Thahaan : Shot 3 by NaiTan

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Hello to all …. NaiTan here …. Sorry for this 2 weeks delay … Exams ?? … I’m back with the 3rd episode of my ts … This is the last part … Hope u all like it … Plz comment your views ..

The guy is revealed to be Neha … Kabir is shocked … He has tears in his eyes … Kabir runs towards Neha and hugs her tightly …

Kabir- Neha tu theek ho gayi ?
( Neha u r fine now ? )

Neha- Haan Bhai … Main theek ho gayi … Ye sab Sirf Thapki di ki vajah se ….
( Yes Bhai .. I’m fine … It’s all because of Thapki di )

Bihaan and Pandey Family is shocked seeing that Kabir has a sister … Kabir runs towards Thapki and hugs her tightly … She hugs him back … Bihaan seeing this turns jealous …

Thapki- Yahan mujhe log jaante nhi honge .. Main Kabir ki ex-wife hoon . Aur ab uski match maker ….
( I think many don’t know me here …. I’m Kabir’s ex-wife … And his current match maker )

All look on shocked …

Thapki- Please chaukiye mat …. Humari shaadi nakli thi … Haina Kabir ?
( Please don’t get shocked … Our marriage was fake … Right Kabir ? )

Kabir- Haan … Arunima and her maa-papa bhi sab jaante Hai … Thapki sach main bataon ya tu batayegi ?
( Yes … Even Aaru and her mom-dad know about it . Thapki shall I tell the truth or will u tell ? )

Thapki- Let me tell … The long story …. And she starts …

It was 8 months back when Kabir came to my house . I wanted to take revenge from my ex-husband . He helped me and acted as my husband . Then I got to know that my ex-husband was not at fault . It was his real mother . I tried to tell this to him . But he didn’t believe me .

( She doesn’t reveal Bihaan’s name and how Kabir cheated her . Bihaan looked at her with tears in his eyes . )

Then after much long drama I met him and his mom ( not the real one ) in the market . I asked his forgiveness . But again he didn’t trust me . I loved him a lot so when I saw a car coming towards them I didn’t waste a second and saved them . They took me to hospital . After a 2 hr long operation I opened my eyes and before the doctor left I asked him not to reveal to anyone that I’m alive .

Flashback : OT after operation
Thapki opens her eyes . Doctor sees that .

Doctor- Ms Thapki ab aap kaisi hai ?
( Ms Thapki how r u feeling now ? )

Thapki- Doctor main theek hoon .
( I’m fine doctor . )

Doctor- Let me go and tell this to all ur family members . They must be tensed right now .

Thapki- No doctor . Please don’t tell them that I’m alive .

Doctor- But why ?

Thapki- Please for once help me doctor .

Doctor- Ok .

Flashback ends ….. The story continues ….

And then the doctor on my insistence made my death certificate . But my whole plan got ruined because of this idiot . And she slaps Kabir on his head .

Kabir- Ouch … What did I do ?

Thapki- Don’t u remember ? I’ll tell u .

The story continues … When the doctor told my family that I was not alive … They were crying and came in the OT . I acted to lie like a dead body . But …. Then …

Flashback : OT

Kabir comes in and sees all crying for Thapki … He somewhere feels himself guilty for it . As all saw him … They gave him cold stares . Thapki opened her eyes eyes to see whats happening … She saw Kabir … Kabir noticed her eyes open … Thapki quickly closed her eyes again . Kabir asked all to leave him alone with Thapki for sometime . All leave and the doctor enters .

Kabir- Thapki stop ur drama and open ur eyes .

Doctor- Mr. Katyal she is dead . Please understand the situation

Kabir- Doctor I saw her eyes open just now .

Thapki hears everything and is tensed .

Doctor- You must be mistaken .

Kabir- Ok fine then … I’ll go out and tell everyone she is alive …

As soon as Kabir turns … Thapki opens her eyes and says

Thapki- No Kabir …

Kabir- May I know whats happening here ? What is this drama ?

Thapki tells everything to Kabir .
Flashback ends .

Kabir continues the story … Then she requested me to act according to her plan and reveal the truth about our fake marriage to everyone . I did as she said and took her dead body with me to my home . There she met Neha … I told her my sister’s back story and my motive to come to her house and hurt everyone . She felt sorry but determined too … She proved that her ex-husband was not guilty . She took care of Neha . And went with her to the rehabilitation center for 3 months . We both became friends . And then Aaru came in my life . It was love at first sight for me . And I didn’t had the courage to propose her . So I asked Thapki for help . She tried various tricks to make Aaru fall in love with me and Finally we both confessed our love to each other . And hence , she played the role of a match maker for me . The story ends ….

