Thahaan-a new start (episode-34)

Hey guys so here is the remaining part..I really hope u guys liked the last romantic part n hope u will like my upcoming track..plzz don’t loose hope on me I will not disappoint u guys love u..sorry if any type errors.. The voice was pain someone is crying since a long amount of time..the voice was weak..jigyasa n Manish comes running to the hall n the family does it too..they finally reached the hall n saw the person who was shouting out their names since long..misha!!!!..yes she was standing there holding the sofa n was desperate for the family to come to her..manish runs towards her n holds her by her shoulders.. Manish:misha!!!..what happened to u..why r u crying n y r u here..misha cries harder Misha:bhai!!!..jigyasa also comes near her n holds her cheek which had a fresh marks of four fingers..misha sees her n hugs her as quickly as she could..jigyasa hugs her back..she slowly make her sit while she was still hugging her..jigyasa detached her.. Jigyasa:misha!.r u ok what come ur in this state..who did this to u.. Misha:will u be able to belief me Bhabi..

Jigyasa:first tell me everything misha.. Manish:ur bhai Bhabi.ur bhai..she shouts..jigyasa was dumbstruck listening to her.she stood up n stepped away from her.manish sits beside misha n consoles her.. Jigyasa:no ur wrong he can’t do this he is not a guy like that.. Manish:yes misha she is right..Aryan can’t do this to u.he loves u. Misha:I knew Bhabi won’t belief me she won’t listen anything wrong about her family.but bhai I thought u would trust me n help can u see ur own sister in this state bhai… Manish:misha ur taking us wrong.. Misha:they torture me bhai since the first day we r not in good term.he always fights.even his family encourages him to do that.even they try creating a rift between us. Jigyasa:misha!!!..misha n everyone sees her when she shouted like a tigress Jigyasa:do u even know what ur saying.. Misha:yes I know Bhabi why would I lie.. Manish:see misha maybe any misunderstanding..jigyasa cuts him.. Jigyasa:yes their might be any misunderstanding misha.. Misha:there is noting like a misunderstanding everything is clear.he wants a servant for himself..bhai he tortures me all the time.cant u see this slap mark on my face.he slapped me bhai..she weeps.. Misha:I just can’t stay with that man anymore..she hides her face in her hands n cries.. Neha:just for a small rift we cannot breakup with the relation.u both r married n marriage is not a joke or a game..try to shoutout everything Misha:oh plzzz u just stay out of this..first try to handle ur married life then mine..I know u hate us that’s the reason u want ur children to suffer..

Manish:misha!!..this time a tiger Manish roared to see his mother humiliated.. Manish:stop blaming mom for everything she had none fault..manish sees neha n gives her a consoling look by which misha understands that their is everything again alright here.. Misha:bhai how can u leave ur sister to die with a man like Aryan.he is bad I can’t. Manish:mishaaa..see marriage is a toy game.u both took vows infront of lord u just can’t end this easily..n Aryan is not a guy like that.u must be misunderstand we should clear it now. Jigyasa:yes Manish is right we should go to pandey nivas n clear everything..manish nodded n they left in the car with misha..

Pandey nivas Goplani’s reached their n ran inside.jigyasa was the one to run inside quickly as she was more curios then other..after all her family was blamed for such a cheap act..she knew they can’t do this ever ever in their dreams even..she ran n reached the hall..she saw scenery their..Aryan n dhruv were continuesly on phone n looked tensed..adhiti was standing to a side of sofa holding a crying Vasu who was sitting on the sofa covering her face in her hands.bauji was also beside them consoling Vasu..goplani’s sees them n were equally shocked n confused.. Jigyasa:Dima..she speaks in a low tune..Vasu raises her head n sees jigyasa n the goplani’s standing at the entrance..Vasu cried harder seeing Jigyasa.she got up n ran towards her on her weak n old legs.jigyasa also ran to her n Vasu hugged her..Vasu released her pain on her shoulders.. Jigyasa:Dima r u ok..she patted Vasu shoulder..

