Thahaan- We are in love (by garima) episode -11 romantic

Topic- romance starting

Episode start with-

Thahaahan break their hug.

Thay two are blushing hard.and then bihaan brock the silence .

Bihaan- are fine?

Thapki- ye..yes.

And again silence.(but then they don’t control their felling their love who hide in their heart want to speak but their brain becoming an enemy stop them but heart power is always strong they finally said with unite)

They(unite)- i miss you.(with wet eyes and share an loving eye lock with lot of love nature also support their love wind are moving slowly and give a shock like feel and all the curtains are moving with air and look like a perfect scene )(imagine it by yourself and you can fell the lot of love )

but then a voice vanished it.

vasu- thapki dear.

Their eye lock suddenly break.

All the family come their.

Bauji- thapki beta you are fine na we worrying for you.

Vasu hug her.

Vasu- i am vey happy to see you again.

Thapki- maa i also and i miss all of you.

Suman- so glory of our house came.

Thapki smiles

Bihaan-(whisper ) thapki go and take some rest.

Thapki nods.

Vasu- go and take some rest dear.

Thapki leaves.


thapki was sitting on the edge of the window.and were in out of the earth thinking something.

And then she feel a hand on her shoulder .
Thapki move back and her heart which wanting she get.

Bihaan- thapki everything is fine?

Thapki in her mind- he care for me so much and smiles .

Bihaan- thapki you look some weak you are fine na.

Thapki nods childishly .

Bihaan- thapki i know you work are so difficult you have to risk your life (and in this thapki lost in his talking she look at him with slowly blinks and a big one smile are on her face very cold air coming from widow and sun set make it completely filmy scene and she can also hear a flute voice like it is look so romantic she lost in his talking and fell the music lovingly which only she can hear.)(thapki in her though – he talks so sweetly it looks like that flowers are falling)thapki you are very strong i know but still i am worry for you(a sudden cold air give shock to her and her hair flown) (cut by thapki)

Thapki- you worry for me.(with childishly)

Bihaan?- of course thapki.

Thapki in her mind- maybe he also fell that which i feel.

Bihaan suddenly stand up and take a cup of green tea.

Bihaan- take it thapki it is good for your health.

Thapki take cup of tea and place it on table near window.

Bihaan get confused a smile appear on his face she get close to him and bihaan’s eyes become wide he can hear the sound of wind and his heart thapki get close to him and suddenly an most unexpected things happen thapki KISS him on his cheek .
Bihaan eyes are wide open hiss mouth are open it is of 4 second only but fell like many hours. When thapki move back she blushed.

Bihaan mouth is closed but still are in shock.

Thapki- thanks bihaan.

But then bihaan come out on his shock and smile.

Bihaan- welcome.

Thapki took her cup and start drinking but their are smile on her face while drinking .

(Time passed)In night.

Thapki and bihaan are getting ready for a function.

Thapki wear a beautiful gown of white colour golden stone on it and wear a high Sandle of white colour and wear a chain of white stone and a golden stone bracelet and her hair are loose she look like a princess.

Bihaan wear black suit with tie and wear moon watch with black lay . his hair are set and he look like a hero.

Bihaan then look at thapki and think- she look beautiful today and smiles.

And when bihaan look other side she saw him and she think.

Thapki in her mind- my husband are handsome and she blush.

Bihaan- thapki fast we have to leave.

Thapki- ok ok be calm we don’t get late.

Bihaan nods and they leave.


Bihaan and thapki go their their are many people on their .

Bihaan- thapki i came here by your forcing we reached here now so at least now tell me that why we came here.

Thapki- you have shortage of wait bihaan wait.

Bihaan- ok chuk chuk gari.

Thapki- what.

Bihaan smiles- yes it is your nick name given by me.

Thapki- bihaan why you give it to me.

Bihaan- becouse you always do chapar chapar (talk so much) like chuk chuk gari .

Thapki- shut up.

And then a voice came.

Man- oh thapki from whom you fighting so much.

Thapki saw him.

Thapki- Karthik .

Bihaan look back and get shocked .

Karthik- bihaan.

They look at each other at shocked .

Thapki- you know each other.

Karthik- thapki what he belongs to you?

Thapki- Karthik what happened .

Karthik- thapki what he belongs to you? (With angry voice)

Thapki- he is my husband.

The end.

You can think mohsih khan as Karthik .

Preacap- thapki pov- i hate you.


Me- thapki you.

Thapki- what.

Me- you.

Thapki(with irritating tune)- what

Me- you kiss…(thapki blush) bihaan.

Thapki- i have some work.

Me- thapki i know you shying .

Thapki(try to hid her face)- no.

Me- yes.

Thapki- no.

Me- yes.

Me- yes.

Thapki- no.

Me- yes.

Me- yes.

Thapki- no.

Me- yes.


Me- yes.

Thapki- no.

Me- yes.


Me- yes.

Thapki- no.

Me- yes.


Me- yes.

Thapki- no.

Me- yes.

Thapki- oh ok ok ok i shy.

Me(with tune we use if something we though is find out wrong )- no your face are normal.

Thapki- ufffff you are.

Me- intelligent .

Thapki laughs.

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  1. Juveria.ghalib

    It’s cute one.finally got a kiss..atleast on his cheek…ughhhh who is this karthik now..hope everything is n update soon

    1. Garima

      Thanks so much dear you are also very busy in your ff but then you comment and read my ff i am very happy for it. Thanks yaar and i am waiting for your ff also.


    Nice episode di..
    Please updating next part soon..
    Please take care…
    Nd update soon..
    Shocking perhaps…
    Please update as soon as possible..
    Take care..
    Love you..

    1. Garima

      Thanks so much dear i know that preacap is bad but yaar i love thaahan i don’t separate them it is only a part of their love confection and i always love your comments dear thanks for being an part of my ff group i always like your comments.

  3. hey….its nice epi….who is this kartik…hope nithing will hapen to thahan…keep writting…

    1. Garima

      Thanks sadia for your support your comments are very valuable for me thanks for being an part of my ff group dear and don’t take tension i stand on your expectations dear thanks again dear.

  4. Simrank

    It was amazing but worried about karthik dnt knw what will happen nd urs and thaps chat too…
    Loved it ??
    Love u ?

    1. Garima

      Thanks so much dear for your awesome support and yaar pls also update ur ff dear.
      Thanks again and love you.?

  5. Malaika sarwar

    Zabardast episode lovely romantic….?

    1. Garima

      Thanks so much dear for you valuable comment dear love you and thanks again dear for your lovingly comment.

  6. It was an amazing part. But precap is little worried. Waiting for next part

    1. Garima

      Soooo thanks dear for your always support dear. I always loved your comment and don’t take tension manayasa are unite soon.

  7. Gajaaab, just this word what i am think of u’re ff, please update soom

    1. Garima

      Oh thanks so much dear for your previous comment love you dear thanks again hope you also like my next episode .

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