thahaan-a new start (episode 6)

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Hey guys..first of all a bigg biggggg apology for the mistake I did in the last epi..the name of the episode was should be (thahaan-a new start episode 5).but it came like thap (episode 5).I’m a very sorry to all of my readers..I updated it in a hurry n did not notice the title going wrong..will never repeat it.n thank you for commenting in the last part..ur wishes..appreciation n all always brings a biggggg smile on my comment on each one u all

Here we go
Thahaan were in there room..thapki was combing her hairs n wearing a night gown..bihaan was busy playing games on his phone..
Thapki:bihaan the party was pretty good right..
Bihaan : hmmm
Thapki sees him
Thapki:bihaan actually I was getting bored at reply from bihaan
Thapki:bihaan I’m talking to u.r u listening..
Thapki:I want to go somewhere..

Bihaan was busy in his game..
Thapki gets annoyed..she makes a pout face n turns to the mirror
Thapki:bihaan u don’t love me..if u do u would have listened me..u never listen..she feels a pair of strong hands on her belly..she sees in the mirror n finds bihaan making a sorry face..thapki turns her face..bihaan smiles n kisses her on neck..thapki gets up..bihaan holds her hand..thapki takes her hand with a jerk..
bihaan:thapki…she turns n sees no one there..she looks down n finds bihaan kneeling on the floor holding his ears asking for a sorry…seeing it thapki’s pout face turns into a big smily..bihaan also smiles..bihaan crowls on the floor n comes to her just like a baby..he puts his hand on her belly..she smiles..

Bihaan:thapki sorry..I will always listen to u
Thapki:bihaan I may forgive you but u have to take me out..ur wife n baby r bored sitting home..she says in an ordering way..
Bihaan:ok done baba..tomorrow we will go to the hospital then we will go somewhere..
Thapki:but y hospital bihaan

Bihaan:u forgot thapki..there r only 2 weeks for our baby to come n doctor gave this date for the sonography test of our baby..
(By touching her head )Thapki:yes how can I forget this..
Bihaan:I think u forgot it in the preparations of today’s party..
Thapki:yes..bihaan in few days our life will change completely looking over our baby..
Bihaan:yes Thapki I’m very excited to see our baby..tomorrow is a very special day for us..

They smile..suddenly thapki holds her belly n shouts ouchhh..bihaan gets worried
Bihaan : what happen thapki r u ok..thapki smiles n holds his hand n keeps it on her belly (bihaan was still in the kneeling position)
He feels the baby kicking..he smiles n sees thapki..thapki holds his cheeks..they smiles holding her tummy..bihaan kisses her baby bump n holds thapki’s hand n kisses it..she smiles..

Bihaan : hay baby come soon..mamma papa r waiting for u..bihaan gets up n takes her in arms..
Thapki : bihaan what r u doing
Bihaan : I don’t want my preggy wife to walk more..she smiles..he makes her lie on the bed n gives her a strict look
Bihaan : now u have to follow my rules for these 2 working.nothing..u only have to take rest..understand my stubborn child..thapki puts hers hands around his neck
Thapki:ok my lovely papa..they smile..

Next day..
Thapki n bihaan goes to the hospital taking all thapki’s reports..they sit in the waiting room..a
nurse comes to them n says the doctor had called u both..they goes in n sits on the chairs
Doctor:good afternoon Mr n Mrs how r u doing.n how is ur baby
Thapki : baby started responding doctor..
Doctor:that’s great..they take thapki n bihaan to the ultra sound room..thapki was nervous..bihaan sees her n holds her hand..he smiles..she lays on the does the ultra sound n soon the baby’s picture appears on the screen..thapki n bihaan smiles..bihaan

holds her hand..thapki looks at him..he was looking at the screen..thapki smiles..after the tests ..they goes to a restaurant..
As they enter in the restaurant ..thapki turns to see bihaan..he was not there..thapki gets worried..a waiter comes to her n asks her to come along..thapki gets scared..he shows a note saying “my love follow this guy n u will reach to ur love”she smiles..she follows
him..they goes to a small room..thapki enter n sees it decorated..she thapki comes in the middle a pair of hands closes her eyes from back..thapki touches his hand