Vasu moves away Jigyasa:what happened Dima.vasu cries seeing her.aryan sees misha n runs towards her Aryan:misha r u alright..he holds her hands.misha jerks him away the family was utter shocked Misha:don’t act normal Aryan..don’t try to proof urself honest.. Aryan:misha u.. Manish:misha Aryan we r here to solve everything between u n u both started fighting again..he said a bit scoldingly.. Misha:u don’t need to solve anything bhai I made a decision I can’t live with this guy.. Manish:misha I said u earlier that marriage is not a game u simply can’t end it.think about ur future..Aryan sees her. Manish:Aryan I don’t know to ask this or not.i can never imagine that u could do that n I still can’t belief in this.but it’s also my sisters matter..did u really beat misha??misha see Aryan n Aryan was little hesitating to speak..the pandey’s gestured him to speak out everything he sees everyone n then at Manish..jigyasa was the one to notice the change in expressions.. Aryan:yes I slapped her..the goplani’s were again in utter shock. Misha:see I told u but u have a blind trust on ur son in law..

Dadi,Dima even badmouthed u mocking me n saying that these the sanskaar’s u gave me..she mocked ur sanskaar’s even..everyone was shocked. Vasu:misha u r..she gets cut by Aryan. Aryan:great misha.u said everything what we did but did u said anything about what u did..he asked raising his eyebrows.misha rubbed her fingers secretly..

Manish:what did she do.. Aryan:she was not home yesterday the whole night..she went with out informing anyone..I was not home yesterday.i was out for some work.she went to party with her friend.,n she went in a saree n came back in a short dress..which all was noticed by the neighbors n they came to Dima asked for leaving her Bahu soo free to the outer world.manish in our family no one ever wore such short closed like she wore yesterday..n Dadi when Dima asked misha of her where about last night she ignored her n went upstairs..Dima got angry n in anger those words to u came out of her mouth..when I got to know about this I went to confront her n she badmouthed my can I hear bad about my family who did not do anything.n in anger I slapped her.. Aryan:yes I know I did a mistake I should not have slapped her..I’m sorry..Dadi sees misha angrily. Dadi:it’s ok beta see this type of rift can creat a big mess in be careful n support eachother in everything.aryan smiles. Dadi:n misha not only Aryan u too have to sacrifice ur small happiness to see each one happy beta..misha smiles..

Adhiti:let’s not make this matter big anymore plzz be seated I will bring tea for all. After some time everything becomes normal n everyone gets busy In chatting.. Jigyasa gestures Aryan to come up..Aryan nods n he excuses himself n goes upstairs.jigyasa also goes up n reaches Aryans room..Aryan was standing near his bed holding his head n to release pain..jigyasa closes the door n goes near him. Jigyasa:bhai what happen r u ok Aryan:yes I’m fine Jigyasa.. Jigyasa:nothing looks fine bhai.plzz tell me what happened here. Aryan:I said it down infront of all na.. Jigyasa:oh so u think now u can hide things from me n I won’t even understand.bhai I saw u n Dima sharing she was asking u to say something n u were hesitating.. Aryan:there is nothing like that princess u plzz don’t be worried everything is fine..jigyasa gets angry n holds his hand n puts it on her head. Jigyasa:u have my swear bhai speak out the truth. Aryan:jigyasa I said u already that everything is fine. Jigyasa:bhai u have my swear if u won’t speak I will di..before she completes. Aryan:plzz don’t say like this.u know how precious ur to us. Jigyasa:then say me what happened here..y u both r not in good terms.. Aryan:she is the problem Jigyasa..jigyasa she is still in the lifestyle which she was earlier before marriage..U know what dad Dima no one liked misha for me.but they thought everything will change after marriage she will change but no..they said yes for my happiness n urs.

