Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 23rd October 2021 Written Episode Update: Seema and Reenu are dead

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 23rd October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Mahi hits a guy by her car. She says are you okay? Let me take you to hospital. He sees her face and runs. He’s the same goon who killed seema and rent. mahi msays why do I feel like I saw him. Mahi recalls he was the driver who took them. Mahi tries to chase him. Mahi says I hope they’re safe. He ran like he knows something. Mahi gets a call. It’s deepak. Mahi says where were you? Mahi says did they come to you? Renu and mom. You said you got a new house. He says I never called them neither did I get a new house. Is everything okay?

Mahi is shocked. She looks for the man. Mahi hits him with a rod and says tell me where are my mom and sister? He runs. Mahi hits him with a stone. Mahi says now tell me or I will kill you. He says don’t kill me. I’ll take you to them. He points at a grave. Mahi is shocked.

Mahi starts digging. He runs. Mahi keeps digging. Mahi sees a hand. She screams. It’s Seema’s hand. Mahi sits there in shock. Mahi screams no..

Scene 2
Mahi calls Jogi but he doesn’t pick. Mahi runs on the road.
The goon calls Avnit and says she was going to kill me. I had to tell her where the bodies were. Avnit says you will pay for this mistake. Avnit says Jogi will leave me. He can’t leave me.

Mahi comes home and screams Jogi.. she looks for him. Mahi runs in the house. She comes to Jogi and cries. Jogi hugs her and says what happened? Tell me. Mahi says my mom didi are no more. She cries. Mahi says I saw them burrier. Jogi says where? Let’s go there. They rush to the jungle. Avnit says Jogi can’t know the truth.

Episode ends

Precap-Mahi says to Avnit you killed my mom and sister. Avnit says I only did justice. Mahi throttles her. Avnit’s man hits mahi on head.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. What’s happening here??? This is not a love story like it was in the beginning…all because of jogi who’s become avnits dogi!! Why the writers had to ruin mahi jogi’s love story nd now renu nd seema are dead??? Even though seems n renu were not nice in the beginning but they didn’t have to die. Pappu, chanda nd Arjun did so many bad things but nothing happened to them? It’s just so stupid how one girl avnit can take control nd rupa is equally responsible for ruining her own son’s marriage. Mahi was so strong in the beginning but now her character is ruined

    1. Completely agree Kitty… horrible script writing … i started watching this serial after being traumatized from ekta kapoor serials i m talking abt 15-20 years !
      And i m back in the same boat hate serials again !

  2. I was hoping that seema nd renu r still alive…maybe they’re with akash?

    1. Yeah is wht i thought so but the bangles kind of nailed it … dont think those are different or belong to some other lady !

  3. Complete bullshit … this is why serials go off air !!! I will bet u with this great story that is ruined already by pathetic script writing – result will be seen soon – bye bye tmij ! This serial will not complete one year also just wait and watch the last thing is to piss off ur viewers !

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