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I want to tell u something about myself
That actually my real name is shweta this is for??
And one message from my friend to u all
U all remember a episode came some days befor thahaan the best couple actually she is my my friend and was writing for me only and on my name name only so I want to tell she will not update more episode sorry to disappoint u all but she is efforting 4 me leaving all studies so I explain her .

So it enough

Let’s start the episode

Vasu : preeti bahu suman bahu work fast today guest r coming to our house old friends of ur Bauji lots of work r there work fast

The bell rings vasu open the door and welcome them

They sit in the hall n was talking
B.P (balvinder Pandey) :hii we r meeting from so many days
Person 1 : yes u forget us right
B. P : how can u forget u I miss u I m so glad when I meet u .u forget me u start leaving in noida and didn’t tell me
Person 1: yes I agree I was quite busy

Bihañ came down he takes blessings of Bauji
B.p : introduce bihan to all his 10 friends
Bihañ says Namaste.
Person 2 : Balu he is ur son u didn’t tell us about ur son’s marriage
Bihan : what
Person : u really forgor us
Balu : but my son is not married
Person 2 :what don’t lie I see u son with his wife

Balu : I m saying truth my son is not married
Person 2 : so who is that girl she is very close to him and he too I saw him yesterday it was raining so I was standing in shade they both r also standing in shade
Balu: what
Person 2 : yes I am right people r saying a beautiful so romantic so I think
Person 3 : Balu ur son is going out of limits this is not right before marriage crush with a girl
Person 4 : this is not ur teachings Balu right u used to hate girls in if life
Person 5 : u r great u earned a lot of respect our son will ruin it .
Everyone guesss

Bihañ burns in anger when they all point b.p
Bihan: enough yes u r all right she is my love my life I love her n I don’t afraid of world because it is said when u have a love then y to afraid
Everyone get shocked vasu preeti suman Sanjay Ashwin ….
Everyone : before marriage all this o God
Person 2 : chee yestready when I saw him he was that much close to her that the air can’t pass from between holding eachothere
Vasu: enough when they love eachother they r going to marry what is the problem they have right they can do anything
Bihañ get shooked

Bihan: maa
Vasu: Bihañ it’s okk ok beta
Person 2 : sorry plz forgive me I don’t know n u Balu didn’t tell me
Vasu : u didn’t give us a chance to speak
Well don’t argue now whatever happen let it be now enjoy she takes bihan with her

Bihañ: maa what u told thapki is not ready to marry n u
Vasu : biHan u will down our respect y u do that in public can’t u see people
Bihañ: maa I didn’t do anything just it happen I was helping her so
But maa now what u will reply to them.
U r ready to marry her right but she is not ready I will talk to her .
Bihañ gets happy he smile vasu hits him
Vasu call thapki

Vasu: hello
Thapki: hello aunty
Vasu : beta do feel bad I want to tell u something can I
Thapki: haa aunty
Vasu : beta I know u marry bihan
But something is stoping u i want to know that beta plzz tell me if u have really think me urs
Thapki: aunty u r so go..od there is no problem in marrying bihan but his life will destroy because of my problem ur family respect will destroy n I don’t want that
Vasu : beta I u r thinking this u r totally wrong if any house got a bahu like u it is there luck u have a small problem and ur all qualities fail in front of that .
Thapki : gets teary eyes n tell I will tell u later aunty
Vasu in mind how true her heart is so greedyless best girl.

Vasu to bihan
Beta shayad kam bangaya tum pora bana lo

Bihañ calls thapki n ask her to come as he need her help he is in danger n give her address
Thapki come there it was a place where green grasses was there n flowers like a dream garden
Thapki searches for bihan
Bihañ suddenly came from back n shout in her ear
Thapki: ahhhhhh
She look back n see bihan was smiling
Thapki: bihan u y u called me n uu
Bihañ: because I want to talk to u
And I know u will not come so I do acting
Thapki: what u want to tell me

Bihañ: I want to tell u that yesterday in rain when we r there some people see us and they r our relative and was pointing on my family he sit on his knees n tell her marry me plzz for I promise I will not force u in relation but for my family betterment
Thapki: bihan I can’t do this this is my life decision this will only consider my future
Bihañ: but my family respect will ruin marry me and stay with me for some days we will divorce after that promise.
Plzz do this help for ur friend ur friend need u he goes from there

After a long time
Thapki calls bihan
Thapki : I am ready to marry u
She cuts the call

In Pandey nivas biHan dance n come down
Maa maa aaj ham bahut kush hai thapki shadi ki liye maan gayi.

Everyone burst in happiness

Here shradha is happy

Kosi gets angry
Kosi to dhruv : how can bihan choose thapki can’t he choose shradha
Dhruv: maa don’t worry we will use this bihan love 4 thapki n we will take money from thapki we will use her.
Kosi : ??waa I don’t think this now I will become Prasad n will flow posion.

Thank u guys for reading I hope u understand me. By the way I know the episode was little boring but I don’t have any other option to take this story on the track which I want and so many days so it was impossible .anyways plzz do comment
I will come back soon with a next best and romantic episode till the time take care

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