You and me : thahaan part 7

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Hello everyone m back with another episode . Hope u will like it. Nd a big thnku to all the readers for their love and comments. Silent rdrs plz do cmnt . Love u all. Sry for being late.
So , here we go…

Bihaan was in a shock when he saw the man aiming gun at thapki . The man pushed the trigger….
Bihaan ran like a mad man nd in a nick time he managed to save thapki . He came in front of her nd got shot on his left thigh. As soon as crowd saw that everyone panicked nd ran while raj and sheena were shocked and thapki was still at her place. She somehow managed to stand. Bihaan moaned in pain. Tears rolled down her cheeks.? Before thapki cud say anything bihaan grabbed her hand nd suddenly crouched down behind the table pulling thapki with him. Thapki was trying to understand that y he did this suddenly she hrd a loud sound of the bullet which was fired on her but , bihaan saved her and the bullet hit the flower vase above her head . Bihaan and thapki stood and they saw that they were alone ofc surrounded by goons in the restraunt. Everyone left even, sheena and raj, they were nowhere to be seen.
Thapki : bbihaan what will we do ? Wwe r alome here.?

Bihaan : acha c’mon thapki who said we r alone? See our best frnds r here….with us these p for pyaare pyaare (sweet sweet) p for ppl.
Goon1 : give the girl to us nd u r free.

Bihaan : no….

Goon 2 : listen dnt involve urself into this prob give us the girl nd save ur life.
Bihaan (laughing) ?: u all will kill me (laughs) srsly? Are bhai nasha to utarkr ate ..( oh! Brother u shud have came in ur senses, not drunk). Uk who i am b for bahadur (brave) b for babbar sher b for bihaan pandey.? dnt dare to challange me otherwise u will die without any resn.

Goon 3 : ohk, then show us what will u do ?
Bihaan leaves thapki’s hand and moove towards the goon1 and he gives him a stern look but , to everyone’s surprise bihaan hugged the goon 1. Everyone was confused but, thapki was shocked. Bihaan breaks the hug.
Bihaan : bhai, u shud b happy that i decided to forgive u but, i want this girl dead at any cost.

Goon 3 : no bhai dnt trust him he only saved the girl when i assasined her .
Bihaan mooves towards the goon 3 and slaps him at the back of his head.
Bihaan : u dnt have manners ? When 2 lions r talking u shud not put ur nose in btwn . Well, i was not saving her i we.t there to take my ph.
Goon stares him angrily & speaks ?: but, y ran i mean like a mad dog.
Bihaan again slaps the back of his head . Goon stared him with anger gnashing his teeth.
Bihaan : such a silly question srsly? Well, if u will get an urgent call u will pick it quickly na ? So, thats what i did it was an urgent call that’s y i came running. He once again slaps the goon this time on face.

Goon3 : ab kis lie. (Now for what ? ) (frustated)?
Bihaan : for shooting me.

Goon3 : oh!! But, one mo….
B4 he cud complete his sentence bihaan again slapped him this time on the other cheek.
Bihaan : dnt ask me for what i slapped u again. Its for thinking a cheap question once again.
Goons were shocked but, thapki didnt reacted at all.

Goon 3 : what ? How do u knw?
Bihaan : yes u r thinking na that i pulled her down na abhi to save her. Actually i crouched down to tie my shoe laces idk when she held my hand. Actually its not her mistake m irresistibleso that’s y may b she holded my hand. ?
Thapki looks on shocked and outraged.??

Bihaan : ohk, now leave these things lets kill her. Nd if u wont mind so plz can i do this shubh karya. (Auspicious work).?
The boss of the goons was impressed with bihaan may b bcz he called him strong. He handed pistol to bihaan . Bihaan takes it nd mooves towards thapki , whom one of the goon was holding.
Bihaan places gun at thapki’s tmpl.
Bihaan (staring in her eyes) : any last wish ?
Thapki shooks her head without uttering a word she too stares in his eyes. Thapki and bihaan shares an intense eye oock .

Thapki in her mind : idk what he is doing ? Will he srsly kill me ? Dis he decieved me ? But, his eyes they r so innocent , so pure no he wont do anything bad with me. But he did . Well, he is doing only pointing gun at me.??
Bihaan mooves more closer to her and in a nick of time he grabs thapki’s hand nd pulled her towards his side nd he pushed the trigger nd fired. Bullet pierced the body of the goon who was standing behind thapki.

