Thahaan-a new start (episode-36)

Three years passed by like a dry leaf flying from one place to another..
None of them were living happily..the goplani’s mansion was now a graveyard..each person lived there was living a lifeless life..they forgot to speak,they forgot to enjoy,they forgot to live life..they did not spend time together anytime..Dadi always used to spend her time in the prayer hall n sometimes sleep there itself..neha was just spending time in the kitchen cooking for the family..abhi was weak now he took over the bed all day n rarely came out..manish used to spend more of his time in the office work..he came home late nights n went off early morning..he usually skipped his food at times n also he used to spend his time alone..this was the reason he ran to office quickly everyday..

Whereas the pandey nivas was not like goplani’s mansion now..they looked joyful..the house was more beautiful more colorful..with kids to fill the house with naughtiness.
Yes Aryan had two kids now.yash n was three n the other was 2..vasu was running around the sofas to catch the naughty great grand children of hers.she looked strong still..
Vasu:u both stop n come here to me..
Yash:Dima u have to catch run run Karan..he laughs..
Karan:Dima lan lan lan..(run,run run.)
Vasu:u little bunny come here to me..Karan runs quickly n hides near a sofa..Vasu huffed..
Vasu:let me catch u first n then I will show u..
Yash:u can’t run as fast as we could..they both giggled n ran around her..
Vasu made irritated faces now but she loved their childishness they were the ones who brought the happiness in pandey nivas again..they filled the alone space with thier cute smiles n loud laughters..
Nidhi came running from the kitchen to Vasu rescue..
Nidhi:alone Dima cannot catch u but we both can..
Yash:no mamma ur in our team..

Nidhi:no u r two n Dima is alone.isn’t it partiality.yash n Karan went on thinking..yash dragged Karan to a corner n started whispering something in his a meeting held for this matter..Vasu n nidhi giggled looking at them.after a long conversation yash n Karan turned to Vasu n nidhi n smiled.
Yash:ok mom u be in dimas team..Dima taught us to be honest with what ever u do In life..n then all the happiness is urs..
Vasu n nidhi smiled wider at them..Vasu spreader her arms for them n they ran to her..she hugged them n cried remembering her past memories..nidhi consoled her..
Aryan came downstairs holding few files..yash n Karan saw him n ran towards him..they together jumped at him n made him fall while the files scattered in air n then floor..
Aryan moaned holding his waist..
Yash:papa papa..they both were shouting papa papa in excitement..
Aryan:u both..he made a strict voice which made both the boys scared..
Aryan:I again have to assemble the files..he made a sad huff..both the boys were sad..
Karan:solly papa (sorry)..he released few tears to see his dad getting angry..
Yash:yes papa sorry we will not irritate u again please forgive us.they held their ears n made a puppy face..Aryan saw his two sons getting scared of his anger..
Aryan:it’s ok..yash n Karan smiled..
Yash:dad how will u arrange the files now..u have to work on them again..he made sad face as his father had to work again
Yash:u will get tired then..Aryan smiled at his concern..
Aryan:I will assemble them again but first let’s enjoy them like this..he smiled widely n excitedly to bring back the joy within his sons again..he took the papers in his hands n threw in air and laughed like a kid..yash n Karan copied him n joined with messing the papers.. they played forgetting everything..
Nidhi:ok enough u all come lets do puja n we will eat then..
Vasu:Aryan u become a kid with them.aryan made an embarrassing face n took both his sons in arms n brought them to the prayer hall..
He dropped them on the floor..yash being elder taught Karan to join hands together n he did..everyone smiled at the little bundles of joy..Vasu did the puja n gave sweets to everyone..
Vasu kneels down between the boys n holds them..
Vasu:hmm so what did my boys wished today..
Yash:the same wish Dima..yash n Karan ran near the god idol n joined their hands..
Yash:plzz God plzz send our bhua back..we don’t have anyone to play here bhua will play with us n she will bring a lot of chocolates too.plzz bring her back to us soon..
Karan:pleaze god(please God)..yash n Karan both took out few toffees from their pocket n kept near the god idol..
Yash:we have only this much left but we promise to bring more tomorrow..yash n Karan touched the frames of dhruv,Adhiti n bauji n took blessing..they saw a little frame kept near them which was jigyasa’s (no garland hanged)..

