Thahaan-Secret relation.(two shots)

Secret relation..

Hey guys this is juveria…
guys it’s a two shot on thahaan…so I won’t give the whole description n all..just few things so that u can understand..n also it’s just a ramdom thought..hope u guys like it..plzz share ur comments.

Thapki n Bihaan met in a college..were Bihaan was sent forcefully by his father as he wanted Bihaan to complete his MBA ..Bihaan was not at all interested in further studies he joined the MBA campus only for his father..he is very very very very rich..he is the only son of balwinder n vasundra pandey (not adopted son)so he is a pampered one..Thapki is an orphan..she lives alone in her fathers house which was named on her after her father passed away..she doesn’t have siblings..she lived alone since she was 18..she goes to an orphan age n teaches singing to the children n earns her bread..
She saves money for her studies n finally took admission in the MBA college..Thapki is very simple n sensitive girls..she doesn’t stammers.

Bihaan n Thapki were always in not so good kind of terms in their college..Bihaan never attends his classes n roams around with his best friend Arnav n his soo called Girlfriend ananya..ananya was his fathers best friends daughter n also his friend since childhood..all the girls in the campus always wore modern dresses but Thapki was the only one who was simple n wore kurtis..yet she looked the most beautiful..all the girls in the campus had a craze on Bihaan hmmm a big reason was his money..most of the girls loved him because on his money..he comes in different sports,luxury cars everyday n the girls were left awestruck..ananya hated this n always asked Bihaan to maintain distance..she had a soft corner for Bihaan since childhood.she liked him n always wanted to be his wife this is the reason she joined the MBA campus.she wanted to be with him always she wanted to do fashion designing..even Bihaan n Thapki were in the same class but they never had a conversation..Thapki did not like him as he flirts with girls..she always maintained distance with such people..she never made friends in her life as she was habitual to be alone now..Bihaan somehow passed the 1st n 2nd years with very low grades n his father was not at all happy with his presentation..he wanted him to get better scores in the final year n Bihaan promised him that..he decided to study well n be attentive in class.ananya failed the last two semesters but she was relaxed as her father was rich n she doesn’t needs to worry..Arnav passed both the semesters with good marks..Bihaan decided to take his help..he asked Arnav to teach him but he denied saying he was busy..he said that I took notes from their class topper Thapki n asked her to explain some important questions that’s the reason he could pass with good marks..Bihaan was angry at Arnav but he though to seek help from Thapki..he was nervous as he had a conversation with every other girl in the class but he never ever looked at Thapki..she was always busy in studying so she never indulged in such activities too..also Thapki was the topper of the whole campus..she passed the last two semesters with flying colors n all the lecturers praises her all the time..Bihaan went near her n ananya did not like it..but she thought that she is a simple dumbo n a book warm she won’t flirt with Bihaan n did not gave him attention..Bihaan asked her help n she looked at him..the bell rang..
Thapki:I’m sorry it’s time for next class..she didnot bother to talk to him once..Bihaan tried getting her attention but thapki never gave him attention..she indulged herself in library or in the staff rooms helping the lecturers with something in her free time so that she don’t need to face him..but he was stubborn he followed her everywhere..Thapki was irritated by day Thapki wore a backless Kurti with a dupatta pinned on her shoulder at one side..she covered her back by that dupatta..while she was in the canteen sitting alone having her sandwich Bihaan popped out from nowhere n she gave an irritated expression.
Bihaan:hey listen Thapki I know ur ignoring me but y what did I do to u..
Thapki:nothing it’s just that that I don’t want to talk to u..
Bihaan:but y..
Thapki:I’m busy I need to go..she got up to go n Bihaan held her dupatta n pulled it..n by that the cloth from her shoulder n her back gets torn n both were shocked by that..her bra strap n white skin was clearly visible..Thapki turned towards him widening her eyes..Bihaan was also equally shocked..Thapki was on the verge of crying..Bihaan quickly came near her n wrapped her with the dupatta n luckily no one saw her like that.thapki was about to say something but he shushed her n took her to a corner..Thapki cried very much n Bihaan hugged her..Thapki pushed him n cried a lot covering herself..