Thapki:bihaan..bihaan smiles n removes his hands..Thapki sees him.she was about to say something Bihaan stops her n takes her to a corner where there were some frames with a red cloth
Bihaan : remove this cloth dear
Thapki removes it n finds a cute picture of them holding hands..thapki smiles..n the other one was a collage of there family but one frame was not having any pic..
Thapki : bihaan y is this frame empty..
Bihaan:in this frame we will put the picture of our baby..thapki smiles..they had a romantic date followed with a dance..n finally they comes out of the restaurant.bihaan starts the car but it was not starting..he comes out n sees the car had some problem..
Bihaan:thapki the car engine is damaged..

thapki:bihaan how will we go now.he call the restaurant manager n gives him money to repair the car n send it to pandey nivas.he holds thapki’s hand
Bihaan:we will take an auto come.
Thapki : bihaan today is auto strick

Bihaan : ohh then how will we go
Thapki:it’s ok bihaan we will go by walk
Bihaan:noo thapki ur pregnant..
thapki:bihaan sometimes it’s good to walk while pregnancy..they hold their hands n starts walking..they were far away from their home.

There was no one on the road except them..winds were blowing heavily..suddenly some group of people comes infront of them..they get scared..bihaan comes in front of thapki.thapku holds her belly..the grp of people move aside and a person comes front wearing a hoddie on his head..he takes a round around thapki n bihaan..bihaan holds thapki’s hand..thapki holds him..he stands n says
“Pehchane mujhe”..he romoves his hoddie..they get shocked to see the person it was kabir..
Kabir:what have u thought after ruining my sister’s life.after flopping my plans u both will stay happy bihaan pandey not so easily..
Bihaan : kabir don’t dare to do anything..
A girl comes from back n pats on bihaan’s shoulder..thapki n bihaan sees was sankar..
Sankar:bihaan ji see I’m we both will live together..she hugs him..bihaan gets angry.he pushes her.she falls down..kabir helps her to get up.
Kabir : it’s ok sankar..we waited these months to ruin there life..n we will do it today
Sankar : bihaan ji if you can’t be mine u can’t be of someone else..she smirks..thapki gets scared she holds bihaan’s hand..
Kabir:we were only waiting for a good time to attack.
Bihaan : kabir if u want to do anything do with me.don’t do anything with thapki..Sankar gestures the goons to attack..

they take there weapons n attack at them..bihaan pushes thapki..but she balanced herself..bihaan fights with every of the goon hits him on his head..he holds his head n falls down

Thapki:bihaaaaaan..she runs to her..Sankar holds her..she takes a knife
Sankar:u..u were the reason bihaan ji kicked me out..or else we would be happy..I will not leave u..she aims the knife on her belly n tries to stab..thapki gets shocked..someone holds her hand..she turns it was bihaan..his eyes turned red in anger as she was trying to kill his love n their baby..he snatches the knife n stabs it on sankar belly..everyone was shocked at his sudden reaction..she fell down dead..kabir gestures his goon to attack..bihaan takes a hand full of sand n throws on the..he holds thapki’s hand n runs to the jungle..kabir realised they r gone..
Kabir:find them..don’t let them go..his goons leave..thapki n bihaan were running in the jungle..thapki falls on the ground but manages to fall on her knees..she gets hurts..bihaan gets worried..

Bihaan : thapki plzz be strong we will find a way out..he tries to call everyone even police but they had no network..the reach to the other side of the jungle there was a empty one were there for help..bihaan makes her sit on the big stone..thapki was panting..he calms her n tries calling everyone.he goes a few steps away while calling..thapki gets a different fell..paining..yes she started getting labour pains..she cries in pain..bihaan hears her n comes to her..
Bihaan:thapki what what happen
Thapki:bihaan I think it’s time
Bihaan : but there r weeks to go
Thapki:bihaan do something it’s paining..she cries..bihaan cries seeing her love in pain
Bihaan calls every one..there was not a single auto or a person going by to take help..they were far away from the hospital..thapki sees here n there..she sees a small house. She thinks it would be of only one room.she sees it locked..she smiles.she calls bihaan..
Bihaan:yes yes thapki
Thapki:bihaan take me there..she point towards the room
Thapki:to that house.
Bihaan : but
Thapki:plzz no questions..bihaan nods he takes her in arms n keeps her near the room..he takes a stone n breaks the lock..they gets in..there was a small old almari(cupboard),a stove.few towels,n some house holds things..thapki sits on the bed..
Thapki:bihaan listen to me care fully
(Mouning in pain)Thapki :bihaan we r far away from way to go back to the hospital too..we r also in danger.kabir n his men would be searching us..there is only one way.ahhhh
Bihaan : what..what