Bihaan felt extremely guilty after hearing the whole story for not trusting Thapki .

Thapki- Now as everyone knows me … So let’s continue the programme .

Neha and Aaru’s sister come on stage and dance . They dance … All enjoy … Bihaan eyes only Thapki . Meanwhile Kabir holds Thapki’s hand and takes her to a corner .

Thapki- Kabir why did u bring me here ?

Kabir- Thapki do u still love ❤ Bihaan ?

Thapki- No …. I hate him …

Kabir- Thapki stop the drama . You have my swear . Tell me the truth . Do u love Bihaan ?

Thapki is shocked … She has tears in her eyes ….

Thapki- Yes I still love him … And will always love him .

Kabir- Thapki should I go to Pandey Nivas and tell him that u r alive .

Thapki- No Kabir … Bihaan should never know that I’m alive . Let him live happily with Sankara . I wanted to tell him Sankara’s truth that she was the reason I lost him and she only separated me and Bihaan . But I know Bihaan will never believe me .

Kabir- But Thapki ….

Thapki- Kabir u have my swear …

Kabir- Ok … Now don’t cry … Let’s go and enjoy the program . They leave .

Unknown to them Bihaan heard their whole conversation . He has tears in his eyes .

Bihaan ( Mind voice ) – I am really sorry Thapki . I didn’t trust u . But now I will give u all the happiness u deserve . And that Sankara … I will kill her .

The evening ends with Bihaan being determined to win Thapki back . And Kabir and Aaru’s wedding celebration .

2 Days later … Thapki received a call from an unknown number ….

Thapki- Who is this ?

User- Your well wisher and ur secret lover …

Thapki- What rubbish … What do u want ?

User – You … I want u … Meet me at Lovers Garden at 8 pm today and come alone .

Thapki- But ….

Before she says anything else … The call cuts … Thapki starts getting ready ….

Evening : Lovers Garden ❤

Thapki reaches lovers garden and is surprised to see the place completely decorated with candles and flowers .

She sees a projector … It shows slideshow of all the beautiful and romantic moments she spent with Bihaan . And lastly it plays a video where Bihaan confesses his love for her … She instantly realizes that the unknown call was from Bihaan . Thapki is still in that trauma . Someone from back makes her turn …. It’s Bihaan . He kneels down and proposes her .

Bihaan- Thapki u know I’m a moti buddhi … I’m not educated much so I can’t propose u in a filmy heroic style .. But yes I have deeply fallen in love with u again … I love when u laugh … I love our hugs … I guess I fell in love with u all over again . And I can’t live without u . This time I’ll make sure that I trust u and never hurt you . This is Bihaan Pandey’s P phor Pakka vala P phor Promise . Will u be my lady love again ? Will u accept this moti buddhi ?

Thapki- Which girl will not accept such a beautiful proposal … Yes … Even I’m nothing without u … I would rather prefer to die …..

Bihaan- Shhh !!!! Thapki … Don’t u dare say that ….

He forwards his hand … She hold his hand and he makes her wear the engagement ring . And they share a tight hug . Bihaan kisses her forehead .

Bihaan- Let’s make a new start …. Together …

Thapki- Sure …. And they hug again ….

Sankara comes in just then and says ….

Sankara- Bihaan Ji .. I’m still ur wife .. How could u do that ?

They break the hug and Bihaan says ….

Bihaan- Just shut up …I know u r the reason behind my and Thapki’s separation ….

Thapki looks at him surprised ….

Sankara- Yes … I did it because I love u …

Bihaan- Really ? He leaves Thapki … And comes closer to Sankara . He holds Sankara’s face … Thapki looks at him

Thapki- But Bihaan ….

Bihaan- Shhh … Sankara closes her eyes … As soon as she closes her eyes … Bihaan shouts …

Bihaan- Inspector sir … Arrest this women . She confessed her crime .

The police comes from behind and arrest Sankara . Sankara and Thapki are shocked .

Bihaan- Now go to jail and stays there … Inspector take her away .

Inspector takes away Sankara.

