Thahaan (The Unknown Love For Each Other) Episode 10

Thanks my dear readers..It seems you people are having a good hope on me.. thanks for your support always.. My ff is nothing without ur love and support.. I have started this ff only for the reason as Thahaan were separated in the current TPK.. Now I have reached tenth episode…am really satisfied with ur comments and support.. here Priya back with tenth episode..

The episode starts with
The next day morning, Thapki gets praised for her goodness by Dhadhi maa and Bhabuji.. Shraddha sees this..
Shraddha’s bgm plays… Shraddha’s mindvoice( You are my only one enemy… Thap…Thap….Thapki….Today you see Thapki.. I will break your legs.. If you can’t able to walk, Then how will you come close to them.. let me see… )
Shraddha went to kitchen and broke one glass material and placed in on the path. .Thapki was about to pass on the kitchen.. Inside the kitchen, Shraddha pretends like she fell on the ground and she shouts. .”Please anyone save me..Thapki are u there..” Thapki hears it and running towards kitchen.. She placed her legs on the glass materials..Thapki started screaming .. her legs get bleeding.. Shraddha smiles at her..
Thapki shouts and screaming.. Bihaan on hearing this running towards kitchen and seeing Thapki’s condition..
Bihaan(shocked) : Thapki..Thapki…kya hua..? (he holds her face)

Thapki(screams) : Bihaan leg is bleeding.. I can’t able to stand up..
Bihaan sees That her leg is bleeding and gets shocked..
The family members came there and gets shocked… On seeing Thapki’s condition Bihaan without his knowledge got tears in his eyes..
Bihaan(cries): Thapki… Thapki… nothing will happen to u.. (he touched her feet and tears rolling from his eyes continously)
Thapki sees tears on Bihaan’s eyes and get shocked..She stopped screaming and continuously staring at Bihaan’s tears.. The family members also shocked and sees Bihaan..
Suman: hurray Thapki.. what happened..?
Preeti: Thapki’s legs are bleeding.. Bihaan devarji.. are u crying for this..?
Vasunthara signed Preeti to stop.. Bihaan realised the situation.. He lifts Thapki in his hands.. He started moving upwards..
Thapki is looking at his tears…Bihaan is looking at her sadly.. (the song hamdard plays..) The family members staring at them and left..

Thahaan reached their room.. He placed her on the bed and took first aid box..
Thapki is continuously looking at him..
Bihaan: Nothing will happen to u.. let’s do first aid for u..
Bihaan is doing first aid to her.. Thapki is looking at him..(The music na na na plays..)
Bihaan(without seeing her) : soon ur leg will get cured..
Thapki: Bihaan.. show me ur face..
Bihaan hesitatingly sees Thapki..
Thapki: why u cried today Bihaan.. what is the tears in ur eyes means..?
Bihaan: wo..what tears.. I did not get tears.. eyes got sweat because the AC is switched off..
Thapki laughs at him and says: what?.. ur eyes got sweat..?
Bihaan: yes…so what..?
Thapki laughs continuously.. Bihaan smiles at Thapki as she is laughing..
In the hall,
Dhadhi maa: Vasu bow..I think Bihaan started loving Thapki..
Vasunthara: But.. how are u telling this Maa ji…?
Dhadhi maa: we knew that Bihaan never used to cry for anything.. but today he cried on seeing Thapki ‘s pain.. this symbolises his love..
Vasunthara: haa maa ji.. I also got surprised at that..
Dhadhi maa: But Bihaan’s motti budhi will never allow him to realise his love.. so after Thapki ‘ s legs getting cured, we will send them out to realize their love..
Vasunthara(thinks something): okay maa ji.. we will send Dhruv and Shraddha too..
Dhadhi maa nods..
In the night ,Thapki lies on the bed and keeps on thinking.. (I think Bihaan is in love with me..he got tears for my pain.. he used to save me always… he knew everything about me..I need to know about this.. She looks at Bihaan sleeping in the couch with cute face and smiles..)
Then one fine day morning, Vasunthara asked the couples to go and enjoy outside..Thapki and Bihaan nods at her..

When Shraddha is about to tell okay mummy ji.. Dhruv told: Maa.. I have an important work today.. Shraddha gets irritated.. But Vasunthara forced Dhruv to go with Shraddha.. Thahaan started their trip on bike..
Bihaan: Where shall we go chuk chuk gaadi..?
Thapki: ur wish Bihaan..
Bihaan: Gajab..First let’s go to mall and then we will go to cinema..
Thapki nods..
In the shopping mall,Thahaan were walking..
Thapki: Bihaan..whether you have visited this mall already?
Bihaan: yes…sometimes with my friends.. and sometimes with Sheena I used to come.. (Thapki gets anger and became silent..)
Bihaan: whether you used to visit malls in ur place..?
Thapki remains silent..
Bihaan: oh chuk chuk gaadi.. talk with me something.. I am feeling bored..
Thapki(angirily): If you are feeling bored.. then drop me in home and come with Sheena here..
Bihaan: why are you getting anger suddenly..
(while they are arguing with each other, Thapki gets dashed with one person and his bags fall on the ground..)
Thapki(bends down): oh..ssss…sorry…
Person: you idiot.. don’t you have eyes..? (Bihaan gets angry…)
Thapki sees his face..his face revealed.. its Dhiwakar..(Thapki’s enemy in college days)
Dhiwakar: oh…ohoooo… madam tum.. I did not expect u here..
Thapki remains silent..
Bihaan: whether you know him already..
When Thapki was about to tell something..Dhiwakar interrupts..
Dhiwakar: How can she forgot me..? and how can I forgot her.. This stucked tape record is my college mate..
Bihaan gets anger..
Dhiwakar: How are you thap…thap..thapki..? u r married too? Who is that unlucky fellow? (Dhiwakar looks at Bihaan) Oh this guy.. yeh bhai.. don’t u take a right decision in ur life.. what u are going to do with this stucked tape record..? (Thapki gets tears rolling from her eyes)

