Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 30th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Rupa fights with Shalu

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Scene 1
Jogi picks his meds. Mahi takes the medicine water from him. He says give me water.. It’s bitter. Mahi says so are you. He says why are these things here? This bed here? Mahi says you can’t go upstairs. Your legs are broken. Rupa gives him milk. Rupa says what is this bed for? Mahi says this.. Jogi says my leg is broken. Rupa says you kicked him out of his room? Mahi says his can’t go upstairs. Rupa says you don’t care about him. Mahi keeps a bell there and says ring it if you need anything. He rings it. Mahi says what? He says I was just checking it.

Mahi is asleep. She recalls what Seema said. Mahi can’t sleep. Jogi sings. Mahi hears his voice and feels better. Mahi says who is it? his voice always heals me. Mahi falls asleep to his voice.

Scene 3
Mahi cleans the tabela. Pappu spits on her. Mahi says what way is this? How can you throw dirt in other people’s house? Jogi says you look like your MIL. You have to do all this now. You look like you belong to tabela. Your mother said you will rule, will rule will this broom now. Shalu says we give clothes to poor people. You could ask me. Shalu says take these. Shalu says in a few days you will know how difficult is a poor life. Mahi says I care about my responsibility. My responsibility is to clean the home I am living in. Shalu says now this tabela is your house? And these people your family? Pappu says you’re still the same. Mahi says yes with self-respect. Pappu says we call it a dustbin so we can trash it. You can’t clean it no matter what.

Mahi says the real dirt is in people’s mind. Do you remember Dhilu? He tried to kidnap me. Pappu says why are you telling me that? Mahi says who brought him home? Who brought a proposal for me? Who can pin this idea in his idea? The person who can throw dirt in his own family, he can throw dirt in other people’s head. This is the dirt of mind and thoughts. Shalu says Mahi.. She’s about to slap her. Rupa holds her hand and says this is my house and whoever lives here is my responsibility. She’s Jogi’s wife now. Biji smiles. Pappu says but.. She says shut up before I call Jogi. You couldn’t breathe last time. Shalu says call whoever you want. I am not scared of anyone. And Mahi.. This woman hot a rod on your mom’s head. Mahi says I remember that. I can’t forget that. You should go home. Pappu and Shalu leave.

Jogi and Biji laugh happily. Mahi says sorry to Rupa. Jogi throws flowers on them. He says you DIL and MIL cleaned everything in the house. Rupa says she isn’t my DIL. Stop saying that. Jogi says you fought for her. She’s your wife only. Mahi says I am nothing to anyone. Jogi says you are my wife. Jogi tries to stand. They both hold him together. Mahi says don’t worry, I won’t do the same that your son did to me. Jogi says I only loved you. Mahi says you ruined only.

Episode ends.

Precap-Biji says take her to shopping. Jogi says look at her she’s so angry. He says Biji. I have an idea. Biji says good idea.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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