Bihaan shouted atvthe top of his voice : run thapki!!
They both ran and bihaan ran for the life of thapki ignoring his pain. Goons followed them. They both ran into rehersal room there was no one there & they both hide behind a wall . There bodies were touching each other. Thapki cud hear bihaan’s hrtbeat bcz it raised coz of running. He was panting. She was constantly staring the man who saved her. Bihaan peeped outside to check the goons and he hrd there footsteps approching them. The sound became louder and bihaan grabbed thapki’s waist tightly as mush as he cud nd embraced her. Thapki placed her head on his chest or hrt wud b more apt to say ❤. Bihaan gently caressed her hair. He coosed his eyes in fear of loosing her he was afraid. For the first time the gr8 bihaan pandey was frightened. He tightened his embrace more as if his life was depended on it. He cud feel thapki’s curves. Bihaan whispered in thapki’s ears after brushing her hair aside.

Bihaan : thapki dnt feel afraid m here with und wud always b there for u.
Thapki didnt uttered anything and she didnt even reciptocated the hug
Thapki felt delighted. She felt protective for the first time in her life. Thapkk’s mind actually not oy her mind her hrt , her ears,her every sense was pondering ovee only the words spoken by bihaan” m here with u nd wyd always be there for u ”
Thapki thought that these words r simply btfl not only btfl but these weds r soothing as if they will take her whole pain away.

They were like this for the next 5 mins. Lost in each other. They were so close that not even air cud pass through. But, suddenly realisation dawned on thapki that this is wrong and she quickly lifted her head up from his chest. They both felt too shy to even look up. In order to avoid eye contact bihaan peeped outside to check the goons there was no one he felt now it will b safe to step out. He came out followed by thapki. His gaze fell on the btfl face which min ago was burried in his chest, just above his hrt. Bihaan touched his hrt amd smiled while thapki still didnt looked up.

Bihaan to himself : wat hapnd to me right now? I was scared for the first time in my life for someone whom i dnt knw properly, stranger an unknown person but i felt peace with her. No i guess m stressed that’s y m thinking rubbish.
Thapki to herself: what did i just do? No this is wrong . How can i allow him to touch me ? No thapki u can not trust now any one i can not allow anybody to entr ur hrt or come close to u . I hate the blo*dy word love.

They both were leaving the place but suddenly bihaan saw goons reentering and he pulled thapki and they both crouched down behind a sofa.
Bihaan: what the hell do they want? Chuk chuk gadi u r really a d for dayan(witch) ? pkka u must have haunted them in the night and d for disturbed there s for sweet s for sleep ny coming in their in dreams nd turning them into nightmares. That’s y they want to kill u they want to take revenge from u.
Thapki didnt said anything she didnt argued to bihaan’s surprise.
Bihaan: we can not stay here like this we need to do something , idea!! I ? have a plan.
He narrates his plan to thapki.

Thapki gets up.
Thapki : abe oh ganju yyha hu mai vvha kha dekh rrha h.(oh!! Bald headed m here where r u looking?)

Goon turned around and thapki points her finger on him & gestures him to come to her by her finger. He felt raged & also called his other men nd they approch thapki but all of sudden they fell down meeting hard floor & groaned in pain. They fell bcz of marbels which bihaan throwed he found it on the sidetable near his sofa kept in a bowl as a showpiece. They both laughed? . Bihaan stared thapki’s face which looked like a smiley white moon in the nightsky he was once again captured by her beauty & childishness. All of sudden bihaan felt something on his neck & he turned back nd was shocked to see the boss of the goons pointing pistol on him. He mooved back & stood with thapki.
Bihaan : are oh b for bhaiya tum b for bihaan pandey pr b for bandook tanoge? Thodi to shrm krlo. Dekho ab hum kya krte h (oh b for brother u will aim gun at b for bihaan shame ur self. Now see what i will do) bihaan whispers in thapki’s ears.
Bihaan : take out which every girl has for her protection.