Jigyasa:mine???.. Aryan:she was totally in her lifestyle which she was before marriage..she doesn’t respects anyone..she always insults everyone..the first day of her in this house..she wore her regular jeans n tops..when Dima asked her to change into an Indian dress she ignored her,humiliated her n went handled the situation knew that she doesn’t know cooking n she asked her to come to the kitchen n learn the basic things at least but she fought for that too.she said that she is not their servant…jigyasa was shocked Aryan:not only this jigyasa each day,every single minute she never leaves a chance to humiliate anyone..she never stops not even infront of any guest..she doesn’t look like she have the sanskaar of ur Dadi at different Manish is from her..U know what I did a mistake to marry her..i did a mistake loving her.i love her. I won’t leave her…

Jigyasa:but bhai will u suffer all ur life.. Aryan:princess love is blind.he smiles n irritates Jigyasa. Jigyasa:bhai plzz. Aryan(in mind):sorry princess the whole family is in trouble because of her..they r uncomfortable with her..but I can’t give up..I don’t want to ruin ur life..ur married life.i don’t know how will Manish react to see her sister like this..I even can’t see u in this state princess..I don’t want to ruin ur life in ur In laws house..what if they feel bad by my words n seeing misha n they start torturing u..I can do anything for u princess..i can even live with such a girl my whole life only for u..Aryan smiles. Hugs her Jigyasa:what happen bhai..jigyasa breaks the hug. Aryan:nothing.

Jigyasa:bhai I think u should say everyone about misha’s behavior..u both can’t live like This,always fighting.. Aryan:jigyasa..I said u already that I won’t leave her.i took the vows n promises of being with her.just a small problem can’t seperate us like this..I don’t want to be a reason for ruining someone’s life jigyasa.i want to see everyone happy.with their loved once.u don’t worry I will try to make her understand n if she doesn’t we will speak.jigyasa smiles fakely.they go down n joined others..later goplani’s leave from their.. After few days the life was again getting to its normal track..everyone was happy now..jigyasa n Manish were busy in their own chores..but they made time for each other too..manish always used to get romantic n she shy..they were Enjoying their married life..

even no complains from pandey nivas.. One day jigyasa comes down excited n happy.. Dadi:oh Jigyasa slowly u will fall.. Neha:what is that ur soo happy today.. Jigyasa:mom today is dhruv chachu n chachi’s 25 wedding anniversary.. Neha:oh that’s a great news say congratulation from us. Jigyasa:u have to say it urself mom..Dima is throwing a party today for them.she called n invited everyone. Dadi:oh then we all will go. Neha:maa ji..ahh u all go to the party I won’t come.. Jigyasa:y mom do u have any work. Neha:actually few days ago I went to Mandir to thank god for making everything fine..manish is getting success in his work.even everyone is happy now..u all forgive me n I prayed for Manish their..I vowed that I would come with whole family soon to pray.. Neha:u all go to the party I will go the the Mandir today Jigyasa:but mom u said that u will come with whole family.

Dadi:yes n vows should not be taken back. Jigyasa:yes I think we should go to Mandir parties can happen other time Manish:but they invited us if no one goes they will feel bad. Dadi:yes so what can we do now. Neha:even we can’t return soon the big Mandir is in other will take hours. Dadi:ok so Jigyasa n Manish go to the party we all will go to Mandir. Jigyasa:but Dadi mom actually prayed for Manish their.he has to be their.every one starts thinking Jigyasa:u all go to the Mandir I will go to pandey nivas.. Manish:but alone what will everyone think Jigyasa:don’t worry Manish I will handle..everyone nods n everything was decided..they go to their rooms to get ready.. Jigyasa was wearing her pink saree standing infront of the mirror..manish comes from back n hugs her..she sees him in the mirror..

