Thahaan – a new start (episode-44) (comfort zone)

Guys first of all I’m very sorry I know I’m very late this time but guys I want to confess that my interest is decreasing because I feel like ur getting bored of it now..I’m getting very less comments compared to my previous episodes..guys I want to tell u that I have planned some really amazing tracks n for that I need ur also has romance?which u guys want more n more from my ff’s so plzz give ur feedbacks in the comment u guys very much..

Jigyasa looked at Samaira n cried for being careless..
Manish:what is the use of crying now after everything happened?.jigyasa looks at him nodding in a no innocently..
Manish:tab kaha thi tum jab Samaira ko tumhari Sab se zyada zarurat thi.(where were u when Samaira needed u the most?).kya tumhara kaam aur ye shadi Samaira se zyada important hai(is ur work n ur marriage is more important then Samaira?)
Manish:janti bhi ho Kya haal hogaya tha Samaira ka ro ro kar(do u know how much she was crying?)jab se hosh aya hai tab se sirf mamma mamma kahe ja rahi thi wo,sirf tumhe apne paas dekhna chah rahi thi wo,pata hai tumhe???(since the time she got consciousness since then she was murmuring ur name she wanted u to be near her in this state?)Jigyasa looks at him n cries..
Jigyasa:Manish I…
Manish:but u don’t have time for any one na.all the time is for ur work n ur wedding n everything right..he shouts n she gets scared.he comes extremely close to her n takes her away from Samaira while she tried to free herself.he held her arms tightly n glared at her moving close to her.jigyasa was scared of his anger for the first time that she tried to push him n free herself but his grip was way more stronger then her strength.
Jigyasa:Manish please lis..listen na
Manish:u have time for Ishaan but u don’t have time for Samaira right..he presses her arms more that it hurts her a lot.
Jigyasa:bohot dard ho raha hai.(it’s paining a lot.)
Manish:aisa hi dard mujhe bhi hua tha jab Maine Samaira ki condition dekhi(I felt the same pain when i saw Samaira’s condition)
Manish:u have got time to go for a coffee with Ishaan but u don’t have time to pick up a single call right.jigyasa gets super shocked.
Jigyasa:ohhh so u were spying on me.
Manish:no I was having a coffee with li..he was about to speak about Lisa but stops..
Manish:umm I was having coffee with an old friend in the same coffee shop in which u both went..leave all that. answer me Jigyasa answer me that y did u not pick up the calls?..u know how much scared I was.because Samaira was continuously insisting to meet you.he says angrily again.
Jigyasa:Manish listen I..
Manish:yeah again ur works comes first right.u switched off ur phone for a meeting but later u should have switched it on na..
Jigyasa:I know I did a big mistake.i never wanted to go but Ishaan forced me.he took me forcefully I never wanted to go Manish believe me plzzz..manish stares at her angrily..
Manish:u know y Samaira is ill all of a sudden..jigyasa keeps looking.
Manish:because of u.
Jigyasa:what do u mean?
Manish:because u stopped caring for her since this Ishaan came in ur life.u stopped spending time with her n she was missing u..she was missing her mother..she is a child n taking tension is not good for her right now she is very tensed she doesn’t wants u to marry Ishaan.she said that to me many times n also when I went to her school to bring her home when she was half awake..jigyasa looks on n keeps thinking.
She didn’t say anything n went from there freezing herself.manish keeps looking at her n feels sad.
He goes to bathroom n changes his clothes in a night track n vest..when he comes out a servant was waiting for him to give the medicine packet..manish thanks him n he leaves.manish checks Samaira’s fever n it was still high..
Manish:her fever is still very high she needs this medicine now but how will I feed her she is sleeping n moreover she didn’t eat anything since morning I can’t give her medicines in empty stomach..he tries to wake her
Manish:Samaira see papa is here get up n eat something n then have medicines also I’ll give u a big chocolate then.come on get up.but Samaira turns n sleeps.manish thinks what to do now..he goes to the kitchen n brings a glass of orange juice..
Manish:Samaira plzz drink this juice atleast.he carefully makes her sit n she leans over his shoulder as she was very very sleepy by the affect of the injection that doctor gave her.