Yash:plzz comeback bhua we miss u n we love u..both the boys ran upstairs n the other elders were left emotional..Vasu leaves her hands free n falls down feeling weak on her knees..she weeps for her grand daughter..
Vasu:plzz come back Jigyasa u don’t know how we live our each day with out u..plzz come back..I cannot stay away from u anymore with out seeing u..I want to see u,hold u n lull u to sleep in my arms..n god I don’t want to die before I see her again..Aryan quickly sits beside her n shuts hers mouth..
Aryan:don’t say this Dima.we lost everyone not u now..we r because of u Dima..he weeps too.
Vasu:I know where ever ur sister is she is fine..
Aryan:what ever we r today is because of her..he cries hiding himself in vasu’s shoulders..nidhi consoles both of them..
Vasu:she is a successful business women now but we have no clue of her whereabout..she just sends money at the start of month..doesn’t she misses us,doesn’t she feels an urge to meet us..she forgot us..
Aryan:she does misses us Dima but her past is more threatening..
Vasu:I know but..but..
Vasu:I don’t know how much more I will live but my last wish will be to meet her see her n pamper her again..she cried..
Aryan:Dima plzz..soon Dima feels dizzy n she falls in Aryans arms..Aryan holds her tightly n both nidhi n Aryan gets shocked to see her..

Nidhi:Dima..dima..Aryan holds her in arms n takes her to the sofa n makes her lie..nidhi dissolves some energy medicines in water n Aryan makes her drink it..Vasu does not wake u but sleeps there itself..
Aryan:dima’s health is getting worse every day..she misses Jigyasa a lot..she lost everyone but still had hope that Jigyasa will come one day..I hope she comes..
Nidhi:u must try to contact her..Dima need her most to get cured..
Aryan:nidhi I did n I do that work everyday but she is never reached..I don’t know what’s wrong with her..since she left she never contacted us..
Aryan:sometimes I feel like she forgot us..only sending a huge amount in dima’s account is not enough..Dima need her,everyday she cries for her,begs infront of God to see her once before she dies..since few days Dima is having high fever but still she was chanting jigyasa’s name..Dima needs her nidhi Dima need her..
Nidhi:it’s ok Aryan don’t be stressed Dima will be fine u bring the medicines doctor told u to..
Aryan:ok I will..Aryan leaves n nidhi sits beside Vasu n caresses her forehead..

In goplani’s office..
Manish was sitting in his office n doing his work in his laptop when his personal assistant arrived holding a bundle of files..he places them on the table n Manish sees him..
Manish:Rahul I can’t do all this works today give it to some other employee.
Rahul:I’m sorry sir but ur employees refused to work with u now..they gave this files back to me with out completing them..
Manish:what nonsense.rahul looks down in disappointment..manish gets up his seat n walks out n Rahul follows him..where all the employees were standing near his cabin holding their resignation letters..
Manish:y r u all standing outside my cabin n what r these letters n y r u all not doing ur works..
First employee:because we r not getting paid for our work..
Second employee:we r not getting paid since last three months..
Manish:but I said that I will pay ur salaries soon..
First employee:it was three months ago..
Manish:i gave u ur salaries last weak..
Third employee:it was only half of our salaries..
First employee:sir we have children,families,responsibilities to complete..we cannot sit calmly..we work hard but do not get paid for it..I’m sorry sir here is our resignation letter plzz give us our whole salary now..we will find any other job..
Manish:u can’t leave like this..
Second employee:we can sir..we r not rich like u we have our responsibilities..we have to look after our children’s needs our families needs too..
Manish sees Rahul but he too had now way to explain them now..
Manish:ok I assure u all that I will pay u soon plzz don’t leave the job like this..the company is in bad state as of now but soon we will handle everything I assure u that..plzz give me a month of time I will pay u n then it’s ur wish to leave n don’t..
The employees had a conversation on this n then they said yes for it..manish smiles fakely n goes inside his cabin..Rahul follows him..manish stressfully stands near his table holding it
Manish:how did this happen Rahul??
Rahul:sir it’s been months our company is in bad state..we have three loans to pay n also the salaries..the loss u got during the partnership with the Singh companies since then we r lacking..
Manish:I know that but now what can we do..try to get loans from the bank Rahul n..Rahul cuts him..
Rahul:sir..he speaks disappointedly..

