Thahaan (The Unknown Love For Each Other) Episode 4

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Thanks the readers who are commenting for my ff.. Till now my episodes were most similar to the original one.. but from this episode onwards it is going to be different.. I think this will be the last shortest episode with less Thahaan scenes.. From the next it will be with more Thahaan scenes.. The readers who are commenting please do comment for every episode.. The silent readers also please do comment… I will be encouraged only by your comments..And please notice that I used to set the picture of my ff according to the content of episode..Here Priya back with the fourth episode..

The episode starts with in Pandey Nivaas(Dhruv’s party)

Thapki came back to the party.. The party’s organisers told that they are going to conduct the little game for finding their dance partners.. Every boys should hold the flower garlands and form a circle.. the girls will be inside the circle.. At the end of the music the boys should throw the garlands inside the circle.. If the garlands getting caught by the girl’s neck then that boy and girl can be formed as the pair.. In the downstairs everyone started standing in their initial positions and the music started playing.. Bihaan in the upstairs saw one flower basket which is having two flower garlands and some flowers.. He gets it and thinks to take it to the ground floor..when he started moving he gets dashed with one of the servants and the flower basket throws its flowers downside.. first the garland reached Thapki’s neck then the flowers started falling on her.. She looks upwards surprisingly.. He looked downside shockingly.. (the song Mangalam ….plays) Bihaan then came downside very fastly to her..
Bihaan: Actually.. I did not throw it intentionally..
Thapki stops him from saying and told: You asked me to ss..stay from from you.. but why you are co..coming closer to me..aur haan if you don’t want to me again, I don’t want to meet you my lifetime …
Bihaan looks at her angirily and he goes.. Thapki looks on and came out of the circle..
The party ended..

At night, Vasunthara recalls Thapki’s good deeds and telling to herself : I can’t find a better bahu than her.. But Dhruv will never accept for the marriage.. So I should think big so that I will make both Dhruv and that girl to accept for the marriage.. she calls Naman(the drama artist) to come to temple tomorrow.. I knew that girl will be coming to temple tomorrow for pooja..

The next day Thapki were coming with her family to temple… Vasunthara sees that and telling to Naman everything should be done as per the plan. Naman nods at her. Vasunthara started walking towards the river.
Thapki were walking on the path and recalls how Vasunthara saved her that day and thinks she should pay anything in return to her.. Suddenly she saw Vasunthara is about to fall on the river.. Thapki shouts Maaa… and running towards her.. Thapki holds Vasunthara from falling.. Vasunthara started her drama..
Vasunthara(pretends to be thankful): Betiya..thum… today you saved my life..
Thapki: But Maa.. thum.. why you are about to fall on the river..?
Vasunthara: Because of my son.. I want him to be married soon.. But he don’t want to marry.. So I came here to know about his astrology.. But the astrologer told that my death will be caused by my future bahu…
Naman(acting as astrologer): But I told there is another way to get away from that danger .. ha na? Vasunthara ji..
Thapki: What way swami?

Naman: If her son marry a girl who saved Vasunthara’s life atleast once.. Then there will not be any danger for her..
Vasunthara: But where will I find a girl like that..
Naman: Vasunthara ji.. have you forgotten? Now she saved your life.. (Thapki looks on shockingly)
Vasunthara: Yes, I did not forget.. but I will not be so selfish and I will not force others for my sake..
Thapki looks on shockingly.. then she thought I have to pay in back for her help..
Thapki: Nai maa, I am ready to give myself for saving your life..
Vasunthara: Nai..betiya.. I will not force you..
Thapki: I am living the life which is given by you.. Your life is more important to me than my life.. I don’t even want to see your son’s face (she told it without stammering)..
Vasunthara hugs her… Thapki family came there.. Thapki introduces her family
Vasunthara: You people are going to be my relatives..
Vasunthara explained everything to them.. Thapki’s parents were proud of Thapki’s sacrifice.

(Note:Thapki does not know Dhruv and Bihaan are the sons of Vasunthara)

Thapki came far away from them and thought but how I will fulfil one daughter’s duty to my parents.. I will tell to my future husband about it.. Surely Vasunthara Maa’s son will be good as like her..Then they left the place.. Vasunthara and Naman smiles at each other.. Vasunthara game him money..
Vasunthara: You should not tell anyone about it..You should not stay here.. go somewhere.
Naman: Don’t worry ji.. I will go to Agra where my wife is staying..
The scene ends..

