Thahaan-a new start (episode-17)

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Here it goes

Manish was speaking to the police about jigyasa’s case.he was explaining him some thing when an officer comes n says that they have found the house where jigyasa was kept according to her statement.manish gets happy
Manish:great inspector lets go to the place surely we will get some clues..
Inspector:no sir it’s not a save place for u we will go there n do our investigation
Manish:my wife’s safety comes first before mine n I have promised myself that I will find the kidnappers n punish them..

Inspector:but sir
Manish:no nothing left to say I’m coming .inspector nods n they leave in a car..
They cross the temple then the bridge n sees a jungle..they left the car on a side n went walking as the car can’t be driven in the jungle.manish n the inspector were ahead with two constables behind them.manish was finding it difficult to walk in the slippers in the jungle he thinks in mind “I’m not able to walk in slippers then how she would have managed to walk here bare many hurts she gots only because of those kidnappers u hurted jigyasa a lot I won’t leave u”..he keeps walking.he finds the house
Manish:inspector there is a house maybe there they would have kept jigyasa..
Inspected:yes let’s go n check.

Everyone goes inside..the police sees everywhere in the house..manish finds a chair loosely tied with ropes at its hands he thinks they would have kept jigyasa tied here.he gets angry..he calm himself n sees here n there.he finds a shadow coming from behind a table reflected by a small Window at the other side.manish slowly goes there..inspectors were busy investigating.n he he himself went there alone..he slowly goes to the other side of the table to see what the shadow is.he finds a boy holding a bag tightly to his chest n was scared..the boy sees manish’s foots n lifts his head to see.manish also sees him n with in a sec the boy got up n punched him on his nose..he shouts.inspectors turned to him.the boy was running when manish held the bags handle tightly n pushed it towards him with force.the boy fell down on the floor.manish nose started bleeding..but still he held the mans collar n made him stand..he gestured to leave him by holding hands infront of him..he was looking scared.

Manish:kyu be bhag kaha raha hai how dare u kidnap y wife n tortured her.he tightens his fist n raised it to punch him..he again gestured to leave him..manish sees the bag lying on the ground..he left the boy..inspector held him.manish took the bag.he sees it carefully n closely.he sees the inspector n he was confused
Manish:this is our office bag

Manish:when we finalize a deal with any other company we usually give them the money in These kind of bags only.n look..he holds the bag properly
Manish:our our surname is also printed here.. (GOPLANI)..inspector sees that..manish opens the bag n sees a huge amount in it..he gets shocked..
Inspector: I think some one have told them to kidnap ur wife n gave the money to them
Manish:but who

Inspector:u said its ur office bag may be any office person who u or any one of ur family had a to take revenge they did this
Manish:no we don’t have any enemies even the office staff is comfortable with us
Inspector:sir it’s a very serious situation we need to find more clues n I think we will get it from him.he sees the boy ..he was scared he was only gesturing with hands n some mouth expressions..manish was confused by his acts.
Inspector:tell who told u to do this n where is Ur gang.ur one of them right.he was gesturing no to him.

Inspector:bata warna..he lifts his hand to slap him.he sits on the floor n cries he was scared…manish holds the inspectors hand
Manish:wait he is very scared..I think he is not normal..the boy sees him
Constable:sir I think he is a mental person..the boy gets up n sees manish he nods noo continuesly.
Manish:then y r u like this.he sees him completely.he was black n wearing a torn clothes with long hairs n short dirty eyes..he was around 15 years only but looking old n weak.
He again gestured something using hands n face expressions ..manish was not understanding him
Other constable:sir I think he wants to say us some thing I know his language..wait can u talk.he nods no.manish sees him

Constable:oh sir he cannot speak he is dumb.he nods yes..
Manish punches the table tightly in anger
Manish:we got a clue to the kidnappers but he cannot speak.
Inspector:control sir plzz we will get to a conclusion soon.u can go he sees the boy
Manish:no wait.the boy sees him
Manish(to constable):u told that u know their language..he nods yes.
Manish:great now ask his that if he is the member of the gang..constable nods..the boy can hear properly n he gestures the answer to the constable.