Rahul:I should have told u this earlier but I’m sorry u were busy in other work..
Manish:what is it.
Rahul:the bank refused to pay u loan..u already took a large amount of loan three times..u still did not pay..last week I received a warning letter from bank saying if u won’t pay to bank they will seize ur house n office..manish was shocked to hear it..
Manish:what!!!why did u not said about it to me earlier..
Rahul:I tried but u were never in the mood to listen n then u were busy with ur work..
Manish:I feel like slapping u right now..u brought me on road in a minute Rahul..he yells at him n Rahul looks down..
Manish:what will I do now my family will come on footpath n I won’t let it happen..
Manish:Rahul do something try to collaborate with companies.before he could complete Rahul speaks again..
Rahul:companies!!..he speaks excitedly..
Rahul:sir few months ago u remember we got a mail from a company that they r interested in collaborating..
Manish:yes but will they be still interested..
Rahul:I will mail them regarding this..
Manish:do what ever u want n mail few other companies too..if it’s our luck one of them will surely accept to collaborate with us..
Rahul:sure sir I will n soon I will send the details to u..manish nods n leave the cabin taking his coat..

After a few hours..
Manish was sitting alone in a meeting a meeting room..
He was holding his phone close to his eyes n staring at his love..JIGYASA..his eyes were filled with water..he was missing her a lot..
Manish:where r u Jigyasa I searched u everywhere but I never got a clue of u..come back I miss u a lot I’m sorry for my mistake..but don’t give this punishment to me I can’t live with out u..I love u..his tear drops falls on his photo..he wipes it n kisses her photo..but the next moment he feels a soft hand on his shoulder..manish raises his head to look at the person..the vision was blurred for him by his tears..he raises his hand to wipe n clean his eyes but the person stopped it midway..the person wiped his tears with its soft,smoothie hands..the biggest smile reached at his face when he saw his love standing just infront of him n caring for him..soon the surrounding seemed numb to him..he then heard a rhythm which made him more it my love really standing infront of me in a blue saree..
Manish:jig..ji..jigyasa..he raised his hand to check..but before it reached Jigyasa moves back n smiled flaunting her teethes to him..jigyasa moved back which raised an insecurity within him..
Manish:wa..wai..wait wait wait where r u doing wait..he gets up quickly n walks towards her.jigyasa looked at him n gestured to come near her showing her fingers.
Manish:jigyasa plzz come to me..he was curious like a small child for its mom..
Jigyasa pallu was on the large meeting table n Manish got a chance to hold her n stop her from going..he tried to grab her pallu but she ran away quickly n then she vanished.manish was left tensed his heart beats increased n he was feeling weak now..he wanted his love to come back..
Manish:jigyasa..he uttered her name few more times n running in the whole room,going to the corners of the room to check if she is hiding..he finally saw a shadow near a window..he followed n reached to the window where she was standing turned to the other side..he did not wasted a sec n ran towards her..he grabbed her waist from back n hugged her as tighter as he could..he panted at her shoulder like showing that he is tired of running around n searching for her,now stop n don’t ever go away..she smiled at his gesture..he saw her smiling n smiled back widely..
Manish:don’t go away please please please..he never stopped uttering PLEASE…she touched his cheek raising her hand n making him calm still in that hugging posture..manish felt her hand n he soon moved to her shoulder n kissed her..she smiled..he made her turn towards himself n saw her charming face again after years..he smiled n had a look over her toe to head..he then cupped her face n touched his forehead with her..he smiled flaunting his teethes out..but soon it vanished when he heard some male voice from back..he was still in the same posture when he heard the voice louder..
Rahul:manish sir r u ok..manish came in senses n saw his surroundings but he found no clue of Jigyasa..Rahul thought his cupping posture like he is praying raising his hands up n also his eyes were closed with wet cheeks..
Rahul:sir seems like ur prayers r accepted by God..manish who was still confused n panting while looking around the room looked at him..
Manish:what prayer??
Rahul:sir when I entered u were turned to the window n ur hands were also in I thought u were praying..manish faked a smile as he realized the time he just spend with his wife was his dream..
Rahul:so ur prayers r accepted the company I was taking about had just send the email that they r still interested..sir the company is very popular in foreign,they want to extend their business in India too so they want to collaborate with any popular companies in present they r collaborated with few companies but since they r not so popular..they want to get their hands on some big companies.. they want to collaborate with our company since its popular..
Manish:but do they know about our companies condition.
Rahul:no sir..n we don’t need to say about it too..
Manish:why if in future we get into some problems.
Rahul:we won’t soon as we collaborate with this company we will again be successful as before so we don’t need to worry..
Manish:ok but did u got all the files about their company from them..
Rahul:no sir I was in a conversation with the PA of the owner..he said that he will speak about us to the owner n then conform the deal..
Manish:hmm ok what is the name of the company??..he turns to his place n takes a file in hand n starts going through it..