Jigyasa:Mr goplani’s I have to get ready even u should to go n change. Manish:y this happens with me always. Jigyasa:what happened. Manish:I got a day leave to stay home n spend time with my beautiful wife..jigyasa smiles Manish:but now I have to go. Jigyasa:it’s ok Manish next time.. Manish:yes. N Last time to go away from u..but not for a longer time..I won’t leave u tomorrow..he kisses her cheek from back.she smiles.. Jigyasa:manish we r getting late leave me..he leaves her n stands behind..she ignores him n starts getting ready.. Manish(in mind):u can’t ignore me sweetheart.u urself will be in my arms with in seconds now..he smirks..he trailed his hand in his jeans pocket n took out a cockroach..he throws it near her leg which Jigyasa did not notice.. Manish:jigyasa cockroach..she jumps getting scared throwing her compact palette in air n it falls down broken..she shouts n turns to him n hug his tightly..

he smiles n hugs her too.. Jigyasa:manish where is the cockroach.. Manish:near ur leg..she gets even more scared n hugs him more tightly..he was literally not able to breath but he loved her embrace.. Jigyasa:chala Gaya Kya (did the cockroach go)..she was scared n closing her eyes n holding him like a baby.. Manish:nahi gaya(no it did not go)..she kept hugging him n he embracing her more tightly he loved her way a lot..he loved her,he loved her getting scared of such small thing n then hugging him,he was enjoying her.. Jigyasa:ab chala gaya Kya (did it go now)..jigyasa ask hopefully. Manish was in a romantic mood.. Manish:abhi nahi.(not yet.)he says a little romantically n she gets a little doubt..she herself detaches him n he curses her wrong timing..he was sad..jigyasa sees the was a plastic one..she picks it up.manish gives a dead expression. Jigyasa:manish this is a plastic..she thinks for a while n her doubts r cleared. Jigyasa:manish ur mad totally u know how scared I got,.

u know na I’m scared of cockroaches but still u played this prank on me..idiot ur an idiot..she huffs n turns away.she then realizes what she uttered..he smirks like a victorious King..jigyasa pats her head irritatedly..he sees her from toe to head..she was gorgeous…her milky white belly flaunting from her saree was inviting him towards her..he touched her waist placing his fingers one by one..she gasped breath n held the chair beside..he held her waist n turned her towards himself..he smirked. Manish:think I have heard something from u now. Jigyasa:I think u have some hearing problem. Manish:yes I have but the word u said I can’t be wrong in that..he smirked n she gets shy. Jigyasa:manish leave me I have to get ready.. Manish:no I won’t first I will give u ur punishment..he comes close to her Jigyasa:manish plzz no..his lips were close to her..she puts her finger to stop him. Jigyasa:not now..she orders n starts going..he sees her waist chain in not properly chained..he holds her hand..she stops but doesn’t turns back..

Jigyasa:manish leave me na I have to go..manish comes near her n turns her to him..she sees him.he bends down n sits on his knees.she keeps looking at her..he moves the saree from her belly n touches her belly..she closed her eyes in anticipation n held her saree..manish holds her chain n tries to tie was a bit hard so he had to press the hook by his teeth.he moves closer to do it.she looks at that n gets nervous..he took the chain in his mouth n his lips were touching her belly..he bites the hook n in process he bites her belly too..she moans his name..’ahhhhh Manishhh!!!’…she holds his shoulder..he was done with the chain n leaves it..she opens her closed eyelids n sees him..they looked at eachother..he gives a soft kiss on navel n she again closes her eyes making a moaning hiss..he smiles n gets up..she again opens her eyes n sees him infront..she gets shy n starts going.he holds her hand n slowly brings her back to him..he holds both her hands n they keep staring at eachother..manish looked at her lips n she sees that.. Jigyasa:manish leave me I have to go..manish leave her Manish:then go I left u..she sees him n again starts going..but a few steps she turns n comes back to him..he smiles.