Samaira:papa my head is paining a lot.
Manish:beta because u didn’t ate anything..plzz drink this juice.papa will give u medicines n u will be healthy again.
Samaira:papa..she was very weak to even sit.manish carefully holds her in one arms n makes her sit on his lap he takes the glass near her mouth n she slowly drinks the juice.
Samaira:enough.she stops taking few sips
Manish:some more beta.see if u finish this glass then tomorrow I’ll take u to ur favorite fairy park.i quickly drink this juice.
Samaira:I don’t want to go there I want something else can u give me.she speaks in a low voice.
Manish:anything baby just tell it.
Samaira:I hate Ishaan uncle I don’t want mamma to marry Ishaan uncle..manish gets shocked by her wish..he thinks how a small girls knows soo much about a wedding and its relations..
Samaira:papa plzz say na tell me u will stop mamma na tell me.manish comes in senses n
Manish:yes beta I plzz drink this juice..Samaira slowly drinks the whole juice n again falls asleep on manish’s shoulder.manish smiles at her n properly lays her down on the bed.he takes out the medicines..
Manish:umm now how will I make her eat this medicines..jigyasa comes at the door n sees him from the door..
Manish:if Jigyasa would be here she would have made her eat this medicines till now..but these are very big in size she can’t swallow these.what should I do now?.he thinks..jigyasa secretly watches him from the door n melts by his innocence..
Manish sees a spoon on the table n he gets an idea.
Manish:yes this will be right.he takes the spoon n melts the tablets with some water n then makes Samaira have the medicines..he checks her fever which was still high..
Manish:her temperature isn’t decreasing what should I do..jigyasa goes from there n comes back with a bowl of water n few clean clothes..manish sees her at the door holding the tray.
Jigyasa:don’t worry she will be alright.manish didn’t reply n looks away..jigyasa goes near Samaira n puts the wet cloth on her forehead..manish keeps looking..
Jigyasa:ah umm Manish u can take rest I’ll be with Samaira.
Manish:no I’m alright.he gets up n sits at the other side of the bed to give space to Jigyasa.jigyasa sits beside Samaira n keeps changing the cloth on the forehead.both of them didn’t look into each other’s eyes just sat quietly without speaking.
Later in the night Manish again checks her temperature..
Jigyasa:is it normal now.
Manish:yes a little bit..she will be fine don’t worry.jigyasa nods..
Jigyasa:Maine pehle hi kaha the tumse(I told u that already).manish looks into her eyes..he moves forward n holds her hand as she was looking worried ..jigyasa looks at him.
Jigyasa:Manish I really didn’t..manish shushes her n asks her to stay quite..jigyasa weeps
Manish:it’s ok it was not ur fault u didn’t knew about it..but from next time be careful.samaira is very important for both of us..jigyasa looks at him.n hugs him Manish was little shocked but happy too..
Jigyasa:I’m sorry I promise to take more care of Samaira from now.even I can’t see her like this..she cries a lot on his shoulder..manish pats her shoulder n calms her.
Manish:it’s ok she will be fine..don’t cry I can’t see u like this.jigyasa moves away n they have an eyelock..manish wipes her face n gestures her to smile.she smiles..manish holds her hand with both hands n kisses it.jigyasa holds his hand too..
Manish:n I’m sorry I didn’t knew that Ishaan forced u to go to the cafe I just shouted at u without knowing anything.I’m sorry..
Jigyasa: it’s ok..while they were having an eyelock again in the same posture Samaira wakes up n sees them like this..she smiles wider..
Samaira:MAMMMA PAPA..both of them looks at her..jigyasa takes back her hands n takes Samaira in arms.
Jigyasa:beta are u r u feeling now?.manish pats her head lovingly.
Samaira:I’m fine now mamma see the fever is gone..jigyasa touches her neck n smiles at her..
Jigyasa:no beta ur not fine u still have fever now come on take rest,sleep.
Samaira:ok u both also sleep with me..jigyasa n Manish looked at eachother..they saw Samaira n smiles both laid down beside her..Samaira took their hand each n puts them together making a tight knot by her small hands..manish looked at Jigyasa who was secretly wiping her tears..he intervined his hands with her n held Samaira’s hand too..jigyasa looked at him..both had a deep eyelock..
Jo tu mera hum dard hai..suhana har dard hai plays in the background..
Later the trio sleeps together..

