Thahaan- We are in love (by garima) episode -2 very special episode

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Hy guys our mainsh is back I am so happy so I came back with my special episode and emotional also.

Thapki’s pov.

When I show Bihaan whom hankerchip which I took from my bag when bihaan it’s mine then I am become so happy that I didn’t find any word to speak I am so happy why? because I find that boy which I want to meet.
(Note I show you half flash back in previous episode it is complete don’t worry if you don’t read it because It’s starting from the beginning for those who don’t read it half part on previous episode)

Flash back.

A girl was going in jungle she trying to get out from there but her all trying is failed.
And then she hear a voice of grrrrr grrrrr she get scared and she started crying and then someone place her hand on her shoulder she saw him he was a little boy but seem three year more than her age he say why are crying. She continues crying he trying to console her and then she hold her and start speaking she say that I am lost and didn’t find any way to get back .

He passed a cute smile and say so why are you crying you know what is my motto my motto is to trying trying trying at then as I can and never gave up only trying and by the way my name is bihaan pandey and your’s.
She said my name is thapki pandey he say oh what a cute name thapki he gave her pat meaning thapki and then say let’s go thapki and gave his hand.
Thapki smiles and hold his hand and then they star going holding hands.

FB ends.

( Note FB ends so Thapki’s pov again start’s)

I then him the whole story and then then I question him that then he remember her.

He says sorry I didn’t remember I get sad my face show it and then I say you didn’t remember forest camp.
He say oh I remember it but you so sorry I didn’t remember you saying that he made sorry face.
I smile because he looks so cute and then I say to him it’s ok hope soon you remember me.
He say ok let’s go.
I agree with him.
And then while walking and thought that he is perfect in doctor because he is so good he help me and quality understand my state like doctor because of his pure heart and bravely attitude he is perfect as doctor I am not so sad because he didn’t remember me because I know he remember me soon.

We reached to the our density and then get separated he say goodbye to me and passes a smile I noticed that how much he cute .
I reached to my room then I saw clock it is 9 o’clock because of tiredness I start working faster and then after fresh up and dinner I fall asleep in my bed but in my mind he is still there I though
to thank him because for him maybe it is not so much important but all forest insedense it very important for me because it is also a part cause of my becoming a agent his word trying trying trying and don’t gave up I keep always in my mind and because of it I became really very strong really I am so scared in the forest because of darkness aloneness but then he help and I learn that in any difficult situation god help us and send their angle really when he help me he is looking like god help for me .
I want to thank him.
And in my life my parents is a big part of mine stronger they always appreciated all my felling and understand me very well They are my life but the sad news is that I lost them. Really big loss.
What I say I didn’t find any word for telling my sadness.
Tear starts rolling from my mouth when I remember them but I don’t stop them because with this I fell some realif. They are my life and I lost them I feel so much lonely without them but I don’t be afraid and take it as unfair it is true that I lost them but they are in my heart always.
I sleep after some time remembering them.

In next morning I wake up fast and after completing my all work I start reaching my cabin and in the way I find bihaan I stop there he say to me good morning I also say that and then with him I go to office for knowing our next misson.

Bihaan’ pow.

I am going with thapki in office really in my heart I trying to much to remember her but I don’t. In my thoughts when I first meet her she looks very brave and really if flash back girl is thapki so she really so much change and in previous mission she fought bravely.

In office.
Thapki – we get an misson an earthquake came in the nearest part many building mixed into the soil we have go on nearest building to save the people get captured in building.
So we need doctor also for treatment go out and sit in your jeep we have to go.


Hope you enjoy it please give your review because of your review i continue it if you want that i continue so i keep writing please tell me you opinion and sorry for grammar problem.

And so sorry for not reply in previous episode Thanks to all who comment in previous episode sometime I am not able to comment felling guilty so sorry.

Today’s inspiring though- we have to try try try and can’t stop trying in last we get success and never gave up and we have to be hard.

Q. Can You like my inspiring though can you agree with it.

I want to put you a question let’s see how many gave right answer .
Q. Can bihaan remember thapki and then what his reaction.

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  1. Juveria.ghalib

    Lovely Garima next time make it longer dear plzz.

    1. Thanks for your support.

  2. Hello garima di,
    how r u..??
    di thax for coming…
    u know what I really miss u…
    where were u di…???
    di plz try to post next episode as soon as possible…
    take care di

    1. Thank you so much and yaar I am waiting for Manish come back and Manish came back so I came back.

  3. hello garima… epi was nice but too short..i am 100% agree wd ur inspiration.. even my parents taught me never to give up n life. escaping from problems z not the solution we have to face them wd courage nd bravery… update soon dear.. waitning for nxt…

    1. Thanks for your support and i am happy to know that you like it thanks yaar.

  4. Completely I agree with your inspirational thought…every one have to be faced many problems in life we have to overcome that willbe makes our life meaningful.I really enjoyed it.keep writing and stay blessed my dearest friend….

    1. Thanks my dearest friends how are you dear.

  5. Nice part .and agree with your inspirational thought.

    1. Thanks so much dear.

  6. Simrank

    As usual amazing plz update soon??

    1. Thanks dear for your support.

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