Thapki : what?
Bihaan : are vhi ur weapon.
Thapki : oh!! U mean black pepper spray na?
Bihaan : yeah!!
Bihaan to goon : now see what i will do with u. Give me thapki my weapon.
Thapki (whispering) :bihaan vvo…
Bihaan : give thapki fast (forwading his hand)
Thapki : vvo i dnt have iit.
Bihaan looks at her shocked and angrily.

Bihaan : dekho bhai i changed my mood i decided to forgive u. U may go.
Boss : oh really get ready to die coz m not forgiving u.
Thapki : wait!! I hhave a llast wish .
Boss: ohk, i will fulfill it if it will b apt. Ask wat do u want.
Thapki : m ffeeling vry hot i dnt wanna die in garmi (hot wdr) i wanna get shot there. (Points her finger towards a table fan)
Boss : ohk u may go there.

Thapki mooves towards a table near to goon. Bihaan give her a ” i will kill u ” look.
Bihaan to himself: has this m for mahan atma gone m for mad. I mean we r dying here nd this girl wants to enjoy cool breeze of fan?. Madam is feeling hot my foot. If she wanted to die she shud have tolded me i wud have shooted her. But, i dnt wanna die. M so young. Abhi to hmari khelne koodne ki umar h na ki mrne ki. (Rt now my age is of playing not to die.)
God plz save me i dnt want to meet u now i will come later but she is intrstd plz call her not me this is a wrong nmbr . Plz plz save me . He closes his eyes in fear.
The shooter’s gaze was fixed upon bihaan.

Thapki took out a red chilli powder packet from her handbag & took a handfull of it & placed her hands in front of fan. She covered her eyes with her net saree. The powder blew straight into goon’s eyes nd he screamed
Bihaan opened his eyes as soon as he hrd thapki’s giggling sound. He touched his body in order to see that is he alright & then he saw the man lying on ground. He went to thapki and held her hand and took her out of rehersal room to staff room.

Staff room
Bihaan pressed a button below a chair and 2 tiles of the floor parted revealing a staircase. Bihaan descended down the stairs pulling thapki with him.(tiles closed behind them) the stairs lead to a huge room. The room was fully decorated with sketches & paintings. Thapki was mesmerised ? by the beauty of the room & the yellow dim lights nd bihaan with her features. Her big eyes gleamed in the dim light nd her face shined nd her red cheeks shined like diamonds & bihaan wished to kiss those cheeks. The scent of flowers which were used to decorate the room added more to the peace & beauty of the room. All the sketches were on nature & a old lady. There was a sketch of bihaan sahir & kabir thapki was abt to see that but,suddenly darkness engulfed them.
Bihaan panicked due to darkness.

Bihaan: ttthapki r u alright? Dddnt get scared m hhhere only ?. (Sweating nd stammering)
Tthapki just wait a min i wwwill find candles.
Bihaan find candles & matchbox nd he lit candles with shaking fingers. As soon as some light came in room due to candles he felt calmed.
Bihaan : dnt get scared m here only.
Thapki laughs.
Thapki : well, m not sscared its someone eelse i guess.
Btw, wats this place its btfl bihaan.

Bihaan : vo its m…
He stops nd continues.
Vo its owner’s room. He comes here whenever he felt dipressed nd i brought u here coz here u r safe goons will not b able to hurt u. Nd i called police so till the time they arrive we will stay here.
Thapki : oh,look bihaan tthnks. Ffor saving my life.
Her gaze felt on his wound nd she shouts.
Thapki : m sry bihaan i forgot abt this r u alright i mmean this wwound…m so ssry bcz of me u got hurt. Is it paining? Mai b na asking so stupid questions ofc it iis. The bblood is still oozing oout wait a min.

Bihaan : at least someone accepted that she is stupid?. Thapki gives him a stern look. She tears her saree nd tied it around bihaan’s wound
Bihaan sees her romantically. He feels happy seeing her concern.
Bihaan : thnku thapki. Vse u didnt had black pepper spray then what was that?

