Thahaan-a new start (episode-19) special episode

Hey everyone hope u guys liked my last part n this one will be intresting I hope..revelation,sacrifice,love,care,n party of comment ur view I have started writing this part with a lot of excitement,hope..thank u love u

Let’s start

Jigyasa went to her room n sat on the bed holding the diary.she thinks she is not doing right
Jigyasa(in mind):but I directly can’t go n ask mom about that night,I have no clues about her.who will listen to me if I say it was her but she will take a chance n blame I cannot let it happen I should read this diary to get my answers.she opens it..she again comes to the page were hers n manish’s pic was there.she moves his hand on the picture n sees the page to read it
“today my son got married to a modern girl.who just looks like that thapki.
I came to India forcing abhi ji only to take revenge from pandey they killed my brother my life my everything “Kabir bhai”.thapki n Bihaan killed them.parents of jigyasa..n look at this I came here to take revenge n God made it easier for me.i will now torture my Bahu daughter of thapki n Bihaan n take my revenge.manish is my son I will not let anything happen to him but u ur parents were the reason I lost everything my husband my first kid n then my support my life my bhai.i won’t leave u jigyasa
She was dumpstuck reading the lines..she cannot understand the situation who is wrong.did her parents really killed anyone,who were her parents,how do neha mom know about them,what is the relationship between them..all such thoughts were coming in her mind.

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“Won’t let u both stay together I cannot do anything but one thing u will die-jigyasa”
She widely opened her mouth.
Why do she have this hatred for me,what is my fault.
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“Ur fault is u were born to them,n they killed my bhai”so I won’t let u breath easily”
My parents what is the mystery behind it,I m confused..she thinks n cries hard.
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“The day he was born was the most worst day of my life,but a mother love u know”
He was born..who was born?? Mother love means means manish..the day he was born was the worst day of her life but but he is his son how can she..she hates him too.what did he do to her.if that day was the worst day of her life then what is the meaning of mother love..she thinks..
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“Well God gave a new birth to u both again a new love story.but this one won’t complete”
Who’s love story is she talking about.she said she will seperate me n manish is she talking about us??
She turns next page but finds nothing.she gets confused she thinks to read it from start..

First page
“Done with my bhai’s last rites today,he’s he is life my reason of being alive is gone now he left me alone in this disgusting world with criminals,liars n lot more..he who was everything to me is gone far away from he..but he is not dead he is alive in me.they killed him they snatched my bhai away from me.they took all my happiness away,they made me a living dead body,what will I do living but no no I will live,live for my brother for his revenge they killed him.first they killed my first husband n my kid then my bhai.they died too nut my revenge is not yet completed that pandey family troubled my bhai a lot,humiliated him n thrown out,what was his fault he wanted to take a sister revenge n he did it but it took him away.they took him away.they left his body soulless.i won’t leave u wait for my time to come..
Jigyasa was thunderstruck her hands stared shivering harder she managed to hold the book tightly
Who killed him why is she blaming my do she know them.why Dima hid all of it from me.about myself,my parents.who r my parents.
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“I met him few day ago n finally today he proposed me..though my closeness towards him was a lie but I took step for taking the revenge.he will help me.i had to do it.this relation ship is just a lie”
Jigyasa’s eyes were wide open she reads the lines again n again.
He proposed it means dad yes dad proposed her may means he is with her too.
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“He don’t know about me my intentions..he loves me but I don’t love him..he is rich n a close friend of pandey’s he will be a help in future”
It means mom is using dad,she doesn’t love him..she thinks.

On some random page
“He is now grown up grown up as a handsome young man,takes his own decision,tall white like a hero,but looks like my enemy which makes me hate him.i loved him but the face n personality he has makes me hate him..still as a mother..
He is grown up means her only son manish how can a mom hate her child this much.he is handsome anyone would easily love him but she..she thinks.whos personality he matches.she thinks
“Found her in India n that girl looks like her mother same n tomorrow she will be married to my son n it starts my revenge will start..
Jigyasa had a lot confusions this the the end of the dairy.all of it pages she read earlier but still did not got a complete truth.she was heartbroken she now wanted to know more of it.she wanted to know about her parents,what happened at that time,what r the reasons of her hatred.

Jigyasa:there is only one person from whom I can get my answers.she thinks..she wipes her tears n gets up..
Manish:who is that person,..she looks at the door n sees him standing holding the door n moving his eyebrows up n down in a teasing way which made her relax as she though he listened everything.he comes to her slowly by putting his hands in his pocket.jigyasa somehow manages to keep the diary under the pillow.manish did not see her doing it.he comes to her she sees him n fakely passes a smiles.he puts his hands around her neck.
Manish:what answer do u want,n y r u looking dull did anyone told u something
Jigyasa:no manish I’m fine n just just.she thinks what to say..he was waiting for her answer
Jigyasa:I just remembered the kidnapping incident n after I met viren it made me fall weak.i really don’t know who is the person who gave Money for my kidnapping who has this enmity with me..manish cupped her face
Manish:who ever it is I swear I won’t leave him/her..who ever it may be I won’t forgive them.jigyasa sees him n holds his hands.he smiles n hugs her.she hugs him too.she gets melted n lost in his heartbeats.n he was busy caressing her hair patting her head n showing that he is there with her.she thinks about neha n what if he gets to know about her,what will be his reaction,will he deny the fact n blame me as a lier or believe me that she is the one one who is back of all the things happened with me..she tightens her eyelids to release her fresh warm tears which got safely placed at his heart upon his shirt..he could feel the wrath of it n seperates her.she had tears.he wiped them away gestures no..he kissed her forehead n again hugs her.jigyasa this time hugged him with a lot of respect to his feelings n love she had a smile upon her face..she seperates her self

Jigyasa:u came back so early..
Manish:y r u not happy that ur husband came early arre other wife always asks their husbands to get back home early n u.
Jigyasa:they r all mad wife I don’t like this fact I mean what will they do coming early.
Manish:u really don’t know
Jigyasa:no.he smiles at her childish question
Manish:ok let me show u.jigyasa looked at him confused.he comes close.he goes close to her ears n whispers
Manish:they do this.he touches her hand n moves it all through .he moves back.she was shy n now knew or got her answer..he held her by both her forearms n she held them together.she looked at him n blushed.he pulled her n her hands placed on his chest.he smiled.
Manish:let u know more.she sees him.he winks n gets close to her.jigyasa gets nervous..
Jigyasa:can I ask u something..he nods no as he wanted to make love with her n she was disturbing.
Jigyasa:y do u come close to me.her words made him move away.he looked at her.she realized her way was rude
Jigyasa:I mean suddenly u changed.u did not wanted to marry me n we both did this marriage for our families..but then u suddenly started coming u have forgot everything happened with us in the past.
Manish(in mind):it is totally my fault I never expressed my feelings to u n always tried to come close this would be the question of any girl.i must say her
Manish(romantically): I come close to u because I know ur mine n always be mine,never leave me n I i..I want to say my feeling to u…he gets nervous seeing her gaze at him
Manish:ahhh it’s very hard..she makes a cute pout.he smiles.
Manish(in mind):what r u doing manish it’s not a correct time u have some responsibility u need to do it first.if anything happens to me then she won’t be able to bare it if I say my feeling to her n the plan I made is very risky but Dadi says sometimes taking risk is a correct decision n we will get our best in it instead of looking over the easy one..he thinks n she makes a sound with her fingers getting him back.
Manish:haan haan haan.
Jigyasa:what haan haan u were saying something.something like ur feeling.
Manish:yes my feeling but let them be in my heart for few moments..jigyasa agains makes pout
Jigyasa:manish u r making me restless.he cupped her face
Manish:I m telling na it’s not a correct time for it trust me I will when the correct time comes.till then u think about urs..
Jigyasa:what mine
Manish:well ur feeling for me.
Jigyasa:what feeling we r friends na.
Manish:dadi says before getting to a conclusion we must think of it for hundred times u have a lot time.think. He pats her cheeks.she sees him.they have an eyelock (ranjha naa plays)viren comes in the room.they see him n composes them selves.

