Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 3rd March 2021 Written Episode Update

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 3rd March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Pappu says her name is Chanda. Arjun is scared. Pappu says this would be fun. Pappu says Chanda doesn’t like being appreciated in public. Shalu says in her heart she has so many problems. Pappu says youngsters these days go to clubs but my sister Chanda is going course of craft. Shalu says in her heart she makes the lives of other people difficult. Mahi asks Arjun all okay? He says yes. Jogi looks at Mahi being happy. Pappu comes to him and says all okay? He says yes. Pappu says this envelope needs to go to Rai.

Chanda holds Arjun’s hand secretly and talks to Rai. She says I gave up on all my fears. Pappu looks at her holding his hand. He says well done my sister. Chanda met Pappu. She told him about Arjun. He said but if Arjun loves you why is he marrying Arjun? She says he loves me but is being forced by his dada ji. He likes Mahi. Pappu said I know how to turn her into their dislike. I will ruin Mahi’s respect in Rai’s eyes. Pappu says once this marriage breaks, Arjun will get married to you.

Pappu walks towards Rai with the envelope. Shalu stops him. She says Mahi and Aejun make each other eat. Akash says yes. They make each other eat. Chanda holds Mahi’s hand. Mahi is confused. She takes the food. Mahi is confused. Chanda eats it herself. Shalu says what is this? Chanda says I was just checking. Seema says it’s fresh. Checking what? Chanda says I only checking if it has khoya or not. Meher says why wouldn’t it. Chanda says then it’s a problem. Arjun is allergic to Khoya. You’re getting married to him. You should know this much at least. Mahi says how do you know? Chanda says should I tell? Arjun is scared. Arjun says what? She says entire Punjab knows. He was telling in an interview. I saved your engagement twice. Rai says thank you.

Scene 2
Pappu goes towards Rai with an envelope. Dadu takes him with him. Everyone is clicking photos. Chanda holds Arjun’s arm. Jogi looks at them. she says you are so smart? He says what’s going on? Arjun says just get lost. Arjun takes chanda to the room and throttle her. He takes out a knife and says I will cut your tongue. I will make your pieces, no one would be able to find you. Don’t dare to take my name again. He leaves. Jogi comes there. He looks at Arjun hugging Chanda. He says what’s going on here? The guy turns back, It’s not Arjun. It’s Pappu. Jogi is confused. He says excuse me. I am meeting my sister? Jogi recalls what he saw.

MAhi says to Jogi who will take care of you? you’re taking care of everything. She gives him juice. Pappu says thank God I came on right time. You told me Arjun loves you. HE is trying to kill you? She tells him. Arjun said Mahi will only be his housewife. She says when I tried to break the engagement, he did this to me. Pappu says how dare he? Chanda says Rai is a lot stronger than us. We have to act smart here. Think something that breaks this wedding. Do you have a plan? He asys yes. Jogi. Pappu shows her the photos.

Precap-Pappu says we have to do a blast. Chanda says but how? She makes Jogi drink something in the milk. Jogi gets drunk. He looks at Mahi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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