Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 21st May 2021 Written Episode Update: Mahi forces Chanda to come to tabela

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Scene 1
Mahi dresses Jogi’s wound. She smiles. Jogi smiles looking at her. Mahi talks to Priya. Priya says it would be so much fun looking at Chanda working here. Rupa says I would love to see the look at that brother and sister’s face. Jogi looks at Mahi and smiles looking at her happy. Jogi gives her water. Jogi drinks the remaining water from i. Pankaj brings sweets. Rupa says who got sweets? Jogi says I did. Mahi won it for us. He makes Mahi eat. Mahi says I will eat it when Jogi’s mom makes me eat. The revenge has started. Mahi says if you make me eat sweets, I will feel like you forgave me and gave me your blessings. Rupa makes her eat sweets. Mahi touches her feet. Rupa picks her. Rupa says half revenge is done so half blessings. The real culprit is Pappu. Mahi says I will take revenge from him too.

Scene 2
Chanda cries looking at her nose. Chanda says I am going to London to get my surgery done. Pappu says you consulted four doctors already. You will be fine in 10 days. Chanda says I will lock myself in my room for 10 days and tell Arjun I am going for a meditation camp. He says you will have to work in that tabela. Chanda says I will never go there. I’ll make Mahi’s cows hit her. She cries and says my nose hurts. Pappu says sit her.

Scene 3
Priya is leaving. Mahi says you are my sister. I know you also registered but you withdrew so I can win. I am fighting with my own sister and my best friend backed out so I can win. You’re my best friend. Priya says you need it a lot more than me. Mahi says thank you. Priya says where will you get the registration money from? Mahi says see how I make Chanda pay. Priya leaves.

Rupa says we have to repair this roof before monsoon. Where will I get 20k from? Jogi says to the cows, Chanda is coming tomorrow. Make her suffer. Make her beautiful with your gobar. Mahi says she will start with Gauri. Rupa says she kicks a lot. Mahi says she will ruin Chanda’s morning. The week just started. Rupa says will she come? Mahi says I don’t know. But I have another plan. It will be fun.

Scene 4
The next morning, Mahi plays the drum outside Pappu’s place. Pappu comes outside. Mahi says did I disturb you? You know what we decided. Seema says what is this Mahi? Mahi says I am following the rules. Meet sweet Gauri.. She brings Gauri there. Gauri takes a dump there. Mahi says this could happen in our tabela but Chanda didn’t come. Ask Chanda to come and clean it. Shalu says let me wake her up. Pappu says it was a childish bet. It’s over. Mahi says it isn’t. Pappu says okay we can appreciate you. You danced well. Go now. Mahi says the promise is a promise. Chanda lost and she has to come. Pappu says go from here. Mahi says I will if you send Chanda. Pappu says what would you do if I don’t? Go to court. Mahi says no we can solve it here. Let me show you what can I do. LSD will also come here. The cows would love it here in the AC. Pappu says you don’t know my power. Mahi says that’s your weakness.

Mahi shows them the video. Mahi says imagine, if this video goes viral you will get famous. He says it’s not me promising, it’s Chanda. It won’t affect my political career. Mahi says you’re standing next to her. Your sister is breaking the promise and you didn’t stand with the truth. People would say we can’t trust Pappu, he can’t keep his promises. No one would vote for you. Pappu stands on the dump. Mahi says oh it started. Pappu says nice joke. He says you go, I will bring Chanda here in 10 minutes. Mahi says sure. Pappu goes in. Mahi laughs at him. Akash gives her a thumbs up.

Scene 5
Jogi is waiting for Chanda. Mahi comes in Chanda and Pappu come in. Mahi says let’s start with the cleaning. This is a broom and that’s a bucket. Chanda says I know. Mahi says then get started.

Episode ends.

Precap-Mahi says the pain you gave to my family is a lot more than this. Chanda falls in the dirt. She’s scared of the cows. Pappu says it’s enough for the day Mahi. Mahi says I will decide that not you. Mahi says there’s one way. Pappu says what?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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