Thahaan- We are in love (by garima) episode -12 sharuv entry


i am very very sorry please forget me and bear my starting of this episode is bad i really very very sorry but i only do this for taking out of thaahan emotions please ?.

Epi starts with.

thapki- he is my husband.

Karthik- what??? (He hold thapki shoulder hardly) he…. Your husband ? No.

Bihaan- leave thapki.

He push karthik.

Karthik- (balancing him) wait a minute can you told thapki truth.

Bihaan- what truth?

Karthik- don’t tell me you don’t .

Thapki- what are you talking ?

Karthik- bihaan don’tell me that you don’t know thapki is the same girl .(thapki watching all this with wider eyes and confused that what happening )

Bihaan- (while stammering ) wha… me..mean.

Karthik- so you don’t know she is the girl or if you still don’t understand than she is the sister of aditi.(thapki heart skip her eye become wider listening of aditi name)

Bihaan is dam shocked her eyes became suddenly wet he look at thapki and thapki notice some small tear drop into his eyes she get confused .

Thapki- bihaan wha..what happened .

Karthik- thapki if you get to know your heart get hurt.

Thapki- bihaan tell me what he telling.

But bihaan stand like a statue.

Thapki shakes him- bihaan tell me.

Bihaan- tha..tha…thapki.

Thapki- what bihaan you scaring me.

Karthik- he don’t tell you.

Karthik hold thapki hand and make her go with him but in way.

Bihaan- karthik stop it.

Karthik move back.

Karthik- she have right to know what is truth bihaan.

Thapki is shocked and unknowing to what is happening and bihaan his condition are look bad.

Karthik move back and again start pulling thapki.
And in this thapki eyes are on bihaan eyes only bihaan also looking at her only their eyes are meeting in the way but it brock when they go out.

Bihaan in his mind with joining hand- please god gave thapki power .


Thapki- karthik what is happening .

Karthik- thapki shut up.

Thapki- Karthik.

Karthik- just shut up.

Thapki sights .

On karthik home.

Car stop.

Karthik came out of car .

Karthik- thapki come out.

Thapki came out.

Thapki- karthik why you take me here?

Karthik- i am you your best friend so thapki believe me and come with me.
Thapki nods.

They go in the house.

It is very big like haveli.

Karthik take thapki to his room.his room is very well maintained.

Thapki- karthik tell me what is happening ?you know bihaan how?tell me karthik why you take me here?

Karthik- thapki(putting his hand on her shoulder ) relax relax thapki…i….i

Thapki- what ?

Karthik- what i about to say(he move back)is hurt you thapki how i tell you(he again hold her) thapki really if it not so necessary i don’t never ever talk with you about it.

Thapki- you talking about aditi na.

Karthik move down his head- thapki.

Thapki- i want to know the truth karthik .

On the other hand.

Bihaan enters in temple.

And wind starts blowing hardly and take all the leaves with it.

Bihaan starts climbing the stairs and in last stair he touch it with his hand (in order for respect or rituals) he go near statue of shiv ji wind starts blowing fast all the leaves with it touching him.
Bihaan join his hand .

Bihaan- shiv ji i don’t came for myself i came for my wife my best friend thapki please god give her power so she bear all truth.i don’t want you that she forgive me or understand me i don’t want for me i want for her shiv ji please please give her power (a tear drop fall from his eyes)

On karthik house.

Karthik- thapki you think mean your told you that aditi is dead in accident but it is not truth(thapki eyes get wide)thapki…..she…..she..she get shoot .(thapki starts weeping) she is also a agent like you.

In flashback.
Aditi wearing a dress of agent fighting but she get suddenly shot and then a ambulance come.

Flashback end.
Karthik- and thapki when i go to hospital aditi is dead and maaji get heart attack because of this and when i ask her that who is the cause of this she take the name of
……………………………………………………………bihaan panday (thapki suddenly lose balance and hold )and then he came here it is the time i first saw him.

Thapki starts crying hiding her face on wall .karthik put his hand on her shoulder and suddenly she stand straight and wipe her tear.

Thapki- no karthik no bihaan no he is pure heart person no karthik you get misunderstood .

Karthik- thapki you don’t believe me ok then.

He hold her hand and take her to hall.

Karthik- maa.

Women- what sear.

Karthik-maa today i don’t control myself.

Akshara- what happened ?

Karthik- i tell thapki about aditi.

Akshara- what (she hug thapki then) dear are you fine.

Thapki- yes auntie (she hug her back) ma please tell what karthik say is right.

Akshara- yes beta he is right.

Suddenly thapki word shake she don’t want to believe but there are not any second option for her .

She started crying harder and harder.
Thapki (in her mind )- i hate you.i hate you bihaan.