Rahul:sir its VANI COMPANIES…manish stops reading the file n thinks about the name Rahul just said..
Rahul:yes sir.
Manish:it sounds familiar to me,like I heard it somewhere…a minute of pause n he was thinking about the name..
Rahul:u might have heard it sir its the most popular companies..all the companies beg to collaborate with it..I heard that the owner is a young aged girl n stood the company herself in 4 years which is a very less time to build an empire like she did..
Rahul:she is also a successful fashion designer now..she designs the clothes of celebrities..VANI COLLECTION is her fashion gallery in New York..she is an inspiration for the world n specially girls..
Rahul:it seems like they want to gain the fame n profit from India too..after having a powerful business in foreign they want to collaborate with Indian companies to rule here as well..she is a business tycoon of New York n counted in the tops in the successfull n richest businesswomen of the world..
Manish:she seems very hard working it would be my pleasure to meet her..
Rahul:sir I’ll talk about the detail n inform u soon..
Manish:yes do it..Rahul nods n goes away..
After few minutes Rahul again showed up in the same meeting room..
Rahul:sir may I come in..
Manish:yes come..
Rahul:sir I spoke to the PA again n he had emailed all the details too..sir as u were interested too I had send our companies details too.
Manish:good we should not back up with such a nice deal,this deal can change our present state.i hope we will be on top again..
Rahul:I hope the same sir..then should I book the tickets to New York..
Manish:yes n get more details about the company I want to know more..
Rahul:ok sir I will.i take ur leave..he goes out of the room..manish also packs his office bag n leaves the room to his house..

Next day..
Manish gets up n quickly changes to his casual jeans n jackets n rushes downstairs..
Neha was going through his bag to check if he has all his essentials with him.
Neha:good morning beta..
Manish:did u pack my bag..
Neha:yes I did n checked everything..
Manish:great I’m getting late I have to go..
Neha:ok first go n meet ur Dadi..
Manish:hmm yes I will but where is she..
Neha:where will she be beta her usual place now a day…manish sees her n nods sadly..
Manish:I’ll go n meet her..manish walks towards the prayer hall n leaves his footwear behind..he sees his Dadi in her colorless white saree turned towards the god idols n she had many holy books of gods kept infront of present she had hanuman chalisa in her hand n she reading it..she was well drowned in reading that she did not see Manish coming..neha came from the kitchen holding a plate of chopped fruits..she handed the plate to Manish n he took it..he sat near Dadi n kept his hand on her shoulder..sensing the hand Dadi turned hurriedly to Manish..
Dadi:jigyasa..she shouted her name with excitement like when a mothers sees his child..
Manish:Dadi its its me..
Dadi:jigyasa where is she..I know she came here bring her to me I want to see her..
Dadi:what Dadi I’m asking u something where is Jigyasa.
Manish:she did not came Dadi..
Dadi:why..manish looked down in disappointment
Dadi:oh I know she is still angry..don’t worry she will forgive me soon.i was the one who did not trust her right ok I will ask an apology she will definately forgive u take me to Jigyasa..
Manish:Dadi she is..manish weeped at her shoulder..neha comes n sits beside Manish n pats his shoulder..
Neha:no beta ur our strength don’t loose hope one day God has to give our Jigyasa back..since the day she left she took all our happiness along..she was our happiness but it took us a long time to recognize..maa ji is broken..jigyasa was very close to Dadi n she misses her a lot..maa ji stopped eating properly..we have to feed her forcefully for her health..abhi is also weak.only u r our support don’t be weak Manish..u have to work hard now n also find our happiness our Jigyasa..manish sees her with teary eyes..neha wipes his tears..manish nods at her sees Dadi who was again turned to the god idol n praying..
Neha:she did not eat since two days beta.manish takes the fruit plate
Manish:Dadi I spoke to Jigyasa now..Dadi turned to her again
Dadi:what really..
Manish:yes I did n she said she will come but when u will eat properly..common eat now.he takes a piece of Apple n moves to her mouth.dadi stops him midway
Dadi:ur not lying right..manish sees her with his painfull eyes..he then manages to smile n nod yes..
Manish:no I’m not lying she will really come but when u eat properly..not only today everyday.u have to eat food n ur medicines too n on time okkk….Dadi smiles n nods yes..
Manish gives her the plate n she starts eating it..manish cries at the situation now..neha consoles him..
Neha:manish ur late u go I will take care of ur Dadi..manish nods n gets up,takes his bag n starts leaving..
Dadi:bring Jigyasa along..Dadi shouted..manish turned back to see her.she was looking at Manish hopefully..
Manish:yes I will Dadi..he leaves then..