Bihaan:Thapki listen relax don’t worry we will think something..
Thapki:I don’t want to come out like this..what will everyone think..oh god why this happens with me only..
Bihaan:Thapki plzz don’t cry let us think something together ..
Thapki:u did what u wanted to do right..
Bihaan:what what did I wanted..what r u saying..
Thapki:u were angry that I never pay attention to u n all the other girls runs behind u..n so u took revenge..
Bihaan:have u gone mad do u know how much I get irritated when they run behind me..
Thapki:I don’t know anything but u did it purposely..
Bihaan:think whatever u want to but at present think something u can’t go out like this..Thapki just cried a lot covering herself..
Bihaan:idea..yes I have a mini sewing kit in my u know stitching.thapki nodded.
Bihaan:great u cover urself properly n go to the washroom I will bring the sewing kit there..Thapki nodded..she covered herself properly but still her back visible..Bihaan covered her from back like a gentle man n dropped her to the ladies washroom..
Bihaan:stand here itself when I call u come n take the kit ok..she nodded..Bihaan ran to his car n brought the sweing kit n gave her..she went in the washroom n stiches her dress..she came out n came to Bihaan..
Thapki:thank u..she gave the sewing kit back.he took it n welcomed..
Thapki:I’m sorry I thought wrong about u I’ll help u..
Bihaan:it’s ok everything was my mistake I should not force u.she smiled..Bihaan touched her cheeks n she was shocked..he wiped the little tears near her eyes n smiles..she was feeling different..
Since then they grew a good friendship relation n started studying together..they invited ananya n Arnav to study with them but they wanted to enjoy their last year in the college..ananya was busy with her friends most of them were boys..Arnav was also busy with his friend n hangouts..Bihaan saw ananya very close to a boy n he was touching her visible thighs..n she was allowing him to do that..Bihaan did not like that she allowed him to touch her..he ignored as he did not cared about her..Thapki started growing some feeling for Bihaan n she started liking his company..
Their were very few days left for the final exams n Thapki n Bihaan practicing together in a library..Arnav n ananya asked him to come for conversation..he went with them out of the library n asked what’s the matter..they complained saying he is spending a lot of time with Thapki n ignoring them..
Bihaan:I’m not ignoring u guys I want to get good marks in final year so she is helping me in that whats the problem..
Arnav:the whole campus believes that u both r dating n ur saying that ur just friends..I heard from few students that u gave her a red rose in the canteen infront of everyone..
Ananya:this is not a friend kind of thing Bihaan what is going on in ur mind what r u trying to show us..yesterday when I came to u u say ur busy n went with her we r together since childhood but that shit girl is more imp to u..
Bihaan:u guys r taking me wrong n Arnav I gave her rose because she was sad that was the day when her father died five years ago n just to cheer her I gave her the rose..the whole campus is talking shit y r u guys believing them..
Ananya:acha then y r u not taking to us..
Bihaan:if u guys don’t Remember I gave u both an invite to come n study with us but u wanted to enjoy ur final year..but I wanted to pass this year with good scores as I promised dad..
Ananya:this doesn’t mean that u leave ur best friends n hangout with any other persons..
Arnav:u r not hanging out with us Bihaan we invited u for many parties but u didn’t came..
Ananya:u even did not show up on my birthday..
Bihaan:yeah because I was studying do u guys know how much pride my mum n dad feels when they see me studying always..I feel happy to see that happiness on my parents face..
Ananya:ohh so ur indirectly taunting us that we won’t study n we were a bad company to u..ok great the then stay with her always..marry her n have kids with her too..