Manish:I knew u can’t go away from me..jigyasa smiles..he kisses her left eyelid n then moves towards her ear..he gives a soft kiss there. Manish:ur beautiful..he whispers n she smiles widely..he kisses her neck line n she holds him..they sees eachother(Kaun tujhe yun pyaar karega plays)..they moved to eachother to kiss..jigyasa closed her eyes but he kept his open..he smiled at her shyness n held her face in his hands..he raised her face towards him n moved close..they were about to touch when they heard a loud knock on the door.they moved away.thank fully the door was closed.. Neha:beta Jigyasa ,Manish come soon we have to leave..manish gives an irritated look making an irritated voice which was audible to Jigyasa.she smiles n goes to his wardrobe she takes out his silk kurta n comes to him.. Jigyasa:go n change we have to leave..manish smiles. Manish:as u say sweetheart.he quickly kisses her nose n she smiles..he goes to the bathroom.. Later they go to pandey nivas n dropped Jigyasa.then the goplani’s go to the Mandir.. Midnight.. The part was over..the guest were gone..misha calls Manish n he was surprised to see her call at this late times..he picks her call.. Manish:hello misha!! Misha:bhai!!!!!..her voice was Terrible,weak,painfull…manish gets shocked hearing to her voice. Misha:bhai save me bhai..they will kill me.. Manish:what misha,who will kill u misha!!!..

everyone listens to him n they come to him.they ask to put the phone on speaker.he nods n puts it on speaker.. Misha:bhai they torturing me they will kill me bhai..the goplani’s.. heard a thud sound followed with misha’s cries.. Manish:misha…misha..everyone shouts her name. Aryan:this girl I will kill her.. Jigyasa:don’t be a fool bhai..leave her in this room let her be locked for a day..she holds Aryans hands n takes him away.while the goplani’s were shocked.. Manish:hello misha hello response n not a single sound around..he cuts the all n everyone shared a shocked look. Manish:what did they do to misha.. Dadi:even Jigyasa was there can she do that with misha..manish’s anger raged within him..all he could here was misha’s cries..he flew into her rage recollecting jigyasa’s words ‘leave her in the room,locked’ Manish:how can she do that to misha..misha is my sister,her sister in law,how can she torture her joint her family..misha’s cries again flashed in his mind.. Manish:I won’t leave a single person..he went on alone n drove from there while the goplani’s were tensed,shocked.. After a drive of two-three Hours he reached pandey nivas but was still out of the gate..he saw a police jeep coming out of pandey nivas..he goes in an flash back while he was driving.. Manish:I have to drive for hours n I don’t know what they will do to misha till then..I have to do atleast make sure that she is safe..he calls the police n inform everything about misha.ey promised to take this situation in hands..manish asked him not to arrest Jigyasa pandey saying she is not involved..he stated her as Jigyasa pandey..he was relieved to see them going in the police jeep but again got angry,tensed.shocked,to see HIS love gong behind them in a car..he was shocked to see her defending the wrong one..but at present he just wanted to see her sister.he ran inside n shouted misha for times..finally he heard a little voice from upstairs.

he runs up n finds misha in Aryans room.still the room was locked..he opened the door at once n used in..he saw his sister on the floor leaning to the bed..she looked weak..she saw him n smiled..manish quickly went near her n slapped her cheeks slightly to bring an half conscious misha to live. Manish:misha open ur eyes see ur brother is here Misha:bhai..was all she could utter..manish quickly took her in arms n walked out to his car.he drove along with her to goplani’s mansion.. Police station. Jigyasa reached by her car n ran inside to confront the inspector for taking her family like this with out any information of the crime or any proof..she found that her family was getting beaten up by the constables in a jail room n the inspector was enjoying it.. Jigyasa:how dare u she roared..the constables stopped beating n looked at her.. Vasu:jigyasa..she cried. Jigyasa:how dare u bring my family here..