After few hours he reaches New York with Rahul..
It was almost morning in New York..the sun was raising..a plesent Manish stepped in the country he felt peace with in himself the peace he was waiting since last four years..he inhaled the fresh air n he felt good.Rahul took both of their luggage in an airport trolly n asked Manish to come along..manish was disturbed from his thoughts..he felt fresh n unique that day.they both started walking out of the airport..
An employee of vaani companies was already present at the airport waiting section n holding the name plate of Manish goplani..Rahul n Manish goes to him n he takes them to a car..they keep their luggage in the car n left to a hotel..

Employee:sir u both take rest for some time..i will come n pick u at 4..u have a meeting with VANI madam..manish nods n They both go to their respective rooms..

The employee again comes to the hotel n approached Manish n Rahul who were in manish’s room..
Employee:good evening sir hope ur comfortable here..
Rahul:yes we r..
Employee:sir its 4..u both plzz come along to the office of VANI maam u have meeting with her..
Rahul:yeah we know..give time to get ready we will meet u down..
Employee:as u say sir..he leaves them alone n rahul also takes his leave..manish goes through the files again n then he goes to get ready..
Both Manish n Rahul goes down with their files..
Everyone leave to the office in a car..

VANI office..
It was a big a royal palace..the lights were shining like starts..the exterior designs were mesmerizing manish’s eyes..a small India’s flag hanged near a corner of the main entrance was the best part of the whole place..manish loved that thing..lion statues craved in the wall n the whole roof was decorated with white flowers..manish loved everything about the place..hmm the owner must be very very rich..he thought..
N the most amazing thing is this India’s flag which shows the patriotism..I think the owner is Indian but why will an Indian start n run a company in New York..he thought again..
Ishaan the PA of THE VANI OBERIO was standing just near the the main entrance to welcome the guest.
(Ishaan-gaurav wadhwa..Samar from thapki pyaar ki)
Ishaan:hi sir welcome to New York first of all n then welcome to our office..we r elated to see u here n work with u in future..he bowed infront of them showing the gratitude..manish liked his way of welcoming..he smiled n so Rahul thanked him..
Rahul:we r pleased to meet u too..
Ishaan:please come inside..manish went first n Rahul followed soon as they entered the main gate they were welcomed with the foreign people..n two of them holding the garlands of white flowers..a girl came forward n puts the garland in manish neck n he was amazed by that..he holds the garland giving a confused face..
Ishaan:this is our way of welcoming..the other girl does the same with Rahul n he thanks her..,manish also thanks n then takes out the garland from his neck..he was about to keep it aside when ishaan continues..
Ishaan:Everything is VANI maams arrangements..she like to welcome her guest personally..manish as soon as he hears VANIs name he stop from putting the garland n holds it in his other hand..he then recollected his act n thought about it again n again..he felt breathless for a minute..WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME..WHY DID I FEEL STRANGE..when suddenly Ishaan again disturbed his thoughts..
Ishaan:sir VANI Maam is busy as of now.she will be free in few minutes please come along with me n we will have a business conversation..
Ishaan:thank u all u people plzz get back to ur work..all the employees again gets back to their works.ishaan guides them to the waiting room n then they had a conversation about their companies n work..