Bihaan:r u mad ananya do u even know what ur marrying her n having kids yuck chee..we r just study can u think that she would ever be my choice..if I didn’t promised dad then I wouldn’t ever her talked to her..are baat karna to dur ki baat hai Mai to uski shakal bhi nahi can u think that guys n ananya u know very well about my taste but still ur complaining..I mean look at her..she is not at all of my standard..even her clothes r not branded..I can’t choose a cheep product anytime..ananya n Arnav were happy with his confession..just then a beautiful delicate figure comes from nowhere n stands behind Bihaan..ananya was just beside Bihaan n she did not see her..Arnav was infront of Bihaan n saw Thapki behind her..he gets shocked..
Bihaan:are she is my friend only till I pass the exams n the next day I will kick her out of my life..
Arnav:bhai wo..
Bihaan:now plzz don’t say anything Arnav I clarified everything..
Arnav:bhai baat to sun(Bihaan listen to me once.)
Bihaan:what Arnav what problem do u have I said na..guys trust me n just imagine that I’m using her ok..
Arnav:Bihaan shut up n turn..Bihaan turns only to find Thapki behind him looking at him angrily..ananya was scared by her angry expression..
Thapki was very angry..she took out a Rolex watch from her land n threw it on bihaan’s face..he catches it..n he was totally shocked to see her there..
Thapki:what do u think of urself that ur some great personalities that like all other girls I will run behind mr Bihaan pandey I’m not like those stupid girls u were the one who came from nowhere to take my help ..I don’t want anything from u..I thought ur a good person n so I accepted this watch but u turned the most evil person in my life..I wish to not see ur face anytime..
Bihaan:ur crossing ur limits..
Thapki:yes because u crossed ur limits..what r u Bihaan pandey do think these girls run behind u because of ur face ur mr all the girls run behind u only for ur money..thinking if they could hangout with u n use u..she giggles while saying..
Thapki:n even this this ananya runs behind u for that reason..Ananya was shocked..Bihaan was angry n he comes near her
Bihaan:you!!! Be is ur u know who I’m..
Thapki:ur nothing ur just because of ur fathers money..
Bihaan:shut up just shut up do u know who ur an ugly duckling..u should be grateful that I talked to u because all the girls in the campus what’s to have a convo with me..
Thapki:yes because they r fool..even I was a fool I don’t know how I trusted u n u got a chance to hurt me..but thank god that he showed ur real face to me..arre even I started to be love that ur a good person but..n even I started to….she stopped n backed up from her words..(she was about say that she started to love him)
Thapki:now don’t come to me anytime n don’t show ur face to me..she points at him n leaves the place.
Bihaan:how dare she point her finger at me..he goes behind her But Arnav stops him..
Arnav:what ever happened was ur mistake don’t create a big mess here..come lets go..
Thapki:what the hell was I doing I was about to confess my feeling no Thapki he is not a good guy for u..n what did u thought haan u r mean to be alone no will stay in ur life..

The day of exam..
Bihaan remembered all the things he studied with Thapki n wrote everything..he was very happy as he knew he will pass with very good marks..reality slapped him..he remembered their conversation n felt guilty..he realized that he is going to pass with good marks only because of Thapki but he misbehaved with her..he wished to meet on the result day he went to college with Arnav n Ananya..
He saw his result n he was the second in the whole campus..he danced n happiness..Arnav was the last one n ananya’ s name was not even mentioned in the list..she failed the third year too..but she was not at all effected..Bihaan searched for thapki’s name se started from the top n the first name was VANI CHATURVEDI…he searched for thapki’s name but he did not find..he was shocked..
Bihaan(in mind):her name is not in the list this means she didn’t paas the exam but how can this be possible..I did not saw her on the exam day too that means she did not write the exam either was she very much hurt by me..what should I do..I should search her in the campus she might come for her result.he searched everywhere but did not found her…he was very sad..guilt was killing him..

Three years later..
In a big office named as pandey Industries..Were there were lot many employees that it was very difficult to count..the office was very very beautiful n huge..Thapki enters in the office holding her graduation degrees..she was mesmerized to see the the huge office soo neat n clean..she walked inside n a person guided her way to the meeting room..she smiled n sat with the other interns..everyone were very nervous with their interviews but she was by one the interns were called in the meeting room for the interview..few came out disappointed n few were happy..a person comes to Thapki and asks to give her degrees..she passes him the degrees n he assures that she will be called in a while..she nods n sits again..