Constable:he is saying he is not a member of them he was kidnapped years ago..his parents were killed n since then he is slaving..manish sees him he nods.
Manish: what kind of work does they give you..he again gestures
Constable:he is saying that they give him the work like taking the money from the people whose family members they kidnapped.the parents keep the money somewhere at the given location n he is asked to bring the money..he again gestures something.
Constable:he said that now also he was told to come here n bring this bag to them they knew that police is searching them.they left the house yesterday night itself.
Manish:ok where r they.he gestures again

Constable:he don’t know that they said its his last work n he should keep the bag at a given place n go where ever he wants..
Manish:hmm but till when will they hide.soon they will be caught.
Manish:do u know who gave them money to kidnap my wife.
he gestures something
Constable:he said he is kept away from this things.he is kept locked in a room n when the time comes to get money from somewhere they send him for the work..

Inspector:ok take us to the location where they told u to bring the money
Manish:no he said they know that the police is searching them that’s y they left from here.n of we go there they will get to know n they will not come we should think some other way..
Inspector:yes ur right n I know a way..
Inspector:have u ever seen them
He nods yes
Inspector:then great we can make the sketch n then easily find them.manish nods
Manish:ok take him along..he gets scared n holds manish’s hand.manish sees him he nods no n sits down holding his leg..manish quickly holds him by shoulder n makes him get up..
Manish:arre what r u doing..he again gestures

Constable:he is saying he is innocent leave him.
Manish:see do u want to go in that prison again..he thinks
Manish:we know that ur innocent n trust us nothing will happen to u we just want ur help to catch those people n they could never do such things with any other person so plzz come with us..he nods yes.manish gets happy n they take him along.
At the police station
Manish n inspector were talking.a constable gets a plate of food.he gives it to the boy.he sees him n turns his face gesturing he don’t want to eat,manish sees that n goes to him.he sits beside him.he pushes the plate towards him slowly.the boy pushes it towards him.manish again pushes it towards him.the boy again does the same thing.they were holding the plate at opposite edges n pushing towards the plate was not moving as they were applying equal force to push the plate at others side.soon the boy burst out in laugh.manish smiles seeing him.manish pushes the plate n he smiles n eats it.everyone smiles.
Manish:what is ur name.
He gestures using his fingers..alphabet one by one n manish sees them carefully
Manish:V..I..R..E..N….viren…he nods yes..
Manish:look viren we want u to help making the sketch of the persons of the gang.he points at the sketch makers.

Manish:they will make the sketch n u have to help them ok.he nods n goes with them.manish n others follow them
Sketch makers:so first tell me about ur his personality was,ok.
Viren sees manish
Manish:actually he cannot speak.he tells the constable to help them make the sketch.
The constable goes to them n asks viren to describe the kidnapper.viren sees manish he nods yes.viren takes a pencil n goes to the paper board..everyone were confused..he recalls the boss n makes the sketch..after few minutes he completes sketching n brings the paper to manish..manish smiles n takes it.everyone were astonished at his talent.he draws all the gang members faces ( even the old man because he did not knew he was good as he never meat him personally he was always kept in prison so he thought he is also one of the gang member).manish looks at all of them..everyone praises his drawings..

Manish:thank u soo much because of u we can get hold of those bad people.
He smiles..he gets an idea.he speaks to inspector n he nods no saying its risky.manish finally makes him understand the situation n the inspector nods yes.manish sees the boy
Manish:plzz will u stay here we want ur help.dont worry u will be safe here plzz.he nods yes.manish smiles..he tells the constables to take care of him n goes with the inspector to execute the plan..
Inspector:so I spoke to them we will take our first step tomorrow now it’s late..manish nods n goes to the home..

At an unknown place
It was a very small room with a dirty mess spread around..mosquitos were uncountable.n few persons trying to adjust them selves..
Goon:boss ye viren to pakda Gaye ab kya
Boss:nothing will happen he is a dumb he cannot tell about us n more over if he won’t tell the truth he will die n he is no more use for us..everyone laughs.old man hears it all n gets sad n goes away from them..