Time flew n soon it was 8..
Manish:we r sitting here since a long time..where is ur boss..he said a little angrily..
Ishaan:give me a minute sir I will quickly go n check..he runs outside saying so..
Manish sees his side table..their was three cups of finished coffee..which he just finished in the past four hours..he did not liked the unpunctual behavior of them.. Ishaan went half an hour ago n still did not show up..manish was frustrated by then..
Manish:ugh Rahul I hate this I want everything to be on time but this..did they call us here to waste our time..
Rahul:sir plzz don’t be angry I will see..
Rahul goes out only to bump with Ishaan.
Rahul:hey Ishaan U took a long time..
Ishaan:yes I’m sorry please come inside..they both went inside..manish stood up as he saw them..
Manish:come lets go for the meeting..
Ishaan:aah ahhh actually sir..
Ishaan:VANI maam was very busy since morning..she is very tired by now..she wants this meeting to be postponed to tomorrow..manish’s anger raised as he heard that..
Manish:did u n ur boss called us all the way India to New York only to hear if not today never again..I don’t have useless time for such lazy people..I thought u a hardworking and on time kind of people but u proved me wrong..I don’t like to work with such people.I don’t like to overdue my work..Rahul book our tickets for tomorrow we r leaving..I wasted a day on these people.
Rahul:but sir..
Manish:my decision is final..manish started walking out n Rahul following him n Ishaan trying to stop him somehow..before Manish reached the door the door opened n a lady approached inside..
Lady:Ishaan sir VANI maam is in the meeting hall..she wants to attend this meeting with Manish sir In the next fifteen minutes..Ishaan gets happy hearing that n soo did Rahul..manish sighed hard.
Ishaan:soo sorry sir for the inconvenience plzz stay..
Rahul:yes we r staying u please start the meeting as sooner as possible..
Ishaan:sure give me few minutes..he leaves the room..Rahul n Manish sits on the table again getting ready for the presentation..