Person:sir here is the degrees of the next intern..a person checking the other files n was not so happy with the other interns performance looks up towards the door n nods n he is our Bihaan..he smiled fakely as he was irritated with the interns scores n he expects a good one..the employee passes the degrees n goes away..manish sees them n the file had its name..VANI CHATURVEDI..he read it n remembers it.
Manish:it is the name of my college topper..yes I think this is her file..I should see her further qualifications..he opens the files n reads everything n he was very impressed by the scores..he smiled n asked one employee to call her inside for the final interview..Thapki was called n she came to his room..she knocked the door n heard a voice come in..she barged inside Bihaan was turned to other side n she came near the table n spoke softly..
Thapki:good morning sir..Bihaan turns his chair towards her to see his intern..both saw eachother n they felt a huge breeze hitting their faces continuesly..Both were equally astonished..Thapki drooped the others files she had in her hands n sits down to pick them..she eyes gets filled with the tears n she quickly wipes them away..Bihaan gets up from his seat n walks towards her..he sits down n collects the papers..both see eachother n had an eyelock..Thapki ignored n kept all the papers in the file..she missed a paper n it was near manish’s leg..both saw it n moved their hands to grab it but instead grabbed their hands..Bihaan held her hand n she was shocked..bihaan’s eyes were filled will shock,emotions,guilt..Thapki was completely shocked,shocked n shocked..she didn’t expected him to come in his life again like this..Bihaan took the paper in his other hand n stood up with Thapki still holding her hand..Thapki realized the situation n tried to take back her hand but his hold was tighter..Bihaan was still in his emotions n this time he didn’t want to let go of her hand..
Bihaan:Va…van…VANI CHATURVEDI?? He questioned shockingly…Thapki looks at him n just nodded..the next moment was a big dipped smile moment for her..yes she viewed that big smile of his again after years..god he looks so cute when he smiles like this..she thought..But the next moment was shock for Thapki she found herself in his arms n his hands around her waist..
Bihaan:thank god that vani chaturvedi were u only orelse i would not be happy anytime in my life in that guilt..Thapki just stood like a statue listening to him..
Bihaan:I knew that u would top the exams n u did but that time I didn’t knew ur real name orelse I would be the first person to feel happy for u..
Bihaan:when I didn’t saw ur name in the list I was sad thinking that u did t write exams because of me..I’m sorry I was bad,I hurted u forgive me..
Thapki:Bihaan leave me..she tries to detach herself but he was not ready to leave her..Thapki repeated the same line for the few times n then her blood boiled..
Thapki:I said leave me don’t u understand..she pushed him with all her strength n she was free n he was shocked..Thapki takes the pepper from his hand n keeps it in her file..
Thapki:I’m here only for the interview I know u will not give this job to me so better I leave with out wasting both of our time..she turns to leave but Bihaan stops her.
Bihaan:Thapki wait I read ur resume n I really like ur qualifications n more then that I know how disciplined n responsible ur we haven’t reach to our final result plzz wait outside we will inform if ur selected or not..Thapki was shocked as he gave her a chance..she nodded n walked outside..
After few minutes Bihaan comes out with a list n announces infront of the whole staff.
He calls out the names of the interns selected today..the selected ones were super happy but the others were really sad some started crying..Thapki was also not called but she did not cry as she knew that she won’t get this job because of few old fights n the other reason was she was a strong girl..she was sad but didn’t showed it on her face.she packed up her fav sling bag n started to guide herself to the main door..
Bihaan: I have decided to appoint some one as my personal secretary,my manager n my advisor…the experienced employees of the company were excited about that..they wished to get choosed..Thapki didn’t care n was walking her way..
Bihaan:n the person is Miss VANI CHATURVEDI…thud thud thud thud…..Thapki was super shocked n also the employees they made a pissed off face as they expected their promotion but an intern took their chance..Thapki turned towards him n looked at him..