At goplani’s mansion
Jigyasa was waiting for manish Dadi calls her for dinner she goes down..
Jigyasa:dadi manish have went to the police station a long back he is not picking up my call I’m worried for him.he would be fine na
Misha:of course Bhabi after all my bhai is not a baby u know what u both care for eachother a lot..dadi do u remember the day when Bhabi got kidnapped manish bhai was very scared he was running here n there only to search u..he was very tensed n now u he has gone to the police station only don’t worry.he will come soon.jigyasa nods..everyone smiles.
Dadi:beta yes she is right don’t worry he will be fine n come eat ur food
Jigyasa:dadi I’m not feeling like plzz I will eat later.
Dadi:but beta..misha stops her

Misha:actually Dadi she have got in a habit of eating food with bhai so she wants to eat food with bhai..neha gets angry..
Misha:it’s ok Bhabi u can eat when u want with bhai..everyone smiles.jigyasa sees that n smiles fakely.she goes up to her room..

Jigyasa:this manish what happen to him everytime comes earlier n today.he went a long back n did not came n did not even bother about me he may have took a minute to call me n tell that he is fine but noo.she was roaming here n there worried..she stands near the bed..manish comes in the room n sees her..he goes to her n stands behind her.he goes close to her ears n shouts.jigyasa gets scared n turns to see the person.she slips n was about to fall.manish holds her hands but he also gets slipped n both falls down on the bed.manish was upon her.jigyasa held his shirt in fear of falling n closed her eyes..manish sees her n smiles.jigyasa slowly opens her eyes.they had a passionate eye lock (boldo naa Zara song plays)..jigyasa smiles n manish sees her Romantically.

Manish:u were waiting for me n see I came..jigyasa’s smile vanished n she makes angry faces.she hits his chest
Jigyasa:what dialogues u r saying see the time it’s 10 u came late..manish y do u do like this I called u many times but u never picked I was worried for u after the incident happened with me we should be careful..she was continuously scolding him. he puts his finger on her lips to stop her.she stops n looks at him
Manish:shhhhhh..nothing have happened to me I’m fine..he removes his finger from her lips n sees her.he touches her face.jigyasa sees him
Manish:acha y were u worried for me..he said romantically
Jigyasa:what type of question is this.she said angrily

Manish:no u were waiting for me na that’s y I’m asking..he puts her hairs properly behind her ears n looks at her.he moves his hands over her hairs n finds sindoor between her hairline.he smiles seeing it.she sees him..they had a passionate n romantic eye lock..jigyasa realizes their position n tries to get up.manish holds her hand.jigyasa sees him.manish smiles n moves closer to her..jigyasa sees him.she sees their faces r close n she turns her face to the other side..manish smiles n goes closer..”U look cute when u get angry”..he whispers in her ears.. she smiles at his word.he descends his head n kisses her nape line.she moans n holds his hand tightly..(tum hi ho plays).he lifts his head n sees her.she had closed her eyes.he smiles he sees her lips n moves ahead to liplock them..jigyasa was nervous n breathing hardly..manish was close to her she cloud feel his breath on her cheeks..she turns her face to him n sees him.they see eachother..they hear some foot steps coming closer to their room.manish moves.jigyasa gets up n adjusts her dress.manish was also feeling shy.they see eachother n turns the other side…misha comes there.she sees them standing near the bed facing backs to eachother.she had a plate in her hand

Misha:what happen y did ur faces become pale.
They. See Her
Jigyasa:arre no nothing misha come na did u need anything
Misha:wait a minute did u guys fought
Manish:no we did stop ur questions n say is y did u came here did u have any work
Misha:no I came to give the food for u n Bhabi..he sees her shockingly..misha gives the plate to jigyasa.n goes out.manish quickly holds her hands n turns her towards him
Manish:u did not ate again.why do u torture urself..I always take care of u worry about u n u never bother about my feeling.y did u not ate
Jigyasa:manish I was worried for u I did not feel like eating..
Manish:stop it now come first eat..he pulls her to bed n makes her sit.they both were angry at eachother.jigyasa was angry as he scolded her.n he was angry as she did not took care of herself.they made a angry faces..manish feeds her n she turned her face..manish moves the food to her mouth.she turns the other side.