Meeting room
Ishaan came inside running..
Ishaan:VANI how did u changed ur mind..VANI who was sitting on an office chair turned the chair towards Ishaan with its wheels..the VANI is soon revealed as JIGYASA…
(VANI is actually Jigyasa..still nothing changed..Still the perfect lady like before..but did her thoughts overs love,live..she now is a little changed person but still the pure arrogant person but friendly her is alive still deep inside her..she is not close to anyone but few very close people in her live..(will be revealed soon)..jigyasa with the name changed as VANI.)(I will use the VANI name until she is revealed to Manish but infront of Ishaan n Rahul n others she is still VANI)
VANI:I heard that person mocking me n my company when I was walking by the waiting room..I can never ever listen anything bad about my company..this is what I’m today,this company is my house n my employees r my family n no one can ever insult it..
Ishaan:ok alright but didn’t u got angry to hear all that..
VANI:yes I did Ishaan but then I realized my part of mistake..I wasted his time a lot..
Ishaan:but thank god u managed to stop him..he is our last chance n way to extent our business in India too.
VANI:yes Ishaan but who is he..he looks very arrogant..
Ishaan:well not more then u VANI..
VANI:what do u mean..
Ishaan:what do I mean I really got scared to speak to that person when u declared to postponed the meeting..
VANI:ok ok who is that person..u did not told much about them..everything was done by u I know nothing about the company or its owner..
Ishaan:yes he is m..suddenly they hear a knock at the door..
Ishaan:come in..
Lady:sir the Indian people r ready for the presentation..
Ishaan:ok bring them here..
Lady:sure sir..she leaves then.
VANI:oh my god they r soo quick..come on buck up Ishaan we have to look presentable too..r u ready with the presentation.
Ishaan:yes I’m..
VANI:wait I will be back in a while..she leaves to the washroom..she quickly cleans her stressful face with her wet wipes n then powders her face a little..she sprays a strong n fragrant perfume at herself n then rushes back to the meeting room..
VANI:I hope I’m not late..
Ishaan:no ur not.they r not here still..the next moment the door opened up by the lady employee..VANI took a deep breath for her important meeting…
Lady:this way please..Rahul nodded who was front n he stepped inside..the other person who was Manish was stepping inside but then turned when someone called him from back..VANI was to see his face when he turned n she missed him..she saw Rahul only to see what kind of person he is..she was waiting for the other person to see him keenly to see who her new business partner n what type of persons they are..manish finally turned to the meeting room again..but this time she turned herself to the other side..she started wiping n rubbing her eyes vigorously..
Ishaan:plzz have a seat..manish n rahul both gets seated..Ishaan sees VANI who was turned to the other side..he makes a confused face at her n sees Manish n Rahul
Ishaan:ahh one minute please..he excuses himself n walks towards VANI..
Ishaan:VANI what happened to u now..they r here n ur turned to other side..what r u looking at..he whispered making an irritated voice but still putting on the smiling expression on his face to show Manish..
VANI:idiot I’m not looking at u find me looking at anything eyes..something went inside its painfull..she whispered too
Ishaan:ohh ok ok but please now turn what will they think about u..
VANI:yeah I’m..manish gives a pissed off expressions to Rahul n he manages to clam him
Rahul:excuse me..Ishaan sees him..
Ishaan:I’m so sorry for making u wait for such a long time..actually something went in VANI madams eyes..its painfull to her so just give her a minute..manish nods..Ishaan again goes to VANI..
Ishaan:VANI quick..VANI still had the partical in her eyes but she had to turn now.after all it’s embarrassing to her..she nodded at Ishaan..
VANI:I’m so sorry for.?she turned saying soo n only to find Manish infront of her..manish also finally sees her..both were totally astonished..they gazed at eachother shockingly..(a sad tune was playing in background)..manish got up from his seat seeing was a dream again he thought..jigyasa was stepped back to see him.the person who left her years ago..the person who she married to..the person who she loved n wanted to live life with..the person who slapped her..the person who didn’t trust her..he who left her has again came infront of her as WHAT as her BUSINESS PARTNER..tears flew from both of their eyes..both were completely lost yet again after years..manish was still stuck with his thoughts…is she of real ?. Is she really standing infront of me..or again I’m dreaming her..both were still in the thoughts when Ishaan distracted them..
Ishaan:VANI maam r u fine..VANI sees him
VANI:yes I’m fine..she managed speaking the sentence..
Rahul:sir what happen why did got up..manish sees him..Rahul sees the tears I his eyes.
Rahul:sir y r U crying..Jigyasa sees him with her wet eyes..n he quickly wipes his tears..
Manish:nothing..I think something went in my eyes too..manish gets back to his seat..jigyasa did not like the way he ignored her yet she made her mind set that she will ignore him too…HE WAS NOTHING TO ME,HE IS NOTHING TO ME,N HE WILL NEVER BE ANYTHING TO ME..she thought..
Ishaan:let’s starts our presentation..Rahul nods gets up from his seat..he arranges his laptop n connects it to the big screen..goplani’s presentation starts n ends soon but till the time Manish kept staring at Jigyasa..while she kept herself indulged in the presentation..

Rahul:sir the presentation is finished..
Manish:ahh yes..he gets up from his seat n goes near the screen..he speaks everything about the presentation,his ideas,the collaboration..jigyasa was staring at him professionally but her inner self was very weak seeing him infront of her..even Manish tried hard to do his presentation presentable having a glance at her each time..
Manish:I hope u liked our presentation..
Ishaan:we r very much impressed with ur presentation..let us show our presentation now..manish nods n takes back his seat..Ishaan plays their presentation n soon after it ended VANI gets up from her seat..manish looks her toe to head…
Manish(in mind):no doubt that she is my love..still the same..gentle n sensitive..but what about her looks..she looks totally different in her new look..A WHITE JUMPSUIT!!!
he smiled looking at her..but she is always gorgeous..u ur ignoring Jigyasa but I know u r my love my Jigyasa..he smiled to his heart that finally he found her..after years of separation a new beginning with reunion..VANI starts describing about her company briefly to them..she was very confident with her accent..she used a little American accent too..