Inspector:is she ur boss or me,y dos u all stopped from doing ur work.he looks at the constables while eating his paan n chewing it..the constables again started beating then.the old Vasu n bauji were also beaten which Jigyasa could not see more. Jigyasa:stop ur mans they r beating them badly.look at them they look pale leave them.what is ur problem y did u brought them here with out informing anything.. Inspector:u people must think about this before committing a crime. Jigyasa:what did the crime they do.. Inspector:don’t try to be soo honest..u know very well what they did. Jigyasa:no I don’t stop wasting my time n say the reason or arresting..she shouts. Inspector:u rich people be one infront of the world,mannered,punctual,honest,charitable but in ur own house u people torture ur Bahu..

Jigyasa:what!!!!. Inspector: yes they tortured their Bahu n kept her locked in a rich people r cheap then any poor people… Jigyasa:listen there is some misunderstanding we did not do anything.dirst leave my family Inspector:no we can’t help we got order Jigyasa:oh so u won’t listen this easily..she takes out her phones dials a number. Jigyasa:hello commissioner uncle..the inspector stands straight hearing the word.. Jigyasa:I’m soo sorry to call u this late. Jigyasa:actually uncle ur mans arrested my family members saying they tortured their Bahu but this is wrong u know our family since ages plzz tell them to release my family.she hands over the phone to the inspector.he spits the paan to a corner n takes the phone. Inspector:yes sir,,sorry sir..jigyasa smiles Inspector:sir we got the arrest note.the victims brother Mr Manish goplani himself filled this report.Jigyasa gets shocked..

Commissioner:oh is it the great business man himself made the report Inspector:yes sir Commissioner:then don’t release them they would really have done something wrong. Inspector:ok sir thank u.he cuts the call n gives the phone back to Jigyasa. Inspector:I’m sorry he asked us not to leave them Jigyasa:but Inspector:she we can’t help we got our orders.let us do our duty.dont waste our time..he sits on his table n Jigyasa steps back.she had a look at her family members who was getting beaten..Vasu screamed.Jigyasa could not see it more she ran to the inspector who was busy with his files Inspector:u came back again we we don’t.jogyasa cuts him Jigyasa:I’m the wife of Mr Manish goplani.inspector sits upright.he again spits the paan Inspector:what??? Jigyasa:yes I’m his wife..n I take this report back as his wife. Inspector :but Jigyasa:do as I say Inspector:constables leave the he orders n Jigyasa runs to the jail room.the constables leave them n came outside.she ran inside n held the stumbling Vasu..

she took each other out side the police station n drove to the pandey nivas. After some time Manish came to the pandey nivas n barged inside..while the family followed him slowly. He was soo angry today..the pandey’s were seated on the sofa still tired n pale,weak stumbling.jigyasa n eberyone heard the door thud sound n turned themselves to the door.maniah was standing their with his anger..he wakes near Jigyasa n held her hand like an animal..she was hurt n shouted.. Jigyasa:ahh my hand.. Manish:how dare u do this Jigyasa.u betrayed me.. Jigyasa:I did not do but u did..she said out of her pain Manish:what did I do.u all were bad to misha..she was suffering n they had to get their punishment but u..he twisted it more n she moaned.. Jigyasa:manish its paining. Vasu:leave her hand ur hurting her. Manish:no no one is comi between us today..she has to answer me.why did u do this Jigyasa.doesmt misha anything to u..isn’t she like ur sister how could u see ur sister like this.. Jigyasa:first ask her what she did n then complain about me. Manish: I know everything she is true n u all r wrong..u made her hungry..she had not eaten anything since days.. Jigyasa:w..we tried to fe…feed her but she.was stu..stubborn.she never ate.. Manish:so u will leave her to die in an locked room.u know what was her state when I found her.

Aryan:ur hurting her leave her..manish left jigyasa’s hand n held Aryans collar. Manish:I told u to take care of my sister but u kept her like a servant..he slapped him..jigyasa n everyone gets shocked..u tortured her,beat her.. Aryan:manish ur Mis..manish cuts him. Manish: no Im not misha said me everything,.. Aryan:the she might have lied..he shouted which raged more anger in Manish n he lifted his hand to slap him again while he turned to save himself but before the hand approached some hands stopped it midway..manish looks at the person it was Jigyasa.he shoot a death glare.. Jigyasa:u r blind in her love Manish u know nothing n ur overreacting Manish:oh I’m over reacting..great.then ur doing acting..ur a lier.he shouts which shocked her.her loved gave a new name to him ‘lier’ Jigyasa:do u even know anything Manish..