He comes to manish n shows him a packet..he takes it.
Manish:what is it viren..jigyasa looks on.manish opens it n finds a jeans n tshirt with a cute pair of boots of viren’s size..
Manish:ohh these very nice..viren shows “DADI” letter by letter through his fingers
Jigyasa:ohh Dadi gave it to u.he nods
Manish:wow wearing these clothes jigyasa just imagine how cute our viren will look.he pulls his cheeks slightly..jigyasa smiles n nods.
Jigyasa:but first he has to totally change his look for that.viren u wanna be cute na.he nods.
Jigyasa:then today we will change all ur look n see the magic..he nods hesitatingly
Jigyasa:Arre what happen y r u hesitating..viren gets shy n he hides behind Manish
Jigyasa:manish Mai bhoot lagrahi Hun Kya.she sees herself in mirror then viren who was peeping behind manish holding his hand.manish laughs
Manish:I know exactly y he is shy..
Jigyasa:y…manish turns to viren
Manish:it’s ok viren I will get u ready..jigyasa gets confused then she realizes what’s the matter.
Jigyasa:tum dono na…she hits manish shoulder.
Jigyasa:ok now go n get ready..
Manish:n don’t worry today our viren will look totally different.i will make him ready..he smiles n goes along with viren

He comes to the guest room
Manish:ok viren come first u have to take bath
He nods n goes with him to the bathroom..manish makes him stand under the shower.he opens the shower tap n as the water fall on him he gets scared n runs away.
Manish:arre what r u doing..he closes the shower tap..
He was scared as he was experiencing all of it for the first time in his life.
Manish:viren water is not hot come n stand here.he thinks for a minute n at his insistence he goes to him n stand under the shower..again manish opens the tap n as the water fell on him he again runs away..manish laughs this time..viren sees him..
Manish:ur scared of water.viren nods no.
Manish:then..oh u r scared of this shower.he nods yes.
Manish:ok then I have an idea..he goes to the bathtub n opens the tap the water fills up viren comes there to see.he gets more scared.he gestures that he cannot swim
Manish:offo viren u won’t drown in this see the water will be just till the knees only…now come n this bath tub.viren gulped his fear n goes near the bath tub slowly.manish smirks n pushes him in the bath tub.he fall inside it..he quickly holds the ends of the bath tub as he was scared.manish laughs..he sees him..he makes an angry face n throws water on him..manish tries to save himself

Manish:arre viren he Kya karrahe ho nahana tumhe hai mujhe nahi..viren was throwing water on him continuesly n he was trying to save himself.viren quickly holds his hand n before manish could understand he pulled him in the bathtub.he falls inside..viren laughs..manish sees him n smiles.manish puts the shampoo in the tub viren plays with the bubbles..he takes a hand full of foam n throws in the air..manish goes down in the bath tub n gets up in a scaring way shouting loudly..he had all the foam on his clothes.viren gets scared thinking its a ghost.he goes to the end of the bath tub n sits..manish laughs..he takes a pipe shower n cleans himself.viren can now see him n signs in relief..manish puts on the shower n brings viren their..he stands still for a few minutes n enjoys it he starts dancing in the shower..manish also joins him..manish closes the shower n takes a scissor n cuts his long hairs to a boy cut length..manish gets him bathed n after a long masti they comes out of the bathroom.manish makes him wear the clothes n now he was looking cuter,he was looking whiter,with a short hairs perfectly matching his personality,his wounds were not shown off after a warm bath..
Manish:wow viren look at u ur looking like a prince.he blushes.

Manish:oye blush Ladkiyaan karti hai.they laugh n manish goes to his room for getting ready..
Manish:Oho I wasted a lot time.i have to reach the police station also n jigyasa too will kill me..
he opens the door slowly..jigyasa was standing near the mirror trying to put the hooks of her saree..her both the hands were twisted back holding the hooks..he smiles seeing her s*xy look.he sees her top to bottom she was wearing a saree of pista color with a red blouse n the saree too had a red border n the red part had a golden Flower patches..the pista part had light golden color lays arranges in check shapes..she was looking royal.she draped the saree perfectly…he smiles n still she was busy with her hooks.he steps towards her n he holds the hooks she sees him in the mirror.she gets shy.he slowly puts the hooks of her blouse n sees her.he smiles at her.jigyasa also smiles..he sees her in the mirror n gets mesmerized by her beauty..he takes the bangles from the table n holds her hand.they were golden n red bangles.he holds her hand she sees him n he puts the bangles in her hands she smiles.he kisses her knuckles after putting all the bangles.he takes the earrings n makes her wear that.she was looking at him in the mirror with a smile.he hugs her from back n she sees him.his hug was tight embracing her in his warmth.she stood thier looking at him in the mirror like a statue.the statue was turned alive when he started kissing her neck.she feels it n leaves herself free in his love,in his arms..she unknowingly smiled n he was constantly kissing her neck closing his eyes.she moans in pleasure..he stops kissing her n she looked at him in the mirror.

Which indicated him that she is waiting for more.he smiles.
Manish:ur looking beautiful today..just like a princess..
Jigyasa:I’m not a princess anymore I’m a queen of a king…”right”..he smiles n nods yes
He turns her n holds her hands
Manish:only my queen.the queen of one n only manish goplani..he said strictly..she smiled at his possessiveness..he looked at her lips n comes close to her.she sees it . N Frees herself from his grip n starts running..he holds her hand(ranjha naa plays) she turns n sees him.they looked eachother n manish left her hand slowly.jigyasa sees it.she gets confused..manish left her thinking it’s not good to build up any relationship with her..n even she won’t like him coming close to her.he looks down n she stood their. Without any moment.manish expected her to go from the room but she stood thier.he didn’t knew what’s going on in her mind but loved her attention.he sees him.n she gestured “any problem”. Manish smiles..jigyasa notices that he is wet
Jigyasa:manish how come u got wet.he remembers his cute moments with viren n then thinks now she will kill me
Jigyasa:what happen I asked u something what r u thinking..u went to make viren ready na
Manish:no no actually I was lifting a bucket n I fell down so I got wet.she comes to him.
Jigyasa:u fell down did u..did u got hurt..she was looking very concerned for him.she touches his cheeks with both her hand
Jigyasa:what happen say me..manish held her hand
Manish:I said a lie.