Manish:Oho angry….she sees him
Manish:if ur angry then I’m also angry because this time it’s not my mistake.he holds her mouth n forcefully feeds her.she gulped the food shocked by his act n started coughing..he quickly makes her drink water.n pats her back.she felt better.she sees him.he eats his food n feeds her too.he kept the plates on the table n started going.jigyasa realized that he is very concerned for her n holds his hand..he did not look back..jigyasa smiled n holds his hand more tightly.manish could feel it..but he adamantly persisted being angry..jigyasa got up n turns him.she she’s him

Jigyasa:where r u going.manish sees her angrily
Manish:to die…she quickly puts her hand on her mouth moving a step forward to him.their feets were touching eachother.manish sees her concern for him.they looks at each other(ranjha naa plays.)she nods no..she took away her hand….she opens the drawer of the side table n takes out a first aid box.she takes cotton dips it in a medicine.manish sees her confused.she sees him moves her hand towards his nose.some blood was left there.she cleans it.he secretly smiles..then in a joking tune she says

Jigyasa:ur going to die can I come with…he stops her from completing the sentence by putting his hand on her mouth..(ranjha naa plays)they see eachother romantically.manish moves his hand.jigyasa smiles.manish holds her face n his hands
Manish:don’t u dare say like this I will die without u..u don’t know how precious ur for me.plzz for my sake don’t ever utter such kind of word..anything can happen to me but nothing should happen to u.

Jigyasa:if something happens to u it effect me.same way if u cannot life without me then I too cannot live with out u..manish smiles.she gets tears.he wipes them away n tucks her hairs behind her ears
Manish:y..jigyasa sees him confused
Manish:y cannot u live with out me..jigyasa turns hearing his words
Manish:arre what happen
Jigyasa:I …I do not know Manish.

Manish:what u don’t know
Jigyasa:I mean.she turns to him
Jigyasa:manish I don’t know I feel very different when I’m with u.something blank something like I’m in some other world.manish smiles.he holds her from shoulder.n sees in her eyes
Manish:u know the answer just think about it.
Jigyasa:I really don’t know when I think about u I don’t know what happens to me.i really don’t want to get any answer.manish makes a sad face..but smiles
Manish(in mind):I know u love me jigyasa but u did not realize it after I catch the kidnappers I will make u realize n we will start a new life together..he smiles.
Jigyasa:what r u thinking.

Manish:hmm nothing nothing
Jigyasa:ok wait I will bring mango shake for u.she runs out..she was walking through the stairs.she hears some door sound n thinks who is awake at this time.she peeps down from the stairs n sees neha opening the library door n getting in
Jigyasa:mom is going to the library at this time..may be she wants to read any book.she goes to the kitchen.she takes the glasses n pours mango shake in them.she was lost in her thoughts.she recollects the word of the goons that neha maam told them to kidnap her.she was thinking y mom would do that.she feels some thing wet at her hands n sees was mango shake over poured in the glass.she quickly takes it away n keeps it aside..she cleans the floor n takes the glass along.she passes through the library n sees it.she gets sad n goes up.

In the room

She came in the room n looks for manish he was not in the room..
Jigyasa:arre he was here only then did he go.she looks in the bathroom he was not there too..she goes out n sees here n there near the room.she again comes in n stands near the door..she thinks were he would have gone at this time..suddenly someone comes from behind the door holds her hand n pulls her.he quickly close the door n pushed her to the door.n holds her she was holding mango shake glass n when he pulled her to him some of the milk shake falls on his t-shirt..she looks at him