Bihaan:yes I appoint u as my secretary,my manager n advisor of our company..I think I would never get a best employee like u n also I guarantee u all that her step in our office will bring us some profit..he was confident..Thapki was super shocked..
Bihaan:miss VANI in my room right now..he went saying that..
Thapki(in mind)::y did he appoint me as his manager..he hates me I thought that he would never like to see me in his office but..I needed this job anyhow so I wish I won’t do any’s my only bread even the orphanage is closed I should not back off..she looks around n saw the sick haze of everyone at her..of course no one was happy by the sudden decision..she ignored each person there n went straight to bihaan’s room..she knocked at the door n he called her inside..Thapki went inside with great hesitation..
Bihaan:ahh yes come Thapki ohh I mean vani have a seat..she nodded n took her seat..
Bihaan explain everything about work n asks her to start the work now itself.she nods in agreement n takes her files n she was guided to her cabin by an was equally big cabin as bihaan’s..a big table in the middle n the rest place was left empty even the walls were empty she did not like that..she decided to make the room look pretty..she asked for few decorative things from the workers n they gave few light lamps,start stickers.wind chime,wall stickers n FEW empty frames!!!she hanged the light lamp near the big window..the star stickers near the lamp itself..she hanged the wind chime in the centre of the room..wall stickers near her table..n she confused with the empty frames..she thought what to do of them..the frames were not so big..
She got an idea she took a notepad from the table n started drawing sketches..she draws amazing sketches n she fixed them in the frame n hanged it on the wall..she loved her room like that..she started doing her work n finished it quickly but by then Bihaan came in her room n he was astonished to see the old room turned into a new proper cleaned room..
Bihaan:wow u changed the complete look of this room..amazing..
Thapki:sir their r few things I need to add I will do that the way u here.
Bihaan:yes I actually came to see if ur doing work properly or having any problem.
Thapki:everything is done sir.she passes the file n he was surprised to see her quickly work..
Bihaan:great I will check it later now come with me..
Thapki:where sir
Bihaan:we r going to a coffee shop..
Thapki:coffee shop but y..
Bihaan:u don’t need to ask questions to me just come along.Thapki did not felt like going with him..she tried to make an excuse..
Thapki:sir I’m a dedicated person n it’s my working time right now so I can’t come..
Bihaan:nice excuse but I’m ur boss think that it’s a part of ur work given by me come along or go back to ur home right now..he said sternly..Thapki was sad
Thapki:ok I’m coming..Bihaan was happy..they went in his luxurious car n Bihaan drove it..Thapki opened the back seat door but Bihaan asked her to come front..she sat at the front seat with him..they reached a coffee shop n ordered for themselves..
Bihaan:so after a long time we met??..
Bihaan:Thapki there is one thing really killing me from inside since this last three years..Thapki ignored..
Bihaan:i… am sorry..Thapki was stunned n looked at him..the great Bihaan pandey asking sorry..
Bihaan:Thapki I was mistaken..I..was not sure what I was talking about..I..I..ok wait let me relax..the coffee arrived n they started sipping their coffee..
Bihaan:my friends were disturbing me n irritating me a lot n that too for such a silly thing that me n u are dating i tried to explain but both of them were not in control that I had to say those shit words for u but seriously I didn’t meant that..I feel all I’m today is because of u or else i won’t be holding such a big company in my hand..what ever u taught I remembered n wrote in the paper n I passed with flying colors..n that day I realized that I was wrong I would not performed well in exams if u were not behind me..I’m sorry for everything Thapki I m seriously very sorry.
Thapki:it’s ok..she said sipping her coffee..
Bihaan:did u really forgave or just saying liking that..
Thapki:I don’t lie Bihaan sir I thought u would know this fact about me..
Bihaan:yes I do but still I hurted u right.
Thapki:yes because when u were my friend I felt like I’m not alone anymore but reality slapped me showed me that I’m meant to be alone always..
Bhaan:no it’s not like that Thapki u were not wrong I was wrong n I apologized..
