Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 9th February 2021 Written Episode Update: Pankaj and Priya get married

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Scene 1
Pappu says go in both of you. Your friends are getting married. You all need to go there. I will handle him. Jogi says he’s right. Let’s go. People will doubt otherwise. Mahi takes her bangles back from Gulshan and kicks him. She goes inside. Pappu’s friend says this Mahi is an atom bomb. He says I know how to reduce crackers. Mahi sees in Gulshan’s car. Her Chunri is in there. She recalls it was Gulshan. Mahi says I didn’t even wear it properly I will break his car. Jogi says relax. Do you like this Chunri? She says why would I buy it if I didn’t. He says so bitter. Jogi takes a pin from her hair and breaks the lock. He takes out Mahi’s chunri. He makes her wear it. Mahi says I was thinking you couldn’t be useless and now I know you are a thief. People have been talking about a car thief, now I know it’s you. He says you know how to ruin my mood. She says stop annoying me now, we need to be there for pheray.

Mahi and Jogi come inside. Her chunri is stuck in his kurta. Jogi gives it to her. Priya and Pankaj take the rounds. Mahi and Jogi are happy. Pankaj makes her wear mangalsutra. Mahi’s necklace breaks. Jogi helps her fix it. Pankaj fills Priya’s hairline. Jogi removes petals and touches Mahi’s hairline meanwhile. Jogi says in heart what signal is God giving me? Pandit ji says now you two are married. Everyone claps. Mahi hugs Priya, Jogi hugs Pankaj. Priya says thank you Mahi. Mahi says I told you I won’t let your big day be stained. Jogi says you also thank me. Pankaj says thank you. Mahi says you two look good together. Pankaj says you both also look good while fighting. Jogi says yes perfect person to fight with. Pappu looks at Mahi and says this fight isn’t over yet Mahi.

Scene 2
Mahi says to Jogi I wanted to talk to you. He says I was waiting for you to come to me and tell me you to want to confess something. Mahi says shut up. Mahi says I am sorry. Jogi says who said it? Mahi says sorry. He says what? I can’t hear. Mahi says sorry. Jogi says loud, please. Mahi says sorry Jogi. He says loud. Mahi says Jai Mata di. Mahi says I said too much. Compared you with Gulshan. And I also wanted to say, you aren’t like what I thought of you. You are full of Biji and Rupa aunty. Jogi says you are also not like your BIL. You are unique. I also know that you have fallen for my love. I will take you on a date. Mahi says what.. Go away. Get your eyes tested. One could only expect this from a useless man like you. she leaves.

Everyone enjoys the food. Mahi says mummy ji stop eating, please. Seema says look at that tabela woman. She is eating so much. You also eat before she eats up everything. Mahi says why do you say all this? She is our elder. She treats me so well. Seema says make her your mom then. Look at how hungry she is. Biji says shut up. Jogi calms her down. Mahi calms Seema down. Akash says mummy ji Pappu jeja ji has arranged a special table for us. Seema says Mahi come with us. Don’t sit with cheap people like these. Mahi says sorry to Biji. Biji says you must be adopted. You aren’t like this. Rupa says daughters like you a face of Laxmi.

Mahi and Jogi touch the spoon together. Jogi says take it, we make it every day. Mahi says we also have paneer. He says I didn’t mean it wrong. She says you always mean wrong. A kid comes and takes it. Biji laughs. Mahi goes to take lassi. Jogi says I am guy’s best friend. Bring me the lassi first. Mahi says he’s the one begging. We will give it for the blessings of our girl. Jogi says give it to her so she shuts up at least. He says both takes it together. Jogi laughs at Mahi since she has a milk mustache. Mahi sees the mirror. She asks for a tissue. Jogi gives her one. They both get call that it’s doli’s time. Pappu says Mahi you go for doli, I am planned to ruin your day.

Scene 3
Pappu meets Seema. He says when will you get Mahi married? Seema says you said what was in my heart. You find a guy who is even 10% of you. Pappu says do you want me to find a guy for her? She says yes. He says no no you can’t give this responsibility to just anyone. She says you are not anyone. You are our Taj Mehal, find us a mini Taj Mehal. He says sure? She says yes. Pappu says okay then get ready. I will find a Pappu for her. She says let it be a secret between us. Pappu says what secret? She laughs. Pappu says now I will find a guy who will be in my feet all the time.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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