Manish:I was playing with viren while making him ready so I got wet.n I did not say because I thought u will get angry for playing in water n I did not wanted to spoil ur mood for today.because I know ur very excited for it.she smiles at his explanation..she caressed his cheeks
Jigyasa:yes I am because we never enjoyed any function together.i want to enjoy this one after all it’s our reception.he smiles fakely
Manish:jigyasa..he cupped her face
Manish:I cannot come today.jigyasa sees him
Jigyasa:now don’t start ur joking please
Manish:no I’m not I really have a work.jigyasa the plan I made for arresting the kidnappers need me to be thier in the police station today.
Jigyasa:manish but.she gets tears.
Jigyasa:this is our function we r the groom n bride in it what will people think if u won’t come n most of can u leave me alone no U have to come I want to enjoy this night with u.
Manish:jigyasa try to understand please
Jigyasa:no means no if u aren’t coming I won’t go too.she stubbornly persisted
Manish:ahh ok I will but only for an hour then I have to go for my plan n this will be the final step.jigyasa knew he won’t agree n nodded yes for an hour.she was angry with him
Jigyasa:okk will enjoy with viren only
Manish:he is not coming too

Manish:he is not safe he has to be taken away from the world to an secret. place.n he is the only prove against those kidnappers..jigyasa felt him right
Jigyasa:ok..manish smiles n hugs her.she hugs him too..(ranjha naa plays)
Manish goes to the bathroom..
Jigyasa:arre I forgot to ask what he is wearing today..she sees his clothes n gets nothing.manish gets freshed n comes out in a towel thinking jigyasa would have went down..jigyasa was busy looking clothes for him n he comes out moving his hands in his hairs.he sees her n gets shocked
Manish:u r still here.jigyasa turns to him n sees him in the towel.she gets shocked.n turns to the other side.manish smiles
Jigyasa:y did u came in this.can’t y wear anything.
Manish:arre I thought u went down so I came to take my clothes.
Jigyasa:arre u should see na that if someone is there in the room or not.
Manish:ok so this is also my fault.
Manish:Oho it’s ok what happened ur my wife.she widened her eyes at his statement.he smiled..
Jigyasa:what r u wearing today
Manish:my favorite black suit.
Jigyasa:as always
Manish:yes I don’t have anything better then that u know na I don’t have any interest in clothes
Jigyasa:yes but at occasions u must wear new.n see u have all casual suit.when will u go shopping.
Manish:hmm I don’t have time now.later.but at present I’m running out of time give me my suit.she turns.she was looking down.she stared rubbing her hands.she moves forward to him.he sees her keeping both his hands on his waist.she came near her n he gets happy.she slowly looks at him.she then crosses him n goes to the dressing table.he sees her confused n sad..she takes a suit hanged in a suit cover..n comes to him.
Jigyasa:u will wear this today.she said hesitatingly..he looks at the suit.
Manish:u got it for me

Jigyasa:yes because I knew u would be busy in ur work n u never have time for anyone else.he smiles.he keeps it on the bed n moves close to her.he holds her waist.she did not look at him
Manish:what did u mean by anyone else..hmm he said with a husky voice..he touched his forehead with hers n rubbed his head on hers.she was trying to move when he held her more tightly
Jigyasa:manish we will get late.he pulled her more close.she kept her hands on his wet chest.she looks at her hands n then looks at him who was smiling widely at her..she gets lost in his smile.she smiles n looks down getting shy.
Jigyasa:now go n get ready.she said patting his chest.he smiled n left he took his suit n went to the bathroom
Jigyasa:I have got the suit but forgot the tie I think I will find one matching in his collection.she sees in his cupboard
Manish comes out wearing the was a pista color coat n pant with a white shirt.
Manish:how am I looking..jigyasa looked at him.she thinks “how handsome he is looking”. She smiles.she had a pista color tie in her hand.she comes to him..he moves his eyebrows for an answer..she moves his hands to his neck..she pulls up his collar of his shirt n ties the tie around his neck..he smiled at her wifey nature..after she is done she caresses the tie near his chest.looked in his eyes
Jigyasa:just like a king..he smiled..she gets tears.he sees them.he holds her shoulders
Manish:what happen.jigyasa sees him
Jigyasa:nothing just the tears of happiness.she smiles n hugs him.he gets confused but hugs her back.
Jigyasa(in mind):manish I get scared thinking what will u do when u get to know about ur mom.i get many thoughts like u would care for me,protect me,calm me,console me or will u hate me for talking ill about mom.i still don’t know y she did it.i have to get my answer today..she seperates.he smiles seeing her..he goes to the mirror n she secretly puts the diary in her purse…

Neha’s room
She gets ready n takes her phone
Neha:I must call them to find out my work is done or not
She dials a number
Neha:hello,did u finished ur work
A goon standing infront of the pandey nivas
Goon:yes ma’am ur work is done I have planted a bomb in pandey nivas which will blast in exactly 8 hours from now.that is around 11pm.neha smirks.
Neha. Cuts the call
Neha:want to do reception party.enjoy just enjoy the way u want today but at the end u all will die..before 11 I have to bring everyone from the family out.let the guest n pandey’s die.she smirks.she goes down
Jigyasa manish n everyone comes their.everyone compliments viren he smiles.
Manish:actually I want to say u all something.
Dadi:yes beta say what’s it
Manish:dadi viren is not safe their he has to be taken away n kept in a safer place with security.n also the interview is tomorrow n he has to get ready for it.he has to go to the bureau for some work..he makes excuses n the family also agrees with him..
A police constable comes their to take viren away.he runs to jigyasa n hugs her.she smiles n hugs him too..he hugs manish n he sees neha with an angry look n goes away with the constable
Neha:y did he gave me those angry expression.i remember manish told that he knows everything about the he really know that it was me.then before the interview I has to do his work.she goes away n calls the goon
Neha:hey that boy of ur gang just went to the police station now he was confidently
Looking at me as he know my his work now kill him before the interview
Goon:ok Maam as u say.she cuts the call.
Everyone leave to pandey nivas