Aryan:if he would know then he won’t react this way Jigyasa I know misha very well she might have eared him said lie about everything,everyone..he looked angrily at misha.. Dadi:but. What happened here Aryan :which ucould never imagine Dadi..I don’t know how I fall in trap of such disgusting girl.i hate her more then anything.i can’t stay with her anymore.i don’t want to ruin my life anymore..ruin my families reputation anymore..misha even u wanted this right which u stated a lot of times during our fights.then let’s end it now.I’m leaving her,I’m divorcing her.i can’t live with such ugly hearted creature..I can’t see my family in more troubles..

Manish:arrrrryannn!!!!!he shouts n moved near him but was stopped by Jigyasa again Jigyasa:don’t u shout at us Manish..first see to what ur sister do.he is right.even I don’t want her to be with my family.manish clinched his fist.. Jigyasa:Dadi I’m really sorry to speak like this.but is this the truth.she is soo soo not capable for our family..she is totally different.she is still enjoying her bachelor life in her married life..she is not capable to be a bahu of anyone’s..I think Dima said it right that day.. Jigyasa:shed lest looks like she has ur sanskaar.manish was at the cloud nine of anger.. Jigyasa:she is a spoiled kid.n the reason she is spoiled is u..u pampered her like a baby n ..before she finished a hard Palm grabbed her arm n turned her to himself..a hard Palm approached her soft white cheek..the whole hall room was shocked the thud sound roared in the whole house..the slapper was not effected while the victim was dreadfully effected..she was like seeing the world turned infront of her..a few tears escape from her eyes.. Manish:never ever bad mouth my family,he shouted pointing a finger.. Aryan:u r taking her wrong Manish..he read to control the situation but it was out of control now..

Manish:the people who have been good to u always how can u speak ill about them. Aryan:she is not blaming u all Manish. Manish:the man who loved u n made u feel like a queen u r blaming him. Aryan:manish listen to me u know nothing.manish shows his palm to him to not to come in between while the family was shocked.. Manish:u blamed my sister who herself was a victim of ur tortures.. Manish:she is not a lies but ur,she is not a cheater but u r..aryan again tried to speak but was stopped by Jigyasa this time.manish was shocked at her attitude.jigyasa was still in the shock of his slap.this was the second time he slapped her,first was for her sake itself but his time he was wrong,he was misguiding,he was misjudging,she was angry as he slapped his love..wait…was it love??..does a love bird slaps its mate?? matter what ever it is ur I will be with u..did he forget this line..she was angry as he did not trust her but his sister who is a big big biggest lier.. Manish:look at her attitude.she doesn’t understands anytime she always wants to be bomber one.. Jigyasa:yes because I’m number one.i never gave a chance to complain which ur sister did a lot of times,I never made ur family ashamed which ur sister did a numerous times.she stated calmly Aryan:maniah Jigyasa u guys need to speak alone come with me.he orders Manish:I don’t want to speak to her now.. Jigyasa:even I don’t want to.