Jigyasa:manish.manish smiles
Jigyasa:what r u doing.
Manish:how many times I have to say..he smirks
Manish:what a husband does.she sees him
Manish:n u forgot in the morning u wanted to give me a gift.she remembers it n gets shy.
Manish:then give it now.he smiles.jigyasa sees him..he comes close.
Jigyasa:manish let me go.he smiles n nods noo.he comes close to her..jigyasa gets shy n pushes him n runs.his hand touches his t-shirt were their was a strain of fresh mango shake.he sees it.he gets an idea he smiles. n turns to see her.she was standing near the bed looking nervous.
Manish:see what u did.jigyasa turns to him.he points the strain.jigyasa sees the strain n the glass she opens her mouth.
Manish:u spoiled my favorite t-shirt.
Jigyasa:it happened when u pulled me.she goes to him

Manish:u r still holding the glass n blaming me.she keeps the glass aside n looks at the was near his chest.
Manish:now what r u looking clean it.jigyasa sees him

Jigyasa:ok come with me.she takes him to the bathroom n he smiles..they stand near the wash basin n jigyasa opens the tap.she wetted her hand in water n looks at him.she comes near to him n slowly cleans the strained part touching his chest.he smiles.she kept her hands on his chest n was busy cleaning it.manish slowly moves his hand to her n holds her waist.she feels his touch n lifts her head to see him.she sees his romantic gaze at her.she was also lost in his eyes.she comes in reality n thinks of the matter again.
Jigyasa(in mind):he got angry when this mango shake fall on him n now behaving romantically she gets a conclusion n knew he did it to come close to her.he tightens his grip around her waist.she could feels his palms moving on her waist.she turns to the tap n takes water in hand.he was lost in her beauty.n she throws water on him.he comes in reality n left her.she again threw water on him n laughed.

Manish:jigyasa what r u doing wait do this wait.trying to see her as she was continuously throwing water on him.she closes the tap n runs from there.she gets slipped n was about to fall.he holds her in arms.(Rk pose)..she sees him.his face,eyes,hairs were full of water he could not get a clear vision of her..he shakes his head to release the water n all the water fell on her.she turned her face..he smiles at her..she sees him
Jigyasa:hmm smart haan nice way to take revenge.he smiles
Manish:abhi revenge pure kaha hua hai gift yaad hai na.he winked n she gets shy.she sees the shower nob n gets an idea.

Jigyasa:now make me stand.he makes her stand.he was adjusting his dress when she opens the shower tap n runs n stands at a distance.the water falls on manish he gets shocked.she laughs.
Manish:jigyasa u..

Jigyasa:I’m smarter then u she was laughing heartily.manish felt happy seeing her
Jigyasa:now enjoy n ur strain also will get cleaned.she laughs n turns to go,he holds her hand.she gets shocked n widens her eyes.
Manish:y only me alone enjoying.hmm ..jigyasa turns she knew what he will do now.she made an innocent face.he pulled her upon him n held her.both were under the shower n all wet.jigyasa held him by his chest n he held her by her waist.they smiled romantically at eachother.manish moved close to her holding her face opinion one hand jigyasa sees him n closes her eyes.both were breathing hard.(there is a romantic tune-“dhik tana na na dhik tana na na dere na dere na dere na” Plays).manish closed his eyes n passionately moving towards her..jigyasa turns her face.he realized that she is not ready yet for it n moves…manish closes the shower n jigyasa moves away from him..she wraps her arms around her chest as her body was slightly revealing..manish sees her n takes the bathrobe n covers her in it,jigyasa sees him n smiles.he takes her in arms(ranjha naa plays)he drops her in the room he goes to the wardrobe n takes his clothes.she sees him

Manish:u change here I will change inside.she nods.he goes to the bathroom.she changes her dress.manish comes out n they talk about the day
Jigyasa:manish what clue did police get.
Manish:nothing much..but got an idea to find the kidnappers we made a plan too we will execute tomorrow.she wonders what the plan is.
Jigyasa:if u don’t mind can u tell the plan to me.manish sits on the bed
Manish:yes y not.jigyasa smiles..he tells her everything happened today about viren too.he took out his mobile to show her the pictures of the sketches of the kidnappers.she sees them.she sees the sketch os the boss n remembers how he slapped her,she hold manish’s hand.he sees her.she sees him.he gesture “I’m with u not to worry” he pats her shoulder.she smiles.he shows 5 sketches to her n she recognizes all of them.