Pandey nivas
The pandey’s were waiting at the door to welcome them.
Aryan was making a lot noise in the hall.he was asking to the servent for something
Vasu:arre what is this Aryan all the guests are here n ur shouting like hell infront of them.
Aryan:arre I’m doing it for jiggu
Vasu:for her but what r u doing
Aryan:Dima just wait n watch..u know na she loves it when others make her feel like princess.
Vasu:yes..servants brings plates of red flowers petals
Aryan:Dima she always wanted an entry like this.yes she used to tell me that when she would come home from London she wants her entry to be like this.n today I will fulfill her wish n see she will be overwhelmed to it.
Vasu:acha then ok
Dhruv:but suddenly u never took part in any function or things n now ur going to give my princess a surprise.he said jokingly.vasu pats his shoulder
Vasu:arre it’s ok it’s a brother sister love.after all they stayed away for years n then with in few days jigyasa got married.,they never spent time
Aryan:yes also I have only one sister so I will always make her feel special.i never came to any functions because I hate them what will people do just coming,eating n then backbiting.aint it Dima
Vasu:no beta people will come n give the family their blessings.specially to whom the party or function is organized.
Aryan:ok ok now let me prepare for the surprise.
Vasu:ok..they smiled at him n went to the door..the goplani’s came in the cars n comes to the gate.vasu smiles
Vasu:please come inside.everyone nods n gets in..they just took a step inside when they were showered with flowers by aryan n his friends..everyone looks at them..jigyasa smiles..most of the flowers were showered on jigyasa n manish.they smiled..they reach the Hall n aryan stops showering the flowers
Jigyasa:aryan bhai what was this
Aryan:surprise..everyone sees him
Jigyasa:surprise but y
Aryan:abhi tumne dekha kaha hai.just wait n watch all the surprises coming ahead..she gets confused.n she tries to ask it to others but they ignore her n goes to take care of the guest.manish was also confused..
Neha(in mind):yes there r lot. more surprises ahead.she smirks..
Aryan at the stage
Aryan:ladies n gentle man plzz may I have ur attention plzzz..everyone sees him
Aryan:thanku everyone for joining us today at our biggest happiness
Jigyasa to manish:I wonder how he changed so.he never took part in any function n he is a bit shy.n look at him now how nicely he is hosting the function..
Manisn:yes.they smiles.
Aryan:hey u both its ur function not mine so pay ur attention here.i know u can’t stay away from eachother or with out talking but at least now when I’m hosting.. jigyasa n manish sees him.everyone laughs.they feel embarrassed..jigyasa gives a killing looks to Aryan
Aryan:ok so let’s start our evening with a super duper performance..plzz put ur hand together for manish n jigyasa.they were left in shock as they hear thier name.everyone were cheering for them n they were feeling shy to go on the stage
Aryan:come up couple n give us an awesome performance.jigyasa n manish looks at eachother..the crowd started chanting their names..the song plays.

Janam janam janam sath chalna yuhi…jigyasa was shy.she was looking here n there when manish comes infront of her n forwards his hand.she looks at it n him.he gestures to come when she nods no shyly.he smiles n moves his hand to her hand n holds it.she looks at him.
Crowd:ohhh how romantic..jigyasa widens her eyes n manish smiles..he sees her n they slowly moved to the stage..manish helps her climbing the stairs..they came in the centre n a spot light focused them.jigyasa was shy to dance infront of all.the song plays..

Janam janam janam sath chalna yuhi.
Manish comes behind her n holds both her hands.he took her hands n moves in the air slowly.his face was touching hers.she was nervous,shy,getting lost in his love,in his warmth,in his breath,she was confused of her feeling..manish was dancing romantically with passion,passion of her love.

Kasam tumhe kasam aake milna yahin
He pushes her forward slightly yet hard for her.n holds her hands.
Ek Jaan hain bhale do badan ho Judaa..
He pulls her back n her back n his chest pressed she came to him he hugged her wrapping his hands on her waist..he held her waist n turns her .she sees him.he pulls her n keeps her hands on his shoulder n his hands on her waist
Meri hoke hamesha hi rehna kabhi na kehna alvida..
They danced passionately manish swirls her around him..

Meri subahho tumhi..he again turns her n moves his hands on hers.she felt it.he held her hand
Aur tumhi sham ho..he moves her hand up to his faces made her touch it.she smiled.
Tum dard ho tumhi aaraam ho.he hugged her
He held both her hands up n joined them
Meri duaaon se aati hai bas ye sadaa..
Meri hoke hamesha hi rehna
Kabhi na kehna alvida.
He turns her with force while her hands were still up n he holds her hands n placed them around his neck.she looks at him in his eyes there was passion,love for her but she did not understand it…their breaths mingled.
Aa ha haa haa haa…..manish bends backwards n jigyasa leaned on him.her one hand was on her chest n other around his neck.they closed their eyes.

(Female-jigyasa’s lines)
Teri baahon mein hai mere dono jahaan..
She hugged him.he smiles
Tu Rahe. Jidhar..jigyasa moved a few steps back n held his hands.
Meri jannat wah in..she again come to him n turns around n keeps her head on his shoulder.manish sees her n smiled.
Jal rahi agan hai jo ye do tarfa..he raised both his hands.n kept his right hand around her neck n the other hand around her bare belly.she felt his touch.n he felt her warmth..he kissed her neck from back…she moved away n sees him
Na bujhe kabhi Meri mannat yahi.she comes to him n holds his hand in both her hands.she lifts it.
Tu Meri aarzu,main Teri aashique
Tu Meri shayari.main Teri mausiqi..she kissed his hand…they both bends back holding eachothers hands n manish pulled her hard towards him.she sees here n there n finds everything normal..they were holding eachother n dancing normally ..she sees him.he gestures what..she nods no n smiles.(the female lines were a dream of jigyasa)

(Male-manish’s lines)
Meri subah ho tumhi shaam ho.
Tum dard ho,Tumhi aaraam ho
Meri duaaon she aati hai bas he sadaa
Meri hoke hamesha hi rehna
Kabhi na kehna alvida
O….na na….
The melody plays while
..he lifts her in arms n swirls were showering from up.she looks up n finds Aryana doing it.she sees manish n he smiles at her romantically.she smiles too.n waves her hands in air.her pallu was covering her hand n so she was playing with it n the flowers falling on them.manish smiled at her innocence..the song ends n he puts her down.she smiled n every one clapped at their romantic,passionate,immense performance..jigyasa n manish smiles..n she runs upstairs getting shy..manish smiled.
Vasu:I think she is shy I will bring her down..she goes up.
Manish smiles n goes to Dadi
Manish:dadi I have some work I need to go now
Dadi:but beta
Manish:dadi it’s very important I have to go now.
Dadi:but jigyasa will get sad
Manish:don’t worry I told her.dadi nods.n he goes out..

