Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 5th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Guslshan takes Mahi’s photos with Jogi

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 5th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Jogi drinks the lassi and gets dizzy. He comes out everyone is dancing. He looks at Mahi. Jogi looks at her. He falls. Everyone is enjoying the dance. Chanda and Pappu look at him. He falls down. Jogi falls on the couch. He tries to get up but he can’t. Jogi looks at Mahi smiling and enjoying her time. Pappu comes and says tell Mahi what’s in your heart. He says yes I will tell her. He tries to get up. Pappu says tell Mahi. Jogi says yes I will. Today is the day.

Akash says the first performance is by our elders. Seema and Dharam dance on kajra re. Jogi gets up and thinks about telling Mahi. He falls down. Renu comes to perform. Shalu dances with her. Betiyan tou hoti hai parai. Seema and Dharampal get teary. Pappu says to Jogi get up and tell them. They will get married. Jogi says I won’t let that happen. I will tell her about my love.

Mahi comes on the dance floor. Jogi looks at her dancing and enjoying. He comes on the floor. Everyone is shocked. Mahi says are you okay Jogi? He says yes. He says I.. He says I Mahi.. He falls down. Everyone screams and rushes to him. Mahi’s mehndi gets messed. Arjun’s name gets removed from her hand. Chanda says this name would be removed from your life as well. Pappu says he drank. These tabela people never saw anything in life. He got free drinks here so decided to have it all. Mahi says I dance a lot at weddings as well, does that mean I am a loser too? And he isn’t the only one drinking. Everyone is drinking. We did this arrangement. So It’s our fault. You shouldn’t do these small things of insulting people. Pappu says no, your friendship is bigger than my respect. This deep friendship. Best friends. I am sorry. Mahi says it’s not about sorry. He says no you got so offended I have to say sorry. Shalu gets angry. Pappu says Akash pick her best friend and take him home. Pappu steals Jogi’s phone. The boys take him home.

Scene 2
Pappu says what Mahi did in front of everyone today, she made it easy for us. Chanda says how? He says Mahi gave everyone a hint already. She says oh I like that. He says Mahi showed the trailer to everyone already. Chanda says you’re amazing. I love you.

The boys leave Mahi at home. He says I love you Mahi in sleep. Akash and Tip hear it. THey’re shocked. They don’t hear the name. Deepak says he’s saying I love you. Akash says he’s making a name as well. Let me try hearing closely. Jogi faints. Jogi falls to the ground. He says they are perfect for each other. I wish she says no to this wedding. He faints completely.

People start talking. Dadu says in Punjabi wedding, it isn’t happening enough until someone gets drunk. Akash comes in. Mahi asks is Jogi okay? Seema says he would be fine. Go you rest. A woman says Rupa said her son would never drink. Sema asks everyone to get ready for Jago.

Scene 3
Mahi calls on Jogi’s phone but it’s with Pappu. Pappu says she must be worried. We have to take the plan on stage two now and call an old villain. She says who? He says wait for it.

Gulshan comes in. Pappu said to him if I am letting you go. I am not shooting you will have to do whatever I ask. Pappu says Chanda meet Gulshan. He hates Mahi. This is your chance. You will be wasted if you fail this time. He says don’t worry. I will do it this time. Chanda says you are amazing. Our blood is one in making evil plans.

Mahi says Priya I am calling. He isn’t picking call. He’s alone at home. Priya says he would be fine. She says he doesn’t drink. Priya says calm down. Mahi is worried for Jogi. Priya says he got drunk, it’s okay. It happens. Mahi says he doesn’t drink. He was falling. Ask Pankanj to check him. Priya says we are not talking. He was busy and he couldn’t come to your wedding. So we fought. Mahi says Jogi is also my friend. Priya sees a shadow and says who is it? Chanda comes in and says Mahi I got you, sweets. She says Priya Seema aunty is calling you. Priya leaves. Chanda applies sugar water on Mahi’s mehndi. Chanda says did he drink for the first time? He wasn’t well. He was vomiting all the time. He might need a doctor. I hope he isn’t alone. Mahi says he alone. His family went to the temple. I am very worried about him. Chanda says you should go and check him. He’s not well. He really needs a friend. You can’t back out. You are his true friend. Mahi says I also want it but isn’t it wrong. Shalu and Renu come in. They take the evil eye off her. Renu says Jogi did such a drama. we don’t want that to happen again. Shalu says we are all going for Jago. Rest at home. Let’s go Chanda. Chanda says I am coming. they leave. Chanda says this is the best chance. Everyone is leaving you can easily go and check up on Jogi. Jogi needs your friendship and help. Mahi says you are right. Friends need to be there for each other. Chanda says yes. Mahu says but mom didn’t ask me to go out. Chanda says I will sit here in your place and lock the door. No one would know. Mahi says thank you so much chanda. Mahi leaves. Chanda texts Pappu she left.

Scene 4
Mahi sneaks out. Pappu keeps an eye on her. He says to Gulshan take jogi’s phone and there should be no mistake. Mahi comes to the tabela. All cows are going crazy for Jogi. Jogi is on the floor. Mahi says Jogi.. Are you okay? Open your eyes? What happened to you? Mahi cuts a lemon and gives him lemon water. Jogi says Mahi you came.. I knew you would come. He faints. Mahi says you drank so much. Gulshan takes their photos. Mahi fills a bucket. She throws water on Jogi’s face. Gulshan leaves smoke inside. Mahi coughs. She faints as well. Gulshan makes Mahi lie on Jogi. He recalls how she hit him. He touches Mahi’s face and says you teach others lessons right? Now I will teach you a lesson. He throws away Mahi’s dupatta. He opens Jogi’s Kurta. Gulshan lays Mahi on Jogui and takes their photos together.

Episode ends.

Precap-Mahi wakes up. She cries and says why did I come? Everyone asked me not to come.. He says you should run home. Mahi wears a shawl and tries to sneak in. Seema stops her. Mahi is scared.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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