Bihaan holds Dhiwakar’s collar and started shouting: How dare you are raising ur words against my pathni..? don’t see her weakness.. see her goodness.. She never used to think about her..but she always used to think about others..she can sacrifice anything to make her surrounding happy..To save one unknown person’s life she got married to her most hatred person in the world.. who else will do this…(Thapki looks on).. and I did not take any wrong decision..I took right decision to marry her..and am lucky to have her as my pathni in my life..(Bihaan looks at Thapki while telling this and turns) Don’t ever try to tease her.. else u will lose ur life…(. Dhiwakar looks at him angirily and went away.. )
Bihaan turned and sees Thapki ‘s face..He wiped her tears : When I am here, you should not cry Thapki.. I can’t able to see you in this state..(Thapki looks at Bihaan) Thapki hugs Bihaan..
Thapki : u told him that u r lucky Bihaan.. but am more luckier than u Bihaan to have u as my pathi (cries happily)
Bihaan get shocked and hugged her back..(The song hamdard plays..)
They broke the hug..
Thapki : Bihaan.. why u told him that u r the most hatred person for me in this world..
Bihaan: That’s true.. right? You told me in our second meet…
Thapki : But Bihaan .. I told that in some anger.. please forget that..please Bihaan
Bihaan: How can I forget a moment with u Thapki? Eventhough its is bad moment.. I can’t able to forget any memories of u..(Thapki looks on Bihaan) its okay.. come let’s go..
Thapki holds Bihaan’s hands and started walking.. They reached Cinema theatre..Someone is coming to Thapki and giving hand to her..
Person: Hai are u..?
Thapki left Bihaan’s hands and giving hand to him..(Bihaan looks on)
Thapki: I am fine are u..?
John: am totally fine my dear buddy..(John patted on Thapki’s shoulders)
Bihaan gets jealous on seeing them… Thapki introduces John to Bihaan..
Thapki: Bihaan.. he is my one and only close friend John..(Bihaan looks on)
John: Hello bhai.. sorry I can’t able to come to ur marriage..
Bihaan(pretends to smile) : Its okay..that’s also very good… (John looks on) what I meant is you may be having something more important than Thapki.. ha na Thapki? (Bihaan tried to make Thapki anger on John..but)
Thapki: Its okay Bihaan.. John will never forget me at any cost.. ha na John?
John: yes …absolutely.. Thapki..
Bihaan gets more jealous and became anger.. Thapki and John were continuously chatting about their current situations..
Bihaan(angirily) : Okay come Thapki.. let’s go ..its time for movie..
Thapki: No Bihaan.. there is still half an hour left.. you go and get movie ticket.. I will be talking to John..(Bihaan looks at Thapki and left angirily..)
John: Thapki.. I think your husband is loving u very much.. (Thapki looks on shockingly) that’s why he is getting jealous on our conversation..

Thapki: I need to talk about that thing to you.. that’s why I sent him..
John: about what?
Thapki: he always used to support me.. he used to save me from danger..he knew everything about me.. now also he fighted with Dhiwakar for me.. (John looks on)… but still he used to tell that destiny united us..
John: what? That idiot Dhiwakar is here?
Thapki: leave that John.. tell me whether Bihaan is in love me?
John holds Thapki’s shoulders and told something…Thapki smiles.. Bihaan seeing it from far.. Bihaan gets jealous more..
Bihaan’s mindvoice: oh this chuk chuk gadi.. whether she came outside to enjoy with me or with him.. see.. she even forgot that am still here..
He went to them with anger..
Bihaan: Thapki..its time… come let’s go..
John: Okay Thapki.. bye Bihaan.. bye Thappu…(John left)
Bihaan: What he called u.?… thappu..?

Thapki: That’s my nickname.. John always used to call me like that..
Bihaan(angirily): stop the story of John..
Thapki: I think you don’t know these things.. The people used to call their closed ones with a unique nickname..
Bihaan(folds his hands): Oh.. chuk chuk gaadi… stop ur theory.. come let’s go..
(They were moving..)
Thapki’s mindvoice( Bihaan also used to call me with a unique nickname.. it means whether he is considering me as his closed ones..)
Bihaan remains silent and watching the movie.. Thapki was thinking about Bihaan..

Precap: Thapki mistakenly calls Bihaan as John.. Bihaan gets angry.. Later Thapki gets worried as Bihaan did not reach home for a long time… Shraddha makes one more evil plan against Thapki..

If you people liked it , please let me know by your comments guys.. Thanks for reading..
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