Next morning
Manish wakes up n finds them in the same position.he had a wide smile to see his wife n daughter together with him.he prayed to God to maintain the same love n unity between them.n to solve all the problems soon..he slowly sat on the bed without disturbing their sleep.samaira cuddled more towards her mother.manish smiled seeing her.he bent down n kissed Samaira’s forehead.he stroke her hair few times n saw Jigyasa peacefully sleeping.he first hesitated but gathered some courage n bent down towards her face..he closed his eyes n kissed her forehead.jigyasa woke up from her sleep n saw him very close to her..she was melted by his charm..she again fell in love with that person.she didn’t do anything but touched his cheek slightly.she felt she was in a safer place in her comfort zone..which made Manish open his eyes n see her.both had an intense eyelock..
Manish touched her cheek n caressed it.jigyasa closed her eyes by the heat of his touch..manish leaned more n kissed her cheek..
Manish:I love u..jigyasa opened her eyes n looked at him.
Manish:I want to wake up like this every morning..jigyasa nodded in a no n she was about to say something when he shushed her.
Manish:shushhhh..don’t speak I want to feel u for some time.he said touching his nose with hers intensely..
Maana ke hum yaar nahin..
Lo tay hai ke pyaar nahin (x2)..
Both looked into each others eyes like their eyes were having a deep conversation..manish moved ahead n kissed her shoulder..
Phir bhi nazrein na tum milaana…
Dil ka aitbaar nahi…
Maana ke hum yaar nahi…
in nervousness she licked her lips which made her dry lips look soft n juicy..manish saw her lips n couldn’t control himself from getting attracted.jigyasa saw his gaze on her lips n gets worried..he trailed his finger on her face sensually n moved forward for a kiss.
Jigyasa:Manish plzz.he didn’t listen n moved more n more close..until Samaira’s sleep gets disturbed.
Samaira:mamma super papa..she was very sleepy n hardly managed to open her eyes once or twice for a second..
Manish:ahh jigyasa can u pass me the ac remote it’s getting colder..
Jigyasa:ye yeah yeah sure..she passes him the remote n he moves away.samaira again hugs Manish n sleeps..jigyasa n Manish looks at eachother ashamed of the moment they just had..jigyasa gets up n goes out of the room..
Manish also woke up n laid Samaira properly on her bed..he went to the washroom to take a the time Manish came out of the bathroom Samaira was awake n playing with her toys..manish saw her n smiled.
Manish:Samaira ur not well so take rest now u can play later.
Samaira:I’m taking rest since yesterday n also my back is paining since I’m lying on the bed since yesterday..I want to go out somewhere.
Manish:go out somewhere..he giggles..
Manish:speak slowly if ur mamma hears then she will kill both of us..Samaira also giggled.
Jigyasa:why???why will I kill both of u??..jigyasa enters in the room.both Samaira n Manish looks at eachother bewildered
Samaira:no mamma nothing..
Jigyasa:see Samaira I brought ur food come on eat it quickly..then u have to eat ur medicines also to get cured soon right..Samaira makes a yuck faces hearing the word medicines..
Jigyasa:Samaira u have to get well soon right so that u can play with ur toys.go to school n enjoy with ur friends n play video games so for that u have to eat this tablets.
Samaira:but mamma they are very bitter.
Jigyasa:ok if u eat ur medicines I’ll ask aunt Mary to bring u out to the park..Samaira exclaims in joy but Manish was shocked he knew that she heard them making fun of her..jigyasa fed Samaira n she ate quickly n also took her medicines.later aunt Mary takes Samaira to the park..both Jigyasa n manish where in the room.
Manish:I’m sorry I know u heard us making fun of u..
Jigyasa:that doesn’t matters Samaira’s smile matters everything to me..she says n gets up to go..manish smiles secretly n gets up from the bed to.he feels immense pain n numbness in his leg that he was about to fall..jigyasa holds him at the correct time n makes him sit down on the bed again..
Jigyasa:Manish careful..
Manish:ouchhh my leg its paining soo much..jigyasa gets angry.
Jigyasa:ha pain to hoga hi Tum dhyaan kaha rakhte ho apna bas din raat bhagte hi rehte ho.(yes now it will pain because u never take care of your self right.u always run here n there)Manish was amazed by her gesture n very happy tooo.he adored her while she was busy scolding him.a tint of anger n worry was clearly visible on her bright face..she opened the side drawer n checked through his medicines..she found that he didn’t took medicines since last two days..
Jigyasa:dawa bhi nahi li tumne thik se(u didn’t have ur medicines too)she makes an irked face..she takes his medicines n gives it in his hand.l
Jigyasa:now eat them right infront of me..she holds her arms across her chest like a strict n caring wife.manish was loving her this way n infact felt like his Jigyasa his wife is back in his life but that happiness didn’t last long as she gets a call n she picks it with a name of Ishaan n goes out of the room while speaking on the phone..he threw the glass on the floor in anger n thinks about some plans..
Manish:what shall I do to make Jigyasa believe that Ishaan is not a right guy?.ishaan is very smart if I tell her about his truth he will make some silly ways of escaping n my Jigyasa will also believe him as now she believes more in him then me..I think I have to stay back n let Lisa do her work..

Precap-Manish shares his plans with Lisa n aunt Mary fixes ishaan’s n jigyasa’s engagement date n Manish is broken by the news.he tries to stop Jigyasa from going to the engagement hall..later he gets a tragic news from India..


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