Thapki : i said i dnt have spray but i keep red chilli powder with me mr.
Bihaan : gajaaaab!!
Thapki : bihaan vse can i ask u something?
Bihaan : if i will say no then also u will ask. So y r u asking for permission ask.
Thapki : shut up!! Bihaan y the waiter at the restraunt was afraid of u i mean like u r his boss. Bd also that man who misbehaved with me nd tthen u knw tthis place which is of owner’s nd nobody ssaw the owner of this hotel. In short who r u?
Bihaan : was it short?? (laughing)

Thapki : ans plz…
Bihaan : m the boss of that wtr.
Thapki : what u mean this hotel is urs?
Bihaan : no, actually i work here as mangr so that’s y ik this place & wtr was greeting me.
Nd ur boss has told abt this place only to trusted persons nd m one of them nd i met him & he only comes in front of his staff.
Thapki : ohk, one more thing , y were u following me at the temple ? Nd how did u knew my name? I mmmean we met for tthe first time nd i nnever told u my name. Bihaan thinks for a while nd he changes the topic.

Bihaan : vse thapki leave all this tlks na. Today we spended our whole day together nd i wud love to thank that goons bcz they brought u close to me. Well, its so romantic na u and me in this room all alone nd our dance was the best prt of the day.?
Thapki : tthere is no sheena bihaan sstop acting.

Bihaan : but i was…ohk. well , now i guess we r frnds.
Thapki : no bihaan we can bever be. Listen bihaan m a messed up person & mmy life is a sshit. Dnt ccome close to me or try to be my frnd ootherwise u wil get hurt. Bihaan i ddidnt want to be tthe resn for any body’s pppain.
Stay away from me coz m a ccrate of trbls. I dnt want u to get trbld or hurt. So plz try to undrstnd. Thnku for all ur ffavors nd i will return it by helping u nd sheena to get together. Bcz u bboth love each other.
Bihaan: do u love someone?

Thapki felt numb for a moment. Thapki somehow managed to speak.
Thapki : yes…i ddid but he is dead . Nd i hate the name of love. Bcz my whole llife is ruined bcz of this oone wrd.
Bihaan: well thapki life is all abt a second chance. Give love a secnd chance. Sometimes u have to go through the worst to get the best. Nd thapki second chance is better than first bcz u learn from ur mustakes. Take a chance bcz u’ll never knw how absolutely great something can turn out to be.☺
Bihaan’s ph rang nd lights too came while they shared an eyelock for nanoseconds.
Bihaan : hello, yes inspectr u arrested them?
Inspectr: yes we r leaving sir.
Bihaan : ohk, tysm . Thapki they arrested them ao, lets leave.
As thapki stands to leave bihaan saw bruises on her back.
Bihaan : thapki stop.

Thapki : yess…
Bihaan : what r these wounds on ur back?
Who did this?
Thapki : its nnothing lets leave m ggeting late.
Bihaan : but thapki its ridiculous. Tell me.
Thapki : i ssaid nnna nthng vo i ffell down yyyesterday that’s it. Lets go plz.
(Stammering worsened as she lied)
She leaves in order to avoid convo.
They both came outnd managr came to thapki.
Mangr : mam i was srchng from hrs for u nd u r here. Check the arrangements plz.
He saw bihaan nd panicked .
Mangr : sir u, good afternoon sir u want something.

Thapki : y r u calling hhim sir he is mangr only na.
Bihaan gestures mangr to keep quiet.
Bihaan : well, yes m his senior. Snr mngr.
Thapki : oh!! Ohk well, i will check aaarramgements tmrw m tired nnow.
Bihaan goes with thapki to leave her outside.
Thapki was leaving while bihaan calls her from back.
Bihaan : thapki…

Thapki : yes..
Bihaan : thapki , pause and remember it is never too late to begin again, to forgive someone, to have a dream to meet someone or to strt love urself. It is never too late. Just a matter of a chance. Bye hope to see u soon nd wtng for ur frndshp too.
(Ranjhanaa plays) as they share a eyelock.
Thapki leaves and bihaan too.
A man is shown who was keeping eye on thahaan. He calls someone.
Man : sry we failed miserably bcz of that blo*dy bihaan i will kill her soon.
Unknwn person : u btr do or die.
Bcz if she will remain alive then u wont b alive.
Scene shifts to pn.

Thapki reaches home lost in her thoughts abt bihaan. She entrd house nd froze at the entry shocked…..
Tysm for ur love my adorable readers plz plz do comment bd share ur views.

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      Tysm raihaneh im glad that u love it and commented darl. Plz keep cmntng and rdng nd i will try to update soon its bcz of my studies that’s y i dnt get much time hope u will understand deary nd thnku once again for ur cmnt???

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