Manish:oh is It.he turns angrily to Aryan Manish:Aryan if u leave my sister I will leave ur sister.everyone were shocked.even Jigyasa was.wait was this the limit of his love..she thought.. Aryan:no I’m not..jigyasa cuts him Jigyasa:let him do anything.but we r not going to accept misha again as our Bahu..she managed to ruin bery thing now it’s me who have to get everything back.manish remembered the police inspector call..n how he said that jogyasa took his name as being his wife n took out the family out of the jail.he smirked remembering Manish:ur doing a mistake.ur nothing with out me.i bet u u will come back to me running soon. Jigyasa:we will see Manish.who will come n who will not..she looks at him with the equal anger as he had.. Manish:let’s go everyone.he steeped to the goplani’s n held misha’s hand. Manish:I’m taking my sister.,Aryan u keep ur sister along with u..his words ached jigyasa’s heart..she felt like loosing breath..her love was going away but then her brain spoke.. Brain:see I told u he is not right person.everyone is selfish.. Heart:no he doesn’t know anything Brain:he knows he said it himself. Heart:but who knows misha lied to him.. Brian:what ever it is his love should not be soo weak.he should have atleast talked about.he even slapped her for nothing.if his lier sister is more precious to him then let him be with her..

this was his love his respect towards ME…as I said this world is selfish try to be selfish JIGYASA u will reach to the extents.u don’t need a man to sleep beside u to be successfull.u need urself just u can help..he left u then he is ur past..if he loved u then he would not do this never ever in his life..WORLD IS A LIE…she was satisfied with her brain.manish was was walking with out turning back stopped by his forcing heart n looked behind.jigyasa turned to the other side n wiped her tears..mansih got angry seeing her turned to the other side..he leaves form there..after he leaves she falls on her knees n cried harder…Vasu was satisfied with what Jigyasa did today..why should she be sorry when she has no mistake..manish should trust her.if he would love her genuinely he would have not done this..she remembered how he slapped her n the saw the broken Jigyasa..she wanted to pick her up n console her but some part of her heart was in rage of anger on Manish.she went upstairs with out looking at her once..Aryan came near her to console her. Aryan:why did u do this jigyasa..u both love eachother but for me u rejected to stay with him..jigyasa recollects his harsh words..she remembers how she tool him out of ritika’s least for love sake can’t he trust her once n listen to her..can’t he see the truth in her eyes,how can he think that she can do anything like this..

Jigyasa:it happened what had to happen.. Aryan:no Jigyasa I cant see ur life ruining..I will talk to Manish. Jigyasa:no one is going to speak to him about’s his choice that’s he wants to life with me or not..I did notleave him but he did..I won’t go back to him.she gets up n runs upstairs..while Aryan tried to stop her. Dhruv:she is right Aryan..she is hurt now Manish did not respect her..if he loved her he won’t have done this ever..he would trust her..let him be alone n I bet u one day he himself will come in search of Jigyasa..he goes upstairs too.aryan thinks about this. He runs to jigyasa’s room.. Aryan:jigyasa.. Jigyasa:yes bhai..she sounded normal like nothing happened Aryan gave a confused look to her. Aryan:what happen jigyasa r u ok.. Jigyasa:yes bhai I’m a person who leaves her past behind..if he is happy with out met he I’m ok with it..y should I spoil my life thinking about him.aryan smiles at her confidence. Aryan(in mind):she is just like u Thapki chachi confident.n her dareness just like chachu. Jigyasa:bhai it would not be easy for me to forget him but.she smirks..

Aryan:but?? Jigyasa:but I don’t want to live with a guy who don’t have a little trust,faith on me.. Aryan:think twice Jigyasa u even can’t live with out him,not a SINGLE day(he stressed the word single)..jigyasa didn’t say anything.she remembers their moment.their love confession…Aryan goes from the room..jigyasa sits on the bed n sees her mangalsutra..she remembers how he slapped him n angrily tries to take it out.but it was stuck with her hairs..ahhhh..she moaned but again tried to take it out,,she was tired of trying any more n left the mangalsutra.she cries Jigyasa:I love u Manish plzz come back..she cries n lies on the bed n she doesn’t know when she sleeps while crying..

Precap-a year leap Sorry I thought to keep the leap a suspense..u guys will get it in the next part..

plzz don’t loose hope guys I will make everything fine soon.n u all will soo get the manyasa scenes.leap means not like I will stop writing romance.i will write that’s the only thing I’m good at.?? comment I really need them thank u stay u:-)Juveria..


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