In the room
Jigyasa remembers their dance. N smiles she holds the bed n stands there thinking about it..Vasu comes from back n puts her hand on her shoulder
Jigyasa thinks it’s manish she closes her eyes n holds the bed tightly.
Jigyasa:manish plzz leave me.vasu smiles
Jigyasa:manish plzz move ur hand..Vasu gets happy
Jigyasa:manish..she turns around n sees Vasu.she widens her eyes.vasu smiles n moves her eyebrows
Vasu:I think u were expecting someone else.
Jigyasa:no no Dima nothing like that.vasu smiles.jigyasa sees here n there as she was caught by her.she remembers the diary
Jigyasa:Dima I have to ask u something.
Vasu:yes beta.
Jigyasa:I have forgot something I will bring it u stay here.
Vasu:ok ..jigyasa goes down n gets her purse she runs up
She shows the diary to to Vasu
Vasu:what is this.
She tells her every thing about neha n what is writtien in the diary too.vasu gets tensed.she turns around
Jigyasa:Dima u have hidden many thing from me till now but plzz say everything to me.i promise I won’t fall weak.plzz Dima
Vasu:beta I have told u many time n this time too.that I have hidden these thing from u for ur safety only.if u get to know about it.u will be in danger.n ur the only precious thing of my tha…she stops..
Jigyasa:thapki n Bihaan right.vasu turns to her.
Vasu:how do u know
Jigyasa:it’s in the diary Dima..Vasu signs in relief..
Jigyasa:they r my parents right.vasu sees her.jigyasa holds her hand
Jigyasa:Dima plzz tell me everything what happened that time,where r my parents,have they really died,y neha mom thinks that mamma papa killed some Kabir,in the diary it’s written that Kabir is neha moms brother but what was he to mamma papa..plzz Dima tell me
Vasu:u have got to know about ur parents na that’s enough..i don’t want ur life to be in danger.she turns around n starts to go
Jigyasa:Dima..she stops
Jigyasa:if today u won’t tell me the truth my will will be in danger.vasu turns to her n she sees jigyasa holding a knife near her wrist..Vasu shouts
Vasu:jigyasa…beta what r u doing the knife is will hurt u move it away,she comes to her n jigyasa moves back
Jigyasa:no Dima don’t come to me..just say me the truth or else today u will loose ur precious thing.
Vasu:beta listen to me don’t do it.its not correct.i can’t tell u the truth beta try to understand
Jigyasa:y Dima what will happen.dima today u have to tell the truth or.she moves the knife close to her wrist..Vasu gets scared n shouts
Vasu:noooo…no stop this childishness jigyasa.I’m telling na I can’t tell the truth I promised ur parents that I won’t let u know about them..plzz stop this nonsense ..jigyasa sees her..
Jigyasa:what Dima they told u not to tell any thing about them.but why…Vasu falls down her knees
Vasu:because their life was with full of hurdles.,difficulties,n all they never got any happiness and if they got it did not long u.
Jigyasa:like me..she sits beside her.
Vasu(sobbing):yes..thapki always said that all the difficulties in the life are just a test from God to proof urself.n after many difficulties they found an happiness.”you”..god gave happiness to them by sending u in their life but as alway it did not last.for that one thing I always blamed god that he have snatched my thapki my Bihaan from me.but then I saw ur face.just like my thapki n ur habits just like my I molded u like them..
Jigyasa:what happened to them..Vasu sees her
Jigyasa:I know Dima u promised my parents but trust me nothing will happen to me n it’s necessary to know the truth.if not many life’s will be in danger,our family,manish,n me too Dima.vasu sees her
Vasu stands n goes near the cupboard..she takes out a box which was decorated with diamond stones.she brings it to the bed n jigyasa helps her.
Jigyasa:Dima this box u always told that u lost the key of this box.
Vasu:hmm ur favorite box which u always wanted to open but..she takes out key bunch from her saree..she takes the respected key n opens it
Vasu:I always lied to u that I don’t have the key.she opens it.jigyasa sees her.
She sees in the box.
Vasu:my Bihaan n thapki were my diamond so I kept there memories in this diamond box,..their were many photo frames of thapki n Bihaan..
weddings,engagements,Roka,mehendi,they were holding a fish bowl,dancing, n many more.
She sees the pictures n gets shocked.she just looked like thapki n gets more shocked seeing manish a replica of Bihaan..She sees Vasu.she nods yes she sees the other things.a picture of pregnant thapki n Bihaan hugging her baby bump..she smiles as she knew it was her in her mammas tummy…a necklace just looking gorgeous like a rainbow which Bihaan made for her lady love thapki..
Jigyasa:Dima tell me everything
Vasu:will u bare with it
Jigyasa:I will I have to
Vasu:years ago bihaan n thapki were married forcefully.they hated eachother n so do I as thapki ur mother had as stammering problem”jigyasa sees her
Vasu:I made Bihaan marry her but she was choosed for my other son dhruv.bhaan was my adopted son I never liked him..thapki n Bihaan hated eachother…she laughs.jigyasa sees her
Vasu:Bihaan used to call her chuk chuk Gadi n she used to call him moti budhi..n he was a moti budhi ..she tells her everything…Vasu cries.
Vasu:at last they died together giving a little u in my hand n taking two promises that I will build u up as a good person n never tell u about them..they had a bitter past.they never wanted u to suffer.
Vasu:Kabir was wrong Bihaan never killed neha’s family nor killed anyone in his life..she wipes her tears
Vasu:thapki.jigyasa looks at her
Vasu:this is ur new birth beta..n look in this birth also u n Bihaan r together.jigyasa thinks about it.vasu hugs her
Jigyasa:my parents suffered a lot Dima.n I..I had a sibling too.which was killed by some sankar..Vasu sees her
Jigyasa:Dima my brother or sirter would be with mamma n papa right now..right.vasu smiles n nods yes..
Jigyasa:but neha mom thinks that mamma n papa killed Kabir.n she is full of revenge now.
Vasu:then let her be I will tell about her to manish.that she is the one kidnapped u..she starts going
Jigyasa:no Dima..if u do this the family will break n no one will be happy..plzz don’t do it..
Vasu:beta how can u she wants to kill u n u r supporting her
Jigyasa:I’m not Dima but I don’t want the family to get is wrote n I will make her realize in my way
Vasu:u know what ur just like ur parents..jigyasa gets confused
Vasu:yes.thapki was very generous she could forgive anyone in the world where as Bihaan was a bit angry person but thapki changed him n he started the situations calmly in his way..jigyasa smiles
Jigyasa:then just see me as ur son n Bahu.
Vasu:I will see my manish as my bihaaan u as my thapki.jigyasa smiles…Vasu nods Jigyasa sees the picture frames n cries.vasu consoles her

In the hall
Neha:just few hours more everyone will be killed she smirks.

