Teri meri kahani -Shivika part 1

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Helloo gyez i stop my ff ishq ek junnon becuse there are only 6 comment so i thought i stop this ff and gyez please tell me if u all donot like my ff please its a request then i stop my ff because i think we writers write ff for u and herself then we can hope that you give us a comment please gyez and thanks to all who comment on my ff always

Now come to this ff
This ff based on current episode of ishqbaaz because i thought this time to reavel Anika past and i want they revel anika past ….. so this ff based on Anika past and shivika love story……..

Episode 1
Anika : Billuji tia is married

Shivaay : Are you mad you know what are yu talking i think i give much attention to you you think yourself a faimly member you are here just a employ you donot have right to spek in our faimly matter and tia is my would be bride so donot u dare to speak anything againest tia

Anika is crying she cant bear this punishment she jus tand and cry
Shivaay ; How can you be so much cheap Anika i never thought that you can do this cheal act now i am warning you just stay away from me and my faimly and most importent tia

Anika go from there

Anika come to room and she start crying heavily with so much pain she can bear this much insult
Now tia come

Tia : Awww Anika you tell truth to him but he donot believe on you i fell very pity on you ….you Know when i saw first time i think you have A self respect but i am wrong you donot have this because if you have you leave this job and never come back

Now anika come to her avtar

Anika : Wow tia first when i come to room i think that i should i leave this job but Now you motivate me now i expose you its my promish to you first i want to do this because i cant see shivaay in pain but now i do this because of my self respect and My self respect doesnt allow to like you cheap girl characterless come and insult me …. i will give you answer in one time and that time he throw you out of house with his hands

Tia fume in Anger and go from there

Shivaay come to other side and Anika other side

Shivaay in mind : i think i insult her too much today i say sorry to her no why i say sorry she have to say sorry

Anika in mind : Just ignore him and go

Anika go like she doesnot notice him and shivaay want to talking to her

Shivaay : What the wuck she went without talking to me why i have to talk to her

Shivaay go behind her

Shivaay : Anika

Anika ignore him
Anika : bhayia please keep this flower basket there
Shivaay : Anika
Anika ; Bhayia please do here lighting also

Now shivaay is angry and held anika hand and take her in his room and he pin to her wall

Shivaay : what the hell why are you ignore me

Anika : Mr. Oberoi leave me

Shivaay a bit surpries she call him mr. Oberoi

Shivaay : Why you calling me mr. Oberoi

Anika : because you tell me that i am jus employ so why are you running behind me if yu have any work then tell me your employ is here for you what you want mr. Oberoi

Shivaay : what the hell i jus say in anger and you did wrong i have to do this what can i do you always insult tia without proof she always come as truth

Anika : No mr. Oberoi first i want to tell you truth because i cant see anything wrong happen with you but now i bring her truth with proof because of my self respect i love my self respect so much and i bring her truth infront you its my promish mr. Oberoi .. you think i am obessed with you but you are mistaken Mr. Oberoi …. Now just wait and watch

Anika recive a. Call and she is shocked

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    Good one rithik me too started with kind of same line of anikas self respect do read it.

  13. Jazz1


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