Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 26th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Mahi and Jogi meet different producers

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Scene 1
Jogi says we have to burn the house. He throws alcohol and sets fire. Mahi comes out and sees him in the fire. Mahi says what are you doing? He says havan. Mahi extinguishes the fire. She says are you drunk? He says a bit. Don’t tell bebe. Mahi says why? Are you crazy? He says I drink to.. You know. He sits down. Mahi takes him home. Mahi says let’s go home. He says I am fine. Jogi sits down. Mahi says let’s go home. He says ever since we got married I never made you happy.. I only gave you tensions. I became a burden on you. But not anymore. I am sorry. I have hurt you so many times. I promise you this house, I will buy it and name it in your name. You will be the queen of this house. Mahi hugs him and says I know how hurt you feel. Mahi says I promise you, I will never let you leave.

Scene 2
Rupa says Biji let’s go to deliver milk. Mahi looks at her. Rupa says let’s go. They go on their bike. Chanda calls Mahi. She says I have sent you all numbers of the music directors. You can try. Only Arjun can make a way out. Please convince Jogi to say sorry. Anyway, you can try. But when you get tired let me know, I will connect Jogi to Arjun. Take care.

Mahi wakes up Arjun. she says must be very tired. Should I get another bottle? He says are you experienced? Mahi says my head hurts. Mahi says I saw you drunk for the first time. I didn’t like it much. He says how do you like me? Mahi says the Singer Jogi. Jogi recalls what he said last night. Mahi says what are you thinking? He says thinking how will I buy their house. Mahi says why have you been saying that? He says I will become a singer without apologizing to Arjun. Mahi says it won’t be easy. He says is there any worth of him? Mahi says that the producer said the same. Jogi says he’s rich and a bad guy. Such people have more enemies than friends. We have to befriend his enemy. Mahi recalls the list Chanda sent. Mahi says a good idea. He says I will be part of the execution. Mahi says you can’t make friends. He says trust me. I won’t spoil it. He says let me go.

Scene 3
Mahi comes to meet a producer with Jogi. His assistant says so you are a struggler? He only works with people Arjun approves of. They leave. Mahi and Jogi meet another producer. He says to send your videos on this emial. Mahi says give your number. He says no. He calls his partner and say this couple is against Arjun. I can’t help them.

They come to meet another one. He doesn’t meet them. Mahi sees his video with Arjun. Mahi says let’s go Arjun. He keeps laughging. Jogi says Guru ji taught me to diffuse anger with laughing. Mahi says you never listen to me when I said the same. Mahi says I am angry and sad. It isn’t working out. Jogi says to Mahi don’t give up. He gives her lassi and says this will make you happy. Mahi says what have you mixed? He says did you like it? Mahi says it’s different. He says be different and-:L let’s celebrate defeat. Cheers. They drink the lassi together. Mahi says I want more. He says no. Mahi says you have to give me as much as I ask. Bring one more. They get drunk. They laugh. Jogi says you make me happy. You’re a magician. Mahi says you can make a dead person laugh too. They get drunk and dance.

Episode ends.

Precap-Biji says open your eyes and see the world. You met different people. Without Arjun no one will give you a chance. I will give you both a month only. Do whatever you want. After that, you will do what I ask.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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