VANI:VANI companies r one of the most top counted companies in the world..yes I like to be honest I want to extend my business in India n so I want to collaborate with companies..she tried to complete her presentation with out looking at Manish anytime..but her fate.. her eyes did not follow her instructions n looked toward Manish..she was stopped for a few seconds when she again realizes her past..she quickly begins again giving a confident smile..
VANI:there r four other branches of our company n this is the fifth branch..other then this we have shopping malls in New York n other countries n also two VANI fashion galleries in New York..we will be inaugurating another fashion gallery soon in Paris next month..while she was busy describing about her company n her success in these less four years.he kept staring at her proud fully at her achievements..after VANI completed her part of presentation..
VANI:so hope u liked our presentation..Though i don’t need to ask because I know that my company is worth to everything we do..Rahul was super astonished by her attitude but Manish felt nice to hear that..
Manish(in mind):yes my love u deserve this success.ur very hardworking person I know..I hope to see u more successfull in future..
VANI:what happen no one responded to my presentation..
Manish:it was amazing as u are..everyone felt his appreciation words normal but for VANI it was of some other meaning which he actually wanted to convey by that..VANI gave a sheepish smile..
Manish:then what r we waiting for let’s join hands together n open a new chapter by collaborating our companies..he said excitedly..
Ishaan:yeah sure we..he was interrupted by VANI..
VANI:after all by work n presentation I just described u..u must be knowing that my company is way more successful then urs..and. this time before she completes Manish speaks before her..
Manish:yes I know ur company is more successfull then mine.,but don’t company is also one of the most counted companies in India..n u won’t get better option then u already said u want to collaborate with some Indian companies to extend ur business their too…n I bet u won’t get better options then my company..
VANI:still give us a minute we will come with our answer soon..
Manish:sure we will wait in the waiting room itself..saying so both Rahul n manish gets out of the room as soon as they went Ishaan turned his smiling face to a weird one..
Ishaan:VANI what is there to think about here just say yes..
VANI:what do u think of ur self Ishaan..just because I regard u as my best friend doesn’t mean that u will start taking the serious n important decisions of the company..
Ishaan:what..what did I do??..
VANI:don’t tell me..why did u brought such a cheap deal did u see their progress in last few months..
Ishaan:yes I did not knew this earlier.but still their company is one of the best n trust me we won’t get such better options..
VANI:but y did u not said me about this company anytime..
Ishaan:don’t forget VANI I tried to talk to u many times but u always said me to handle this n didn’t u gave the duty of collaboration with Indian companies to I choosed this company what’s wrong..n u also signed the papers yesterday..
VANI:oh Ishaan come on I was busy with a foreign collaboration meeting I signed in a hurry..
Ishaan:what ever it is..they r here for the signature itself u can’t back up now..
VANI:u got me to trouble Ishaan..she groaned..
Ishaan:what is the trouble in this..ok at least say what’s the reason of ur backing..
VANI:the reason is Manish..she stops n sees Ishaan..
Ishaan:yes Manish the owner himself what happen with him..
VANI:no actually..u know their company state at present so I was worried..if in future..Ishaan cuts her..
Ishaan:VANI come on ur a successfull business women now n ur scared of such little thing..don’t worry nothing will happen to u or ur companies reputation if anything will happen then with the goplani’s companies itself don’t worry..VANI now had no others choice she had to nod yes..Ishaan smiles n takes her outside holding her hand..they enter the waiting room holding hands in eachother..manish sees that n gets shocked..he quickly gets up n was to walk towards them when his heart stopped him to do so..Ishaan left her hand n smiled at both of them..manish finally felt good when their hands were far away..
Ishaan:I’m sorry for taking a long time..we r here with our answer n it’s an yes..we r ready to collaborate..Rahul smiles..he then takes out an agreement papers n gives it to Manish..manish sees VANI n signs the paper..Rahul signs as his witness..VANI takes the pen n signs the papers with the name VANI OBEROI..manish gets shocked to see her signing that..
Manish(in mind):yes how can I forget this big thing..she is being called as VANI since then..why is she being called as VANI.she is love then why did she changed her name..
VANI forwards her hand to Rahul n they greet eachother..n then comes manish’s turn while he was busy thinking about the same thing..N VANI thought that he is again ignoring her..she really really feels very bad this time..she takes back her hand which Rahul n Ishaan notices..
Rahul:sir what happen..manish comes back in senses..Rahul n Ishaan were looking at him doubtfully while VANI was bowed down..
Rahul:VANI maam just had forward her hand to greet u but u..manish sees her..manish quickly forwards his hand..
Manish:I’m sorry I was thinking something..VANI smiles unwillingly n shakes hand..both feel their hands shaking when they meet eachother after years..

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