Manish:wait there was one more sketch he checks again . There were only five.i think I forgot taking the picture of one sketch,
Jigyasa:which one there were only five members.i saw only five.
Manish:hmm may be u did not see him.(the sixth one was the old mans sketch)..jigyasa was waiting for him to tell about the plan..he takes the water jug from side table there was no water in it.jigyasa sees it.
Jigyasa:give me I will bring

Manish:no it’s ok.
Jigyasa:manish give I have to go down too I will bring water.
Manish:ok.he gives the water jug to her n she goes down..she takes the water from the kitchen n proceeds to the room.she sees neha coming out of the library.she gets shocked.neha goes to her room.she did not see jigyasa
Jigyasa wonders what was she doing in the library since hours..she goes to the library n keeps the jug on the side table.she opens the library.she goes inside.shee looks at the library it was well maintained all the books were at its place..some description about the books n office files were given on the board..she goes through all the sections n corners of the library she wonders what neha was doing here.she sees every corner carefully…she finds a painting of manish she sees it closely.she moves her hand on it.she beautifully its craved in the wall.
Jigyasa:if his picture is there then other family members would also be there.she sees here n there she did not find any painting other then manish’s..she moves ahead n sees the books kept in the shelf which was just beside manish’s painting.her gaze falls on a book “Romeo n Juliet” she smiles.she takes the book..

Jigyasa:ohh I always wanted to read this story I must read it later..she moves her hand to put the book n sees something..she moves the other books to see what it was a red button.
Jigyasa:what this button is.she presses it n to her shock she find the painted wall moving.she goes there n find the diary kept..she gets shocked.she takes it out
Jigyasa:why is this diary kept here with so much safety.what is there in it..she sees the label “neha’s revenge’ ..she gets shocked seeing the label..
Jigyasa:revenge such a unique label from whom she wants to take revenge.she was about to open it
Jigyasa:no it’s some thing porsonal I must not open it.she keeps it again.then she recalls that she is the one who kidnapped her

Jigyasa:may be I get any clue in it.y she tried to kill me I must have a look at it once.since that day this thought was always troubling me I wanted to ask her many time but how can I with out any proof.i should see it.she opens the dairy n it opens the page where neha kept manish n jigyasa’s picture.she gets shocked seeing it.she saw the marker line between them.
Jigyasa:y do she wants to seperate us.she looked at the picture.she was about to read it when she heard manish’s voice calling her.she quickly keeps the book in the secret locker n thinks how do it gets closed..manish sees the jug near the library n the door open he thinks she would be here.he comes in the library n calls her out.jigyasa hears him n sees the button she clicks it the walls gets closed.she quickly keeps all the book at its place n holds Romeo n Juliet book in her hand.manish sees her n comes to her
Manish:what r u doing here

Jigyasa:nothing just …just came here to see how the library is.i saw it its very beautiful.he smiles
Manish:yes all the interior is designed by mom..
Jigyasa:n this painting
Manish:yes it’s was also moms crave my painting in the wall it only a painting
Manish:yes but it’s very special I don’t know y she made to crave it in the library but it’s some thing unique.right.she smiles
Jigyasa (in mind):it means he don’t know about the secret locker here.but y did mom hide it from all.manish sees the book in her hand.
Manish:ohh ur reading Romeo n Juliet my favorite.jigyasa smiles.manish hugs her from back
Manish:but what is the need to read this book we our self r Romeo n Juliet.she sees him .he winks n she smiles

Jigyasa:ok come it’s very late we should sleep now.they nod n leave to their room
Jigyasa(in mind):I will come tomorrow to read the dairy ..she goes out with him.
They come in the room n lays at their places.she was turned to the other side.he hugs her from back.jigyasa sees him..she moves her eyebrows gesturing “what”
Manish:gift to nahi diya kam se kam hug karke sone to do..she smiles n hold his hand.they smiles at eachother n close their eyes n soon falls asleep.

Precap-Manish goes with the inspector to execute his plan.jigyasa makes an excuse n goes to the library secretly to read the diary.vasu comes to the goplani’s mansion to give the invite…(some thing special)

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