The same day evening with lot of confusions in mind Thapki walks on the road.. Bihaan sees her and recalls her words to stay far away from her he turned to the otherside.. Thapki watches it and came to him..
Thapki: Hello Mr.B for Bihaan Pandey… your wish is going to be true..
(Bihaan surprisingly looks on..) You don’t want to meet me right? From now onwards you can’t able to me..
Bihaan(smiles): Whether you are going away from Noida?
Thapki: Nahi… I am going to be mm..married very soon.. So I will be busy with him.. (Bihaan’s smile disappeared) ..So I may not find time to meet you.. (Bihaan became speechless,(The song Darmiyan plays..) (Thapki stares at him with bit anger.. Bihaan shows a sad face..Thapki left the place.. )
Bihaan’s mindvoice( Why suddenly I became sad.. I heard one happy news.. but my heart feels some difficulty..) (Bihaan surprisingly started walking on)

In Pandey Nivaas, Dhruv came to Vasunthara room.. Vasunthara started her acting..
Dhruv: What happened Maa? Why are you looking sad?
Vasunthara: What I have to tell Dhruv? I want you to get married (Dhruv changes his face) But one astrologer in temple told me that my life will become danger by my future bahu..
Dhruv(in anger): Who told like that maa..? Whatever it is.. I am not going to get marry because of his words..
Vasunthara: But he also told if you are getting married to the girl who saved my life once then the danger will not happen to me.. Today one girl saved me from danger and she accepted to marry you Dhruv.. Whether you will agree for marriage..?
Dhruv: Maa..your happiness means a lot to me..(Vasunthara smiles).. Even the unknown girl cared about your life..How can I reject? …I agree for the marriage maa..(Vasunthara hugs Dhruv)
Vasunthara’s mindvoice(Sorry Dhruv… This is the only way I can make you agree)
Vasunthara: Tomorrow the girl is going to come here..Tomorrow you will meet her.. Who is that girl will be suspense for you..
Dhruv: I will accept her whoever she is.. to save your life maa..(Vasunthara smiles)
Vasunthara came to Bihaan’s room and told Dhruv accepts for the marriage..
Bihaan gets glad and hugs Vasunthara and asked: How maa?
Vasunthara told the same lie that she told to Dhruv.. Bihaan’smile disappeared..
Vasunthara: We are going to start the preparations tomorrow itself.. You take rest now and start the work tomorrow..(Vasunthara left)
Bihaan’s mindvoice(sadly):Maa.. but my wife will also be your bahu…If your life getting danger because of her.. and why you have not thought about it.. (sad version of Bihaan’s music plays..) Eventhough you are calling me as a son but still I am the adopted son right maa?..but I am considering you as maa..I will not let the danger gets happened to you… I will not marry any girl so that no danger will be happened to you because of my wife..(he cries)

The next day morning, Vasunthara made a phone call to Thapki..
Vasunthara: Hello… Thapki betiya..
Thapki: Hello maa..
Vasunthara: Today you have to come with your family to my home.. I sent Sanjay to pick up you people..
Thapki(smiles): Okay maa..I will t..te..tell to my about this..
Vasunthara: Betiya.. I am hearing your voice by breaking.. I think may be signal problem..(Vasunthara thought her stammering problem as the signal problem)
Thapki: But maa, my have full signal..
Vasunthara: But I am hearing the breaking voice.. Its okay.. come soon..
Thapki nods..
Vasunthara asked Bihaan to make the arrangements properly.. Vasunthara came to Bhabuji and Dhadhima to inform them today her future bahu is coming to home..Bhabhuji and Dhadhima smiles.
Thapki came with her family..Vasunthara,Bhabuji,Dhadhima greets them.. Krishnakanth and Bhabuji started talking to each other..
Thapki came to Vasunthara..
Thapki:Good morning maa..
Vasunthara: Good morning betiya.. Today you are looking very pretty..
Thapki: Thank you maa.. actually I have to th..thank you for one more thing..
Vasunthara:why you are..( she was about to tell why you are stammering suddenly but Thapki interrupts)
Thapki: I have to th..thank you for saving my life and accepted me with my ss..stammering problem..(Vasunthara gets shocked) Maa.. actually always used to kid my ss..s..stammering problem.. but you a..acc..accepted me as your thought I am s..s..saving your life.. But always you are saving me maa..I am l..l..lucky to have you as my sasu maa..(Thapki falls on her feets)..(Vasunthara became speechless..)
Dhadhi maa called Thapki…Thapki went away..(Vasunthara became a statue)
Thapki started thinking that this is the home where Dhruv sir gave party to the staff members..but who is going to be the groom for me..

Precap: Shraddha entry.. Bihaan is waiting for his bride in his room …But Thapki came there.. They were shocked to see each other..

Possible doubts:
How Vasunthara is going to react after she knew that Thapki is a stammering girl?

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