
Thapki: sir whats the matter?
Dhruv: ma wants me to get married
Thapki: thats a great matter sir congratzz
Dhruv: haear me thapki.. she wants me to marry you…

Thapki gets shoked.. dhruv continue.. i know thapki.. you are considering me as your boss more than that we are friends nothing other than that… be frank ..i dont want to marry you thapki….
Thapki: sir i know…i…
Dhruv: i love someone… her name is sraddha.. but i dont know where she is now
Thapki: say this to maa… i think she will.. dhruv intereptss.. she knows everything ..
Dhruv: we were in love from collagedays itself.. everyone in this family knows this….our life was soo beautiful… but he …he seperated us… angrilly throws a flowerways to the floor…
Thapki: anxiously…seperated??
Dhruv: s thapki… sraddhas dad.. he doesnt like our relation.. he is a millionare and according to him we are not apt for his he took away her from it is 2 years … we dont even know where she is… dhruv cries…
Thapki: oh no sir… please relax…be strong she will come back one day.. trust… sir…
Dhruv: yes i have faith… she will come .. but now i have to solve this marrage problem at any have to help me…
Thapki: suerly sir… i will talk with ma…
Dhruv: ok thapki..

Thapki goes to kitchen to meet vasundara.. she was preparing some dishes..
Vasu: aa beta.. i was preparing dhruvs favorate dishes..
Suman: yes thapki…you fastly learn this…it will be usefull for you in future…and laughs..
Vasu: chup… turns to thapki and says come dear taste this… thapki take some and tastes it..
Thapki: ma … it is soo nice…i think these spices areof best quality..
Vasu: yes beta… i always need the best quality things for them.. even if it is a small needle then too… vasu takes her in front of pooja room..
Thapki: ma why did you bring me to here?
Vasu: i have to say a good news to you so …. acha beta … you say what is your openion about dhruv?
Thapki on mind voice what shall i tell to maa i have said dhruv sir that i will solve this marrage problem…what will i say?? She gets confused….

Vasu tapps on her shoulder…
Thapki: ma.. dhruv sir… he is a good boss .. very strict.. and iam afrid of him
Vasu: you dont need to fear him… beta…he is not a tough gay…
Thapki: y did you asked only about him maa?
Vasu: no i just asked …then …about bihan what do you think? Ohh iam sorry you havent even know bihan is it..
Thapki starts to say about the gay she seen on morning. Vasu place her hand on thapkis chin and says
Vasu: thapki betiyaa plz come to this house as my bahu…plz marry my dhruv..
Thapki gets shocked she walks 2 steps backward..vasu asks her what happened
Thapki: maa you have said now that you need everything best for him but..
Vasu: you are the best choice for dhruv… we are ready to accept you with your all disabilitis.. i have talked everything with your father… i know you will agree to this..
Thapki: but maa dhruv sir…
Vasu: he will agree.. betiya.. sun..your family is happy with this proposal…we are also happy …you are a good girl …understands every thing..pls agree with this…vasu holds her hands… if you needs your family happy then agree beta…
Thapki dont say any thing.. she leavs the house

Bihan was sitting on a tea shop he calls his friend and says to find out sraddha otherwise big problem will became evening..
Thapki comes to the market..some goons where watching her.. she comes to the fancy stall.. thapki thinks to buy some bangles for adithi..
Thapki: is there red bangles?
Shopkeeper: yes madam… here it is…
Thapki takes it and unwrap it she begins to wear it.. some of the goons come closer to her..
X: oy madam i help you to wear this..he picks her hand force fully and puts bangles on her hand.
Thapki: le..leav …leave my hand…she tries to free her hand but he force fully holds her hand… bangles break and her hand gets injured..

Thapki: i said leave me.. i will call police… leave me
X : arey.. i love police.. come call them …they all laughs… she frees her hand on this time and runs… she get collide with bihan and they falls down.. he get up and sees her face…
Bihan gets angry… i have said you not to come any more..
Thapki gets confused…the goons come there and sees bihan ..they get frighten and runs away thapki see this.
Thapki: thanks…
Bihan: thanks?? You have to say sorry first its the manners dont know??
Thapki: soo so sorry..
Bihan: is this caset have some problem..?? Ruk ruk kar chal ra heii smiles..
Thapki gets angry and not showing it.she asks i think …you have some problem.. irrelavantly speeking…..
Bihan: mind voice this is dream or not? I dont understand….he looks at her hand it was bleeding..may i ask you one thing?

Thapki: what?
Bihan: what happened to your hand ?
Thapki looks her hand and find that it is bleeding
Thapki : voo meeii.( stummers)
Bihan: relax … dont get afried.. come to hospital this is just a small wound..
Thapki: no thanks.. youhave said it is too small i will take care of this…
Bihan: i think you are afried with hospital.. he laughs..
Tapki: gets angry iam not a child ok.. and iam not intrested in talking with strangeres..
Bihan: the same diloge…. take the pin that is the next step…( smiles inside…again the dream he sighs)
Thapki: you are mad…. really mad…she starts to leave.. she steps on a stone and began to fall ..bihan holds her… ranjana plays… thapki stands staight…
Bihan: madam jii you are not a child to fall while walking.. remember it…
Thapki looks him and goes…

Precap: bihan applies oinment on thapkis hand

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  1. Vinolin.d

    hai navami…I love thapki and bihaan scenes.its amazing.waiting for next part dear.

    1. Navami

      Thanks vinolin drrr…

  2. Nice episode…

    1. Navami

      Thank you anchal darl

  3. Alia919

    Nice episode.. so ove story is going to being.. ehm ehmm… intersting.. keep it up..

    1. Navami

      Iam so glad to know that you like my ff..thanks for reading drr

    2. Navami

      Thank u dr priya crazygirl poojaprabha naitan rifa jacqueline sadia& maneesh ki dewani..thanks for reading and commenting regularly… thank u all..

  4. Really nice episode. . Please do continue

  5. Wow navami… i was enjoying thahaa scenes n made me laugh without my knowledge… so cute yaar… waiting fr nxt part dear.. tc..


  7. Thahaan scenes are best ??? Plz continue it … Waiting for next part eagerly ????

  8. Nice episode.

  9. Jacqueline Nicole

    Hi navami after a long time… cute epi and thahaan scenes as well… keep writing and yaa try to upload it daily yaar.

  10. very niece….keep it up…update regularly plz….

  11. Manish ki deewani

    Awesome episode navami

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