Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 4th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Mahi finds the money

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Scene 1
Biji says whoever finds the money, they will have it. Jogi says if you both find it you will give it to me. But if Mahi finds it I won’t get anything. Biji says let’s start looking at them. Rupa and Mahi keep standing. Jogi says I can’t win. Rupa says you can’t lose as long as I am there. Rupa and Biji start looking for money. Mahi says I wish my family trusted me and I was with them but they don’t even want to see my face. Biji says to Jogi what to do? Jogi says pretends to have acidity. You will need cumming seeds.

Biji screams my head hurts. I have acidity. Bring zeera. Mahi brings it.. The money is in the jar. Jogi says oh wow Mahi won. Money is found. Mahi is shocked. Biji says oh Mahi you won. Mahi gives it to Biji. Jogi says you won it. You can give us a party. Biji says I would go shopping. Jogi says then Mahi you also go shopping. Rupa says you won it keep it. Go buy new clothes. Mahi says this was all planned right? Mahi says Biji this is your money. I take gifts that I can return. Biji says I won’t take it back at all. I told the rule. Mahi says it was all planned. Please. She gives them to Biji. Jogi says I have to return your 6500. Mahi recalls he hit his bike in her car. He says you can keep that and returns the rest. Mahi returns 4k. She says fair play.

Scene 2
Mahi sits in her room. Mahi says I only dependent on my car for money. I will never take money from anyone. Mahi dresses up and cleans the house. Jogi is asleep. Mahi covers his face from the sun. She makes tea. Rupa says you don’t have to do all this. I can do this. Biji says you keep fighting all the time even before the day starts. You keep sleeping what can Mahi do? What an amazing tea. Mahi I never had such tea. Rupa says to Mahi what do you want to prove? Mahi says some people have a habit of working. She looks at Jogi and says some people like being useless. I can’t sit uselessly. I do my work. Rupa says so do I. I don’t need anyone’s help. Mahi says I am paying rent for living in this house. I don’t have money. If I were your DIL I won’t be doing this. I will milk the cows too. Biji says wow Mahi well done. You’re the best DIL. Rupa says if you’re done we have to distribute the milk.

Biji cries and says I slipped. My foot hurts.. How will I go? How will Rupa go alone? Mahi says let me check. Biji says how will Rupa gp alone? People snatch the money. Mahi says I will go with her don’t worry. Biji says good you go with her. Mahi says it good for Biji to stay here. Biji says go you will get late. Go Rupa. Mahi picks the milk with Rupa. Jogi says well played Biji.

Mahi places the milk on bike. Rupa and Mahi touch the key together. Mahi says I can ride it. Rupa says really? Don’t be smart. Mahi says I never met an accident. Rupa says your life’s car had more accidents than moving ahead. Mahi says why do you always taunt? Rupa says I am saying the truth. Don’t drive. Mahi says okay you drive. Mahi sits with her.

Scene 3
Pappu says I can’t do anything. Chanda says I will handle Arjun. Don’t worry. But do something to this tabela please. This tabela is my entertainment. Chanda says I have a plan to ruin Jogi and Mahi. Pappu says I always lost. Chanda says I will give you an idea. Make them stronger, they will break stronger as well. They will break each other. Chanda says I will ruin Mahi’s life.

Jogi sees Mahi drying her hair. He pulls her close. He’s imagining. Mahi says what are you doing? Don’t wanna get up? He says my eyes aren’t opening. Help me, please.. Mahi splashes water from her hair on his face.. She leaves.. Jogi pulls her.

Episode ends.

Precap-Pankaj calls Jogi and says you want to help Mahi? you need a loan for it. Have you heard of Mr. and Mrs. Amritsar’s dance competition? It will give winners 5 lacs. Jogi tells Mahi about it.She says I don’t haev time for all this. He says the prize is 5 lacs. It will solve a lot of your porblems. Mahi stops.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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