Thapki : bihaan u have to do this.u have to do this delivery. .he gets shocked
Bihaan :what
Thapki:yes..yes bihaan..u..
Bihaan : but how could I thapki..noo.he gets up.thapki holds his hand.
Thapki:bihaan plzz if not in time our baby will die.I don’t want to loose a baby again..she lays on the bed in pain..she was continuesly shouting. .bihaan gets tears..he sits beside her
Bihaan : ok ok I’ll do..tell me what to do..she smiles as she was about to say she fells unconscious..bihaan shouts thapkiiii. .he didn’t waste a sec n gets up he takes a pair to blanket from almari n places on her..he keeps a bowl of water on boiling..he goes to her n asks her to push

Bihaan : thapki nothing will happen..push..try to push thapki..I will not let happen anything to u both..thapki gain consiousness..she smiles at bihaan..he asks her to push..thapki does.n after a several attempts they hear a baby crying voice..bihaan smiles..thapki sees him n smiles..bihaan holds her hand..
After sometime bihaan takes the baby n shows to thapki
Bihaan : it’s a girl..I told u..thapki smiles
Thapki:n healthy too..thapki takes her in arms..bihaan cleans the baby..thapki’s hands were shaking..bihaan holds her..they smiles..they kissed the baby on her head..

After sometime
Thapki was now feeling better..bihaan calls everyone informs everything..
Vasu:beta be save we will arrive there soon..she cuts the call
Bihaan : maa n every one is coming..thapki smiles..the baby cries.thapki n bihaan gets worried
Thapki:bihaan I think the baby is hungry

Bihaan : ok I’ll go out u feed her..she smiles.he goes out..thapki feeds her..
After few minutes thapki sees the baby slept she smiles. ..bihaan comes running to her n holds her hand..
Bihaan : thapki we have to leave..kabir is coming here..thapki gets scared..she gets up n runs with him holding the baby..soon kabir n his goons see them n starts firing..they goes to a corner n sits..they were near that room .thapki gets up n runs to the room holding the baby..bihaan stops her but she runs..she keeps the baby in the almari n keeps the door open ..she takes out her necklace which bihaan gave her on their baby welcomein ceremony..she keeps it on her n kisses her..she sheds a few tears..
Thapki:I’m sorry beta..I have to leave u here for ur well being..but soon ur dadi will arrive n take u..she goes out..

Bihaan:thapki were is our baby
Thapki:bihaan I kept her safe in the room..I don’t want her to be killed..maa will arrive n take her away
Bihaan : ok u go n stay there in that room
Thapki:what leaving here I’m not going
Bihaan : thapki plzzz. Try to understand our baby need u
Thapki:our baby need his father too.
Bihaan:thapki try to understand if I will come they will find us in kill us with our baby..
Thapki:if I will go they will kill u..
Bihaan:so let me di..he was about to say die.thapki stops him by keeping her hand on his mouth
Thapki:we promised to live together n die together.. I cannot live with out u..if not today I will die tomorrow but won’t stay alone with out u..bihaan hugs her..they sees each other..thapki suddenly kisses him on his lips.surely it will be there last kiss.they were deep in feelings..they hear firings again..they thought to face the death together .they stood behind the rock..kabir sees them n smirks..they comes infront of them..goons attack them

..bihaan fights with them. Thapki also takes a stick n beats them..soon the goons fell down unconscious..kabir shoot bihaan..thapki sees him n shouts..bihaan falls down..kabir laughs..thapki gets angry she takes a gun n shoots at him..kabir sees her n falls down..thapki goes to bihaan..he was consious..
Bihaan:thapki our our baby..she nods n runs to the room to bring the baby..she shows it to bihaan..he smiles..he puts tilak on her forehead with his blood..thapki cries..
Thapki : bihaan nothing will happen to he was about to stand..kabir shoots her from back..thapki gets shocked..bihaan shouts thapkiiii…kabir fells dead..thapki also fells on the floor on bihaan’s hand..she was smiling
Thapki:bihaan I told u na we will dye together..not in this world but we will stay in heaven together..they smile n kissed their also cries..vasu comes along with the family..they gets shocked to see them