At the police station
A person sitting in a dark room which had a monitor displaying a Jail room..he turns to the other side n sees a big frame on which it had the picture of different members,family members n all.he one by one saw each one carefully n stricken off each one. “Dadi” no..he stricken off “papa” no he stricken it off too. Now only one person was left in the frame “mom”. He kept the marker there n thinks.
Police:manish sir.manish turns.inspector sees him.he was wearing the same clothes as viren was wearing at the time manish found him.torn,dirty n wearing a long messed up hair wig..he makeuped him self black.
Inspector:sir r u sure u will do it
Manish:yes I know they will come today hearing the news of viren’s interview to kill him before it n may be the person who gave them money would have ordered them.i don’t want viren’s life in danger so I will do it..
Inspector:sir it’s risky
Manish:that’s y I installed a camera over the police station n if u find any mischief u will rush to me.
Inspector:but sir
Manish:now what is the problem am I not looking like viren.yes height is the problem but I know they won’t notice it.
Inspector:sir but viren
Manish:I have send him to a safer place.inspector nods n leaves with him to the jail room

At the pandey nivas
Jigyasa n Vasu were coming downstairs when jigyasa bumps in to a veiled women.
They leave
Vasu:who is she y is she covering her face.
Jigyasa:don’t no Dima maybe any guest..they leave…

Neha goes near a corner as she gets a call
Jigyasa sees her she was looking tensed she follows her.
Neha:what happen y did u called now
Goon:maam we r out of the police station
Neha:then y r u telling me do ur work.kill him.jigyasa hears it n gets shocked..
Goon:but maam
Neha:don’t ur work n I will do mine.i have to get everyone out the bomb has only an hour to blast..jigyasa gets shocked.she felt the floor moving n she holds e pillar beside.
Neha:now don’t waste time if he knows about us n tells them everything..they will get to know about u n me too.kill him now.she cuts the call.she goes from there.jigyasa was feeling weak she thinks to tell it to everyone but they will panic n also who will believe her..she thinks to find the bomb
She runs out side n sees everywhere,in the cow shed,near the trees,in the garden everywhere
Jigyasa:it’s not here means it’s inside.she panic n goes in side.she bumps in dadi
Dadi:arre beta careful..what happen ur looking tensed..jigyasa wipes her sweat.she sees neha..neha sees her n gets confused..she smiles
Jigyasa:nothing Dadi just .
She goes away.she sees in the hall while talking to the guest as neha’s gaze was on her.she didnot find it.she panics..neha also gets busy in the guest.
The veiled women pulls her to a side
Jigyasa:hey what r u doing.
The veiled one take out the veil n jigyasa sees him
Jigyasa:viren..he takes out a book n writes on it.jigyasa reads it
Jigyasa:manish Bhaiya have send. Me in veil as per his plan.n I heard about the bomb n found neha aunt going near the god idol many times.when I went to check I found the bomb there.
Jigyasa sees him.he nods.jigyas rushes to the god idol ..she searches every were n moves the flower petals to see the bomb n finds the bomb between the god idols..
Fb shows
A goon dressed as waiter comes in n place it there quickly with out anyone noticing him.he runs out.fb ends
Jigyasa panics..
Jigyasa:what will we do now..

At the police station..
Manish was sitting in the jail room facing to the wall.two goons disguised as a gentle man wearing suit comes in the police station n goes to the inspector
Goons:ahh we came to meet someone
Goon:rajan..(he is one of his friend who is a goon n caught by the police
Inspector:but y who r u to him how do u know him
Goon:he kidnapped my child n always stayed away I have given him money too but he never returned my child.
Inspector:see we r still looking for the people who he kidnapped n don’t worry we will soon find ur child.n for that u don’t need to meet him plzz go to ur home.
Goon:ahhh sir once plzz I will talk to him.i will make him understand inspector laughs
Inspector:he never opened his mouth in these months in our torture ..n u will make him open his mouth
Goon:sir plzz it’s a fathers request.from these months I n my family are waiting to see him but plzz sir..he holds his hands
Inspector:ok..goon smiles.
Inspector:I will come with u..goons gets shocked.inspector starts going.goons were standing at the same place seeing eachother.inspector turns
Inspector:what any problem.
Goon:no no nothing sir.they goes with him.goons sees here n there.their was no one.goons takes out the gun n puts a silencer on it to avoid the shoot sound.inspector gets a call he pics it up.he gets tensed.
Inspector:ok I’m coming,.he cuts the call
Inspector:I have some work u go n meet him.goons get happy n inspector goes..
In the secret room
Inspector reaches there
Constable:sir they were targeting using the gun we saw in the we called u.
Inspector:yes so they r the goon who disguised themselves as a gentle mans n came here.just wait n watch what will happen to u.he gives an attentive call to manish n he puts a Bluetooth in his ears so the police can easily hear them n record them
The goon reach to the jail room n thinks manish as viren as he was wearing the same clothes.they comes in
Goon:u idiot how dare u..manish stood at his place n never turned back n listened to him carefully.
Goon:did u spied on do u know about the kidnapping,who did it n everything,n how dare u told them everything about us.
Goon:this stupid garbag cannot speak but by actions told everything to them
Goon:but now u won’t be able too.manish hears him carefully
Goon:u have interview tomorrow which u will tell everything about us.i will see how u will tell.arre when u won’t be alive then how will u do the interview
Goon:salle ko to maam ke bare me bhi pata hai.if he opens his mouth then maam will not spare us..
Manish(in mind):it means it’s a female who did this.but who.???
The goons takes his gun out. N points at him.manish was not aware of this.the inspector sees it through the camera n runs to the jail room..
Before they could shoot the police arrives their n holds them.manish comes in senses.he hears inspector voice
Manish(in mind):y did they came they would have told everything now but.he turns n takes out his wig..goons sees him
Goons:who r u.
Manish:nahi pehcana..wait..he goes out n washes his face n comes to the jail room again.goon sees him
Manish:arre wah pehcanliya.wise bilkul viren ki tarha lagraha tha ne..goons gets tensed
Manish:inspector have u recorder everything they told.
Inspector:yes.the goons gets shocked.
Manish:hmm so now mister goon would u like to tell me more about it.he goes to him.
Goon:I have nothing more to say
Manish:ohh but I have a lot to say.he sees her angrily
Manish:how dare u touched my wife n tortured her.i will kill u..he beats.him..inspector stops him
Inspector:leave them on us we will open their mouth.manish nods he turns n Starts going.he stops n turns his head slightly n says
Manish:torture them..n do not stop .u dared to torture my wife now repent..he goes from their.inspector gestured his constables n he went along with manish.they reach the secret room.manish stands near the monitors.constables were beating them badly
Constable:tell how many of u r in the gang.
Goons:we won’t tell …they beats them more hard while they try to escape n safe them selves.
Goon:ok ok we r five.manish gets shocked but viren made the sketch of six people.n jigyasa also told that their r only five members
Manish:ask them were they r now..constable nods n beats them.contables could hear him through Bluetooth.they says everything as the torture was doubled..inspector sends a team to arrest them.
Manish:ask them the the point who gave have gave them money to kidnap jigyasa.constable asks it to them but they refused to answer.they beats them but now they were stiff.manish gets angry
Soon the police team comes with the other goon n the constable beats them too on manish’s orders..they beats the old man too..
Old man:they never told me anything about the the father of the boss of this gang.but I hate staying with them.i don’t know anything..manish sees he is old n orders the constable not to beat him..constables beats the other goon but no one answers.manish gets more angry.he comes to the jail room while other officers follows him.he takes the stick from the constable n beats them hardly that their body turned red”they moaned in pain..manish was holding the stick tightly n beat them hard.his tightly grip was hurting him.his hands started bleeding by the force but he never stopped.
Inspector:sir what r u doing ur hands r bleeding leave it.but he didn’t infact he beat them more hardly that they had to open their mouth
Goon:ur mother gave us money to kidnap ur wife.he stops beating them his hold loosens n the stick falls down
Inspector:don’t lie
Goon:no we r saying true she gave us money n she only told us to come here n kill viren as she said she will give us money so we came here.
Goons:she told us to kidnap her n kill her n burry her deep in the ground n don’t leave any clue behind but before that she ran away
Manish:teri itni himmat..Meri patni ko marega..he holds his neck tightly.
Goon(trying to move his hand):it was an order of ur mom..we did it for money..he leaves him.he runs out.inspector asks the constables to keep an eye on them n goes to manish.
In the secret room
Manish was standing near the chair.inspector comes their.manish sees the big frame n how he left her picture unmarked.he gets tears.
Inspector:so ur doubt was right.manish hears him.he gets angry
Manish:yes..,yes ..yes ..he pushes the chair which rolls n fall down. At a distance
Inspector:sir control ur self plzz u will hurt urself.ur hand is still bleeding
Manish:this wound will heal inspector but the wound my mom gave she tried to kill my love everytime.i won’t forgive her.
Inspector:u knew n had doubt on her
Fb show
Manish n inspector were thinking about the bag how it came their.who is that person who gave the Money in the goplani’s bag.the bag had a lots of money n goplani’s give those bags to only special people..
Inspector:do u remember the persons who u gave this. Bags
Manish:to all our business dealers but they r very genuine we never had any fight with them.
Inspector:any other special person
Manish thinks
Manish:even sometimes my family members uses these bags..he remembers how neha pours oil on the stairs to make jigyasa fall.n how she intentionally cuts her fingers..
Manish:I have a doubt on one person but still she is so close to me I cannot blame her.we have to find prove
Inspector:ok as u say.
Manish makes the plan n intentionally writes in the news paper article that viren know everything.n intentionally brings him home n then sends viren to the police station saying he will be asked some questions for that she herself call the the kidnappers n say them to kill him n if she is not part of them then also the plan will work the kidnappers will get the news n they will come to the police station to kill viren was not safe so he sends him disguised as a veiled women to the party..
Fb ends

