Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 28th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Jogi falls from stairs

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Scene 1
Rupa says I won’t stay here. Biji says you aren’t going anywhere. Mahi says please don’t leave the house because of me. Rupa says now you’ve started cursing. Your mom cursed you but I will tell Jogi to stay happy even if he stays without me. Rupa leaves. Mahi feels upset. Jogi stops her hand. He says don’t worry. Her heart is very soft.

Scene 2
Pappu says Mata Rani, I did everything, why isn’t my wife on my side. Chandan says problem is with your stupid plans. Your plans fail all the time. Pappu says what? Chanda says what will happen to my wedding? He says don’t do the drama of crying. Pappu says I won’t let them stay happy. Rai can accomplish our dreams. We have to destroy Jogi for that.

Scene 3
Rupa packs her bags. Biji says have you lost it? Rupa picks Jogi’s picture. Jogi comes in and sings aik dusre se kartay hain pyar hum. He hugs her and dances with her. Mahi looks at them and smiles. Jogi dances with Rupa. Mahi recalls her moments with her family. Rupa picks her bag and steps out. Jogi says stop, please. Rupa gives the keys back to Biji. She says you gave them to me when I came here. Now you can give it to whoever you want. I have written everything. Pay last month’s bill. Jogi says anything else? He brings his bag and says let’s go. Mahi will shop her new things. Son will live where the mom does and wife will live with her husband. Biji says what about me? Mahi says aunty please don’t leave this house. Rupa says no one is going with me. Jogi says we will go with you. Rupa says leave my bag. Jogi falls down. Mahi tries to save him but he falls from the stairs. Biji screams. She says it all happened because of you.

Mahi calls the doctor. Rupa says to Mahi couldn’t you save him. Mahi says it happened so suddenly. Rupa says yeah you can never do anything. I should have left in silence. She cries.

Scene 4
Dharam says you didn’t do right Seema. Seema says she broke all our dreams. She ruined everything. He says everything was ruined already. Our work wasn’t working anyway. only debt is left now. I don’t know what will we do now. Seema says God will solve it for us. Don’t worry.

The doctor checks Jogi. He says let me check him. You all wait outside.

Scene 5
Rai says to Pappu you failed. You had to destroy their wedding. Now they are legally married as well. I won’t let Arjun and Chanda’s wedding happen this way. Pappu says you’re also a politician. You have to play twisted. Rai says don’t know if you are playing with them or me. Rai says do what I asked or forget about his wedding, seat, and this city. Chanda says please don’t say that dada ji. We will do anything. He says then keep your word. I will keep mine. Chanda says do something PP. Please. Pappu calls his men. He says pick Dharam Chopra. Pappu smiles.

Rupa says when I asked you to leave why did you come back. You come around Jogi and he suffers. Why did you come back? Mahi says yes this marriage happened without my consent and I wanted to leave. There are two truths that you can’t see. Jogi got injured because of me so I have to stay to take care of me. And staying here, I can stay close to my family. I can see them. THat’s the most important for me. Rupa says then why did you lie in front of the police? To save Jogi? Mahi says this Jogi isn’t my husband and this house is my in-laws. But that doesn’t mean I will give pain to you poeple. Even I don’t know why I saved Jogi. I will stay here for sometimes even if you don’t like it.

Episode ends.

Precap-Mahi says neither you, nor I want this relationship but now things are different. Rupa says you can stay here till Jogi gets better. Mahi says you won’t have to tolerate me after that. Jogi and Biji dance. Jogi says see how my fake accident played. We are all together now. Mahi comes in.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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