Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 23rd June 2021 Written Episode Update: Jogi attempts suicide

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Scene 1
Biji says Mahi is amazing. She has brains and passion. She will change our times. Rupa says I wish Mahi was my daughter. I would get to rest at this age. I am great she saw Jogi’s reality. If it got late it would be worse. Biji says what would happen? Rupa says Mahi’s love would reduce for Jogi and their relationship would break. Let’s see how long can they tolerate each other. Biji says you have become so bitter and negative. They are different but Mahi isn’t like other people. She won’t let this marriage break. Rupa says can’t you see? Don’t have false hopes. Mahi and Jogi call them.

Scene 2
Chanda gets her manicure done. Renu says wow you live in Ambarsar but your style is so American. Your one pack costs more than our years of family packs. Chanda says come relax with me. Chanda asks the beautician to leave. Chanda asks Renu what do you want now? She says I came to tell you that Jogi is going to become a star. Chanda says chill. On the internet, people become stars daily. It’s different than signing a contract with a big music company. Talent needs a godfather to take it out to the world. In this industry, no one can survive without a godfather. Those stupid Jogi and Mahi can never find out. Did you see the trolling? She shows her the mean comments. Renu says someone wrote it’s fake. Add more to prove. The original singer must be someone else. Chanda says, stupid people.

Scene 3
Jogi gets ready. Mahi gives him a thumbs up. Jogi smiles. Biji and Rupa wish him luck. Mahi hugs him. Jogi sits down to record. Rupa says are you okay? He says yes. I have to follow what my wife ordered. I will sing for her. He says let’s start. Mahi starts recording. Jogi says if I keep seeing the phone how will I sing? I want to see your face. Mahi says how will I record then? Rupa says let me record.

Jogi sings the song jeena jeena. Mahi smiles. He sings well. Jogi recalls his moments with Mahi. He imagines dancing with her. Biji and Rupa clap and say you sang so well. Mahi says let’s all upload it together.

Scene 4
Chanda, Pappu, and Renu see Jogi’s song and laugh. Pappu says nonsense. This is a filmy song. He sounds like a cow. Renu says he’s no less than a cow. Chanda says no. I don’t know about that but he sounds like a cow. Renu says see how people are trolling. People are calling him a fake copy and a cheap singer.

Jogi reads the mean comments. Pappu says he became remix kumar. Mahi says see you got so much love. Jogi gets upset seeing the comments.

Scene 4
Mahi wakes up in the morning but Jogi isn’t there. Mahi says he must have gone to LSD. Mahi sees his photo and says you wake up for LSD on time always but sleep when we have to go to deliver milk. You love LSD even more than me. I don’t see anyone but you. I love Jogi. She kisses his photo and sleeps again.

Mahi wakes up in the morning on alarm but Jogi isn’t there. Mahi says wow? Did he wake up? Is he waiting for me? Let me get ready. Mahi comes downstairs. Only Rupa is there. Mahi asks where is Jogi? Rupa says you lost the bet again. Mahi says I thought he must be ready and waiting for me. Mahi calls him but he doesn’t pick. Mahi says he wasn’t in the room. He isn’t picking up either. I thought he was with LSD and then I thought he must be ready. She says to check the temple. Mahi looks everywhere. He’s nowhere. Rupa keeps calling Jogi. Mahi says he’s nowhere. Rupa says there’s something worng. He never does that. You don’t understand my son.

Scene 5
Jogi comes to a bridge on the rive and looks down. He recalls what Mahi said. He recalls people taunting him and calling him copy kumar and remix kumar. People said my slipper is more original than him. He recalls Mahi saying your voice is peace. Jogi thinks of jumping. He climbs up.

Episode ends.

Precap-Chanda calls Arjun and says you control entire Punjab’s music industry. If Jogi became a singer you would control him too. Arjun says I would destroy him. Mahi says to Jogi these are frustrated people. They try to belittle others. Do you care about the people you love or the people you don’t even know?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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