Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 6th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Akash tells Mahi about the house

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Scene 1
Jogi holds Mahi’s hand and says please rest. You have been working since morning. He says why don’t you want to participate in Mrs. Amritsar’s competition? She says because I am not Mrs. Besides you and Biji no one is happy with this wedding. This isn’t a amrriage. I am not a Mrs. He says okay fine. But there’s one thing in front of you. 5 lacs, it can solve so many problems for your family. Mahi says Biji and Rupa are working since morning what have you done? He says my legs aren’t working. Mahi sneezes. Jogi gives her a tissue. He says see I have so much talent. Mahi says go and sleep. Jogi holds Mahi’s hand and says please fill the form. Mahi says stop it. I wll break my own legs. He says don’t say that.

Scene 2
Dharam says none of my kids are able to help me. How can I risk this house? Seema says we don’t have any other option.
Pappu says their house is ours as well. Chanda says well played. Dharam looks at the papers. Seema wipes his tears. She says you made this house and you will make it again. He signs the papers and says this is why people say daughters are a blessing. She took our blessings from this house when she left. Don’t know if we can believe the person Pappu is giving house papers to. Akash says what are you doing? Seema says I made a sin of giving birth to your sister Mahi. So paying for it.

Scene 3
At night, Akash comes to meet Mahi. Mahi hugs him.. Mahi says how are you? They both cry. Jogi says come in, let’s sit. Akash says yeah but I can’t do what I came here for. Mahi says what? He says break your leg. He laughs. Akash says I have to talk to my sister. Mahi takes him outside. He says Pappu will see. Jogi says take him to our room. Mahi says thank you for coming. I was so alone. He says why wouldn’t I? The house is pretty. Is jeju good? Mahi says his name is Jogi. Akash says does he care for you? Mahi says I am fine. How is everyone in the house? Is mummy still mad? He says I came to tell you something. You always handled any problem at the house. He tells her everything. He says papa has signed the papers. He has left to give those papers. Mahi is shocked. Jogi tries to hear. They come downstairs. Jogi hides. Akash says did I make a mistake by coming here? Mahi says I will get my family out of this situation. He says you’re the best. You always protected us. Take care. He leaves. Mahi says take care of everyone.

Jogi gets back in his wheelchair. Mahi says I hope didn’t hear me and Akash talking. Mahi realizes his chair wasn’t there. Mahi says how did you come here? Were you walking? When I came downstairs no one was there. there’s something wrong. He says stop doubting all the time. I was in the kitchen. If you’re done, can I ask what did he come to tell? Is everything okay in the house? Truth is like the sun, it always comes out. Mahi says yeah it will. Mahi puts her finger on his lips. She says everyone is asleep and only we are up. If you don’t mind, can we talk in the room? But you can’t stand. Jogi says don’t challenge me. I can try. Mahi says okay then I am going to the room and count till 10 and see if you come. Jogi looks at her and smiles. Mahi says in heart I know you’re doing a drama and your leg is completely fine. I will expose you.

Episode ends.

Precap-Jogi stands up and goes to the bed. Jogi says I felt like husband and wife, Mahi held my hand. Then it all ended. Biji says you will get her forgiveness and Mahi as well.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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