(So sorry for that please forget me please i know it is very bad than anything but i done it for reason i tell please it is my very kindly request for all the readers​ please don’t hate it please share your views please give your views and don’t get upset with it. )

Thapki- i have to go .
She runs from there.

Karthik- so sorry thapki.

In road.

Thapki is running and sobbing harder .
And suddenly a car was came in front of her and ………………………..was about to hit ……………………….. ……………………….. ………………………..but car stop at the time.

Thapki get shakes at the movement .

Car open and a girl came out of it.

Thapki- sh.. shradha .

She wear a collar white shirt with blue jeans with sun glasses and white bracelet like a heroine.

Sharadha- thapki are you fine.

They hug.
They are best friend like in real life in my ff (hy monica fans i hope you like it i like monica acting she is so superb in acting i just want to add her hope you like it maybe?)

She wipe her tear in hug and they separate .
thapki- you here.

Sharadha- ya i you get married and you don’t bother to only tell me how friend you are?.

Thapki-so sorry (hug her).

Thapki- sorry (touching her ears with her hand and make a cute face) sorry.

Sharadha- ok i forget you after meet with jiju.

Thapki face drop with his though but she give fake smile.

Thapki- ok ji so let’s go.

Sharadha- yes.

Sharadha joing her shoulder with thapki like couples.

Sharadha- let’s go.

They laughs.

In panday mansion.

Thapki and sharadha go in house

thapki -sit .

Sharadha sit in sofa.
Sharadha- so hot here.

Thapki- you say something.

Sharada- no.

Thapki- ok so i take something to drink for you ok.

She nods.

Thapki leave.

Sharada take her phone and starts doing something and on this time druv came there.

And wind starts blowing .

Her hair starts flying.

Druv are comming and suddenly he notice her and get some memories only for second only and suddenly servant call him.he starts talking with him in taking some files.

And then sharadha close her phone and put it in her bag.

And when she look here and there she notice drive​.his some forward ones hair are flying and he wear white jacket and sharadha get lost .

And also don’t notice that thapki came here.

Thapki- take juice.
But she don’t notice.

Thapki-(loudly) sharadha.

She suddenly get consious.

Sharadha- oh sorry.

Thapki- are you fine?

Shradha – yes.

Thapki gave her juice.

She starts drinking it and when she drik it.

Sharadha- thapki so meet me all of your family members .

Thapki- all are gone somewhere dadima vasu maa bauji are gone no one are there.

Shardha- no one.

Thapki- no one.

Sharadha(in her mind ) -oh thapki i want to know that who is he.

Thapki suddenly look where druv are.

Thapki- oh sorry sharadha i forget you to meet with someone come.

Sharadha smile .

They go near druv.

Thapki- druv.

He look at them .

Thapki- druv meet sharadha and sharadha meet druv he is my husband.

Sharadha- husband?

Thapki- no husband brother listen all what i want to say.

Sharadha-ok (and then she move her hand toward druv)hy.

Druv shakes her hand.

Druv- hy.

They smile.

And then bihaan came there .

Bihaan- hy.

Sharadha- who is he. jiju?

Thapki nods.

Sharadha goes toward bihaan – hy jiju.

Bihaan saw her confusingly.

Sharadha- i am thapki friend not friend best friend no we are like sisters.

Bihaan smiles and they shake their hand then.

Thapki – druv please take sharadha to her room.

Thapki look at bihaan in it.

Druv- ok.sharadha came i will leave you.

She smiles

Sharadha- bye jiju.

and they leave.

After they leave.

Bihaan- thapki.

Thapki show him her hand ✋ .

thapki- stop bihaan (and look at him full of anger and pain)only tell me all i hear are true or not.

Bihaan- what?

Thapki- shut up just tell me true or not.

Bihaan- thapki.

Thapki- true or not(in this time more louder)

Bihaan- i don’t have anything to tell you .

Thapki- ok then every thing is clear.bye mr.bihaan panday.

She leaves.

And bihaan look her going painfully.

On other hand.

Druv- your room are it.

Sharadha- ok.

Druv- can you like my home (smiling)

Sharada- yes! It is beautiful like you.

Druv- what?

Sharadha- mean it is very nice.

Druv- ok

He move back.

Sharadha-(in her mind) oh what i tell what what what.

Sharadha- listen.

Druv move back and gine a confused look.

Sharadha- thank you.

He smiles.

Druv- welcome.

She smile.

Episode end.(hope druv fans and monica fans you like it please tell me with your comments so i continue with sharuv please tell me)

Preacap- sharuv & manayasa loving movement.

Me and thahan.

Me- bihaan.

Bihaan- yes.

Me- why are you sad.

Bihaan- nothing.

Me- bihaan please thapki understand you after a while.

Bihaan- really.

Me- yes.

Me- you look not god when you are sad please give your killing smile.

Bihaan smiles.

Me- oh i get unconscious .

He laughs.

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