Thapki- Par Bihaan .. Sankara ….

Before she could complete her sentence … Bihaan hugs her. And says feel my love and presence and forget others . She hugs him more tightly … They stand under the moonlight in each other’s arms and feel each other’s love and company which they missed ….
Thank u for reading this patiently … I tried my level best … And hope u all liked it …. Please leave ur comments … ??

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  1. Vinolin.d

    oh my God…you ended this ff… I didn’t expect this.I am so are awesome writer.please naitan darl…Come with another ff pls.your ff is mind blowing dear.I hope in real tpk will happend like this.I miss your ff

    I love you so

    1. NaiTan

      Di thank u so much for liking it ? … Di I have an idea and I’m trying to write it … Hope by Feb mid I upload it … ❤ …
      Di I love u ??
      Take care ?

  2. Juveria.ghalib

    Ahhh waiting waiting…missed it alot..and it was amazing..thahaan scenes were on the come back again

    1. NaiTan

      Thank u so much for liking it ? …
      And I’m really sorry that I didn’t comment on your ff’s last 2 episodes
      I will try to come back soon
      Take care ?

  3. Naitan that was awesome yaar….do write more ff… I wanna read. but nowadays the show is doing great…don’t know what will happen next again

    1. NaiTan

      Di I’m glad that u liked u … ?? …
      I have an idea … But I still have to pen down the episodes …
      Hope to upload by mid Feb
      Love u di ?

  4. Finally…the third shot…I’ve been waiting for this…
    Wish you success in your exams Naitan…
    Wonderful…kabir and thapki became friends, and bihaan finally knows the truth.
    Sankara goes to jail…she deserves it.
    “Feel my love and presence and forget other” I love that line…romantic…♡♡♡
    Please make another shots…
    Thank you and take care 🙂

    1. NaiTan

      Thank you so much for ur wishes …?
      I have to Pen down episodes …. And I’m really glad that u liked it ?? …
      Take care ?

  5. Nice part.and please continue writing.

    1. NaiTan

      Thank you di ? I’m glad that u liked it ?

  6. Awesome plot, loved it. Good luck in your exams. You got to write more. Tc

    1. NaiTan

      Di thank u for ur wishes …? And I’m really very happy that u liked it ?
      I’ll surely try to write more .?
      Take care di ?

  7. gajab naitan i was waiting waiting and waiting every morning I open my eyes and come to this page hoping that I will get ur 3rd part and I will read it finally today i get this opportunity its excellent khte hai na intzar ka fal meEtha bt ye to meEthayi ki dukan ho gaya love u . Thahaan forever

    1. NaiTan

      Anu di …. I never knew u would like my TS so much … Di I’m feeling very happy …? .. Love u di ??
      Thahaan Forever ?❤

  8. Vinni7

    Woah finally the wait is over!!! ?
    Superb one ??
    What an end!!
    Do come with another shots ?
    Luv u ???

    1. NaiTan

      Vinni Di … How r u ? ? … I am glad that di u liked it …❤ … Love u di ?
      And I’ll soon post my idea … ?

  9. Navami

    Hai was too sweet…pls do write more ff…we lv to read it…continue writting….pls tc dr..

    1. NaiTan

      Navami di how r u … ? I missed ur ff so much … ? … I’m happy that u liked it … Love u di ? ..
      Take care ?

  10. Sulbi

    Naitan dear… cute sissy… it was lovely… i loved it dear… luv u aloads… stay happy 🙂

    1. NaiTan

      Thank u Sulbi di …. I never ever imagined all would like it …? …
      Love u di ?
      Take care ?

  11. Manish ki deewani

    so finally u posted this thank u NaiTan ….this is amazing … sankara is in jail she deserve this ….tc

    1. NaiTan

      Thank u ?? …. I’m really glad u liked it di ..?
      Take care ?

  12. I ❤ everything was amazing and when bihaan propose to her lovely ??
    Please love continue writing more ff you really an amazing writer if am a show maker I will choose you story for my show ????
    Love u sooooooo much ?❤
    Take care ??

  13. NaiTan

    Di I missed u so so so much ….?? …
    Di I love u ???
    And surely one day I would write for u …?
    Love u a lot di ❤❤
    Take care ?
    And Plz come back soon with Meaning Of Love ❤

  14. very nice…happy to see u again…..happy ending…..waiting for ur nxt ff..lots of wishes for uuu….

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