Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 31st July 2021 Written Episode Update: Mahi meets Arjun

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Scene 1
Mahi wakes up Jogi and says you are a coward. He says don’t call me that. Mahi says drinking and running away from life is something a coward would do. He says you force me and try to make me who I am not. Mahi says when did I force? Only wanted you to be successful in life. He says don’t shout. It will get messy. Mahi says let it be messy. What’s my mistake? I wanted good for you and I am being called greedy by my husband and MIL. She shoves him and says why? He says I will also use hand of you do. Mahi says they do. Was it my mistake to see your talent and that you can be a big person? Say it in my face. I will go far away from myself. He shoves her and says then go. Go away from my life. You always keep forcing me. I don’t need you. You have ruined my life. I am not happy with you.

Mahi is shocked. Jogi says my peace happiness, everything is taken away. You always want success and money. Those are your dreams, not mine. Don’t shove them in my face. Those are your dreams. Not mine. You can’t do that yourself. You can only drive. My mom is right. Your dreams are too big to be with a small person like me. Go from here. You were better as Mahi Chopra. Mahi is shocked. She says my dreams aren’t big you’re a small person and so is your mentality. You don’t have courage. He says then go and live your life. Don’t be with this small person. Mahi cries. Mahi leaves.

Scene 2
Mahi drives in anger. She recalls what Jogi said. She recalls what Rupa said. Jogi comes downstairs and says Mahi.. He looks for her. He falls from the stairs. Mahi’s brakes fail. Mahi is shocked. Mahi says God save me. I can’t leave Jogi in this condition. Mahi pulls the hand brake and saves from crashing. Rupa picks Jogi. Chanda comes out of the other car. Chanda says you look so done. what will you do now? Mahi tries to start her car but it isn’t starting. Chanda says your life is also stuck like this. Only one person can bring it out. Arjun Rai. Mahi says I don’t need anyone. I can steer my life myself. All I want is my family’s happiness and God’s blessings. You worry about yourself. Chanda says you always talk back. But would there ever be anything beyond that? Only Arjun can make Jogi a singer. All your ways would end to him. Stop playing with his dreams and meet Arjun. Good luck. She leaves.

Jogi says bebe this medicine won’t make me better. I have hurt Mahi so much. Mahi is right. I am a coward and a useless person. And men like us take it out on women. Rupa says no, don’t blame yourself. It’s the circumstances. We don’t have any other way. When you realize your mistake, you can fix it. Mahi will come back. But I don’t know if she should. She isn’t happy in this house or in this marriage.

Scene 3
Mahi comes to Arjun’s house. He’s shocked. He says please come in. Arjun is about to hug Mahi. She shoves him. Arjun says come sit. Mahi says I don’t need to. You wanted to meet right, come to the point. He says I am also your half-husband. Talk nicely. If Jogi didn’t come in between, you would have been my wife. Mahi says Arjun.. Mahi says Jogi is my wife. 100%. He says the husband you came to me for? Forget Jogi for a while and focus on yourself. Mrs. Amritsar, beautiful, young, hot. You should be a model. Mahi recalls what Jogi said. Arjun takes a picture with MAhi. He says I will open all the doors. Acting, modelling, dreams. Why are you ruining your life for Jogi? He can’t stand for himself. What will he do for you? Do you know who can stand for you and get you everything in life? Money, power, status. Arjun Rai. So? He extends his hand.

Mahi slaps him. Mahi says be happy that it’s bleeding a bit only. If Jogi were here, you would be bleeding a lot. You think I came here because you asked? I came here to show you your worth. You can do whatever you want but Jogi will win. You have money and that’s your power. But Jogi has a heart and that’s his biggest power. You said he can’t stand for himself? He stands for his family. A man like you is worth his shoe. The tabela you called stinky gave him upbringing that you couldn’t in this paalce. There is peace and love in that tabela. But a man like you can never understand. If you want to, come to our place. You will know what love and family is. How Mahi’s husband, MIL and dadi give their life for her. You see how special Jogi is and why a girl would choose him over you. I am proud to be his wife. I am proud that I live there. What do you have besides ruining our lives? You are a shallow person yourself. You can do whatever you want but I will make Jogi a superstar.

Episode ends.

Precap-Jogi comes to Arjun and says your game is over. His men hit Jogi badly and throw him out on a road. Jogi is badly injured. Mahi sees Jogi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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