Thahaan the best couple part 1

Hii guys I m prajakta but my bestie is shweta n she teach me all this so I dedicate my ff to her by giving name shweta.i m a great fan of tpk I love thahaan So much.i love all the writers but I m missing a lot tpk I m new here in this field plzz encourage me by comments I need it a lot I hope u will do it best .

Here we go
Let me introduce some relation

Thapki and Shankar r the sisters and daughters of kc (krishnakant chaturvedi) And pc ( Poona chaturvedi )

Dhruv and bihan r brotheta n adithi is their sister n they all r the children of BP and VP ( balvinder Pandey and vasundhara pandey)

Thapki is a beautiful charming and very good looking she has a humanity n she do anything for eveveryone smile but she stammer while speaking . And she is studying in a collage.

Sankar: Sankar is greedy and she can go till anyone for mission. She is good with good food and bad with very bad .but she do showup by caring her sister that she is good she is also studying but doing final year.

Bihañ : bihan is very handsome n charming in looks he is very good by nature and he hate girls .he is doing anything for his mom and dad.
And he is a man of humar and angryness. He also studying in collage .

Dhruv is very good by heart he is a boss of office 365 he is doing his work well
He is good by nature n looks.

Let’s start the episode.

Poonam : thapki thapki beta get up Sankar get up
Thapki: ji maa
They both get up
Thapki wears a read colour simple dress with borders of pista colour flower with golden border with a golden hearing.with less make up
Sankar wear a blue dress with silver border and done make-up a lot so much of lipstick and liner .
They both come down thapki take blessing of her mom and dad she didn’t do breakfast n go to collage
Sankar smiles in mind I want this only because when u do breakfast ur mother with u more
And my mind get block .thank God I m not in ur collage .

Scene shift to Pandey nivas
Vasu : bihan dhruv get up fast u will be late how many times I call u
Bihañ: we r ready
Vasu : come do breakfast now
They do the breakfast
They both go to their work bihan take his bike n go to collage he park his bike n was running because he was greeting getting late n thapki.was also running as she.was getting late.because of traffic both hit each other and thapki was about to fall bihan hold her by her waist they have an eyelock
Biahan: sorry he runs to his class thapki took her bag and runs to her class
In their engenering collahe there was a section like a b and c .a contain scholar students .b contain less scholar .and c contain leSs that b scholar students there r 4 years in engenering and it was there 3 year 2 day of collage
The collage begins n the sir of section a announced that today a boy whose name mistakely goes in section c students is coming back yes is is student of our class n his name is bihan Pandey.
Bihañ Pandey u r shifted to section a announced by sir of c .
Bihañ Pandey comes to class a he was wearing a white shirt with black jacket and with blue jeans his entry was like a hero to the class .
Thapki remember him and decide to thank him in break .

Precap : sir announced that our class is talking more bihan get a bench partner thapki.

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  1. prajakta it is best i love it very much plzz continue o write i love u so much but plzz its ur work name it as prajakta i know i i ….. i will pm u but the story was best really best eagerly waiting for next part

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  4. Welcome dear ??
    Nice fan fiction continue but one request and please only for dhruv …..
    Sankar only love dhruv OK
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