Everyone tries to take them hospital
Thapki:no maa listen..she moves her pally n shows the baby..everyone smiles..
Bihaan : maa me n thapki r going away forever but we will be together..god did not gave life but death..everyone cries..
Vasu:nothing will happen we will take u to hospital
Thapki:maa no we don’t have time. We want to spend this moment with u all n our baby.
Thapki gives the baby to vasu..she takes her..
Bihaan:maa we want u to raise her..all my thapki’s qualities..raise her as a good person.
Thapki:but nod with our name..bihaan nods.everyone sees them
Thapki:yes maa we both had a bad past we don’t want it to come on our baby too.plzz maa she should not know anything about us..
Thapki:lastly her name will be

Thapki n bihaan together:jigyasa pandey..everyone cries..thapki n bihaan smiles
Thapki:maa now u have to start a new life..thapki n bihaan kisses her n holds their hands n closes their eyes.n rests in peace..everyone cries.. Pandeys comes home with thapki n bihaans bodies..they pray for them

Precap-a new starts

Don’t kill’s not an I said in the Precap. .so guys this was my surprise..u will soon gets a new love story..n wanted to ask a question..did u guys liked todays episode(original )…(the scene when thapki took bihaan to their dead child grave.)actually it reminded me of mine..I too wrote a scene same as it..I am very happy plzz make me more happy through ur comments..plzzzzzz
..thank you u all

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  1. Intresting update soon dear wnt to knw new strtβ™‘β™‘

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u dear..u will get it soon

  2. First wow ?? then what ? what ? what ? what ? what the hell is this ??????? Nhi Nhi ????

    By the u write super ????

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u Peter. I will not disappoint u darl

  3. oh so sad …..its too emotional….but waiting for next…

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u sadia next part will be on fri

  4. Very sad ending. Thahaan forever… Interesting plot.

  5. Very sad ending. Waiting for next one

  6. So heart touching…
    Yes the scene in real tpk is similar with yours, i wonder if the writer read your ff or what…that’s very good Juve, proved you’re a good writer…but i hope they won’t copying this death scene πŸ˜‰
    So this is a new start, with jigyasa pandey as FL, perhaps she will be paired with manish πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ …interesting..
    Waiting for the next. Thank you and tc

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u soo much Leena..the next one Will be on Friday

  7. lovely epi gajab jigyasa pandey amazing and yeah when in original epi thahaan go to that accident place I recall ur ff same like urs union marriage and then Thapki pregnant are u the writer of tpk??? So much of similarity in ur ff and original gajab loved it

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Haha not at all..I’m not that talented dear to write a story of an show. Thanks

  8. amazing yar its fab reading it third time I try to comMent a lot but don’t know why I can’t comment even I don’t know whether this one will be appear oR not lovely jiGyasa pandey but I want don’t let jigyasa stammer like thapki I want she stammer only when she is tension or when she worried not like thapki and I was thinking are u writer of tpk??? Same to same ur fF and original tpk same track re marriage , thahaan went to accidEnt spot and thapki pregnant again wow lovely waiting for new start want manyasa as couple

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Yup dear jigyasa’s intro will be given in the next part…

  9. Vinolin.d

    hai dear juvi… marvellous part my darl.your writing skill is too good.
    I love your ff.seriously I am so happy and surprised when I read your ff.god bless you my dear.really you have to become a script writer in future. I hope I will happend are awesome writer.i already read your previous ff Royal love birds.that’s also superb.this episode is bang on.
    you nailed it…keep going dear…
    I am waiting for next part.thanks you tc.

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Thank u dear vino ..I hope so I can become a writer…thank u dear..the next one Will be on Friday

  10. hello juvi di
    how r u ?
    i’m really sorry di 4 not cmt.. Past few episodes..
    plz di don’t stop writing..
    u r such a wonderful, fab.s writer.
    di ur all episodes was fab.s
    di but today episode was very emotional
    eagrly wating, try 2 post soon plz di
    lv u

    1. Juveria.ghalib

      Ohhh after days u commented..I will not stop dear.i will surely take this story to an end..the next part will be on Friday..n do comment on that one too

  11. ye tumne kya kiya juv??? But I am eagerly waiting to see the new start.. hope my thahaan return in the form of the children…. take care

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