Thapki:n I forgave u my dad taught me to let go of things then making them more complicated.bihaan smiled..
Bihaan:where were u all these years..
Thaki:I was working in the orphan age itself..
Bihaan:after scoring such good marks u choosed to work in that orphan age!!?
Thapki:yes because I am also an orphan n I felt like those little kids r like me lonely,alone,I felt like they need good care,a warm hug n I decided to stay with them n make them feel like there is someone with them unlike me..Bihaan felt proud of her she is soo kind n down to earth..she would have started her own company or worked at a higher post in some big company she would easily get the job but she choosed the orphan kids..
Thapki:the orphan is is closed now..government took that property for some work..I wanted my earning so I decided to get a job..I saw ur advertisement in the news paper n filled the form n that’s it I’m here..
Bihaan:well I think everything happens for a good cause I would not get a chance to meet u again n apologize..Thapki smiled..
Bihaan:so friends..He forwards his hand n thapki sees him..she hesitated..
Bihaan:don’t worry I won’t hurt u again like before..she smiles n they shook hands..
Thapki:I think it’s late we should go..
Bihaan:yes I’ll drop u to ur house..
Thapki:no it’s ok waise bhi I forgot my bag in the office itself I will go to office to fetch it..
Bihaan:ok come I’ll drop u to office u take ur bag n then I’ll drop u to ur house..Thapki unwillingly accepted his offer..

They drove to the office first n the office was shut by then..he had the dupicate keys n he opened the lock n they went inside..the office was dark completely dark they were not able to see each other too..Bihaan gets a call.
Bihaan:oh it’s my mom Thapki u go n get ur back I’ll be here..she faked a smile n nodded she held her Kurti tightly n took baby step to her cabin.she was scared of dark..she somehow managed to fetch her bag n when she turned her Kurti gets stuck in a nail..she was damn scared now..she quickly tried to take out her cloth but her hands were shaking.. somehow she managed to free her cloth n turned but someone shouted like a monkey from back n she got scared..she was not ready for that n quickly hugged the person..she placed her head on bihaan’s chest n Bihaan was shocked her arms were around his waist..
Bihaan:Thapki it’s me..
Thapki:I know ur the most kiddish person I know n other then u no one can do this with me..she hugged him more tightly n he chuckled at her words..
Bihaan:ok sorry don’t get scared I’m with u..he tried to move her away but she pulled him closer n hugged him again..Bihaan was stunned..
Thapki:no don’t leave me..
Bihaan:ok ok..he hugs her too n she feel comfortable in his arms..Bihaan caressed her hairs n she got in her senses..she moves back n..
Thapki:I’m sorry
Bihaan:it’s ok let’s go..she nodded n started walking..unknowingly Bihaan smiled n touched his heart..
Bihaan:kuch hua (something happened)
Thapki:Kya hua (what happened)..
Bihaan sees her n stucks with his words.
Bihaan:ahh nothing nothing let’s go..
They came out n drove along.
Thapki:Bihaan sir
Bihaan:umm u can call me Bihaan after we r friends..
Thapki:yes but other then that ur my boss so I should call u with respect..
Bihaan:ur working time is finished so atleast after work u can call me by my name..
Thapki:ok so Bihaan how r ur friends..ahh Arnav n Anaya.
Bihaan:Arnav is good he married to his foreigner friend n settled in Canada n ananya…
Thapki:what happen what about ananya..
Bihaan:umm I’m engaged to her..
Bihaan:yes last month he shows his engagement ring..
Bihaan:thanks..Thapki felt sad because she still has a soft corner for him..
They reached her house n Thapki offered a tea he could not deny n went was a small house yet pretty.Perfectly cleaned n everything at its place..
Thapki went in the kitchen to make tea n he wanders in her seeing the corners of it..
Thapki came with the tea n they had a chat while drinking the tea..Bihaan went bidding bye to her…

Precap-Bihaan no it’s not right..Thapki n Bihaan close to eachother..

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