Manish was angry that he just wanted to throw everything infront of him..inspector calms him
The old man gives a paper piece to the constable n asks to give it to manish.
Constable goes to manish n gives it.he takes it n opens it
“Plzz go to pandey nivas ur family is in danger,,neha orders my son to put a bomb in the house.n in few minutes the bomb will blast.go n save them”..Manish panics n says about it to inspector
Inspector:who knows its their plan
Manish:n if its we have to go.they runs out n drives to pandey nivas.

In pandey nivas
Neha brings abhi,Dadi,misha out of the house saying that she has to show some thing n it’s personal..their were only 10 minutes for the bomb to blast..
Jigyasa:viren what will we do now.viren holds the bomb
Jigyasa:what r u doing..he runs out holding it..
Jigyasa:viren where r u going .she runs after him.he comes out.everyone comes out seeing them running.
Vasu:Kya horaha hai.neha notices the bomb n the boy,,n everyone does n panics.
Neha(in mind):how could this boy be here n how did he found the bomb.shit flopped my plan.he runs in the jungle while jigyasa runs after him
Jigyasa:viren stop the bomb is about to blast leave it their.he runs n runs n goes to a small shed.he throws the bomb inside n starts running out.the bomb blast n he bends down..jigyasa sees the fire n everyone hears the sound they runs to the place.
Jigyasa:virennnnnnnnnn…she shouts.she cries.vasu holds her.jigyasa gets up
Jigyasa:no nothing will happen to u..she starts running when Vasu holds her hand.
Vasu:beta look at the fire it not right don’t go.she takes her hand with a jerk n runs inside..manish comes there n sees her going in.
Manish:jigyasa wait..
Dadi:beta see how much fire it is she will hurt herself do something.inspector calls the fire brigade..manish goes near the shed n finds her he gets in.jigyasa was searching for viren.manish goes to her n holds her.
Manish:jigyasa come with me
Jigyasa:no manish viren..he came here with the bomb he is inside we have to save him.come on find him.jigyasa sees here n there.she sees a body lying down..jigyasa pats his chest.he see her she points it n they slowly goes their.manish bends down to see the body.he moves the veiled cloth which came on his face..they see viren lying dead,.
Jigyasa shouts.”viren”..manish cries n holds her.she sits n shakes him but he was dead n lying in the pool of blood..they both cries..jigyasa was hurted a lot.manish sees the shed breaking n holds her
Manish:jigyasa come we have to go
Jigyasa:no manish we will go but with him.u know he is a good actor he is acting now.see he will get up.
Jigyasa:viren get up
Manish:jigyasa he is dead
Jigyasa:no manish viren get up n proof ur manish Bhaiya wrong.,she shakes him.
He sees shed was falling when he forcefully makes her stand n lifts in arms n she tries to free herself
Everyone were worried outside.

The shed falls n everyone shouts their names,..
Manish comes out holding jigyasa in arms..she was still trying to free herself.he puts her down n Vasu n Dadi holds her.eberyone signs in relief.
Jigyasa:leave me let me go to viren
Manish:jigyasa he is..she cuts him
Jigyasa:no nothing have happened to him.manish I m telling na he is a very good actor he is acting n see I will, go to him n he will get up..manish held her n she was trying to release from his grip n every one were trying to stop him.
Neha:I m happy now this only proof died n this jigyasa turned mad at it,but my plan flopped..
Manish:jigyasa try to understand.the fire brigade come at the spot n controls the fire.jigyasa still tries to go inside every one stopped her manish gets angry he slapped her..she stops shouting.everyone gets shocked..manish gets tears..jigyasa sits down.manish sits beside her n holds her
Manish:I am sorry.Jigyasa hugged him.she cries manish hugs her too.they both cried a lot..
She seperates n sees him.he was still holding her around her waist
Jigyasa:manish viren viren died while saving us..the bomb was in my hand n he snatched it n ran away n he died.he died because of me right.manish nods no
Manish:no jigyasa it was not ur fault..
Jigyasa:it was manish .i was the one not him,I must have died.manish stops her by closing her mouth by his hand..jigyasa sees him
Manish:galti she bhi aisa mat Bolna..Mai maar jaunga..she cries n hugs him.he hugs her too..
Inspector:we r very sorry for what happened now but we need to investigate plzz corporate.manish remember that it was neha’s plan
Manish:what was the need of investigation ..Vasu cuts him
Vasu:no need of investigation I know who might have did it.jigyasa sees her.vasu was seeing neha n neha did not noticed it.she was looking down n tensed..Vasu sees jigyasa she nods noo
Vasu:the person is taking revenge from she thinks that someone of our family killed her loved ones.neha sees her.vasu didnot looked at her
Vasu:but it’s not right no one from our family killed anyone in our life’s..she is just doing it unnecessarily.she don’t know anything about the truth..she badmouths Kabir saying some loved ones n neha knew she was talking about Kabir.she bursted out in anger
Neha:no u all r killers,murderers,u killed my bhai he had no fault..u killed him.he came to ur family just to take my revenge ur son burnt my first husband n my child whom I loved very much he burnt them alive.kabir bhai promised me that he will take the revenge but again u snatched him too.she cries.vasu sees her
Vasu(in mind):yes I wanted u to say the truth by ur own mouth,ur bhai was the reason my thapki n Bihaan r not here n now u r trying to kill my grand daughter no I won’t leave u to do this.u r destroying my jigyasa’s n manish’s life I won’t let u do it.

Neha tells everything..
Abhi:but u never told me about ur husband n told that u love me so I married u
Neha:I never loved u I knew that ur the best friend of dhruv so I made a master plan n till now my plan worked properly.this boy manish our son.i don’t no what mistake I did that God gave this punishment to me.manish sees her
Neha:grew up to be same as Bihaan the killer of my bhai,but bared him for the family after all he is my son.jigyasa sees him he was broken
Neha:I forced u to come to India n I had planned something else to kill the pandey family but then this jigyasa looks just like her mother thapki.came as my Bahu n I thought to torture her n then kill her..I could not see her close to my son so I though to kill her.
Manish:n so u did the kidnapping n gave the goons a huge amount to kill her.jigyasa sees him.neha n everyone were shocked
Manisn tells everything about his plan.
Manish:I saw u pouring the oil on the stairs so that jigyasa steps on it n falls.but instead of her I came their intentionally.n then u cutter her fingers also intentionally to hurt her.u said u hate me then y my closeness to her was effecting u.u know what ur evil intentions brought me n jigyasa more close..Vasu also tells everything about thapki n Bihaan n Kabir..
Vas up:Kabir killed my son n Bahu. Not them..he made a girl orphan.jigyasa cries.manish sees her.
Neha:no my bhai was innocent he tried to kill ur son n Bahu but at last they killed him
Vasu:I think u forgot something even I lost my son my Bahu even this small baby..u know what that time she was just born n ur brother snatched her parents from her.
Neha:ur son killed my husband n child
Vasu:no he did not.after Kabir went away.fb shows..thapki found a photo frame of neha in his room..she found a picture of neha n her family standing out side their house.she absorbed it n remembered that it is our house.she thought u r tenants their.but then what was ur picture doing with him.n when she went to the house to enquire she found the house burnt..she remembered Kabir saying to Bihaan that he killed his sisters family.she thinks. My Bihaan can never kill anyone he may warn but can never kill anyone.she starts going n steps on somethings.she bends down to see was an earring..she takes it n looks closely..she remembers those were sankar..
Thapki:these r sankar ..what was sankar doing she behind all this..I have to look inside.

She goes in n the house was full of dust n spiderwebs.she coughs..she covers her mouth n sees here n there..she finds a paper lying on the floor which was burnt but not fully.she picks it up n sees it,it was a drawing
Thapki:looks like a kid drawn this but neha’s kid was a baby then who drew was a drawing of a lady wearing saree n holding a stick with fire on had a box beside the drawing written “chudail aunty” in it..
Thapki:chudail aunty.who is it.she sees here. N There but find nothing. she comes out.she starts going a. Boy stops her she looks at him..he was around 7 years old
Thapki:yes beta
Boy:did u go inside
Boy:did u see chudail aunty..thapki remembers the word..she shows the drawing which she found inside.
Thapki:do u know this drawing
Boy:yes I have drawn it
Thapki:it’s very nice beta but can u explain ur aunty about the drawing
Boy:arre aunty this lady burnt the house..I saw her she was holding the stick which everyone uses while giving fire to the dead body..
Thapki:acha can u saw who she what clothes did she wore
Thapki:was she wearing some jwellery..she takes out the earring n shows him
Thapki:matching to this.he sees it care fully n nods yes.
Thapki:so I was right sankar is the one behind it.kabir is taking us wrong n blaming Bihaan I have to tell him..Fb ends
Vasu:she tried to tell him on the day they died but ur brother never gave them chance.
Neha:what ever it may be but ..she sees the inspector n takes the gun from his gun pocket.she targets it on Vasu.
Neha:don’t don’t move or else I will kill her.jigyasa panics.
Jigyasa:mom no plzz leave her I lost every one plzz leave her
Manish:leave her now

Neha:leave her no I will kill her n leave her.she is the mother of that thapki n Bihaan right n she also slapped my bhai many times n will kill her..she keeps her hand on the trigger.jigyasa sees her.she sees Vasu who was not scared of death standing confidently..jigyasa did not wanted to lose her she begs neha but she shoots..everyone close their eyes..they opened thier eyes n sees her.
Vasu:jigyasaaaaaa…she was standing infront of her the bullet hits her chest.neha again shoots n she gets one more on her stomach.everyone were in shock..neha had turned evil n shoots the trigger again n this time it hits her heart..she cannot bare the third bullet n falls down.
Manish:jigyasaaaaaaaa..he runs to her n holds her he puts her head on his lap.he pats her face continuesly..jigyasa opens her eyes n holds his hand..she was weak
Jigyasa:manish..he helds her..she smiles at him.
Manish:jigyasa nothing will happen to u.i won’t let anything happen to u..
Jigyasa:I know.he sees her
Jigyasa:but manish promise me one thing now.
Manish:no first let’s go to hospital.jigyasa stops him
Jigyasa:wait.plzz manish I don’t know after this I will meet u again or not
Manish:jigyasa don’t talk rubbish nothing will happen to u
Jigyasa:listen ..listen to me she was panting
Jigyasa:manish promise me that u will stay happy n..n forgive mom..neha sees her .she drops the gun.the police holds her
Manish:jigyasa u
Jigyasa:manish she did it but it was her misunderstanding promise me manish u will forgive her.promise me..manish sees neha angrily..jigyasa closes her eyes.manish sees her..he shouts.she lifts her n takes her to the hospital..

At the hospital
Manish was holding her in arms n running through the hospital reception
Manish:Doctor my sees her
Doctor:what happened to her.
Manish:she got shoot three plzz save her.ward boy bring a stretcher n he puts her on sees her nerves
Doctor:she is breathing nurse take her to emergency ward.mansih n the family goes along with her.manish was holding her hand..manish cries.they took her inside while manish stood out n their hands detached.manish sees the doctor
Manish:Doctor plzz save my life she is everything to me plzz save her n I will give u the money u say.plzz plzz save her.
Doctor:she lost much’s a serious case n we cannot take risk we will try our best.he goes inside,manish cries .dadi hugs him..everyone cries..

Precap-manish confronts neha..he goes to a dargah n prays for her life..

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